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I purchased (and highly recommended to friends and family) 2 Easy Start policies for my sons 20 years ago. This was billed as "your premiums will never go up." However, they are now changing the policies and the premiums went from $75/year to $72.25/quarter. When I called customer service regarding this, I was spoken to like I have a mental deficiency, and their rep just kept repeating the same thing... "unfortunately, this is the way the plan works." I scraped and saved to have insurance on my boys all these years and now it's WORTHLESS!

There are three adults living in our home. We have three different life insurance companies carrying our policies. My husband has insurance thru Kroger where he works, mine is thru our credit union Kemba, and our son has his insurance thru Mutual of Omaha. We're all happy with our individual choices.

A man living in an assisted living home started a number of accounts in my Aunt's name. He was an identity thief. He also took out a policy on her life. She was too old to insure but he lied and collected money anyway. I have yet to hear from the fraud dept. I have informed them many times of the ruse. They aren't paying legitimate claims but they paid this one.

My experience has been very positive, they were very easy to work with and set up. The agent that we met with was professional and did not try to push extra products to us. It covers me for 250K and that is very good for my family. This is very important because it provides a peace of mind in the event something happens. Although, I don't like the fact that I pay 35 dollars per month for the next 30 years. It seems that over the course of 30 years I will have paid a lot of money.

We purchased a 20 year $40,000 term life policy in 1998. The premiums were $31.29 per month which was drafted from our bank account. After 20 years, the policy did not expire as we thought and the premiums suddenly went up to $242.72 per month. We never received notice of the huge increase until I discovered it 6 months later on my bank statement, so we were charged $1,463.34. That is a huge amount for retired senior citizens. My complaint is that Mutual of Omaha is greedy and unfairly taking advantage of Seniors by increasing their premiums suddenly and excessively without proper notice or approval.

Be warned if you purchase an Easy Start Policy for your young child, thinking the rate you are paying is "locked in" for the rest of your child's life like they say on their website and in all the paperwork. It is very misleading. At age 25, the policy will automatically convert to a whole life policy, and your child's rate will go WAY up! Probably about 4 times higher than the current rate. Now, if you only want cheap life insurance for when your child is young, it's probably worth it. I had peace of mind as my child grew up, knowing I had $18,000 worth of insurance for about $75 per year. But on his 25th Birthday, he got a letter saying it was automatically converting to whole life and his new rate was $240 per year.

A call confirmed there was no way to keep it as a term policy, so basically, 23 years of premiums paid down the drain! The representative also confirmed the whole life policy would build "cash value", however it started building it when it converted, not when it was a "term" policy, so no benefit at all for the previous 23 years of payments. My stock in Mutual of Omaha went WAY down for the misleading way they promote this policy, making you think you are helping your child have an affordable life insurance policy when they are grown, by starting this one early in their life. I'm thankful I don't have any other policies with this company, and never will. Be warned!

I signed up for a policy in February. Was told that there should be no issue with the policy. Was given what the amount would be etc. They came out, tested my blood and started deducting money for the policy. They only allow check account deductions. (Don't do it.) A month and half later I finally receive the policy in the mail, it has been changed. They won't cover anything that may happen to anything that I have had a complaint about at the doctors. I contact the agent, tell her I want to cancel, get told that I need to sign the sheet that they sent with the policy and fax it to her telling her to cancel. Then she tells me after a week that I need to mail back the whole policy.

2 months later after telling her I wanted to cancel the policy I bypass her and contact the company directly. They try to tell me I need to send a cancellation, that they didn't get it and that it would be 30 days before I would see a refund. I screamed and hollered that I would not accept that so they finally mailed out the refund snail mail. It took exactly a week to get to me, then it wasn't even the full amount that they owe me. It was over 80 dollars short. Tried to call them but of course they are closed and I already know they will tell me it will be another week before I get my refund. I would tell anyone considering this company to run the other way. You do not want to deal with them. Can't imagine how it would be if you actually needed to use the policy. Thank goodness I am not going to wait around to find out and I recommend you don't either.

I think they do an okay job although we have had them for years and they rarely contact us except a yearly summary. When we do have to contact them it seem like the representatives are friendly and really care about my problem rather than just trying to get me off the phone as quickly as possible.

We took out a life insurance policy. Was not happy the way they treated us. Did not return our money. Not very pleased with them.

I get enough junk mail everyday. I do not need anymore coming from people selling mailing lists. When you put my incorrect information out there and print false

mailing labels falsely I am mad. Remove me.

My Daughter Rachel was killed in an auto accident on Jan. 20th. She was 16 years old and unfortunately you don't ever plan on your child to not outlive you, so I really need this money to cover funeral cost. I have been calling since the 25th of January and have been told numerous times that I will receive a call back in 24-48 hours. I waited the first 48 hour and have yet to receive a phone call back except a week and a half ago by some women that left a number at my home and I specifically told them to have someone call me on my cell number. I have tried to contact this person 5 times with no phone call back. The claims dept. keeps telling me that they have to go to protocol to send the info to the death dept. They see all the times I have called but they tell me all they can do is send the message. You can't get a hold of a Supervisor or anyone to call you back. This is ridiculous!

