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First off to anyone suffering a disability or health problems, I’d like to say that I'm sorry. And I feel terrible. Because I'm not a sociopath like MetLife and their entourage. I actually can feel pain and sympathize. Correct me if I'm wrong, but what is the definition of crimes against humanity? According to laws it means that when a large amount of innocent people I'm talking thousands are intentionally being tortured like we are. These I think are considered crimes against humanity! Pls respond if you agree. In my opinion this needs to stop! They think we are weak and going to break down and give up. Those are their intentions. But they can't fight an army of us speaking the truth getting together and voicing this to the public! Taking legal actions.

Like someone mentioned in their review, MAKE SURE YOU TAPE THESE LIARS! I suffered a TBI that changed my life forever and I have multiple debilitating injuries throughout my body. This was Workman’s comp related, another entity of sociopaths. I have worked and went to college. Throughout my life I worked full time by choice since I was a kid!! I suffered 3 horrible injuries on the job as a flight attendant for UNITED AIRLINES. I started off with a wonderful company called CONTINENTAL AIRLINES then we merged. Almost 20yrs working full time in good standing and LOVING MY CAREER. It was taken away from me. The inhumane torture is unimaginable! I have been suffering for years and severely medically neglected and bullied. I took a long term MetLife dis policy that United sponsors years ago. Heaven forbid something should happen. Unfortunately, it did! I’m young. Was totally a different person with a different lifestyle.

At first when I contacted MetLife they claimed they could not find me. They lied. I had to have someone from United assist me in order to prove I paid in. Even the United employee that assisted me was in disbelief. After that, I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO SPEND ALMOST IF NOT MORE than 20,000 in attorney fees to have a disability lawyer help me get my claim started and approved. I also spent thousands in out of pocket medical care to try and help me walk properly. Even though I have health ins via my company, because this is WC related I'm not allowed according to NJ state law and my union and my WC attorney to seek any treatment till my WC case is over. Instead I was instructed to sit home and rot for yrs until my case is over.

After I was approved by MetLife long term they repeatedly ask for updates. First I found a pay discrepancy that MetLife claimed United reported false earnings. Then according to MetLife they stated that United Airlines has a contract with them implementing certain limitations of what they perceive as disabled after 2 yrs. Currently now I have to do update on my own because I'm financially distraught and can no longer afford to replenish a 2,500 dollar retainer by my attorney. Tell me guys, is there an attorney that actually cares or does pro bono?

MetLife loves the fact that we do not have an attorney they get off on it. Then they can screw us more. MetLife the professional liars they are, are not only playing a dangerous game with my health and life. They are also making false accusations against Doctors that care. They lie about doctors stating they are not sending them info etc. Hmm now they are calling my doctors liars. Interesting. What these morons forget, is that this can be proven. Mrs. Kelly ** and her entourage are always on vacations with of course OUR MONEY and lying dragging out claims so that they can stress us out and make us sicker only to make you give up.

The game goes on and on, the dragging, the lies go on and on till your time is up. Then they can screw you. They know it’s hard for us to function. In my case especially with paperwork and a lot of other things. They know your weakness and your strengths with your disabilities. Therefore, they know exactly how to set you off and use your vulnerability via your disability to make your life even worse. Let’s not forget the EMPLOYERS WHO SIGN UP WITH THESE CORRUPT LUNATICS! MetLife adjusters act bubbly and like they care. However, they don't give a damn. How can a disabled work? If I am able to work you stupid morons THEN SEND ME BACK TO FLYING! I ask myself, are they just simply miserable jealous people who can't stand their jobs and want ours? Because we were happy with our careers. Now they are going to determine and come to a false conclusion.

I can easily predict come July that this inhumane entity will NOT approve my claim. Why? because not only do they not do their jobs, they have a bunch of self serving "clinicians" who know absolutely nothing make your determination that’s already predetermined lol. I think they should be boycotted and I think we need to educate the public of hardworking Americans that paying into this MetLife is worthless. They are surviving because of us! They mooch off of us! Same way the state does. While you and I sit home rotting, suffering, and worried about our survival and health. After all we have given all our lives. These companies think they are powerful. They are not! They are so weak, they would never survive our torment and pain. How is anyone with a brain injury that can barely function at home with deficits and physical debilitations work?

Do they really think I want to sit here in this hell hole collecting nothing close to what I was making and live like this? Not only are they making decisions that are threatening our health and safety, but also the public’s safety by putting disabled people out there that are not capable of working YET or unfortunately NEVER and need full time medical treatments and rehabilitations like surgeries, PT etc. they deprive us from. I have not slept in years. Because of pain, suffering torment, worrying, I have not had any peace. I keep fighting for my health and what’s right! Has anyone seen a miracle of greatness happen after all these reviews post? Has anyone received help? Pls let me know how legit.

What I really am curious about is why has this been going on for decades and laws not changed? We are all in the same boat and unless we do something ourselves and speak to the public and seek legal justice this will never end. I know my civil and human rights have been violated on many levels. This will never end. Apparently this is happening in almost every state. Isn't it Ironic that we all use the words TORTURE, SUFFERING ETC.? Isn't this a crime? Correct me if I'm wrong. Why pay disability, when you don't receive it when needed? Are they discriminating against our age, race, gender, sexuality, career? I'm curious to know. Why is it so complicated? Why? Why, when the proof is there? WHY?

I cannot take this torture any longer. I need assistance with paperwork etc. Lots of assistance. If anyone can reply pls do. HELP!!! It’s hard for me on computers. So if anyone on reviews contacts me pls give me time to respond. Thank you. I wish us all good health and prosperity long life to all that are suffering. Pls do not give up!!! As for you MetLife, enjoy your lavish vacations on us while we suffer and you do absolutely NOTHING! My faith in GOD only becomes STRONGER! :)

So, I paid my STD insurance for a number of years and as soon as I want to use it, there was nothing but hassles and delays to get payment. MetLife wanted me to visit the doctor every 3 weeks. I was seeing several specialists at the time to diagnose Polycythemia. Every week, I was getting a blood letting and I slept most of the time. Every time I would have to see the doctor, the case manager said it would take over a week to see "If they would extend the coverage". So every week would be stressful. So the paperwork is very confusing and there was never a form to fill out because "They changed the process". At first my doctor had no clue what they were looking for.

I was on short term disability for about 3 months and eventually right around Christmas I could not get seen again by my doctor until right before my coverage was up. MetLife never sent paperwork to the doctor on time and I was not paid for a month through my employer. Nothing worse than being sick and not knowing if you are going to get paid, not knowing if you are going to lose your job. I eventually went back to work, I still wasn't well but, I needed to get paid. All I can say is MetLife made it very difficult on me during my disability.

I am on short term disability since the 6 of march 2017 because of severe spinal stenosis. I went to my Dr. on the 8th of March who recommended abstaining from work until after the lumbar transforaminal, scheduled on the 21st of March, had taken effect. The subsequent medical evaluation is scheduled for the 3rd of April. I informed MetLife of all the relevant information on the 16th and opened a disability case. I received a letter on the 18th (postmarked) with a date of the 16th on the letter, saying I had three days from the date on the letter to submit medical documentation or my case would be closed. Obviously, that left me less than one day, as the mail comes in the afternoon. I was miraculously able to meet those demands. That is I contacted the doctor's office and had them submit paperwork Metlife had sent to them.

Afterward, I received numerous automated calls from MetLife on the 17th that could not be answered because their voice menus were inoperable, and repeated call to them went to voicemail, or were answered by an automated system that indicated they would call me back. I couldn't get in contact with MetLife but I made sure the doctor had received the paperwork and was going to submit it ASAP. I subsequently received a second letter on the 23rd postmarked on the 20th but this time the letter was dated the 17th of March 2017. According to this letter, I had three days (which had already expired by the time I received the letter) to get further medical documentation. I immediately called MetLife on the 23rd of March 2017, and spoke to representative Sandra, who assured me they could wait until the 3rd of April when my follow up with my Dr would occur.

I felt great until 6pm that evening, when a man named George from MetLife called and told me despite what I had already heard from Sandra a few hours earlier, my case would be closed. As you can guess, Verizon wireless says that the "call cannot be completed as dialed". In other words, that line is designed for them to reach you but not for you to reach them. Also, note that they called at 6pm on a Friday when business hours are over. MetLife's website is also having "technical problem" so that you can't register any complaints. So the conclusion I have reached is that MetLife has systematically made it very difficult for claims to be processed. I believe this is unethical and perhaps illegal, and I promise to get to the bottom and hold them accountable even if I have to call the District Attorney.

Approved and then denied long term disability claim: I worked and paid for Platinum ltd insurance. I saved a copy of one paycheck stub. I applied for Social Security. I was approved for std/ltd benefits from MetLife in Lexington, Kentucky. This happened around Jan. or Feb. 2002. I also started receiving SSDI about the same time. MetLife's employee forgot to inquire about SSDI in order to offset the ltd monthly benefit amount. They sent me a lump sum check in which I had cashed at a car dealership (I did not have transportation). Also, they sent two checks after the lump sum. Then in order to stop paying anything on the LTD claim, they said "Oops, we made a mistake. We were supposed to offset our benefits with your SSDI check." In other words, I would still receive benefits, just a very small monthly check.

I told them I could not refund them the lump sum check as I had purchased a car. It depreciated driving it off the lot. I explained it wasn't my fault the overpayment occurred. That was their employee who made the clerical error. They said, "Well, we won't send anymore benefit checks until the money is repaid." I told them I was still going to send medical records and after waiting 2002 until about 2005, it should offset.

They continued to accept and evaluate the records. I was in hurricane Ivan in August 2004. Now, they want records from August 2004 until present. I lost my home in Pensacola, Florida. I was left homeless and had to move to Mississippi with my boyfriend of ten years to live in his family's garage. I got even sicker and was hospitalized with surgery. I saw a doctor on a regular basis. He left the health center after a year or so. I have been in ER rooms and hospitalized several times since then. MetLife picked August 2004. They knew I was in a hurricane in Florida and moved to a hurricane devastated area (Katrina). It took a short time to get into any doctor or health care center on a regular basis. The clinic still sent the medical records. They just said their doctor couldn't talk to mine because he had left the practice. Also, they claimed another therapist denied knowing me. I sent MetLife a copy of one of her bills. I also sent a copy of my paycheck stub. They also said just because Social Security disability has been my income for ten years or so, their policy is different.

I was transferred over to the appeals department. They now claim they won't pay anything for medical records even though that is their excuse for not paying me benefits. I don't understand. Paying someone initially should not have caused them all of a sudden to unaward the benefits to me just because their employee made an error when sending me the award checks. My condition requires constant monitoring and I have had several relapses over the past several years. All I keep doing is sending records to the appeals lady, Deb **, who never helps. I don't even know I had to report them to the Kentucky board of insurance. I guess they figured if they leave it in limbo, they will not have to pay me benefits.

I have never been able to return to my job. I worked and had premiums deducted. I have tried to get an attorney; however, they suggest it would be best if I pursue it because all I need to do is send medical records. It is very discriminating to see their commercials and know people get taken care of yet. They used a hurricane to provide me for a reason why they cannot pay my claim. It is upsetting they sat down and went through all the medical records looking for a way to deny the claim after it was already approved in 2002. Oh, all we need is records covering August 2004, (that is the month hurricane Ivan hit Florida). I just don't understand.

I called the recording. They say they last paid me in 2004. That is wrong. They paid me 2002 when I was awarded and then wanted some of it back. Now, it seems in order to cover some kind of tracks, they say that they last paid me March or May of 2004. I am supposed to be receiving $300 a month or more after the offset of my Social Security. If you multiply that ($300x12) and then multiply it by 9 (the number of years they were supposed to be paying me), that is a no small amount of money. How can you award the benefits and then unaward them because your employee made a mistake? I need to know who, other than the middleman or appeal section, I need to talk to in order to take care of this situation. Please feel free to contact me if you have any advice or an attorney I can use. I have a folder with their corresponding back and forth.

MetLife disability has to be the worse company that works with Verizon. They have no sympathy for you at all then on top of all the information and forms that make you fill out they still think youre lying or it's not enough information. I was out barely three weeks and the case worker Erica ** was the worst person to handle my case and her manager was no better. Constantly asking for more information. Doctor had already filled out paperwork why I was out of work. Claim took over a month and still didn't get approved even after appeal. Nothing was done. No pay for a month. It's like they the rep think they're your doctor or signing your check. They should be disbarred from handling anyone's information. They rude and unprofessional and don't care about anyone well being.

I had to have urgent surgery done and I went through the proper channels to get paperwork for Metlife, FMLA, and time off for my employer in order to take my leave. Well, it has been 5 weeks out from my surgery and I am still healing. I have yet to receive a payment for the previous weeks at all. I have worked for my company and paid into this program for 3 years and when I finally need them to do their jobs; they are stating several times over that they did not receive the paperwork I sent them BEFORE I went on leave. I had to send my HR Director fax receipts of the items I sent them because they made her believe that I did not send them. I have had my doctor's office send the paperwork they have required for a total of 4 times and I have not heard a live person yet to tell me where my claim is in the processing queue. I am disappointed, hurt, and I feel helpless. I am a divorced single parent who receives no other income.

