Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance Reviews

Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance
Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance

Mutual of Omaha Long Term Care Insurance Online Insurance Reviews

Have never had trouble with them. The few times I've dealt with customer service was always sorted out quick and easy. Will stay with and would recommend to others. Good coverage for the cost and has never been a problem to work with or what have you. Covers the basics and just that, but is good enough for the cost. A good deal.

Mutual of Omaha customer service employees are very professional and will try and help with any issue they can. The customer service employees are very knowledgeable and know their jobs well. The policy options are great. Mutual of omaha has the best coverage that I know of out of all the others. They have made purchasing insurance easy for low class, middle class and the rich. How can you place a value on peace of mind. The cost of the insurance is minimal considering that if a member of the covered family is in need of using this service it simple to file the claim.

Their customer service sucks. When calling people you must be prepared to sit, wait and hear a very long set of ANNOYING bit of not songs but melodies of lame songs, then to be told by an automated idiot to wait and my call will be answered in the order it was received. And after what would seem to be a lifetime, a call center affiliot asks a set of annoying questions. Now after this set of bs, if they cannot assist me, I would then be placed on hold and wait for a supervisor, to then go through a new set of crap. This in turn, leads people like me to say ** these crooks.

I send money and they keep my money, lie to me and treat me like a number, not a human being. Then after they rob me for several years, they drop me for getting sick, or hurt, or some other bs and they we will come up with, "thank you for the cash, idiot." Then they tell you "you bought the wrong policy, but we love robbing you for such a while, now we want to sell you a new policy with more bs so we can rob you even longer." Not a very good value for any human on this planet, but a way to keep on robbing people like you, SUCKER. What idiots like you are coerced into buying a new kind of headache, then treat you like you're trying to rob them, wait wtf, um hmm, this is the American way. Capitalize on the old, weak, or dumb-ass...

My parents purchased a long term care policy from Mutual of Omaha years and years ago. Mom passed away and never had a chance to use the benefits. Dad went into assisted living and knowing that they pay in arrears, I had prepared myself for that. So, here we are in February, 2019 and they have not paid the claim for DECEMBER. It has been consistently like this every month and I wear myself out calling them. They even go as far as to say they have the claim, but it is in "review". Every. Month. What a joke. If you want to be on the phone continually, I suppose the policy would be worth it, but I would never recommend them to anyone.

The people at the service center are very good. They love to help people out in hard and difficult situations. I have plenty of policy options to choose from, and whenever my car needs fixing I just take it to my car service. My rate coverage overall is very good. I don't have to pay extra when my car is towed. They have good quality service for all types of cars and different prices that fits everyone's budget anytime.

The insurance rep I spoke with (forgot her name) was very polite and sincere. She answered all of my questions with simple terms and even made a cute little joke that wasn't that funny but made me laugh anyway as it was quite endearing! They have quite a few more policy options than some other more well-known insurance companies. Most of them fit my budget and were easy to understand. The premiums fit my budget and I have flexibility if something big changes in my life like another child or grandchild (one day!).

Customer Service is always very helpful and I never once had an "unpleasant" experience with them. It is good to know that even though purchasing insurance isn't the most fun thing to do that at least it won't be painful! There were multiple policy options with premiums that fit my budget. The insurance rep I was working with even suggested a couple of little "tweaks" here and there and helped me shape my idea of an ideal policy into something very attainable.

My husband had a massive stroke six months after we purchased coverage - ** was reasonable in reviewing and approving his claim, helped us pay for house renovations easily and promptly and have continued paying for some personal care. The customer service reps are always responsive and direct, helpful and clear. Our first case manager was young and somewhat confused and confusing, but our second is very thoughtful and clear. I really highly recommend this company (though I can't compare to others).

When I first looked to purchase long term care insurance, I didn't know where to start. I did my research and found that Mutual of Omaha had some flexibility. They have always been very helpful without making me feel pressured to accept anything. They had a lot of options available for someone like me who was new to long term care insurance. I think that coverage options are very realistic but cover enough of what I need. I would recommend them to a family member or friend seeking this kind of insurance. I think that overall, the long term care policy options are great at Mutual of Omaha. They tend to be a bit pricey, which is why I decided to give it 4/5 stars. But overall, I feel that it is very worth it.

Calls are not returned and claims are not paid. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

This review is lengthy so if you are considering their LTC and you are young please read to the end. You or your care givers may have difficulty getting your claims paid. My mom purchased LTC from another company in 1986 when she was 62. In 1991 Mutual of Omaha took over her policy and was suppose to pay claims on this policy. Fast forward 22 years and at 90 my mom fell and started the year long decline in health.

She paid $28 a month since 1986 without a missed payment. In those days insurance companies under priced LTC due to lack of experience with this product. Today I pay $250 a month from another company because they now know how costly senior care is. In January of 2015 mom fell and that started her frequent visits to the hospital and in all five skilled nursing homes. She passed in December of 2015.

From the very beginning in dealing with Mutual of Omaha we experienced nothing, but mistakes and stall tactics. I was told by my trust lawyer that it is typical for this to happen with some LTC companies and Mutual of Omaha because they don't want to pay claims. They figure if they make it hard enough for you to get paid you will just give up. If you have had a death in your family, you know the paperwork is tremendous. Some think to constantly deal with getting one company to live up to its promises is just not worth the hassle. Mom needed the money so I had to persist. And believe it or not after 30 months I still am dealing with Mutual of Omaha paying a claim.

I have had to do a lot of the claims analyst's work like get proof of her hospital stays and send her medical records to them because they didn't actually request them. These are all stall tactics to make you give up. After 30 months of dealing with Mutual of Omaha I have finally decided to take them to small claims court. I am waiting for my court date and have had several letters from their lawyer, but nothing has been decided yet.

If you choose to buy Mutual of Omaha Long Term Insurance expect to be greeted by very friendly sales people until you sign on the dotted line. If you need to make claims in the near future or many years down the line expect stall tactics like lengthy waits for your money and to do a lot of the leg work. I wish I had better things to say about Mutual of Omaha, unfortunately it is buyer beware!

Mutual of Omaha has been pulling money out of my dad's checking account for 4 months for someone else's policy and they are refusing to research how it has happened and has refused to refund him his money. He does have a policy with you but it is paid from a different account. This is poor business ethics from the company when they refuse to try to correct their mistake. I am going to report them to the BBB and I will also be seeing what can be done legally as well for my dad.

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