I have been paying Mutual of Omaha for 9 years faithfully and now that I need the attention, so I can get someone to discuss the claim and how it will be handled the company is MIA!!! Do I need to get an attorney to contact them or the Insurance commissioner? I hope someone from Mutual of Omaha is reading this! This is a 22,000 policy for my Daughter. Is it really going to kill you guys to call me back? Check your records on how many damn times I have called you. I am going to let so many people know how bad their customer service is on social media and my community. Why do you even bother selling accident insurance if you don’t have the capability to have your people do their jobs.

I want a callback. I have to work for a living and I don't have the time to be sitting every day for 40 min on the phone with these people. I will be putting this out to as many people as I can this week that your company is horrible to work with. Please be aware that this company is horrible with customer service and their protocol is horrific that they only communicate in the claims dept by email. You cannot talk to anyone in that department unless they call you back.

My mother had Mutual of Omaha life insurance. She had it for the past six years and paid all her premiums on time. On December 27, 2011, she went in for cardiovascular surgery to clear a 100% occlusion in her abdominal artery that made it difficult for her to walk. Immediately after the surgery while being stitched up, she suffered a near fatal heart attack. She came through that, was put on a ventilator, and was sedated. She was put on heavy pain medications to keep her from feeling pain during her recovery. She was taken off the vent after several days. She went home from the hospital on January 2, 2012. She was receiving home healthcare, physical therapy, a Life Alert necklace and continued on the pain meds as well as approximately 12 other medications. She was making progress; however, she was still in a lot of pain from the major surgery she endured and continued to take pain medicine.

On February 24, she suddenly passed away. The coroner ruled that she died from complications of her cardiovascular disease. I, being her eldest daughter, was listed as beneficiary of her life insurance policy. She had two - one for $10,000 and one for $2,000. My sister and I proceeded with the funeral which cost $9,800. About two weeks later, I was contacted by the funeral home to tell me that Mutual of Omaha was not going to pay the entire amount of money due my mother. Of her $10,000 policy, they were only going to pay $2,200! This left me with a balance of $7,600! I don't have that kind of money especially given the fact that my mother had done everything in her power to ensure my sister and I could bury her without any financial responsibility to us or our families. I called and was told that she had missed the very last premium payment, the one that was mailed out to her on December 21, 2011 and would have arrived in the mail sometime during the Christmas holiday or during her surgery.

Since my mother lived alone and was independent, neither my sister nor I knew she had this bill due. I have written a letter of appeal but it crossed paths in the mail with the letter telling me that the funeral home had received a check for the small balance. I plan to fight this decision with everything I can. My mother was responsible and did exactly what one should do to take care of these last expenses. I intend to finish this for her.

I purchased whole life with the intention of paying my final expenses with the policy. I have recently run into some financial issues that made cashing out my policy a necessity. I called and cashed out the policy on December 6th, 2018, and was told that I could expect my check within 7 to 10 working days. December 21st, I called again because I hasn't received my check and was told that there was an error in processing that had been fixed, and AGAIN, was told that I would have a check within a week. I called again on January 4th because I still hadn't received my check... I was told that it had been mailed that day and I should receive it within a few days...

Called again on the 7th and was told that it wasn't mailed on the 4th, it was only processed, and was mailed on the 7th. I asked for a supervisor at that point and was told by the supervisor that she guaranteed that the check had been mailed that day and that they couldn't control the USPS. She also gave me her direct line phone number and told me that if I hadn't received the check by the 21st (company policy to wait 2 weeks), that I could use her direct line to contact her and they would overnight another check. Today is the 22nd, yesterday was a holiday (MLK Day)...STILL no check!!! I called her "direct line" and received her voicemail where I left a message for her to return my call and that I wanted a check overnighted either "today (22nd) or at the very latest, tomorrow (23rd)".

I did not received a call and after 2 hours I called customer service. I spoke to yet another representative who couldn't explain why it took a month and a half to complete a policy cash out, and why, in said month and a half, I had received 2 letters from Mutual of Omaha trying to sell me more insurance (I'll bet it didn't take them a month and a half to send the letters to open a policy)!!! I have been guaranteed a call back as soon as the reps supervisor comes in tomorrow...9:30am Central Time. I am BEYOND disappointed with Mutual of Omaha's customer service and would strongly discourage anyone from starting any policy with them. It never took me a month and a half to make my premium payments and I seriously doubt if they would have continued the policy if I had taken as long to pay my premiums as they have in paying my cash-out claim...

VERY PUSHY salesman!!! And I told him I wanted to think about it but he said "Oh just give me your account # and then we'll take the money when you get and approve your policy." Well I got the policy and decided it wasn't what I wanted. So I sent the front page of the policy and the ach authorize sheet (about 4 or 5 pages), on each one I wrote in big letters with a highlighter pen across the whole page I DON'T WANT THIS and the blank one DO NOT TAKE THE MONEY,

CANCEL and I did that the day I got the packet and sent it back the next day... Yet they debited my account anyway. Who does biz like this?

I was hired on to their company and was required to scam every person I knew. After leaving the company I was required to pay back every penny I made and then some. 2 months worth of 45+ hour work weeks to net -$500. This company is a complete joke and the people running it are con artists. DO NOT get life insurance from them and DO NOT work for them. They promise pie in the sky, hopes and deliver on none of it due to some loophole they add into every policy. You'd be better off putting your money in a retirement account or getting insurance through work.