It's like I'm being punished for needing surgery. I have left messages on my case manager's VM, with no return call for 3 weeks now. I have tried every channel to contact them, a supervisor, and my HR team, but it seems like no one cares because it's not them. I work just like everyone else who pays into this program. Why am I being punished for this!? This makes absolutely no sense! When I get back to work, I am discontinuing my premiums to them. I can keep my own money and start a savings for times like this. MetLife needs to be investigated because as far as I see; they are thieves.

This is the WORST company ever. My husband had open heart surgery, and almost died. His STD was filed, we called answer..I sent them response. Finally after a month he calls their main line and speaks to a rep, found out after various calls that his check had not been mailed out and was sitting on a desk. After his STD ran out, they assured that his LTD would kick in and be reviewed. We sent all the requested information the new rep asked (or so we thought).

After countless calls, and e-mails with no responses, we finally received a call back from another "new" rep assigned to his case. Now they were saying they had not received information from all entities (hospital, his work, and the VA hospital and pharmacy). My husband argues on the phone with them after they kept on lying about their process saying he had a "preexisting" condition. Which was not identified to him when he had bought the policy and was paying on it. Now they are requesting more records prior to the actual day he bought the policy.

I finally got on the phone with the rep, threatened her with me getting a lawyer, and she lied even more saying that a fax just came in with some of the required information they needed to review his claim..what a coincidence..NOT. This company is so unprofessional and very dangerous. We will continue to fight and submit all required information, and will call them continuously. My suggestion to anyone who is going through the same predicament or something similar, document all your dates on when you spoke, who you spoke to, the time, and make notes during the call so you have documentation.

When you mail them or fax them any documents, make sure you have a delivery confirmation receipt and follow up with an e-mail to the rep who is currently assigned your claim to ensure all bases are covered. One should not have to go through all of this to get money you are entitled to. I will NEVER do business with them after all of this is over. I can't believe how they treat their policy holders. My husband is too exhausted to handle all this stress, so I take it on..and they are unbelievable. A lawsuit should definitely be filed on behalf of the consumers. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. Do your research and find another company that will work for you. They are disgracing Snoopy the dog. SMH

There are two ways to submit documentation to MetLife: fax or mail. The fax line worked one time out of, literally, 30 times. The error code on my machine was "receiving machine stop button pushed". I've used HP's fax back test service with flying colors and AT&T, my phone provider, checked the lines with no problems noted. I've called MetLife time and again, and each time, I'm told there is no one else I can speak to about the issue except my case managers, of which there are two, neither of which is available. You have 15 seconds to "leave a detailed message" only to find "This mailbox is full, goodbye." They don't have email. They don't have an alternate fax number. I've mailed the documentation. Let's see if they get it. The sales department picks up on the first ring. I have no income, house in foreclosure, groceries but for the grace of my family.

For the second time in 3 months I have had to go out of work on short term disability. Both times MetLife has been absolutely unbearable. The way they speak to me is intolerable, unprofessional. I am 7.5 months pregnant and dealing with the stress of MetLife is harder than actually being at work. It’s so disheartening and absolutely absurd. They accuse me of being dishonest about my condition, claim they never received documentation that has been sent multiples times. Additionally, they want a doctor to doctor consult and after several attempts from my physician they don’t call back and instead harass me. MetLife is a sad excuse for a business and they lack compassion and professionalism for people who are in grave situations. If my company had another option I would take it because MetLife is a joke! I don’t want to be out of work, sick and stressed during my pregnancy but they insist I do.

As I am reading the reviews regarding Metlife, I am seeing a pattern. I have worked for a company for 18 years and I recently went out on STD due to severe back pain. People at work gave me horror stories, yet I wasn't worried. I figured as long as I stayed on top of things, everything would work out just fine. I was so wrong. The incompetence surfaced very quickly.

I went out on 8/6/15. And for the next two weeks while I was staying on top of it, I kept being told it was being referred to a LTD specialist. Their system kept showing I went out in February 2015. That alone took two weeks to get corrected. On 8/26/15 my claim was approved through 9/3/15. On 8/27/15 I had my follow up visit with my doctor. Based on my progress, he submitted a request to extend things out for one week. On 8/285/15 I confirmed that Metlife received the paperwork from the Doctor. I was told it would be reviewed within 5 days. After that time period had elapsed, I kept calling to check the status. Each time I was told I would receive a call back within 24 hours and each time they verified my contact number.

Fast forward to 9/21/15, still nothing. So I decide it's time to escalate to a supervisor, I've been patient enough. Surprisingly enough, the moment I ask for a supervisor, it appears they are calling an incorrect number. Supposedly they contacted my doctor on 9/15/15 to request more info. I ask how much time does the doctor have to get the info to them. They could not answer. I advised them adequate time needs to be given since I am just now being notified that they need more information and that they have called an incorrect CBR even though EVERY TIME they verify my CBR correctly. Because of this, I request to speak to a supervisor.

When I arrive to work on 9/22/15 I was informed by my HR department that my 1 week extension was denied. Strange coincidence that happens on the very day I point out their incompetence and request to speak to a supervisor. Later in the day I speak to my case manager, she confirms she has called an incorrect number trying to reach me and that she made a decision to deny my claim since additional info was not received from my doctor. I advised her, since I am just now finding out about this, she should re-open the case and allow my doctor 5 business days to respond. But of course, that is NOT an option, even though it was THEIR mistake. Now I have to go through an appeals process, in which they have 45 days to make a decision.

Just a quick recap, they have all documentation on 8/28/15, they take a full 11 business days before they decide to review my extension. Once they do, they reach out to my doctor and give them LESS THAN 5 business days to respond. The way I see it, my doctor is in the business of treating people and Metlife is in the business of approving/denying claims. If they take 11 days to review my account, my doctor should have 11 days to respond. I am being PUNISHED for THEIR incompetence. I am back at work now. My focus should be on performing my job functions, I shouldn't have to be still dealing with Metlife's incompetence.

I was involved in car accident 11/6/18 and have been out of work since. I have a TBI/concussion. There are nights I don’t even sleep. I've been in a lot of pain. I'm unable to even go out and do errands or drive without having problems. A lot of problems with pain, migraines, light and noise sensitivity, severe problems sleeping, dizzy, nauseous and electronics bothering me. I was on short term disability and it just ended on the 21st because I was denied to continue on. They claim preexisting because an incident at my daughter's school in May where I got hit with a pole and went to get checked out by my doctor. That incident has nothing to do with my car accident. I was able to function, work, drive, sleep and go on electronics before this accident.

How come you pay for medical insurance when you don't get the care you need when you get hurt/sick/etc. I pay a ton of money for my insurance and need to get treatment and now I can't and can't function to return to work. I would never purchase insurance through them. I now have to find an attorney to appeal all of this and hope for a miracle or I will be homeless and not getting better from a traumatic brain injury/concussion.

MetLife discontinued selling Disability Insurance as well as terminating its field force. Thus it likely that they will refuse LTD claims payments to conserve their capital. They stopped selling the product for a reason and Terminated their sales force. So it is unfortunate that when people need their benefits paid, this company will not reputably stand behind their product, nor treat customers with respect. In 2016 MetLife was also served with a fine of 25 million dollars for their agents misrepresenting and misleading retirement products - Variable Annuities. This information points to flawed business, and questionable continuation of MetLife. Prior articles note the "Too big to Fall" in court.

I said that if I have problems with my claim that I would update my review. Well I had NO PROBLEMS with my STD insurance which was paid by my employer. The MetLife LTD claim on the other hand is done directly thru MetLife and boy did the games begin when that process started. FIRST AND FOREMOST make sure that everything you do on the phone is recorded by you and be sure to state that you want all conversations in writing.

What they tell you on the phone will be in double talk and they will tell you what you want to hear, but will not do what they are telling you. In other words, they will use any stall and delay tactics that they can come up with to not approve your claim, all the while telling you that things are going great and we just need to "clarify" a few things. DO NOT TRUST your representative (if you can get them to even acknowledge you), they will give you as much misinformation as their computer screen and training will allow them to do. The first thing they did with me was inform me that my employer paid LTD policy that I had was not the actual policy and their policy overrides anything that your employer gives you. When I called out my employer on this, all they said was what they gave me is what MetLife gave them.

There is a clause in the policy that states if there are "any" discrepancies in the two policies, that the MetLife provided policy takes precedence. MetLife however will NOT give you a copy of this policy as by law it is the responsibility of your employer to provide you with the policy. Do you see the beginnings of a no win situation here, MetLife can re-write the policy wording at any time and their policy takes precedence over what your employer is paying for and has.

Don't blame your employer, as it is MetLife that is playing the games. Your employer is just giving you a false sense of security by waiving this benefit in front of you as a hiring tactic. My cardiologist of over 10 years will not fill out the physician statement as almost all of the questions do not pertain to cardiac care. She referred me to my primary care physician again of over 10 years and my PCP agreed to complete the forms. This took about 1.5 hours in her office and I had to pay an extended office visit and pay for the form filing fee. MetLife rejected these forms from my Primary Care Physician and sent the forms to my cardiologist to fill out. My cardiologist again told them she will not fill out a form asking if I can bend, hold things, stand, sit, walk, etc. as this is NOT things that a cardiologist treats.

So MetLife is saying that I am non-compliant and denied. Now keep in mind that this same PCP filled out the mass of forms for SSDI and my SSDI claim was approved in 3 weeks. MetLife apparently feels that they are of a greater good than the Government and rejects my PCP as a qualified doctor. Here's the kicker that really irritates the hell out of me. MetLife LTD deducts any payments from SSDI from their payout. SSDI is paying MORE than what MetLife would be paying so the amount that they would pay is the minimum which is $100.00 a month.

However the Feds require a minimum of $88.00 to be deducted per month for (sick) pay. MetLife is stalling a payment to me in the amount of $12.00 a month. So for about the price of a "value" meal at McDonald's once a month, MetLife wants to play games and stall and deny my claim. If you have a MetLife LTD "benefit" with the company you work for, just keep in mind that you will most likely NOT be able to use it. I have 29 stents in my coronary arteries and I have had 5 arteries by-passed, 3 of which so far have scarred closed in less than 3 years.

I had a meeting with all of my surgeons and my cardiologist and have been told that all they can do is strong medications to give me as much time as possible. There is NO way of knowing how much time I have left, and there is nothing more they may be able to do with stenting and angioplasty. Another bypass or transplant is not possible due to the extent of the artery disease that I have. This is the way MetLife treats a dying person, just imagine how they are going to treat YOU!!

Suddenly after a few years my caseworker disappeared and I got a new one who doesn't return my calls. Has anyone else rejected a low lump sum buyout offer from MetLife and then got a 2nd (and hopefully better) offer??

I've had the worse experience with MetLife. As long as I've been paying for short/long term disability coverage the first and only time I ever needed it I was taken through the most extreme issues. I suffered a heart attack oct 24-2018. Was out from work until January 2nd 2019. During that time MetLife MY own insurance company gave me every reason as to why they shouldn't have to compensate me until I'm released from my cardiologist to return to work after my Dr's, called and faxed everything MetLife requested they still denied my claim the first time when I was well within guidelines to receive my benefits so I put my attorney on it.

Once I told my claim specialist that I was sure to file suit against MetLife the same day I get a call back saying, "We're sorry but as of now consider your claim not denied. We just need to do some investigating." Something you think would have been done before I was called and told I'm denied. My claim specialist told me her findings proved that I had heart failure but none of my medical records from two different Dr's sent to MetLife from my family Dr or cardiologist said nothing about heart failure but an insurance adjuster felt it was heart failure. My attorney had already informed me of all the different angles MetLife would come to keep from paying me and they tried every angle but I didn't give up.

After being out of work since Oct 24 I didn't receive my benefits until Dec17. I was told I'd receive my checks weekly never did. It's like they sent checks when they wanted to never a same amount. I don't know where or how they came up with the amounts for me they started Dec 17 ended Jan 1st. I returned to work on January 2nd, I had never been so furious and appalled in my lifetime the worst experience ever. I wasn't treated like their own policyholder. I was treated like the enemy. My own insurance company a company I invest in did not help me when I needed them to like they claimed they would if ever a time came I couldn't work. I fell in so much debt due to MetLife.

We pay for this disability insurance to feel security if anything ever happened and when something did happen all of a sudden my insurance company fought against me instead of helping me a service I paid for faithfully. If it wasn't for my attorney I wouldn't have received my benefits from MetLife at all. I will never forget it and never have anything positive to say about MetLife at all. I'm determined to have my company get away from MetLife because they make our business look so bad the way they treat our employees. I have several co-workers that experience similar situations with MetLife that didn't know which way to turn so they too were denied. I'm glad I didn't give up. I couldn't even afford to give up on something I've been paying for not giving to me if I ever needed it and for them to say NO! I still can't believe it.

