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NACAMS Online Insurance Reviews

I am a yoga teacher and I carry liability insurance. NACAMS was easy to buy the insurance from and the rates were reasonable. I have never filed a claim with them so I can’t speak to that angle of their business.
Easy to complete and more affordable.
They make it easy to get and maintain the coverage I need. When renewal time came around they sent a reminder and a link and within a minute, my coverage was taken care of for another year.
It was fast and easy, Thanks. LIsa
Every time I log in, I have to new password. It's very troublesome, as I had to log on over 5 times to get my certificate checked and printed out.
It was not 100% clear as to the coverage I was purchasing. Would be helpful to make that more prominent.
NACAMS is a reputable agency that offers many benefits to it's members, especially the peace mind that they are well protected.
The insurance is a great price and they make it a very quick and user-friendly process.
Easy to use, to make changes and get certificates. Highly recommend
process was easy and clear.
It was super fast and easy to sign up.
I chose NACAMS insurance after an extensive research and I’m very happy about my choice. They provide great assistance and their follow up is wonderful too. The insurance is well planned and better than the regular once’s available online. They are dependable!!!
Great service !
Easy to use and quick to sign up.
My continued experience with NACAMS has been outstanding. The ease of adding additional insureds, asking questions was A+.
Quick, nice and easy.
The application process was great! I highly recommend NACAMS to other practitioners.
I have not had a need to file a claim (YEAH) the ease of obtaining the insurance I needed as well as the riders is a big plus.
very quick to sign up for insurance
NACAMS is great but I wish they offered more insurance for more services towards the medical Spa side it would make life easier. I will have to find another company that offers more insurance for all the services I will be offering.
This insurance is affordable and gives a peace of mind.
As far as signing up for insurance, it was all super easy and complete within minutes.
Awesome so far
It was very easy and user friendly.
I won’t recommend this company to anyone.
Hi I found the customer service to be courteous and the enrollment was quick and easy
Nacams is easy and I like working with them!
They make it SO easy to renew! I travel and when I have questions about how to comply with each location the customer service was fantastic! Thanks NACAMS
Quick and easy to apply and very reasonable rates. No refund once you sign up, though. So, you need to be sure this is the right plan for you before clicking the final button.
Concise , clear, and quick. Great user friendly website.
Easy to do, convenient and great pricing.
I renewed my NACAMS yoga teacher’s insurance online. The rate I agreed to was $169. My credit card was charged $209. Why the additional $40?? No reason given. I called the 800# only to learn that I would “receive a call back on Monday.” Hmmmm....sounds like a big scam of sorts. Good thing my American Express will refund the charges.
Honestly I haven’t needed to file a claim so I’m not sure how their actions are in that type of need however I have used this company for years and each time I get reminders for renewal. The renewal process is simply online and over the phone ( I’ve done both) their staff answered all my questions. I also appreciate being able to add multiple modalities on my policy and additional insured while ability to print everything right away.
Insurance was easy to obtain for multiple modalities and is very reasonable.
I will continue to purchase insurance through NACAMS.
Good insurance
Easy to renew. Reasonable rate! Thank you.
Great, affordable insurance!
Easy, simple insurance coverage for the rest of us . . .
I have no issues with your company. Simple, straight forward and affordable. Thanks
NACAMS makes it so easy to renew my insurance. This will be my third policy through NACAMS. I went online for the renewal and was done in minutes. Especially grateful during this busy end-of-year time.
4 Seems to do what I seem to need.
Easy access. Straight forward and quick process. Immediate delivery of insurance certificate and receipt. Good experience!
Easy to access and affordable
Feel like I'm fully covered and easy to renew.
Awesomw!!Easy,convenient, satisfactory and affordable.
This insurance was recommended by an other esthetician and it was very easy to sing in!
Easy experience for renewal thank you for making it easy and stress free
Buying insurance was straightforward. The site is easy to use and offers useful tools for ones business.
Super easy to use and get insurance
Great to have. Never had any negative experience in the 3 years i have had it.
Excellent and very helpful. Pleasant to work with.
I asked for a certificate of insurance for an event, and over two weeks later have not received it. EDIT: Originally, I gave 3 stars, but as soon as I followed up, I received the certificate. A rep also called and emailed to be sure I had what I needed. Mistakes happen and it's very telling that they worked to correct this one. Thank you!!
I have known about NACAMS for over 16 years . they where the company I used as a massage therapist . So when searching for liability Insurance as yoga teacher it only made since .
Quick and easy. No surprises
I have had Nacams for a few years . It is an excellent insurance service. Efficient and great for my dance teaching work.
Pleasant. Easy
Appears to cover a lot of ground and is easy to sign up!
I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner just the feeling of coverage is so comforting. Thanks Teresa
Affordable & easy to manage & secure!
I have trusted NASCAM for 3 years. They have good comparable insurance fees. I like the small monthly fee. It can be taken out through auto pay. Thank You, LS
I left a mesage with an answering service for somonoe to call me back and I never reveived a call Bruce Hummel 816 800 1500
Phone adds offensive. Assumed previous discount not honored.
Getting Yoga insurance through NACAMS was easy to do and now I'm more confident in moving forward to teach because I know everything is properly insured . I had a family member who is an insurance agent review the policy before I spent the money and got the green light that this was a good price and a good plan !
Signing up was quick and easy. I found the type of coverage I needed for my business ‼️