We have had them through our company for years and experience with them has been good so far. My job helps pay for it, thus I find it very helpful. There were also additional policies that covered more. I bought an additional policy including the one my job provided. I don't hear from them very often except when we re-enroll at work. As long as things are set up they don't personally come to the facility, which is fine.

I was forced on 26Nov10 to close my bank account with Wachovia/Wells Fargo Bank after I was informed by the bank representative that as long as my account remained opened that Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Company had the legal right to draft my account since I signed a signature card giving them the legal right to do so. I told Joyce ** with Mutual of Omaha on 5Nov10 that if they wouldn't reimburse me the bank overdrafts (2, dated 20Oct10 &1Nov10) that I want to cancel my life insurance policy# **.

It all started back in October 2010: I am not sure of the signature date, however, they had to remail it back to me because I forgot to sign the application offered to me as a Wachovia banking customer. Nevertheless, one of their representative called me from California to ask me if I wanted to upgrade my policy, in which at that time I told her,"no."

I did at that time ask her when will they start drafting my account for the premiums since I don't get my disability check until the third of each month and I wanted to make sure the money is in the account. Her response was that they wouldn't start drafting my account until 3Nov10, however, according to the Wachovia bank representative that I spoke with on the telephone 25Oct10, "A Mutual Of Omaha representative submitted a request on 19Oct10 to authenticate if the account was valid, then 24 hours later 20Oct10, they turned around and drafted my account for the first time for premium #1 for $53.00. At this time, I called and spoke with representatives from both the Wachovia bank and the Mutual of Omaha(Tony? @1-800-771-0625) in which, I was given the fax #(402)997-1906 to give to the bank representative to fax a copy of the overdraft charges that would be reimbursed back to me by the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company.

I, also, told Tony that I needed the premium drafted on the 3rd of each month of which he said my signature card said the 1st of each month and for this reason the company would reimburse the first bank overdraft. I was checking my bank account on 5Nov10 to see if my banking account had been credited back the $35.00 overdraft fees, at which time, I discovered that I had incurred more overdraft fees from Mutual Of Omaha - overdrafted my account a 2nd time on 1Nov10. It was at this time (9Nov10) that I spoke with Mutual of Omaha representative, Joyce ** about the situation when she suggested her actions of resolvement as follows: 1) change my premium dated to the 3rd of each month.

I have been trying to cash out my life insurance policy. I was first told it would take to 10 days. After almost a month without receiving the check, I made a second call. I received an apology and was assured that a check would be sent that day. After not receiving a check I was given another excuse and was told that whoever gave me that information about my check being sent was incorrect. I still do not have an answer as to when I will receive my check. How many other people need to be ripped off before something is done about this company. I have read many other complaining reviews about them and it seems to be a never ending problem.

The life insurance we get is pretty good. Honestly I have nothing to compare it to since it is my only life insurance policy. But our contact is really great and hopefully when I die the insurance policy works.

My dad had a death policy with your company for years. Thinking he had coverage, that would cover him in the event of death. But when he passed away. My mom contacted the company to inform them of his death, she was told it wouldn't pay. My mom was in disbelief, with the information she had received. How does a company do that to someone?

It is low cost. Not time consuming and it is with a reputable company that I trust. They have been around for many years. It was an old plan and my mom chose it for me when I was little. I have had it for years and I pay every three to four months for it. Not bothersome. I picked up the bill after I moved out on my own I try to maintain payments so I can keep the plan.

I called to make a request for new billing because I was leaving the country in 2 weeks and would missing their paper billing via mail. After waiting 20 minutes on hold I was told by customer service representative that I would get a new billing in the mail within 5 days. After waiting 10 days with no new billing in the mail, I called again and after waiting 30 minutes on hold I gave up. I sent a message through the website online message service. It said I may have to wait 14 days before getting an answer.

8 years ago I bought a 10,000 life insurance policy on my sister who lived with us and I took care of. We wanted to make sure we had funds to bury her when she passed. We received in the mail many solicitations and read each very carefully and chose Mutual of Omaha. We understood for the first 2 years if she passed the only benefit would be the return of our premiums. That was fair enough for us. My sister was with us for 8 more wonderful years until she passed on June 8, 2018. The funeral home we selected did everything for us including taking care of the life insurance policy. On June 15th we buried her. We got a call from Mutual of Omaha a check for 10,000 had been sent and on June 23rd we received it. Mutual of Omaha did everything we expected and more in a very prompt and timely manner. This is a great company!

I like Mutual of Omaha a lot. I and my mother both have been a customer for a very long time and we have always been very happy with Mutual of Omaha and will continue to be customers for a very long time.

They offer discounts online on other insurance types that I would need in my daily life, such as auto, home and boaters insurance and cash out option. However I did wish that they gave kickbacks for having insurance like other companies do. For other branches of military. But I love this company. Never fails me. If I wanted to discontinue insurance I have had to call customer service and they did in fact help me and everything went well.

I purchased a 20 year term policy in a different state about 16 years ago. Unfortunately, the agent I purchased it from is no longer available. He was much older than me and suspect he is retired or has passed away. This leads to my first piece of advice: When you buy a life insurance policy, make sure you purchase it from a reputable agency that is likely to be in business for years to come, and preferably from an agent who is younger than you are, because otherwise you may find yourself without an agent when you need it the most.