Metlife Short Term Disability department constantly gives an expected date of a decision on my claim, but still requires multiple calls each day and at best, the decision may be made 10 days after the original decision date which is already 5 days after they receive faxed information from the doctor's office. Not to mention, the back and forth that I as a patient had to deal with as Metlife claims they are not receiving faxes, that clearly show a successful transmission on the senders's end. I would rather not be lied to. If a decision is really not going to be made for 2 weeks, then don't tell me it will take 5 days. Every time I get on the phone the representative wants to explain the inner workings of their company "well, the case manager will review, then send it to a specialist who will then send it to a clinical specialist, etc. etc." I don't care about the pass the blame game, I just want honesty and to get the benefits that I qualify for and have paid premiums into insurance for.

Was awarded SSDI in 2011. And my daughter also got benefits due to me being disabled. These ended in June. All back pay was sent to MetLife and offsets were taken for these amounts. I received a letter from SSDI that my daughter was overpaid. MetLife has all this money as well as the offset. They don't want to pay it back. I do have an adult son who lives on his own. He is 22 and has never been on my record since he was over 18, out of high school, and living on his own when I became disabled.

He was recently awarded disability benefits for his own disability. His onset of disability was determined to be over a year before me. MetLife now wants to offset his amount against my LTD policy. I am the representative payee for him however this is not money for me to use for my household but is for him. I paid 27 years for this policy. It says a child’s benefits can be offset if they are a result of the parent’s disability. Clearly they are not.

Case worker agrees with me. Money is due to Social Security and caseworker is on vacation. They use a different office to deal with overpayments and cannot be reached. Just brings someone back to case worker. Can they refuse to repay Social Security benefits which were wrongly paid to them? Can they offset benefits that are used to support another household? When these don't have anything to do with my disability. Social security told me that this is illegal to do. However still waiting on MetLife. May lose my house in the meantime.

I have never had a such nightmare in my life before! This is my first time writing a complaint about a disaster company like that... I have contacted MetLife Insurance about my disability on April 24 with a claim specialist by the name of ** @ 800-638-2242. Meanwhile she was seemed to be helpful in the beginning of the process and suddenly right she has asked hundred questions about my short term disability claim and she told me on the spot that my claim will be denied. I was angry and yelling at her at the same time on April 24 2015. I stated to her "How the heck in the world that you are going to deny my claims?" She has replied to me that she just felt like this claim will not be approved. Anyways story goes on. I provided all the information that she needed at that time ignored for my claim to be fully processed.

The next thing I advised her that I have been off work since March 9 from my company. I work for Kaiser Permanente Foundation Health Plan in the Mid-Atlantic Region for over 4 years which I never filed any disability claim in my life before with this ** company like that. So I advised her that I have no income since then and due to my illness my doctor has put me off work! However, she did not even submit my claim with all the information that I have provided her and she has submitted my claim incorrectly and she did not provide all my future appointments that I have with my psychotherapy. She asked me what is the reason of my disability and I have told her that I have major depression and etc...

After 5 days I have reached out to her in reference to my disability claim. She had never reached out to me throughout the time that I have emailed her. I have left her a voicemail and I did not get anything from her. However, I escalated my concern to a manager and she was finally able to be available... During the 6 days that she has received my documents and information that she needed - she did not submit my claim until April 30 2015. Are you serious **? You had me wait so long and telling me that you was very busy and overwhelmed with thousand of claims and that was her excuse. Anyways I insisted that I wanted a clear reason of her job responsibilities. She is a miserable person in MetLife and this company is about profit and I am so disgusting by this company. I do not want to contact this company ever until I bring a lawsuit against them.

CAN'T wait for a lawsuit class action against this ** company that is denied everyone claims based upon a nurse the company hired to deny claims so that way, the company can keep their profits and no money will be distributed to individuals that are deserved based on their medical disabilities. Now I still have no income which my car notes, my apartment rent, my loans, credit card bills, all other stuff that I have to take care!! I am just going to be a homeless until God will say enough is enough. I am so disgusting in my stomach about this ** MetLife Insurance and I'm going to contact the CEO of Kaiser Permanente to choose another provider because I don't think this company deserve to be in the business!!! I will look forward for a class action lawsuit against MetLife and they have caused more damages to my ongoing health issue.

My wife left work six weeks ago on what was supposed to be our anniversary. She became very ill; has seen multiple doctors, and been to the hospital emergency room twice in the past two weeks. Her claims specialist said that her condition does not warrant her absent from work, and then insulted her by saying she would try to get a FMLA claim approved.

My wife has been diagnosed with Dysautonomia Syncope/ Neuro Cardiogenic Syncopal episodes and is on a waiting list for the closest cardiologist to help her. Her representative told her Metlife's fax machine and computers were down for three business days from 8/5/11-8/09/11. They didn’t receive anything from her two doctors, and won’t talk to me. Now she had to call her two referring doctors, and have them call the nurse line to list her limitations? Do they not understand why my 29 year old wife has the ticker of an eighty year old right now?

I have been going back and forth with MetLife since the beginning of my disability (when it was first denied without warrant) and thereafter with redundant requests - MetLife employees were stating that they requested information from my doctor but never received it and would terminate my benefits (when in fact my doctor's office has confirmation of the faxes sent to MetLife). In addition, many of the threat calls for benefit termination are on a Friday before a holiday (maybe just a coincidence). I have been deemed disabled by my employer. I have received a fully favorable decision from the SSA stating that I cannot do my job; yet I have received this unfair treatment, unfair advantage, unfair dealing, and unfair decision from MetLife employees. I believe a multi-plaintiff lawsuit with punitive damages is the only thing that will stop them.

If you have this company and going out for anything that isn't a crippling physical ailment be prepared to receive 4 to 12 weeks only. They only approve physical severe injuries. If you have something outside of physical injuries they expect 3 months to be the healing time and to be completely fixed. This company is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with.

I have been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer (which means it does not respond to "ANY" medication). I am going through radiation and will be followed up with more MRI's to see if cancer has gone anywhere else afterwards. My doctor filled out my short term disability paperwork to have me out from work until the end of June 2015 (my short term started 01312015) allowing me time for the surgeries and radiation and follow up with doctors. Met Life took it upon themselves to IGNORE/DISREGARD and CHANGE what my doctor wrote and changed my return to work date to April 19, 2015 on their own. I now have to fight for my benefits while fighting for my life battling cancer.

I have been unable to get a copy of the actual policy that I paid for to inform me what I am actually entitled to. Reps will never ever answer any questions you ask but will frequently question you and require multiple forms and harass your doctors, their staff and anyone they can get to that may know you. I would have never in a million years spent my own money on this ** of a policy knowing what I know today. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on you MetLife. You shouldn't even call yourself an insurance company!

Metlife has been singing the same song of claim denial due to an alleged lack of supporting medical evidence. My doctors and I have faxed in to metlife all supporting documents for my physical spinal and head injury. I plead respectfully you please reach out and help. Thank you.

October 28, 2013, I submitted a short term disability claim for recovery from a heart attack and subsequent second event. In all, I had three stents in my heart and an aneurysm I was advised by my cardiologist as unable to work indefinitely or until a cardiac rehab and I was pain free. The cardiologist office complied with numerous requests for information but after 10 my claim was closed. After that and the doctor's office sending more information the games began. The doctor's office complied with three different requests for information with each being determined by MetLife as insufficient. After the threat of legal action, the claim was extended 10 days with the understanding that I would need to complete cardiac rehab and be pain free before returning to work. After starting cardiac rehab, I experienced chest after each but MetLife went and closed my claim. My only option is to continue to appeal or to bring legal action which would be more costly than the claim is worth. It has become clear that this is the strategy that is the managerial policy of MetLife.

Wow, where do I start. 1/8/12 while at work as a Correctional Officer I had a heart attack while responding to a fight. The aftermath was an artery blocked 100%, one blocked 90% and a 3rd one blocked at 10%. I received 1 stent in the 90% blocked artery and a defibrillator, as they were not able to get through the blocked one. Along with the heart issues,when I had the heart attack I fell face first onto the sidewalk and came away with broken bones above my eye and a broken nose and a messed up jaw.

I went back to work 5 1/2 weeks later (too soon I admit now) but I had to get my wife and daughter back onto my insurance due to them canceling them because lack of paperwork they say. I worked for 6 mo while I waited for the meds to do their job and break up that blockage. In mid June, I went to the cardiologist for a stress test and being lazy or what scheduled the results appt about 3 weeks later. Before we were to be told the results, I was on the treadmill at the gym when my defibrillator went off, not once but twice. The artery that was a measly 10% blocked in Jan was now 95% blocked causing basically another heart attack. Two more stents for that ken and another attempt at the blockage and no luck.

So this is when my mess started with MetLife, I got the StD pretty quick after the waiting period. There was the usual 'missing paperwork' problems but nothing too serious. The fun started in between STD and LTD. After my Dr basically told MetLife that I will not be working due to disease that affects my arteries quickly. I went about 3 months without any money coming in because they said I didn't turn in proper paperwork and blah blah blah. My Dr turned in everything that was needed of him and we were not sure of the holdup. Meanwhile MetLife is doing a grand job of making feel like I am sponging off the government or something.

I don't know how many times I told people I would change spots in a heartbeat, no pun intended. I was talked to rudely and got to the point that my sweet wife told MetLife they are to talk with her only, my heart can't take the way they are talking to me. I was told my Dr even contacted MetLife himself and he never does this. If only Met Life knew how it felt to ask your sister to buy your family some groceries because of them holding up my LTD!!!

During one of my many days of web surfing, I came across Senator John McCain's website, here in Az he is all for long term care and stuff. I emailed his office about everything that had happened and how it was not right for them to treat people like this. Lo and behold, I got a call from MetLife and the same ** that had my claim and she told me that my claim got approved for LTD. The next week I got a letter from McCain's office telling me his office actually got in contact with MetLife to,discuss 'things'... Ha ha ha ha. The squeaky wheel got the grease this time.

I have not had one problem with MetLife since. My ordeal now is dealing with my SSD claim. That has been denied twice and now at the 2-yr mark of the 2nd heart attack I am waiting for a hearing date but am told it s/b soon. Dealing with Met Life, be persistent and call BS on them when needed. If all else fails email McCain's office!! I hope everyone good luck in their dealing with ML.

I have epilepsy and a panic and anxiety disorder. When I started having stress-induced seizures, anxiety and panic attacks at work, my doctor pulled me out of work and I immediately filed a claim under my workplace's short term disability plan. He pulled me out of the business for exactly 16 days. I have dealt with Metlife before and know that they are no picnic, so I immediately started calling to ensure that there would be no surprises and that there would be a smooth transaction.

I was told by the case manager named Stacy that as far as she could tell, the 16 pages of documentation that they received looked good but to be sure, I need to include a detailed doctor visit notes for my next visit scheduled the following week. My therapist wasn't sure that I was ready to go back to work, but I was afraid to stay out for too long. So, after my next visit, my medical doctor and I agreed on a date and I reported that to Metlife. I continued to call daily to check the status of my claim and was always told that it was being reviewed.

Then, the Friday before I was scheduled to go back, I was told by a representative that my claim may be denied due to lack of documentation. I requested a call back from my case manager named Crystal. Two hours later, I called Metlife back and was told that Crystal notated the account that if I called back, they needed the following information. When I again asked to speak to her, I was told that she had left for the weekend. I asked for her supervisor and was told that she, too, had left for the weekend. I asked why I was never called by her. The rep said that there were no notes about that.

We ended the call and I called right back demanding to speak with someone; oddly enough, in that time, Crystal had personally notated the account that she called me and left me a message. The rep even found this odd considering the times at which I called, what I was advised, and the fact that Crystal was "not in the office." So, the rep took it upon herself to email me the exact notes Crystal left with the information she needed. I took this straight into my doctor's office and my doctor said that he is going to draft a letter with all of the specified requested information. I am just wondering how--with a documented panic and anxiety disorder for which I have been being medicated and in counseling for years, a documented disability such as epilepsy, and over 20 pages of supporting documentation from my medical doctor--they can deny this.

Well it is very sad when your employer gives you this security net of long term disability from MetLife and you think it is good to have. So I was on short term and that was fine. So I filed my long term, because I am unable to work. I give them all the paperwork and then some. My case manger calls me and says, "Well your medical used was good for your short term claim but not now. You are denied. Feel free to submit an appeal" What a damn Scan!

After finally getting approved for LTD, after an extended review period, MetLife has failed to either send a random monthly direct deposit payment or, on three occasions, failed to process my 3% COLA. Each time I eventually got my correct payments, albeit late, without interest and after numerous phone calls in which I repeated the same damned information. Last year, a case manager informed me that I didn't return their medical and financial check-in forms. But I never received the forms! How convenient that these forms were lost in the mail in the spring. Not even Christmas season!

Both last year and this year, I received letters stating that my November LTD deposit was to be over $500 LESS than October's, despite the fact that my COLA is scheduled for November 1 and therefore my November deposit was to be $80 MORE. I was promised next-business-day callback after this year's yet unresolved snafu but spoke to two reps the following day (after no callback) who explained that I had to speak to my case manager. They again promised next-day callback and their track record regarding callbacks is hardly reliable.