I had 4 (revocable) beneficiaries listed on my policy, and following a divorce, I needed to remove my former spouse as one of those beneficiaries. This should be a fairly simple request, but it turned into a never-ending series of headaches. I submitted precisely what was asked for each time the forms were sent in, but they repeatedly denied my request and ask for additional information. The most frustrating thing about this is that MO doesn't assign anyone to a case like this and thus, each time you call their customer service reps you have to start from the beginning with a new rep. So maddening!

I finally insisted that they connect me with someone in the department that handles beneficiary changes. I then received an Email from a Policy Service Analyst by the name of Tracy **. The first Email I received from her did not address me by name nor did it have her name or contact info at the bottom. It was like a text message and in my opinion, very unprofessional. The only way I knew her name is that it was on the URL. She eventually approved my beneficiary change, but the first draft of this had several errors on it. I asked several times to communicate with a supervisor in her department, but she ignored my request. I eventually received an Email with an attachment that appears to be correct...several months after my first request for the beneficiary change.

I will NEVER purchase anything from MO again. There does not seem to be any accountability whatsoever when it comes to customer service. My suggestion to MO is this: If you receive multiple calls about the same problem, then assign the case to a specific rep who can then become familiar with the case and be held accountable for solving the problem.

We bought supplemental insurance a few years ago when we retired. Our premiums were for both of us just over $200.00 a month. They have raised our rates at least once sometimes twice a year. We are on social security and our rates are now $400.00 per month. I tried to call the company to get some help. They sent me to umpteen people but I ended up with someone that asked me a bunch of questions they said I had to answer to get them to fix my rate. I suspect that will not be done and we will continue to be raped by this company just because they can.

On four separate days I requested for my policies to be cancelled. I was assured on three of those occasions that my policy was cancelled and that there would be no premium drafts against my account. I'm saddened to announce that not only did they attempt to retrieve premium payments twice--on cancelled policies but caused me to incur overdraft fees and nsf items on my account. I respectfully called as I was furious and the customer service rep never apologized for the inconvenience. His initial response was in the arena of justifying his colleagues!!! I'm now waiting for overdraft reimbursements. I will never ever recommend this company!!!

Mutual of Omaha contacted me and agreed to a full payment. They were very accommodating and respectful and I was very appreciative of their attention to this matter.

Agents sold my 78-year-old mother 3 life policies which had premiums totaling more than 50% of her monthly income. When I became involved at her pleading to help her pay premiums, I registered the policies on their online system. It took 3 months from request and 5 phone calls to get the 3 policies uploaded so I could see the payment history and payments due.

When I finally had enough, I called and stayed on phone for over one hour only to find out they were imputing incorrect name spelling which cause info not to load. Don’t bother to fill out e-form asking for a return phone call because it will NEVER happen. Then, they take premiums from bank account in amounts that do not reflect the premiums. Payments made for interest are not tracked in payment history. In short, it’s a nightmare to track every month.

Then, they keep sending almost every month solicitation to me and my mother to buy more policies. They also call soliciting. I’ve asked them to stop. You will not get a licensed agent if you call with a question. This is not the service based company you remember from the ’60s and infrastructure is sub-par when it comes to billing and return of phone calls.

I have had my $10,000 policy since August 2009. I have never been late with a payment. On August 4, 2015, I called to cancel the policy because I needed the money. They tried to get me to make a loan on my policy which would mean I would need to keep making payments and pay interest on what I borrowed. I was told I would receive the payout within 7-15 days. I called again on Aug 20 to inquire why I hadn't received the payment. I was told it was mailed on the 20th. I called again on Aug 28 and was told no check had been requested and they sent a message to someone to contact me ASAP. I still have not received a check or a phone call. I DO NOT recommend this company! They advertise a lot and promise a lot but DON'T believe them!!

They are the best. They have well informed agents that can help me figure out what I need and how much insurance I need to take care of burial expenses plus keep my family from suffering financial loss and keep them surviving much better than if I didn't have the safeguard of insurance.

In 4/12, I filled out a form to upgrade my Whole Life Policy from $5000 to $10000. The form was returned to me via mail stating that the form I used had March 12 and could not be processed. I had mailed a money order for $58 for the new premium and my old current premium. At the same time, I gave them an easy option plan form so they could take premiums for one month from my bank account beginning on 9/17/12. A copy of my money order for $58 was sent back to me stating it could be cashed, but it could not.

I mailed it back at their request so they could issue a check. They never did. In 7/12, withdrawals started being taken from my bank account by United Mutual of Omaha, seven withdrawals in one month putting me in an overdraft situation plus my other accounts were not clearing and a $35 overdraft fee was charged each time. I contacted them via phone, told them not to touch my bank account and close my account. Now, I have no life insurance, and my bank account was closed and I have not one penny to my name. They owe me the $58 money order, plus funds they withdrew $14,52, $21.50, $14, $21.50, $21.50, $21.50 plus the overdraft fees of $95; this totals $340, not including the overdraft fees for other accounts that did not clear nor the payday loan I had to acquire to pay down some of the over balance fee.

The last person I spoke to (who seemed to understand that the monthly premium of $21.50 would begin on 09/17/2012) was Timtaysha **. I am a 64-year-old female on Social Security Permanent Disability. I cannot afford this. I filed a fraud complaint with the FTC, reference number **, and mailed inquires to California Division of Insurance. I have looked at websites with insurance complaints and United Mutual of Omaha was on everyone. They have even had to change their name three times. Please help with this situation. I was informed by Secret Service that banks carry funds to insure for situations like this. Now, do I contact law enforcement? Thank you.

They are a mutual company, therefore, I am one of the owners of the company for buying the insurance from them. And doing so lowers the total monthly cost to me. We (as a family) are not wealthy enough to not need life insurance and it is a way of putting net worth in place for people with a lack of net worth. Besides, it is really death insurance anyway.

I have had this company since Nov. No policy still has been sent out. The agent who set it up was supposed to set it up for 100,000 but lower. The agent is trying to tell me no other company has locked in life insurance and it changed which only certain companies will. I've asked for a returned as I will don't have a policy and waiting 3 weeks still...

Acquired three whole life policies through Mutual of Omaha. I have had a mix of customer service experiences over the three years I've had these policies. The mix is mainly with the attitudes of representatives. Ranging from very pleasant to despicable. Having the business I contacted them completed in a timely fashion or at all, is another story. I need a very simple letter as does millions of other people in the beginning of the year stating the values of the policy. It is a short and simple form letter, that they must have to provide for a large number of their customers. Every year thus far it has been an arduous task to obtain this simple document from them. Even the copy they claim they can provide to you via email in 48 hours seems never to make it.

The last CSR I spoke with told me if they weren't able to provide me with the documents I need in the time I need them I have the option to cancel my policies and forfeit the premiums I have paid the last three years and then laughed. I hung up on him and called back only to find out that the documents I requested (a week ago) were never submitted and only a request for a change of beneficiary has been made. I never made that request. Seems very shady to me. I am first going to complain on every board and blog there is, inform the BBB, and file a complaint with my States Department of Banking and Insurance. I am considering very seriously about filing a lawsuit to recover my premiums, on the grounds that after a certain amount of time they fail to provide you with customer service and withhold documents that you need, in an effort for you to cancel your policy and keeping your premiums you've paid thus far free and clear.

I have been with the company for more than 5 years and met my premiums. I started last year payments via Chase auto withdraw electronic withdrawals. I have kept my file updated to any changes of phone or address. This month, Nov 2012, I received notice that I would have my policy cancelled due to unpaid premiums alleged to be unpaid since June 2012. First, the letter went to the old address and secondly, my payment history is kept on record via Chase. After calling Mutual of Omaha, the representative stated that he does not understand how this letter was generated and that he can clearly see the payment being paid except one. I asked, "If that one had been missed way back in August, why wouldn't you contact me via mail or phone?" He stated he couldn't answer why they had not. He stated that I would need to provide the proof of payments made and the policy would go into closed in the meantime.

This is mere bad accounting and consumer fraud, and clearly bad customer service. I now have to pay $2 first page and $1 each additional page to fax these documents for their bad act, and meanwhile, I am without insurance. I initiated a complaint with the State Insurance Regulation Division and Attorney General.

I would never ever do business with this company in any capacity again. I have never done business with a more unprofessional dishonest company in my life. It started when I purchased life Insurance for 2 of my family members. I gave my agent my direct deposit information in order to bank draft the insurance payments. On the first month one payment for both policies was processed correctly but after the second month Mutual of Omaha started to bank draft me twice in one month. And that's when my nightmare started.

I contacted them and they said they would fix it. But it happened again, and again. I also contacted my Agent and he said he would take care of it but after the 3rd month it was still happening and I was left with no Help. After calling so many times, calling my agent and Mutual of Omaha I got so frustrated because they were very unprofessional and at times I was told they could not speak with me because I was not the owner of the policy but the money was coming out of my account, how is that possible and The Agent told me that I was the owner for the policy. Needless to say that was not true.

I was NOT able to fix this problem so I decided to cancel the Policy, which I should have done along time ago when they bank drafted me twice. Mutual of Omaha's reputation has become bad. Before you do business with them YOU should research how many complaints and lawsuits they have, its outrageous. As of today they have not returned any of my money back!! It seems to me that they are only concerned with bank draft, bank draft, and nothing else.

I am a Life Insurance agent broker, and a client of mine passed away recently and I called the Claims line at Mutual of Omaha to help her file the claim and was on hold for 1 HOUR AND 33 MINUTES!!! How can this company think this is acceptable when dealing with peoples life insurance! Then after all of that, I received a letter from their Chief Compliance guy Randy ** stating that he is the chief Anti Money Laundering and Business Conduct officer stating that I am in Compliance! Why bother to write the letter then? I will never sell another Mutual of Omaha product again!

This experience with Mutual of Omaha on a death claim has really been sad. Have been waiting for 6 mos & still haven't received payment. Everyone in Customer Service has a different lie to tell on the claim. I have been given the runaround for 4 mos now, can't talk to the manager or no one else over the call representatives. I got this insurance policy for my mother & I will never use them again for me or another family member... poor business.

I bought a Universal Life Insurance policy for my husband and I over 20 years ago. The monthly fees kept going up to the point where it not only ate up all of the investment, but went into the "red". The single page sheet report they sent had nothing noted except a summary on the back. They ended up requiring that I pay over $1500 to catch the policy up. I called, complained to a VP & they let me pay off the amount, increased my policy payment by 1/3 so that it wouldn't happen again. Since then, I have had to increase my payment another time.