In late July I was injured in an accident that required cervical spine surgery. I have not been able to work since. After reading dozens of negative reviews from people who've had bad experiences with MetLife, I became very discouraged. There are lots of stories here from people who never got paid, or who've been fighting with the company for months. I was sure I was headed down the same path, destined to become another "victim" who'll never receive any of the short term disability payments I'm entitled to, even though I've been paying for an STD plan with MetLife for over ten years! But, much to my surprise, I DID received benefits. Sure, it took a few days for the claim to be processed. But once a determination was made, I had a check in hand within three days.

To all the people who've had bad experiences with this company, I am sincerely sorry. But, like me, I have no doubt there are other clients who've had positive experiences. The simple truth is, THOSE people never take the time to write a review. Only the angry ones do. Occasionally, we should all acknowledge when something goes right!

Son jumped through all of the hoops of filing for his short term disability... all the trips to the physicians, all of the faxes and releases and was told by an agent his claim was in processing... Last conversation he had with her was it would be completed in processing and a check for the 4 months. He had been off up to that point would be sent in a few days.. Of course it never came. Further calls and now there is no claim in the system and my son must start over again with the process.. If not for me, and step dad son would be on the street with absolutely nothing.

He is working on returning to work soon. Make sure you get first and last name and direct phone number as well as which facility your worker is at. Make sure you keep your claim number in a safe place and let your employer know how horrible this company is. My husband and I are nearly broke from helping our son. He still has his health insurance but must pay copays for his personal medical and medications. Son has not received dime one. Son was put off of work by his employer due to some gait issues subsequent to a spinal injection. He did not go on disability because he started the process. It is becoming very obvious that this company is crooked or just plain incompetent. Any company considering them as provider should be ashamed.

MetLife may be one of the worst companies to deal with that I know. They delay and confuse simple process, require unreal documentation, record every conversation, look for every way to discourage both the insured and the doctors working with you to get a denial of benefits regardless of the obvious conditions and situations. Do not expect to be able to obtain your benefits without a huge battle.

It is even hard to keep your insurance benefits with the continual questioning and harassment from MetLife. They seem to imply you are in the wrong, lead doctors with misleading questions and delay in every way they can conceive. They act as if you are doing something wrong by receiving your rightful benefits. Do not pay for this insurance. When you need the benefits, the stress and process is beyond what any good company with ethics would ever do to loyal customers. You pay for the coverage, they simply want to deny you in any way they can.

I took out the MetLife STD/LTD DISABILITY via my employer the very first time I became eligible for benefits, which was after 90 days of employment. Little did I know at the time but this was one of the best decisions I could have made. I developed a neuro condition less than 3 months later and after a visit to my Primary care physician, then the ER and finally to a neurologist, they all who agreed on the diagnosis. While it certainly was not a common condition, it could have been a lot worse.

Anyway, armed with all these medical records, which even included an MRI, NCV and EMG, I applied for and was immediately accepted for STD. One of the most important things to do is to follow your Dr's recommendations, in my case it was PT, but even more importantly was that I would personally get copies of my latest records on each and every visit and I would personally send them into MetLife myself. I ALWAYS NOTED my case number on each page and initially always faxed them in but eventually started scanning and then emailing them to MetLife's records department, again always writing my case number on every page.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to send in your records as often as possible, but now you'll also have copies (including hardcopies, a scanned copy on a USB drive but also a copy of the email you sent). Just be sure to stay organized and see the Dr as directed and keep sending those records after each and every visit. This is something that you need to do and not leave it up to your Dr's office to do, plus you'll want to have those copies. Metlife will eventually send you a records release which would give them access to your records but it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to send them to MetLife.

Next, expect to be required to apply for SSDI. They are tough but ND will most likely deny your initial claim, deny the appeal and send you to in front of an administrative law judge. This process can take up to two years and there are plenty of lawyers more than happy to assist you. SSDI really tries to make you give up. But keep in mind, if you are approved for SSDI, the money you may get will be just less than MetLife will give you. So it won't benefit you in regards to money but you may get Medicaid and even a food benefit.

Now, MetLife has teams of nurses and Drs who will be reviewing everything you send them to make sure you meet the requirements to be considered disabled. They will also periodically send you questionnaires which you need to fill out and return to them by the due date. Make sure you send these in also to continue to receive your benefits. If you are still considered disabled after, six months, you will be converted to LTD. You will start getting paid once a month instead of weekly.

At this point, I would request a copy of your employee handbook which contains your disability information. You should get the HB from the year that you initially went out on disability. Metlife will NOT provide you with the handbook but rather it will come from the company you worked for when you went out on disability. They are required by ERISA law to provide you these documents within 60 days of the receipt of your letter. If they don't send them, they can be fined $110/day for every day over 30.

Once on LTD, you will remain on it for up to 24 months, assuming you remain disabled. This is things get interesting. First off, if you were out on disability due to a mental condition, your LTD benefits will end at the 24 month mark as that's the max they will pay for that type of condition. 24 months is also the time your policy language and definition of being disabled. It's at this time that the definition changes from you being able to do "your own occupation" to "any occupation". So let's say you were a plumber making 100k/yr when you went on disability, no longer do they need to assist you in finding another plumbers job but they now only need to find you "any occupation" making approx 60-70% of what you made before. Let's say you've been a plumber your whole life and that's all you know.

Well at around 18 months you will be contacted by a MetLife vocational expert who will work on retraining you to do something else making approx 60-70% of what you made as a plumber. Retraining is typically a requirement to continue to receive benefits and it will be outlined in the disability benefit section of the employee handbook I told you to request earlier. So basically, 24 months is the pretty much when your LTD benefits will come to an end. However, if you are still considered disabled this is when MetLife will really start doing all they can from sending you to evaluated by one of their Drs who typically report back that you can in fact work in some capacity, to just flat out denying you and end you benefits for any reason they want. According to the Erisa law which recently changed, you are entitled to two appeals and lastly you can file a lawsuit against MetLife.

I highly recommend that as soon as MetLife sends you the denial letter that you hire yourself an Atty to file the appeals and lawsuit if needed. MetLife is a huge, monster of a company and is counting on you giving up at this point. But if you truly have a serious condition that is expected to last at least a year or result in death, I'd would not give up. Get a good lawyer and fight till the end. Good luck to everyone. Never take your health for advantage.

I submitted my forms last June and sent in more info in August. They are still waiting for their in-house consulting doctor to review my claim. I've called the insurance commission/department of my state and they said this was common. 9 months without anything to live on... this is why I bought disability insurance! They can take as long as they want. There is no time requirement!!! They did caution me to keep paying my premium of 15,000+ a year or they wouldn't have to pay anything. Just save your premiums in the bank... as at least I'd have cash right now.

My story is the same as everyone else’s on here. They cover about 4 weeks of disability and then stop and say you’re healed. But, my dr’s including the Mayo Clinic have not allowed me to return to work. I have the use of one arm & one leg. I’m currently in the appeals process, they’ve made what should be a time to get rested and we’ll absolutely hell on earth. I’ve gotten letters from work that I’d be fired if I didn’t submit such and such documentation within 10 days and that I was on an unapproved leave, that turned out to be an error from MetLife. I got that notice on my son’s birthday.

I have applied for ssdi, and am going to contact an attorney Monday, because they too want me to fill out that long useless form that costs $400.00. Yes that is the #. This will not guarantee my job, or my benefits. MetLife is the worst company. They will not pay you! I get phone calls from them... with a first name & a generic call back # no extension, tell me how am I supposed to get in touch with that person?

Once I get through the automatic system the idiots who I speak to say I have to speak to the first idiot who called me, and they’ll have them call me. I have 5 dr’s visits next week lasting over an hour each. You think There’s a chance I might miss that call? Here is a copy of one of my dr’s notes, that wasn’t accepted. They have all my records. Including my physical therapy records.

I agree with a lot of the comments posted. MetLife is awful when it comes to Short Term Disability. I am a single parent and have been fighting MetLife since June 2016. It took filing a complaint and writing an appeal letter to get approved after almost two and a half months later. I was approved and then cut off again, only because it was determined by MetLife I am partially disabled and if my job can accommodate me, then I can go back to work. Still waiting on ADAA and I have been without income since September 2016. Recently the comment given by one of MetLife's supervisors was "If you can take care of your child, then you are not disabled and can do your job." Oh REALLY? So now you are an experienced Medical Practitioner, Orthopedic Doctor, Therapist, Neurologist, Etc. and know what I can and cannot do.

MetLife is a joke. I have had back issues all my life and now have other problems with my hips and knees. So adjusting my position while doing continuous sitting in a call center environment is going to benefit me. I do not think so, that is what I was doing before and the reason I have been out on Short Term Disability, because none of that worked and I ended up having more issues. I am in constant pain. Not able to sit or stand long periods at a time and have trouble walking. Another thing how am I suppose to drive and do my job while taking pain medication? None of it makes sense and getting a lawyer would be beneficial. Even with all the stress and aggravation this company has put me through I still managed to quit smoking. Something needs to be done about this company. So many people suffering the consequences, because they have illnesses or injured and cannot get the benefits they paid into.

I am a Army Veteran and was deployed in Iraq back in 2004-2005. During my time I was on convoy protection for fuel trucks. Last year I got into a program where I was diagnosed with PTSD, TBI, and anxiety disorder. The effects of these problems caused me issues where I was unable to work and I was even approved for STD. I was actually still receiving for my claim until the start of March of this year. They suddenly stopped paying and stated there is not enough medical evidence to support my claim. This is funny because again I was already receiving this benefit prior. My current Therapist, who also works for VA had been submitting documents to support my claim. My Therapist wondered why this stopped when there was no problems prior. I have yet to receive a honest answer from them as to why this changed.

My Therapist recently submitted a set of documents with the notes about our sessions as was requested by a MetLife supervisor. I was informed today that their clinical team still stands that there is not enough medical evidence to support my claim. I asked what kind of answer these people are wanting when it comes to PTSD. Even my Therapist said that they don't seem to have a clue what PTSD actually is or what symptoms a person has to have. I have been trying to resolve this as quickly as possible and now I can't pay for anything. I do have a small disability rating with the VA because they agree that I am disabled but not enough to even help enough to pay my rent. I have my Senator, Congressmen, DOL, Attorney General, Office of the Insurance Commissioner, and work directly with IAVA. They tell me how I can place a appeal again but that my claim can't be approved because of insufficient medical evidence.

I will be making sure to tell my story everywhere I go until they take care of these issues. They actually have good people that do seem to care but it does not matter because it's the supervisors that are the worst. I don't know who these people are in the clinical staff but they don't have a clue how PTSD works. As according to the several doctors that I have seen there is no smoking gun, there is no test, every person is different, some show different signs than others, but in all cases it can only be treated. I will most likely be taking this to some of the major news organizations to bring this to light for the rest of the US population. I also have the Attorney General's office forming an investigation into all of this. Do not let friends or family use this company and show them that they can't treat Veterans this way!

I had a car accident in October 2009, and lost vision in my left eye. At the time of the accident I had my Supervisor assist my parents with my Short Term Disability through my employer Verizon Wireless. That alone was a hassle with MetLife even though I was in ICU for 8 days. MetLife was by far the worst part of my accident till recently having to file another claim with them.

I took leave on Aug of 2011 due to the ongoing issue with the right eye going out causing me to become blind for a short amount of time with no vision in the left as well as the right. This was something that came on not knowing and never had a warning. Therefore when I was driving, I had the worst time trying to pull over. I went and filed a claim with MetLife, went to about 9 doctors and they provided them with the information needed on top of me having anxiety issues. They came back and stated that the information provided was not enough to uphold the "issue" I had with my eye. So, I went and got more information from my doctors and had them write to MetLife and advise them of the issue once again and with more information than needed.

The denial came back from the appeal and stated that my going blind does not interfere with my work, only my driving and I should have someone take me to work. Now I did not get paid for the 2 months I was out, was given a final written warning with Verizon Wireless. I feel as though I did the right thing and did not take advantage of the system for a bogus issue. But now I am handicapped and all they can say is " there is nothing they can do".

This is my second STD claim with MetLife. 10 years ago, I was off with a torn tendon for two months and all went well. Never missed a pay check. Onto the current. I had years of perfect attendance, until I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Knowing I needed surgery, my employer advised to call them to give them a heads up and open the claim. I felt an inkling when my rep said "you know the drill" during our first conversation.

My mistake by not filling the forms out before my surgery (I was only to be in the hospital a few days). Complications kept me in for 12 days. By day 8, I was alert enough to call my rep to inquire about my claim. She did not call me back. I had my daughter take paperwork to my surgeon to launch the claim proper. After I knew the paperwork was faxed, I placed another call to my rep. I did not get a return call.