Now I have been required to REDUCE the coverage so that the payment doesn't go up yet again. After over 20 years, the policy has NO money in it, I have less coverage and it will probably happen again and again. The agents are WELL aware of the scam on the "report" that most people miss, as I talked with an agent and they nodded. This is a complaint that has been reported by many. This type of scam collects monthly fees, allows a policy to go into the red to such a degree that the policy is eventually canceled.

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have EVER experienced. I have been trying to get some resolution to a problem with my policy. I have called several time to ask to speak with someone and no one can assist me. I have asked to speak with a supervisor or to have one call me back but no response. I was finally contacted via email by a Tracy **. The answers to my concerns have not been addressed and repeated attempts to get someone to call me, to include Tracy ** have failed. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

I have had the worst experience ever with them. My mother dies. I give them a full copy of the death cert. And all the info where she was cremated. They say, "We will contact you." They never do. I get ahold of them. It usually take 3 hrs to get through. They say there is no record of her death. I'm like, "I sent you all the information." Nothing. I do this a few times over and over for weeks. Finally one person says it's in processing. I say, "Ok how long is the average wait" they say, "I don't know."

I ask, "Just a estimate." "I don't know." A few weeks? A year? Months? "I don't know," they respond. I said you're saying I could be 80 years old before you pay off a 5k policy. Their representative said to me, "I can't confirm or deny that estimated time to payment." Are you kidding me. I said, "So no one in the entire company has any logistics whatsoever to have no clue as to how long a average policy claim takes?" They said no and hung up on me. What a joke. Worst company ever. My mother paid for the policy for when she died to be given to her And they treat me like I'm doing them a disservice...that I have done something wrong. I have been demeaned and emotionally harmed from the way they treat and refuse to give any information as of status or anything. I don't know if they will ever pay it...and I don't even know if I can do anything about it. I feel my family has been scammed by this company.

I have had this policy for over 40 years and have paid the premium each and every year. In 2017 I asked for full distribution and the nightmare started. Filled out all paperwork with the proper information including an address change. After months of following up they have even changed the address. It has been frustrating to say the least. All of my other insurance policies were no problem at all. Don't allow yourself to purchase from Mutual of Omaha.

Updated on 03/06/2018: I wrote a review to Mutual of Omaha and lo and behold they now want to talk or resolve my issue. That is really funny as I could never get a response before and now that can see a public post they want to help. The best thing is that Customer Service will be reaching out, they are the ones that caused the problem. I'm completely devoid of Mutual of Omaha policies.

Updated on 03/10/2018: Just wanted to follow up and let everyone know that I did receive a call from Customer Service. They were dumbfounded as to why this happen to me and said they would "look into it." This company has the WORST customer service and just don't care about the policyholder or like me a former policyholder. I would encourage anyone considering a purchase from Mutual of Omaha DON'T! Do your homework and seek out a better company.

On November 20, 2015, I called asking for loan amount. I explained the dire need. I was told a rush would be placed and should receive within 5 days. Called many times, spoke to different agents. Told was processed on November 24, 2015, mailed November 25, 2015. False. Was not mailed according to post mark until November 30, 2015 and received December 4, 2015. This was not sent as a rush pay. Everyone I spoke to did not tell the truth. My premium is taken out the 5th of every month by Chase since March 2011. Never missed a payment. If I was not fully vested I would cancel my policy. Still upset that a company that I trusted gave me continual misinformation.

Very dissatisfied with Mutual of Omaha insurance. You can pay for a policy for 5k and pay over 10k and still only receive 5k so all extra money paid goes to Mutual Omaha. Just bad business. Do your research and use another company.

I was calling to find out why they were taking out to much money for my ins. prem. I was put on hold for one hour and 30 mins. and never did get to talk to anyone. When you want to take out a policy they pick up after 2 mins. or so.

Not returning money they illegally took out of my online banking. Nothing has happened they just keep on lying and telling me my money is in the mail. They will not even let me talk to a supervisor. This has created a hardship as far as my paying my bills.

I took out policies on both my significant other and me over a year ago. Now I can no longer afford to pay the premiums each month which are $82.50 for both policies. I called on May 31, 2013 to, hopefully, get them canceled before June 3, 2013 which is the day that I specified on my applications that I would like them to be automatically withdrawn from my bank account. Both my significant other and I spoke with the representative asking for the policies to be canceled. She said that my policy could be canceled right then but that the other one could not. She then said that we needed to write letters giving all pertinent information which we did the following day. I then went to the website where I found the section where you can write a message. I wrote saying I wanted to cancel both policies and could someone please help me.

I got an email the next day from someone (I won't mention names) who asked for further information such as both policy numbers. I immediately answered with all of my information. I then got the response that I would receive a refund of $82.50. Since I thought the money would be returned to my bank account, I emailed her back after so many days of not getting a deposit to my bank account. She then told me that my refund was due to be processed on June 19, 2013. Mind you, this is 18 days after my initial request. On June 24, 2013, I received a check in the mail for $37.50. This amount was for my own policy. There was no refund for my significant other's. I then sent back an email and told the same person about the check and asked her where the rest of my refund was. I was missing $43.00.

I explained that I had faithfully paid Omaha $82.50 every month for over a year and I wasn't asking for that money back, even though I didn't use their services. I just wanted the money that I had full rights to (I forgot to mention that after you send the first message and someone answers you in an email, they fix it so you can't send a reply. You have to be clever enough to remove the quotation marks from DTC or it won't go through.). This time I got a response from someone different altogether. This one told me the checks were sent out on the 19th. That was all she said. I removed the quotation marks and sent her back a reply very nicely asking her what I should do in order to get the other check. I thought I might need to sign an affidavit or something. Five minutes later, I actually received a phone call from this person who obviously was looking for a fight. She was very rude; she didn't want to answer any of my questions.