When I was discharged from the hospital, I called again. This time I called into their regular line to talk to any rep to find out about my case. I was advised my paper work was received and that they had 5 days to review the information and get back to me. I did not get a call back, nor did I get a payout. My next phone call to MetLife, I called in and spoke with a rep (not my assigned "I don't return a phone call rep"). I asked to speak to her supervisor. The supervisor approved my payout and I received 3 weeks' pay the following Friday. All is well, until my chemotherapy. I received pay outs from April 28 thru June 28, my first approval time frame.

When July starts, I called into them, not to my rep who doesn't return phone calls, just to the rep on duty answering my call. I gave them the oncology contact info so they can get the updates needed regarding my care. "All is well" I think, until no payout is received a week later. I called into MetLife to inquire. The rep (not my assigned - I don't want her (she reminds me of a dead beat worker who could care less about me or doing her job)). The rep reviews my claim and tells me she faxed paperwork to my surgeon, not the oncologist I provided. I ask for a supervisor to call me back.

While waiting for the return call, my assigned rep calls me back, asking what I want, explaining she just faxed info to my oncologist. (Huh? ) The supervisor calls me a little later and tells me the rep sent the info to the oncologist a week prior...really? 3 different stories? A day later, my oncologist has no paperwork from MetLife. I see to it my case worker at the cancer center who offers to get involved on my behalf. She called them. She called me back to tell me that my rep told her that she did not need paperwork from my oncologist. When my cancer center case worker said "I would like to have that in writing, since you are the first to tell me such a thing", then the paperwork was received by my oncologist who faxed them back on a Thursday.

Knowing the 5-day rule to review the paperwork, I didn't bother wasting my time to follow up until the next Wednesday. I called and left a message with my rep and she returned my call! I asked about my case, she told me she would get back to me by Thursday. Guess what? She did not call. Friday, I called into MetLife and spoke to the rep who answered the line (aka not my assigned rep). I asked her about my case, she reviewed it and advised it had not been reviewed since my call on Wednesday. I asked for a supervisor. Supervisor reviewed my case and promised it would be reviewed firsthand the following week (Huh?).

Now I have to say the supervisor seemed concerned about the lack of activity on my case and surprised me by calling me 2 hours later at 6pm on a Friday to tell me I was approved, not for the full time, but at least until the end of September. I got a letter confirming our conversation the very next week. The next week, I did not get a payout. Now I've got to call into them again to find out why.

I work for a large telecommunications company that starts with a V. I am a union employee with over 16 years of service. I am a customer service rep. with high quality ratings. I will see this through to my satisfaction. Seeking legal help will result in me sharing my money with an attorney, which I will not enjoy. At this point in time, I will rely on my knowledge set and ability to review and interpret the laws. I truly believe my case is being handled by a deadbeat rep who doesn't know jack and fakes performance. Heck, they exist in my very own work place!

I'm going to call in again and escalate! Supervisor hate escalations! I'm nice to them, but I stick to the facts: SHOULD I REALLY HAVE TO BE BABYSITTING MY CLAIM WHILE I'M HAVING CHEMOTHERAPY?! Wish me luck, and the same for all who suffer my fate.

I pay for disability insurance through payroll deductions. However my employer is involved in all transactions but they do not pay a dime. I was off work for 9 months in 2017 and had to pay my employer $127.42 each month I was off totaling approximately $1000. I was on workman compensation for an on the job injury but my employer paid my elective insurance cost unbeknownst to me totaling $3,879. I had to pay these funds by 12/31/2017 although I was off work for several months. I feel that the employer should not converse with the carrier representative unless I request their assistance. MET Life informed me I cannot collect disability payments while I am off work and receiving workman compensation payments. If I pay for disability insurance I should have been allowed to collect it.

MET Life used the Illinois law that an employee can't receive payments from both entities. If I were sending my disability payments directly to MET Life I would have received workman compensation and short term disability payments. MET Life is in contact with my employer at every turn although I am paying 100% of my premiums for STD.

MetLife Short Term Disability - I submitted the required paperwork (approximately 20 pages of medical tests and physician letters) indicating that my treatment plan was to be three months, during which I could not work. After multiple filings, I received compensation for 30 days. I received a request for additional information to be considered for the remaining 60 days. This has been submitted three times (6/1/2012, 8/23/2012 and 9/21/2012). MetLife has never responded via letter. Their telephone system indicates that no information has been received. Unbelievable. I wouldn't purchase insurance through MetLife ever again. They are totally useless.

I am a 53 year old woman who has experienced some menopausal anxiety due to hormonal changes. My doctor gave me ** to take as needed and so I put that on my application, mind I have never missed a day of work due to the anxiety but it was on the high scale so I wanted to do something short term to help me and the beta blockers made me nauseous. The only other med I takes is ** for high blood pressure and Met Life rejected my short term application for a naturally occurring stage in a woman's life which has long been put behind closed doors. I am so furious with them I am seeing red. Thanks for standing behind women Met Life in a difficult time of their lives because I take a ** now and then to help me get through it.

In 2014 when one of the METLIFE (Insurance company) Senior manager sold me Policy no **. He promised me saving return accumulating to over 10 lakhs if I continue to pay my yearly premium of approx. 50,000 every year. Along with this endowment lifesaving plan which will continue even after maturity of Plan post 10 years, I was also provided and was assured health insurance as per policy. I got health insurance copy from METLIFE Only in year 2014 till early 2015; Since 2015 I have been chasing and calling the PNB Metlife on emails and grievance and have not been issued any renewals on health insurance policy or any benefit.

I raised the grievance to PNB both ([email protected] & "[email protected]" ); I came to know that PNB Metlife has not taken any action on Prasanjit ** and from one sales manager, I came to know that PNB Metlife promotes its managers to speak lies to customers to get investment and have been cheating people from India. They are criminals in white collars; I have written this complaint to India, PMO office and MetLife UK, but all these organisations are unable to provide any response or help; India is country of injustice which allows cheats like PNB MetLife to roam free and cheat innocent people of India.

December 2013 I had a really stiff neck. Worked through it and saw a chiro a few times. Felt fine in January. Woke up one morning in February 2014 having pain and stiffness in my left arm, biceps area. As the day went on I couldn't lift my arm over my head. Later that evening I lost feeling in my arm and hand. Went to the ER. Made appt. with my dr. a few days later. Started having wrist pain. Dr. put me in a splint and diagnosed me with tendonitis.

Saw dr. a week later and she referred me to an orthopedic surgeon thinking I had carpal tunnel. Filed claim with MetLife. Was approved. Was off work from February 2014 to August 2014. During that time I was dealing with carpal tunnel symptoms, found out I had bulging discs in my neck, neck pain, physical therapy, and doctors, MRIs etc. MetLife denied me in July. Seemed funny since I was entering long term. Their reason, I was improving.

Ok I understand but my doctor wanted me off work until September pending appt. with rheumatology. So I went back late August. I knew I wasn't ready and sure enough. I kept having pain flare ups/muscle spasms in my neck. Missed a lot of work. Then one morning in October woke up to my back being so stiff I couldn't move or breathe. The pain was unbearable. I had no idea what was going on. Dr. said it was a muscle spasm and during the exam she noticed my trapezius muscle was tight. Put me back in physical therapy.

Early November my PT noticed my thoracic spine is rotating to the left. My paraspinals are so tight along with my trapezius. It's pulling my spine to the left. X-rays proved I have rotary scoliosis in my thoracic spine. Chiro X-rays proved my entire spine is rotated. Worse in C5 & 6, T4, 7 & 10 and my lumbar. My hips are uneven so I got a heel lift. Both my dr. and chiro want me off work until mid February. Opened claim December 29. Checked today and my claim is denied on a Saturday?

What gets me about this is I have TWO doctors telling me I'm disabled and MetLife has a nurse. Someone a step down from a DOCTOR decide if you're disabled. What's wrong here? So I'm taking my doctors orders hoping to get benefits, been off work for a month, and now I'm going to lose my car. My landlord is going to kick me out all because of this.

I went out of work on June 24 for severe depression and at the insistence of both my general practitioner and my therapist. Everything was going fine for the first two weeks. I received a paycheck on July 08 for my time from June 24 – July 08. I did not know anything was wrong with my claim until I did not receive a paycheck on July 22.

Every customer service agent told me that there was nothing to worry about and that my case was being reviewed. I called every day about my claim and was given the same song and dance, so I requested to have a case manager call me. I was called by a case manager on July 27 and was told that because my claim ran over 30 days, I needed to see a psychiatrist to corroborate my doctor's diagnosis of depression and anxiety.

I called the psychiatrist's offices all that day. Most offices had a wait time of 2-4 months to see new patients. I finally found an office about an hour and a half away that could see me on August 01. I was then diagnosed as bipolar 2 and given a new set of medications. The psychiatrist told me to stay out an additional two weeks through August 16.

I continued to call MetLife every day checking on my claim status. I was told by a representative later that week that in order to review my claim, they would need all of the session notes from my therapist and psychiatrist. All of this was pulled together and faxed in on August 16 so I did not receive a paycheck on August 05. I returned to work part time on August 17, but it was too late in the work week to receive a paycheck on August 19.

I contacted MetLife when I returned on August 17 to discuss an email that had been delivered to my email inbox at work that said I was ineligible for benefits because my time had been exhausted. I received a call from a case manager the next day telling me that there had been an error and that the information had not been sent to be reviewed because the computer showed me as ineligible. She updated my information to eligible and told me that they would make a decision by August 23. No decision was made, so I again called customer service. They again scheduled a case manager to call me.

I received a call this morning saying that she would expedite my case and I could expect a decision by the end of business day tomorrow. I have not been paid in 4 pay periods. I have pawned everything of value to pay my bills and owe over $1,500 to the pawn shop. I have borrowed $800 from my parents who don’t really have the money to lend and am overdrawn on my account by $400. Even when I get a paycheck for the time from July 09 – August 19, it will not be enough to cover the interest at the pawn shop or the series of insufficient fund fees I have been assessed.

Short term disability insurance - I broke my left wrist and had it fused on 7/3/12. My doctor filed for state disability. I then tried to file a claim with MetLife on 7/4/12, but could not because I got the automated runaround - no way to talk to a real person. After two weeks, on 7/23/12, I finally got to talk to a real person, filed a claim, did all the doctor's request and paperwork and they said they will review my case and let me know their decision in 10 days. 15 days go by and then I got a call for them to say they are not approving my claim because I get half of my pay from the state of CA. And that's more than they pay in a benefit weekly amount. I will never do business with MetLife again. False advertisement!

Metlife declined my income protection claim due to not receiving regular medical treatment for my injury. The policy doesn't not state what "regular" treatment is. They have chosen to totally ignore specialist reports that state there is no treatment available including one they themselves commissioned. In a telephone conference they declared regular as being monthly, regardless of whether treatment is available or not. :-( They did however offer to settle for 30k without any claim of responsibility. The total claim is worth 102k. The amount offered was in line with what I had been told by other claimants to expect eg 30% of claim value. Would appear this is standard MetLife policy.

After going out of work the end of September 2017 due to severe migraines and my boss telling me, "If you were not on FMLA, I would write you up". I began getting the migraines daily and could not work at all, so per my doctor he took me out of work and I applied for short term disability. After MetLife requesting several documents from me and my doctor, they denied me, telling me it had nothing to do with workers compensation or work. Well, no of course not, this all came from severe migraines and if I knew this from the beginning I would have never continued to pay for your fake disability insurance.

Do not ever trust this company they are a scam, they are happy to take your money, but when it comes to giving it back to you when you are in need - forget it - you will never get out of them what you put into them. Please read any and all information carefully and make sure that you read the fine print, because you will not see anywhere in the fine print that you will be denied, but you will.

In approx. 2002 I had a massive stroke in Texas. (I live in Indiana) The company I worked for had taken a lifetime disability plan out on me. I had just made it over the waiting period for the policy. I spent over a week in the hospital in a semi comatos state. I am now unable to work due to epilictic seziures from the stroke. Partially blind, lose of memory and some lose of use of the whole right side of my body.

Due to the slow response of Metlife in paying up I have had to file for bankruptcy, I'm gonna lose my house, and my wife left me due to the stress. And now since I am recieving SS they say that what they did pay me was too much. So here it is about 6 year later and Metlife is just about paid off and I am alone and bankrupt. Unable to work and if I was who would hire me? I am gonna have to file for goverment assistance for housing give up my dog my psychistrist wanted me to get so I would have a reason to get up in the morning. The economic and physical damage I can work thru, but how do you put a 'price tag' on your mental and emotional damage this has caused?

I have been disabled since Oct. 28, 2011. I started having pain and weakness in my right hand/wrist while working. I was diagnosed with Kienbock's disease which caused death to my lunate bone which required surgical excision. I have been left with chronic pain, loss of sensation, and decreased range of motion. It will not heal or change. This is also my dominant hand. Originally MetLife authorized my case until 2019. I applied to and received Social Security Disability.

Then MetLife sent more disability forms and also wanted my Social Security. The physicians that treated me refuse to complete more forms since they have already deemed me disabled. My new primary physician doesn't want to get involved as he didn't know me until 2015. When I contacted MetLife the woman rep stated that they have the right to demand current disability forms. "Just because Social Security accepted your total disability doesn't mean they need to."