As a matter of fact, I could tell she didn't want me to say much of anything. She told me that two checks were sent out on the 19th. When I tried to tell her if both checks were sent out the same day then I should have gotten them both the same day, she argued that NO, I should NOT have gotten them on the same day because that's how the mail runs. I could not believe she was actually trying to convince me of that. I almost laughed out loud. So, I called the customer service line and spoke to a gentleman who told me that I would have to give the mail another week to see if my $43.00 check would come. He told me that the time limit for delayed mail is two weeks. In other words, if I didn't receive the check by next Friday, July 5, 2013, I should call back. At that point they would cancel the check that was supposedly mailed and they would issue another one. We shall see.

I have documentation of all emails. It seems to me that I should have gotten $82.50 which is what the first person quoted to me in the first email I received. I wonder if I have a court case. Because of Omaha's delays in issuing me a refund of the full amount, I have had to do without necessities. I am truly ticked off! I feel I have been lied to and just totally treated like an unimportant human being. It hurts me to think there are people out there who are that cold-hearted.

The agent quoted us different prices then we were being charged immediately. Canceled 2 months later. We’ve made multiple phone calls to cancel. The second time my wife called they told her they forgot to cancel the insurance. Told them we do not authorize them to take any money from our accts. Filed a claim with our bank and they're still trying to pull from our accts and Chase had to step in and tell them they don’t have our authorization to pull from our accts. Still receiving letters to pay premiums or our policy would be canceled. Still waiting for a refund of over 100.00... every time we call they pass the ball as to why our policies haven’t been canceled... must be a billion dollar corporation because they steal from your bank acct...

My Family chose Mutual of Omaha because it was a name on which we could rely, and as a family, we took comfort in that. Over the years, Mutual of Omaha became the only trusted household name for life insurance for our family.

From the beginning, in 1963, my family enjoyed Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom television program, and we looked forward to sharing our family time watching the program as a family together. It was as if Mutual of Omaha WAS part of our family. Because of Mutual of Omaha’s commitment to education, preservation of wildlife, and other altruistic actions made by the company, we came to trust Mutual of Omaha and felt like all the other companies were only out there to make money, while Mutual of Omaha was different; Mutual of Omaha was a company to be trusted and believed in when things were hard.

For us the slogan “Mutual of Omaha is people you can ‘count on’ when the going's tough” was not a slogan for sales, it was reality we could trust enough to invest the security of our family. As a result, when the time came, we chose Mutual of Omaha as our Life Insurance Company. When we purchased these policies, my parents were healthy and happy, and had no idea illness would strike in the years to come.

Unfortunately, through our recent experience with Mutual of Omaha because of my Mother’s passing, we found that all our trust and respect for Mutual of Omaha was severely misplaced, and in many ways, we feel fools betrayed for buying into the “hype” at the expense of our family’s livelihood. There are many reasons for this feeling. In the beginning, we contacted Mutual of Omaha regarding my Mother’s death on May 8, 2018, and Mutual of Omaha met us with resistance and unprofessionalism.

As we checked on my Mother’s policy and other policies, Mutual of Omaha informed us that there was a good possibility that some of the policies sold to us by Mutual of Omaha were policies Mutual of Omaha knowingly and willingly sold to my elderly parents that would be unusable by them; policies for which we have been paying on for several years.

Next, Mutual of Omaha informed us that my Mother’s most recent and most significant policy was a few months short of maturity and we would receive only a return of the money we paid into the policy. After this first call, it took over eleven more to get accurate and relevant information for our policies. Mutual of Omaha returned none of our phone calls.

Furthermore, out of the over eleven calls we had to make to Mutual of Omaha, only two of the representatives we spoke to were professional, compassionate, and were even effective at their job. Despite the news the two professional representatives (one being Brittany **, who we were GRATEFUL to speak with and you are lucky to have working for you. I wish we knew the name of the other lady so we could thank her) were forced to bring to us, these two highly professional women were the only positive experiences we had out of our entire interaction with Mutual of Omaha.

For example, in one of the nine unacceptable calls, I was on hold for over forty-five minutes, I was unheard and aggressively verbally accosted by the customer service agent, to which I responded with an even tone in a kind and patient manner over eight times: “Thank you, I understand that you cannot give me that information, and I do not want to against protocol, but is there any way online, or anywhere else my family can find this information out about our policy? If you cannot speak to me, the Executor of the Estate, could you speak to someone else, perhaps my Father who has been married to my now deceased mother for fifty-nine years?” to which she finally responded with “If he wants to speak with me, I will assess if I can give him that information.”

As my father was unavailable when the Mutual of Omaha Representative finally answered the phone, after over forty-five minutes, we called the next day to find out that Mutual of Omaha had no intention of releasing any more money than what we had paid in, in essence just refunding our money, because my Mother’s policy was a few months short of maturity. We bought the policies to pay for funeral expenses, and we opted for the least expensive funeral options we could, due to the extreme cost of funerals these days. We were confident that due to our frugalness in our funeral planning, the “adjusted Death Benefit” policy a few months short of maturity would at least pay for her funeral expenses.