At my time of initial disability I was 58 years old and had over a 40 year work history. I also have Lupus, Sjogren's disease, Raynaud's disease, arthritis, and hypertension. I need to use a walker for most ambulation and also have a motorized scooter due to my disability. I worked for St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Las Vegas, NV for almost twenty years paying MetLife twice monthly for my insurance. I paid so I would receive one half of my monthly pay. The hospital stated employees would receive the benefits that were paid for. MetLife has no right to say I must report any form of income so they can adjust my benefits. They are destroying me financially. I want everyone to know how MetLife operates. There needs to be an immediate class action suit against their fraud.

Sadly, this isn't my first time dealing with MetLife for STD. I actually had a great experience with them in July 2015. But this recent case that was filed Oct 23rd, and approved on Nov 2, is the worst! It is now Nov 14 and I STILL HAVE NOT HAD A PAYMENT!!! Every time I talk to my case worker she tells me next Friday. The customers service reps are just as confused as I am. I will be filing a complaint to my company to see if they can use a different company. MetLife is pathetic!

MetLife only cares about profits, not people. Anyone for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT??? This is not a joke. I am more than willing to start a class action lawsuit against MetLife regarding their fast and loose interpretation of FMLA laws and negligent practices. Be on the lookout for the filing and jump on board when it goes public.

Avoid buying MetLife. Worst customer service ever!! I had a auto accident. Absolute nightmare trying to get my short term disability. People are very rude to my doctor's office. I'm very embarrassed & frustrated. No manager will call you back and help you understand what they need and changes daily when you talk to a different person.

I filed a claim 3 months ago and the rep from MetLife said that they were never able to locate my physician. I had paperwork mailed to them and they called me stating that they may have to cancel my claim because they never received a call back from my doctor. I then got a letter 3 days later saying that no one at my doctor's office knew about my disability and that I needed to tell them that I am receiving state disability. I do not receive disability of any form and my doctor told me that no one has ever spoken to him.

I have received numerous letters stating that I have to have my funds adjusted because of state disability. I don't know how many times I have called the rep telling her that I am not receiving any other income. Now it is at the point where she does not even reply to my calls and nothing has been done. I have an issue with my spine which prevents me from doing everyday things. What do I do? Hire a lawyer? How do I pay for one? MetLife is not listening to their customers!

I had a planned surgery and began my paperwork 3 weeks before I was to be out of the office. I provided the consent to release information to my doctor and was told I would get a call 2 to 10 days after surgery. I did not receive a call and neither did the doctor. I received a letter in the mail that my claim was denied. I had no other communication from MetLife, however, they said they called me for an interview. I completed the interview on the phone and then received a phone call from my employer saying I had been denied because they said they didn't receive medical information from the doctor. MetLife did not ever contact me with a letter or call.

I called the doctor and they pulled the phone logs and showed no phone calls from MetLife. With a series of phone calls, I fixed this error and got the information to MetLife. However, it was past the payment processing deadline and I did not receive my paycheck from work. (The payments are apparently sent to Molex, and then they pay me.) I started my part and complied at every turn. Every communication I received was always after the fact, and I spent many hours fixing it. At a time when I have added expenses from medical bills, I do not need to miss a paycheck. There is obviously some breakdown in how they process the claims and it is unacceptable to deny a claim after the fact without communicating issues.

I have had a FMLA claim for about 9 weeks. EVERY TIME I need an extension I have to call my Dr. to have them send something to MetLife. MetLife then proceeds to sit on it and do nothing for days on end until I call them to motivate someone to do their job. I have continuously been lied to by Karen ** and Joy??? (case handler) and was not transferred to Manager Linda ** because she was "not available" and I have requested Joy have her manager call me back today which I am not optimistic that will happen even though Joy said she would have her call me back today. This is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever experienced and I have gone a few rounds with my cable provider before and they don't lie as much as EVERYONE at MetLife does. If I could change companies I would have done so before my phone conversation had ended, unfortunately I don't dictate what Citibank (employer) uses.

I'm unable to go into great detail due to most recently obtaining legal council. Diagnosed with Hereditary Coproporphyria in March of 2007, disabled March of 2018. STD barely approved, ended June 27th 2018. Filed for LTD, claim denied, due to lack of information and that my rare disease does not cause what my September 10th 2018. My Dr. that specializes with my type of illness has written several letters, verified with several clinical results that this disease is Acute, progressive and disabling.

MetLife has their own physicians that decide if you're disabled or not. In my case a clinical physiologist determined my outcome. First of all this is not the proper Dr. to determine my illness and disability, therefore a denied claim. MetLife should at least use proper professionals Doctors that study in the correct field. My first check for LTD was supposed to be on July 27th. Eventually we are going to faced with losing our home and everything else. I've read all of these reviews about people like myself that are truly sick, and facing many of the same issues that I'm currently facing. A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT SHOULD BE TAKEN INTO SERIOUS CONSIDERATION!!!

I had MetLife sick and disability through my employer Land-O-Dairy and when I was told that I had cancer that was a brutal hit. All the doctors and hospital visit alone was enough to drive a person insane. Thank GOD I had this insurance, if I did not have MetLife I would have lost everything I had as well as my home. MetLife was so easy to deal with. They sent my forms I took to my doctor and they filled them out and I have been getting my monthly ever since. They are great people to have on your side at times like this.

They only require that you every year to get your doctor to update your health condition. That is great and also it is bad because when you have cancer in your kidneys there is little to no cure and no one that is going through this needs to all time be annoyed by a insurance company that does everything to knock you out of your income even though my doctor tells me that it is crazy to have to give updates when you are totally disabled but I would like to thank MetLife. You have been GREAT to me!!!

I was on short disability due to pre-pregnancy complications and needed to be on strict bedrest for months along with me being in an out of the hospital. This caused me to have severe muscle atrophy and lower back pain, along with postpartum depression. I required months of physical therapy to regain my strength. When my short term disability claim was exhausted and I went 2 weeks into LTD. Since I pay into LTD with MetLife I was able to file a claim. My claim with MetLife was denied after their physician read through my physician's notes and I was told that the reason why my claim was denied was that, "Their physician felt that physical therapy for muscle atrophy from months of bedrest and postpartum depression diagnosed by my physician were not sufficient in his eyes".

The only reason his assessment differs from my physicians assessment is only if he is questioning my physician's qualifications without examining me or speaking to our physician directly. He only has the notes to go by and both the details stated above were in the notes, as I have copies of the notes. I do not believe they have my best interest and most of all they are questioning my physicians diagnosis based on "feelings" and not the facts that are in the notes. I am very disappointed that I can not depend on a company that I have been paying out of pocket for their services for years.

I have an ongoing LTD claim with MetLife. It seems that every 3 to 4 months or so, I am being asked for the same information, doctor etc. My case worker told me this is needed for my case. It seems such a hassle when they call. Can I do something about this?

It would be negative stars if I could. I have filled almost two notebooks with my notes and conversations with these people. It took almost 3 months to get my first short term disability check. I am still fighting for the rest of short term disability 4 months after I filed the claim. It's been almost two months since I filed long term disability and it looks like the fight will be worse on it.

I was covered by MetLife, had an injury to my spine whilst at home. Had to have emergency spinal surgery and a disk removed, due to the onset of paralysis and potential death. Currently recovering at home, tried to make a claim as cannot work for 6-8 weeks to begin with. I was told under the conditions of the policy my accident wasn’t an accident as it was not violent enough. So cannot claim under the policy, what a useless product and policy. Don’t waste your money, it sounds really cheap the cover; it's because you're not covered at all. If I could give zero stars I would.

This has been the worst experience I've ever encountered. MetLife has made our life a living hell! We have paid into this BS policy for over 17 years in case of an emergency. Well, we had one and not only did they not pay, they made us feel like dishonest criminals. They twisted facts, lied about receiving or not receiving documents and did what they had to do to leave us with nothing. They made what was an already really hard situation, almost impossible. As for the massive amount of wasted time and energy we've spent running in circles to accommodate their incompetence is heartbreaking and frustrating beyond words. Thanks for nothing you piece of crap!!!

I filed a short-term disability claim on June 16, 2011. Metlife advised that I needed to submit additional paperwork in order to extend my claim. As per their policy, they have 5 business days to work a claim after paperwork has been submitted. I submitted the paperwork on August 16. My claim should have been approved or denied by Aug. 23, 2011. This was not done. And I was not aware that it was not done. I called again on the 29th to question why my claim was not completed. I was told that they were still reviewing the documents. Because of their negligence and deficiency, I did not receive my paycheck. This has caused my illness to worsen. And all they could say was sorry. I have no food. And I can't pay my rent. This resulted in an added late fee in addition to my rent that I cannot afford.

Metlife STD is horrible. Takes a long time to process your claim... I didn't get a check for 6 weeks. Suspended my account because they said I didn't see my doctor every month... Shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get my benefits. Customer service is the worst.

What is your return to work date? Every time I call to inquire about missing or delayed or lost funds, I get the same last question. It isn't enough for medical records or constant questioning about my current condition with answers given to satisfy the representatives. I finally stated, "This is a benefit I paid for. It is for me to pay my bills when I am sick. This has caused me stress which worsens my condition." They are no more honoring their contract than a shady car dealer. How many hoops to jump through is the question? At one point at a heightened state of stress stated, "I'm trying to figure out when to put up a 'For Sale' sign". To put it more bluntly, MetLife has helped ruin my credit, helped me increase stress which sickens me more, and has no conscience when it comes to helping a sick customer go into foreclosure and destined for living in the street. Can they be more helpful?

I have std thru MetLife. As of April 28, 2017, my experience with them has been horrible. The customer service reps that initially have NO Idea What they are doing. Over the past couple days I have called MetLife and have been put on hold for no less than 10 minutes each time. Finally transferred. To my case manager, kept getting voice mail. Left more than 10 phone calls to her... Finally spoke to her today. She was unable to answer 1 very specific. Unfortunately this is the disability provider has chosen for our benefits. I would NOT recommend them to my worst enemy... Not satisfied at all...

This is the worst company to deal with. This is my second job where I have had to deal with MetLife for STD through my employer and the experience has been the same. You can never get a consistent answer as to what is needed. The answer is different with each representative you speak with and the person managing your claim never follows through as they should.

I have been out of work since 10/28/15 with no pay, my Dr. has repeatedly faxed in information, made phone calls directly to Metlife, dictated a letter to them and it is still not enough. I spoke with my claim manager Haydee on 12/24/15 and she was supposed to call me the following Monday with a decision and or any information needed to further process the claim. I have left repeated messages, a call back request was put in and to date I have not heard from Haydee. They claim they don't have enough information even though this is the same company handling my APPROVED FMLA claim for the same condition. This company has costed plenty of people their jobs, undue mental and financial stress. None of my co-workers on either job has anything good to say about this company nor do any of the physicians who have ever dealt with them.

After 3 years of sickness, I was finally diagnosed with fibromylgia, chronic fatigue and severe depression. The symptoms became so severe due to work stress that I was unable to walk, had constant muscle spasms, and unbearable pain all over my body. My employer’s disability insurance is through Metlife. What a horrible experience. For the last 2 and half months I have had to pay multiple paperwork fees to my doctor. Metlife would insist the info was not received even as I saw the Fax go out and a confirmation of delivery returned. Not only was I on physical therapy to deal with the pain I will live with all my life, but I had to deal with Metlife's incompetence on a week to week basis. I could not even bathe myself, but they insisted I was well enough to work at a desk because my supervisor told them I had a sedentary job. They terminated my STD last week but will not communicate with my employer that I was ready to work part time. So here I sit, not getting paid because my employer won’t process me back in. What a mess and to think I could barely take care of myself over the last months, let alone, deal with issues that should have been a piece of cake.

The weirdest thing was after explaining I could not drive because of leg spasms almost slamming me into a tree, I was told by my caseworker that liability was not acceptable, because they only covered work time. How I got there was not their problem and not a criteria for short term benefits. That's when I became aware that these people had control of my life insurance policy and my long-term disability. If I had died hitting that tree, I bet they would have said it wasn't covered on my life insurance. Incompetent. And I hope my company gets a better provider.

Problem: I have a relative who was employed with the Birmingham Board of Education. He went in for a check up and they found he had terminal lung cancer and they immediately placed him on disability. The board gave him paperwork to complete insurance wise and every two months or so he was sending the same information over and over. They finally dismissed his case and this is a man who had worked over 18 years with the company and the insurance left him without any type of death benefit.

I suffer from Refractory Focal Epilepsy (which means that Seizures are not controlled with seizure medications). This all started 11/11 but I had no idea that I was taking Simple Partial Seizures (Steering Seizures) and Complex Partial Seizures (Longer Seizures that disorients the patient). Due to all the med I have been on since 13, to date it is becoming harder and harder to find a med that will control the disorder. I have also had 3 Neuropsychological Testing from 3/11 to 12/13 and the test results are clear. They have shown a steady decline in my Short term memory, Cognitive functions, Visuospatial Functions.

My Doctor has stated on 9/12 and 12/3 that I am not ready to be release back to work and nor can I drive for 6 months. So MetLife took it upon itself to provide my medical date without my permission to an outside consulting Doctor to review my case and stated that I can return back to work. I have signed a release to get copies of ALL the data that they have on me including their doctors report, and I was told yesterday I was not allowed any of my data, a violation of my Hipaa Right just for starters and stated that my claim would end 2/8/15.

I became ill and went to the emergency room where I was diagnosed with diverticulitis back in May. I was sent home and told to rest for 3 days along with medication prescribed. Subsequently I had to return to the emergency room on 2 separate visits. Upon the second visit I was hospitalized for 12 days. My employer informed me I needed to file a short term disability claim to cover my time off work which I did. This claim was denied by Metlife as they state for no medical documentation to support my illness. Which is false! All requested medical documents were sent to them. In July of this year I suffered a major stroke while at work and had to file another claim, which also has been denied by metlife stating the same reasons. I have personally retrieved all medical records, signed all medical releases for metlife and sent the records in.

I also appealed their decision to deny my claim. Now they have told me that my appeal was also denied due to lack of doctor's visits before the hospitalizations. As I explained to them I went thru the emergency room and was hospitalized from there. How is that not medical documentation?!! I am looking for an attorney who can assist me in this matter with obtaining the financial compensation due me and to make it known to Metlife that their basis of determining eligibility is based on falsity and that they are hindering employees with legitimate claims from obtaining monies due them.

If I could I would make it known to ANYONE who is even remotely thinking of having Metlife for insurance to think again!!!! Because of my employer I have to deal with Metlife and as such have encountered nothing but excuses from them and them telling me there is nothing else I can do about their decision. There has to be some way to settle this and also bring awareness to the general public as well as my co-workers how having this insurance may negatively impact them!!!

Same issues as everyone else, you pay for a benefit that will pay you in the case of a medical hardship, only to not receive the benefit when you need it. I recently had shoulder surgery for a torn labrum that required a 12 week recovery. MetLife closed my claim twice during this time within 9 weeks claiming more information was needed. To shorten this up, I've been out of work 10 of 12 weeks and only been paid for 8 weeks, and had to fight like hell to get that. The purpose of this benefit I've paid for over a decade is to have a source of income when medically needed. MetLife takes your money and makes excuses not to pay you. Do your selves a favor and put the money you pay for this benefit into another account. Come January, they're fired!!

In 2000, I was very seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, while employed by Verizon Communications as a cable splicer (they were Bell Atlantic at the time). I broke my right hip, and right arm, and had an open dislocation of my right knee. I received permanent nerve damage from the brachial plexus injury which occurred when my arm broke, and additional nerve damage in my leg from the partial severing of a nerve in my knee. I have, over the years been dealing with constant chronic pain from these injuries, most recently from serious degenerative disk disease in my lower back. At the time of the accident, LTD insurance, provided by Verizon, through IBEW collective bargaining, and administered by MetLife, was approved, and I began collecting on the policy once my short term benefits ran out.

When I first started on LTD, there was a lot of litigation. Part of that litigation required that MetLife provide a copy of my LTD policy to my lawyer, which they did. I did get a chance to read it over briefly, and one section of the policy, stated that I would not have my benefits removed, or reduced, if I were able to perform any type of work that paid less than half of my pay for a straight 40 hour week at the time I was injured. Knowing this I looked for, and have at times found a few very light duty, part-time jobs, well within these limitations, that I was able to do to add some additional income. Often, these jobs didn't last more than a few months, to a year or so, before my pain level reached a point where I ended up having to quit. At this writing, I'm 60 years old, 61 in less than a week.

There's one thing I know for sure, I can never work as a cable splicer, as I will never again be able to climb a telephone pole, or climb in, and out of manholes, and some of the other places that are required as a cable splicer. I simply don't have the training or skills, nor am I now, and most certainly never again will be medically able to work a job with the income potential I had as a cable splicer. It's not a pleasant prospect, it is just my reality. Initially, a MetLife rep would contact me every two years to ask for updated information on my current medical condition, which hasn't changed much since I completed all the hospitalization and rehab I did post accident. This did not seen unreasonable to me, and I always complied, contacting my various doctors, so they could send the required info to MetLife.

Now, over the last several years, a new MetLife rep is contacting me every 3 to 6 months for these medical updates. I've asked why they have started contacting me so often lately, with the only answer being, it's just standard procedure under my LTD policy. I have asked several times for a copy of my LTD policy, so I can see exactly what I, and they, are required to do with regards to the LTD policy just to verify what I'm being told, but I have yet to get a copy, or even a direct response to my request. It's not that I can't provide the info they require, I just want to know my rights under my policy. I just feel like I'm being harassed, and I believe it's just because I have, in a small way, attempted to bring in a little extra income that, as far as I knew, was acceptable under my LTD policy.

7 months ago I lost my job due to disability. I filed for the LTD insurance and have gotten a run around. Calls are not returned. Verification of documents received never happens. Computer prompts make phone calls to the company time wasted effort. Twice in 7 months a real person answered. They do not give updates. I have to try to get the updates. I have been told over and over "I'm waiting for the medical review." I am greatly stressed without a job nor money. Is this the same thing all the companies do? I read about UNUM customers having the similar experience.

My claim started back when I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee which was on 08-13-13. The night of my surgery, I fell in the bathroom and I also fell at my daughter's school which was also in August. My claim was initially approved from 08-13-13 - 10-26-13. In the month of Oct. I started having sharp pinching pain that ran up and the leg and mainly around the knee; therefore Dr. ** referred me to have a nerve study done on Nov 4th. I had the nerve study done and the results came back positive for nerve damage and also abnormal muscle, which started the issue is my quads. I have therapy twice a week and still on pain meds, I cannot walk without assistance. After the claimed got extended from 10-27-13 - 01-08-14 which is the last doctor's visit I had, Dr. ** could still see how weak the knee was and he could feel the abnormal muscle.

Yes, I have a sedentary job, but the Dr has sent in medical records and has said I can't sit for a long period of time and my job requires 8 hrs of sitting. We get 2 (15) minutes break and a 1 hour lunch, and at the point I can't sit for 1 hr without the knee tightening, pain the muscle pain. After the last dr's visit and I needed to get my doctor's note sent over to Metlife and the rep to notate my account if my case manager has any questions about the information she received she can call and I will get her what she needs. The review period can up to 5 days. On the fifth day, I called MetLife and spoke with my case manager and then she tells me the information she received don't support the claim, so I asked her to fax to my doctor the specific questions she needs answers to and she did and my doctor filled them, faxed them back.

Now the claim has been referred to the Medical Director, but this is totally ridiculous. I still go to therapy twice a week. I take pain meds which I'm quite sure I can't take and perform my job duties as well. When I go back to the Dr on 02-12-14, he will be sending me back to have another nerve study done. I have bills just like anybody else, and this is very frustrating because I physically can't return to work right now and you all don't know me and you don't know my struggle, all my bills are getting behind, and why? A license medical doctor who sees me every month and knows what I'm going through has said what I can't do and it's like MetLife is looking for reasons to deny the rest of the claim.

This is the most unethical company with the most incompetent workers ever! They can't even properly complete paperwork without numerous mistakes including wrong names, dates and lies about faxes sent. Don't buy LTD insurance from this company. Urge your company not to contract with them. They are thieves with unethical practices. Please do your research if you don't believe me. How are they still in business?

I recently went out on FMLA and Short Term Disability leave for 6 weeks. I was assured that these would run concurrently and all I needed to do was have my doctor ensure that all requested information was transmitted. Metlife took less than 10 days to deny payment of my short term disability after receiving only one week's worth of office notes from my doctor. Not only did they not request behavioral assessments from my doctor, they also grossly misclassified my child's suicide attempts and 3 separate inpatient hospitalizations as "behavioral issues." The only thing that has even remotely kept me afloat is a tuition reimbursement I received with my last paycheck. After researching them further, I found countless stories from other consumers. How shameful that an organization is fueled purely by greed and not their responsibility to help those in need; those who have paid for this coverage!

My company pays for short term disability 100%, but Metlife just has to ensure their bonus structures are not impacted. God forbid their executives and managers receive less of a bonus for paying on a 6-week claim for a single mother of two. Insurance companies are a major issue in this country. Organizations such as these have a God complex. If this coverage is paid for and a doctor states that an individual is unable to work while seeking treatment, they should validate and approve these claims immediately. They already receive their payment so who are they to be so greedy. Here's a thought Metlife execs; take less expensive vacations and downsize your lifestyles to align with the average, middle class American, or maybe make an honest living instead of hoarding payments due to hardworking consumers.

I would understand if I had ever taken a leave of absence in my 16+ years in the workforce or even abused any such benefits previously, but that is not the case in my situation. I am currently in the appeals process, which could take 45 days. Guess what? I'll be back at work before I ever even see any of this money. So now my concern is how I will buy groceries or pay my basic utilities. It's already not as though I live beyond my means, but I do require income to keep the lights, food on the table and gas in my vehicle so I can drive to and from work.

Thanks for nothing but added duress during an already extremely stressful and difficult time Metlife. Your practices and "clinical assessments" are disgusting and even sickening. My guess is that your preference would be for someone to completely lose their proverbial marbles and suffer a mental breakdown before they are deemed worthy of any short-term disability payments from your organization. Here's to reaping what has been sewn Metlife!

I paid for LTD through my employer for many years. We, the employees, were told that we could collect MetLife benefits and our SSDI. Since I paid for MetLife and earned my SSDI both should be paid to me. If the law states LDI only has to pay the difference it is wrong!! Since I paid for 50% of my work income to MetLife will they prorate what I paid them and refund it?? My SSDI is from my years of employment was paid by me and my employers, why should LTD benefit from my many years of work? Also, requiring you to have to keep submitting disability forms seems idiotic, once permanently disabled, you don't get better (usually). I am 60 so I will not be returning to work due to multiple health problems.

I have been at my employer for my short term disability benefits which are managed by Met Life. I have been harassed every time it comes for them to issue a pay to me. They will not approve my claim in a timely manner and I have been required to refile my paperwork numerous times, only to have my disability checks held, while my claim is being processed.

At one point, I went a month without an income while I waited on a five-day processing that has taken up to three weeks. Now the processing time was changed to ten days. I have been off from work due to severe stress issues and I have three different and unrelated doctors who told me that I cannot work at this time. My employer has started to call me and also harass me about returning to work even though I am still unreleased and under doctors care.

I feel that I have no right to get well while I am off for a legitimate medical condition. If they are going to go through all this hassle every time they give me my disability pay, then why bother offering me this benefit? Please help me. The stress is unbearable.

I am now a month behind on my mortgage and I have paid numerous late fees and penalties on my utilities. I am also experiencing severe stress which in turn causes depression and has become almost debilitating.

I purchased MetLife Long Term Disability Insurance thru my employer and paid every month for 13 years. I became disabled due to a condition of my spine that required surgery. I never got better or was able to work again. I had to fill out a lot of paperwork and be seen by several doctors but I have received my disability claim. I have been paid monthly for over 10 years now. I do have to get my doctor to do an annual exam for them regarding my condition but that's not a big deal. I have been offered a cash-out option but don't have the exact info on that as of yet. Bottom line is that if you are verifiably disabled and your doctors agree and you are diligent in fighting for your claim then they will probably pay you. No company likes to pay claims, that's now how they make money but this company is not a scam.

I have been working in one of the largest paper mills in the U.S for the past 3 years. I hurt my lower back outside of work and had to go on STD for 14 days as per Doctor's orders. My claim started on the 16th of October and despite my repeated emails with all my information, faxed documents (which they said they never received) and several phone calls I didn't hear anything from them. For over a week Oct 16th - Oct 26th in which I had to call them 3 times before my case work picked up her phone. She stated that the systems are down and she wanted to wait to contact me until they started running properly despite the 26th being my last day for my claim.

I was also informed of a "3-day waiting period" in which I would not be paid... I would be paid for a 40 hour work week at 60% of my pay rate. But I would not be paid until the end of the month. (I happen to work 48 hours a week.) With the minuscule amount of "payment" they're offering I would have been better off taking the money. I have been paying them for several years and stuck it into an account, I would have had the money to cover more of my bills. God forbid anyone that has to take a month or longer off due to an injury you’re going to starve while you're waiting for someone to contact you from this company.

I was out on STD in 2012 and again in 2018 with NO PROBLEMS what so ever. They sent me forms ONE time to fill out. My Doctor filled out the paperwork as best she could and I sent them into MetLife. Never received a phone call, never received any other paperwork. My paychecks and my benefits continued to be paid with NO PROBLEMS. In 2012 the claim was for 3 months, and the current claim will be for 6 months. I have another month to go for my LTD paperwork to arrive, but I don't anticipate any problems. If you have a serious medical condition and complete the paperwork they request, at least for me, there does not appear to be any problems such as is all over this site.