Today we found out that the disbursement will not cover a fraction of my Mother’s funeral expenses, which puts an extreme hardship on my family. As if this was not a big enough blow to our family, since we filed my Mother’s Death Certificate with Mutual of Omaha, we have received between three to five sales letters offering to sell my deceased Mother more life insurance policies. Like the policies my parents purchased, a section of these offerings have an acknowledgment statement to sign stating: “I understand that a reduced Death Benefit amount is payable during the first two years if death results from sickness or other natural causes.”

It is my understanding that a refund of money paid into a system is NOT considered a “reduced Death Benefit Amount”. And as it clearly states on my Mother’s Death Certificate that she died from natural causes, we dispute the Death Benefit Amount Mutual of Omaha has chosen to release to us. It pains my family greatly that Mutual of Omaha treated us in such a manner, as Mutual of Omaha was a company that we have trusted and believed in for over fifty years. We feel more than betrayed by a company we respected and trusted for over fifty years.

I initially trusted these folks. Until, I discovered that my siblings were using a broker and getting the same supplement (Plan F - gov't defined -- exact) and getting much lower rates even though older and without health status advantages. Bottom line is that if you stay with these folks, they will reward you with substantially higher premiums. Do not trust them and fail to shop other sources. If using a gov't plan, trust that all companies are offering the same features.

I have had a good experience with the company plan on being with them for a long time. They have a wide range selection that you could choose from. I'm glad I chose this company for my insurance needs. This was the first company on my list to trying to get insurance. They cater to my needs, ask me questions and work out the best policy for me. I like everything about the company and have also told friends and other family members about the company. This is a company that everyone should know about. They treat you like they care about your needs.

I reported my mother's death in January after she passed. My father was named beneficiary and I'm secondary beneficiary. My father passed away six hours after my mother. Yes, six hours. Mutual of Omaha stated the money would go to my father's estate. But in the State of Ohio, the law reads if two people die within 120 hours of each other, then it cannot be determined who went first so therefore me being second beneficiary should be entitled to the life insurance money.

I have an attorney and they have given us the runaround. I have supplied them with all the documentation they have requested and it has been four more weeks since. I placed a call to them today and they kept telling me it is under review. I don't understand how a company can hang on to life insurance money they are not entitled to hang on to. The law is very clear. They keep taking my phone number and tell me a rep will call me back. I never get a return phone call from any of them. What else can I do to get this resolved? Thank you.

I'm fairly satisfied with the services that I receive from Mutual of Omaha. I have nothing to say about their customer service because I've never had to use it (except for the first initial contact made when I signed up for life insurance). I have a policy for $100,000 and I pay less than $25 a month, which is a good deal since I'm over 40. I've had my policy for over five years and I have no intention of replacing it.

When my sister passed away in a house fire, the coroner ruled her death accidental. Mutual of Omaha dragged the process out for six months and finally refused to pay saying she didn't answer her questions on the application correctly. I believe that she did answer the questions correctly (some of the items they mentioned were not even how she had responded). They certainly didn't have problems taking her premiums. Even more insulting are all the requests from Mutual of Omaha after her death offering "guaranteed acceptance with no physical exam required" insurance. It's bad when people think they have their final expenses covered. I think it's a form of false advertising.

Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance has a very good history of being very fair and dependable. Their service is outstanding and they helped me all the way through the process. Their website is different than others though. It takes a while to find what you are looking for and some of the descriptions are hard to understand so they need to improve on the navigating and make it more user-friendly. But after I got through the website and went to the office. I got a great rep that was very polite, professional and really cared about helping me find the right insurance that met my needs. Went through the options of the different types of insurance until we found the right plan for me. The company overall is very good and trustworthy.

I took out a policy for myself and one for my husband (Graded Whole Life). I was billed almost immediately without being able to review the policy for 30 days. I could never talk to anyone on the phone -- always backed up. I decided to drop this policy after I had paid my quarterly premium. I wrote them a note informing them of this before a month had passed. I called today (I left my name and # and was very surprised when someone actually called me) to ask about my refund. I got the old song and dance about no refund because of not enough time had passed (WHAT?). She told me that the policy was in the process of being cancelled -- it has been since APRIL -- this is the last day of July! Anyway, I get no money back. Do not do business with this company. It is aggravating, unprofessional and scammy. Invest in a REAL company.

I applied for a policy with Mutual of Omaha in July. Every week thereafter they requested bizarre documents and more information from tax returns three years back to a copy of my employment contract. We had to make one. My employer does not use contracts. It was not until November that I received final word from them. It was a terrible experience just trying to get the policy. I can only imagine how difficult they make it when they have to pay. Oh wait, I don't have to imagine. My friend's father was killed in a tragic accident and it took almost two years and an attorney to get Mutual of Omaha to honor the policy.

I would be very cautious before dealing with this company. They exist for the benefit of their shareholders. They are not here to help you. It is impossible to get someone on the phone and, when you finally do, they "don't know" or "can't". I would get an attorney and have them review all of the fine print because this company is out to make money only - not protect consumers.

I requested info for Plan F for medicare, unfortunately gave my phone number. I got a call immediately, as soon as I had clicked. A very rude lady asked me as to, "What do you want?" I was stunned. I started saying it is about Plan F and she became even ruder. Then I hung up. What a way to treat a potential customer.

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