Would be glad to update this should I have any problems with the process. My policy is thru a group employer policy. Also I was approved for SSDI 3 weeks after my initial application with NO ATTORNEY and my cardiologist does NOT believe in the SS system and would not do any of the paperwork. I simply sent in my medical records for the last decade and answered their phone call questions honestly, and returned any paperwork requested promptly and via registered mail. I have to wonder if the complaints here may arise out of not doing things properly or timely. You do have to take responsibility for your own claim as customer service is no longer a common thing. In fact it is pretty rare these days.

On August 1 to 15, I was approved for STD due to ulcers. On October 29, I suffered a major injury to my back. The doctor I was seeing sent me for an epidural injection for the severe sciatica I was experiencing due to the herniated disc, as well as a diagnosis of Degenerative Disc Disease. Thinking the epidural injection would work, the doctor gave me a return to work date of November 7.

I went to work, which made the situation worse, both my legs became numb and it took over 24 hours for me to flex any muscles in my legs. I was finally able to see the orthopedic doctor again on November 15, who immediately set me up for a nerve study, followed by an appointment with a surgeon. I immediately called Met Life, sent in all paperwork as requested, and I have called them daily since then, my doctor's office sent the paperwork in on November 16. At this time, I am still waiting for word of approval on my claim. Each time I called, I spoke to a different person, and got transferred to someone's voicemail with a promise of a call back within 2 hours. Those call backs never happened.

Yesterday, the 23rd was the last day for a decision. I started calling at noon. Each time, I was told they have until the end of the business day. I called every two hours, as I was promised call backs that I never got. At 3pm, I spoke with a Linda, who said she was instant messaging my case manager, she said my case manager tried to call me (never happened, no missed call, no message) and she will call me right after she got off the phone. Linda gave me her direct number to call if I needed. Well, 2 hours later, the case manager did not call back, I called Linda, and she was not in office. From 5pm until 8pm, I continued to call, with no resolution.

I was promised several times a call back that evening, that never happened. I stopped calling once I reached an extremely rude supervisor who said, no one was there, no managers to assist me and I would have to wait until Monday. Meanwhile, although Met Life ignored their ridiculous 5-day policy. I have not been paid. I had to take out a personal loan to pay my mortgage, car payment, doctor's co-pay, medication and to keep my electricity on. I am an exemplary employee, I have 110 hours of vacation available, and great attendance. Does this seem fair? I still do not know the outcome of my claim. I am hoping it will be approved. Meanwhile, I am extremely depressed due to my physical and now financial situation.

I have Short Term/Long Term Disability coverage with MetLife through my employer. I have been with my employer 7 years and they switched insurance providers 2 years ago. Metlife approved me for unpaid medical leave with no problems, but my STD claim was denied because the medical records were never received even though my doctor did send them. Unreceived faxes happened constantly. I appealed the decision and figured I would have no problem with approval once the medical records were received, but I was wrong. They decided my doctor did not submit enough proof my condition was debilitating even though my doctor's notes specifically said I couldn't work due to my pain. They also stated my doctor did not call their medical director back, but he did and received a voicemail. I have now retained a lawyer and hoping once he gets my file, determines we have a case.

Worst company ever!!! I've had to appeal for my short term disability benefits twice only for them to say your medical doesn't support your claim. There needs to be a class action suit against them. Don't buy from them because they don't stand behind their product and their process needs to change. My caseworker was so unprofessional and the clinicians are clueless. I hate them!

I feel Metlife will do anything and everything not to pay out a claim. I am a lucky one compared to some of the stories I read on here. They make you wait as long as they can to pay, constantly claim they did not receive info and put the case on hold, ask for the same info almost weekly, and stop your claim if they don't get it, even when the doctors have it noted in the computer, with all the questions they asked and the doctor's answers. In my case, I have been paid so far; but they make it miserable to deal with them. I am totally disabled by SS, have gotten my short-term disability payments and after sending everything in, they have put a hold on my long-term disability. They say for 45 days and after which they will let me know if they need more time. What a joke! Living on 60 percent of your pay is bad enough and having to wait for two months just to collect is absurd, especially after they have paid for 26 weeks.

When you speak to someone who works there, they always have some excuse as to why it's not their fault but they understand your concern. This doesn't even take into account their 60 percent mathematics. They require every bit of money you get to be included in the figure so they won't have to pay anything: Social Security benefits, your wife and kids' benefits, pensions from other jobs, etc. They will end up paying nothing or next to nothing if you're approved for disability through the government. If not approved, they will also use that not to pay you from what I read from others. Snoopy never knew what he was getting into. This is my actual experience.

Short term disability was replaced by long-term. Then, unexpectedly, long-term quit paying. Naively, I had thought long-term disability would continue. Did some digging and found that long-term lasted only 18 months. A copy of the policy was never offered. As with most, my stroke was not scheduled. So the cutoff of long-term disability was quite a shock. Living on only Social Security is difficult.

I have patiently waited for MetLife to process my disability claim. I have been out since September due to anxiety, stress, and depression. I am doing everything to get better so I can get back to work. Been with my company for 11 years, but MetLife doesn't care about anything or anyone. Their adjuster never returns my calls (did 1 time) after all the calls I have made to them.

On November 2, 2016, the adjuster with MetLife did call and said she was waiting for records and she would call if anything was needed or any issues arose. On November 16, 2016, I get a letter from that same adjuster stating she couldn't get medical records from my doctor so my claim has been denied. I immediately called the adjuster, but like every time I call her, I get her voicemail. I left a message stating to her that if she would have called me, I would have been happy to assist her with getting what records she needed. I then called my doctor's office and was told they never received any request from MetLife for my records. So my doctor's office called MetLife and finally was able to get MetLife's medical records requests. My doctor's office then sent my records to MetLife on December 2, 2016 once my medical records were available.

I spoke with my doctor office on December 7, 2016 and advised that my employer called stating MetLife is stating they still don't have the medical records they requested. My doctor office states they faxed all records to MetLife on December 2, 2016. I asked my doctor's office to fax them again. My doctor's office records person stated she was faxing the request then with a letter asking that MetLife call myself and my doctor's office to let us know the records were received. Neither of us ever got a call from MetLife.

On December 9, 2016, I called MetLife and asked for a supervisor. I was told they are not able to give the supervisor's phone number to anyone. That is just absurd, I have never heard of anything like this. I asked if they received the records my doctor's office sent. The MetLife representative stated yes, they do have the records and they were received on December 7, 2016. I then requested to speak with a supervisor. I was told the supervisor and the adjuster were in a meeting and there was no one else I could speak with.

This has done nothing but bring my stress levels up and now depression is worse. I have a family and it's almost Christmas. I have yet to get any gifts for my wife or my children. My bills are coming in and I have no idea of how I am going to pay them. I am flat broke now. I haven't been paid since November 2, 2016 and that's the last day of my short term disability ran out. I have dealt with another company (The Standard) before and they were so fast as processing my claim. I don't understand why MetLife makes everything so difficult. It's just a game to them and they want to look good at denying claims.

Also, for those comments I saw on here from the former MetLife employees, please keep your thoughts to yourself. MefLife is a disgraceful and terrible company. They have done nothing but exacerbate my condition. On top of all of this, the medicines my doctor has put me on are making me sick. I am just asking for help. I didn't ask for my doctor to put me out of work and I am not asking for handouts. Just pay what is owed. I am willing to file a class action suit if my claim is not approved by next week. What will it hurt, I've been told if claim isn't approved by next week I am terminated from my job.

After being 5 weeks off for becoming sepsis from a emergency hernia mesh removal. MetLife has yet to approve my claim going on week 6 and no money. Luckily I had savings and I was able to pay my bills and have food no thanks to MetLife. I called to see where my claim was in the process the "specialist" NOT!!! Never knew what was going on, every single one of them couldn't tell me. They said a case manager would call within 7 to 10 business days never heard from her at all. So I'm in week 6 won't hold my breath...

I went out for Short Term disability for Late Lyme Disease in January of this year for only 10 days. It was directly after my dialysis for 30 days of **. I should have and could have been out much longer but because of the workplace pressure of Verizon, I was made to feel guilty for taking time off. That's only the first bad part. When I get in contact with MetLife I spoke to two different departments, FMLA which these people were nice as can be (understandably because you are not paid with FMLA time off). As soon as I talked to short term disability it began the saga of an awful experience and a fear of ever going out on short term again.

These people denied my claim almost immediately because the STD claim wasn't filed at the same time as FMLA. Wtf don't your two departments talk to each other? Also the case worker was rude and dismissive to many of the things I had to say. It didn't take a genius to see, hear, and feel their agenda of finding ways to deny your claim. First time I dealt with a company that I felt true evil. Sick people to do that to people that pay into this coverage and truly need help as I was suffering from depression, anxiety as well as other debilitating joint pain and nerve pain.

I purchased LTD 15 years ago and recently have had to use it. I am diabetic and suffer from diabetic neuropathy and arthritis. This disease has taken my mobility and most of my usable vision. I am type 1 diabetic. I have never seen a company try to wiggle out of honoring the contract that they sold me 15 years ago. It seems to be a game of lawyers and not a protection contract against a health issue.

They have a round table of sorts that determine if you are disabled for the first 2 years from performing your current job and then after that it switches to any job! What a load of **! That is not what I purchased 15 years ago. They change the rules in the middle of the game! I could hire a lawyer and give away 50% of the money I should receive. I can really see how that is fair! Not! I guess I could go back to school and become a lawyer and screw everyone legally! It is sad that the country that my parents and grandparents built has gone to **! To the point, eat ** MetLife and I hope and pray you go bankrupt and your staff gets some horrific disease that prevents you from working and collecting! **!

This horrible company said that they only cover IV sedation (needle in the arm) for KIDS! FOR KIDS! My AUTISTIC son needs to be sedated to even clean his teeth due to his disability and MetLife will only cover IV sedation. Who in the crap would do that to kids... especially kids with disabilities! What a horrible company. I have provided them letters from his doctor along with letters from the dentist saying you can't even get near his mouth without sedation, yet they refuse to cover the Non IV sedation (gas). First off, I would not do that to my kid and I don't know how they sleep at night knowing they are doing that to children. Secondly, there is no respectable dentist that even freaking offers it. It is DANGEROUS AND HAS MANY COMPLICATIONS associated with it versus the Non IV sedation.

The non helpful employees that tell me a different story every time I call told me my only option was to call our company (United Airlines) and ask them for another policy in mid year... (yeah right)... but I did and they said it was the only policy they offered, period. Having this should be a crime against children in general and even more so when it comes to children with disabilities. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE company that rather HURT children than help them. Company that disregards special needs kids and the overall safety of kids to save a buck. I am filing this complaint along with contacting anyone celebrity, lawyer, online review sites, and more to spread the word and we will all ban together against companies like MetLife that HARM children and special needs children.

I have never experienced worse customer relations than I have with MetLife. I went for surgery on Nov 16th waited the 7 day waiting period. Today is Jan. 19th & I have not received a check since Dec. 19th. I have called 5 times first on Dec 30 was told my paperwork was received & I should hear something within a day or two. NO return phone call! Called again. Was put through to my claim handler of course no answer. Left a message. NO RETURN PHONE CALL! Called again. Was put through to my claim handler's supervisor & of course no one picked up the phone. Left a message & no return phone call! I have not been paid since December 19th. Today is January 19th. Very unhappy with MetLife!!! Do not know the supervisor's name that never returned my call but my claim handler that never returned my call is Yvette!!! DISSATISFIED BEYOND BELIEF. Lake Luzerne, NY. Forced to check 1 star but didn't want to check any!!!

Met Life Disability contacted us by a letter asking us to sign an authorization so that they can contact former employer and find out from them how they can stop his disability checks after a certain amount is paid. They are to get him to sign a release so that they can obtain information from the company and use this against us.

The letter is titled release of retirement benefit information, which has nothing to do with his right to obtain disability payments. They put a due date on it, of two weeks, to threaten us with cancellation if we do not reply.

I've had symptoms for many years of a progressive and debilitating illness that had not been diagnosed properly. It has made me a virtual shut in with eye diseases and syndromes, severe arthritis, chronic pain, breathing difficulties, memory impairment, chronic fatigue and many other symptoms. I've finally got a diagnosis of secondary Sjogren's syndrome, but at the time I was only diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. MetLife turned me down for disability, but I was not able to return to work and ended up homeless.

Short Term Disability claim suspended. I have eye condition that I found out is a part of autoimmune disease. Almost went blind and short term disability claims specialist said the nurse wants to know why I cant work as Reading teacher and my claim is suspended. I don’t know any Reading teacher that can work if they can’t see. I am not sure why MetLife thinks this is okay to do but I will file a complaint with Attorney General's office right after I leave this post.

Uveitis autoimmune disease is rare condition found by Ophthalmologist and Rheumatologist. In other words you cannot fake this condition. It is found in your blood HLA-B27 gene. They paid the claim for 4 weeks and 2 days. I am owed for 7 more weeks. Thank God I am feeling better because I will never see that 7 weeks of pay. I wish I didn’t have a medical condition. MetLife took advantage of a woman who is almost blind. Very sad.

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