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We purchased a homeowner's policy through Allied Insurance, DBA Nationwide, in June of 2013. The broker we purchased the policy from was Tier One Insurance/Ahi Group; the agent was Kyle **. We were originally quoted $1098.81 for an annual policy, and we can provide documentation of the quote. Allied sent a bill to First National Bank of Omaha, our mortgage lender, for $1355.65. I immediately contacted our insurance broker, and he stated this was a pricing error. Kyle ** assured me this was our quoted price for the year; moreover, he stated the policy would not increase to this amount at our renewal date in another year, and if we had a policy increase, the only increase would be if Nationwide had an overall increase for all of their policy holders. Kyle stated these increases are usually in the 5% range when they do go up. Although First National Bank of Omaha paid out $1355.65 to Allied, we received a refund check for $256.84. This amount was deposited in our account on 07/31/2013.

I recently received our annual renewal bill with Allied. The bill states the policy is $1355.65 plus an annual increase of $95.83, which makes the total bill for $1451.48. I immediately e-mailed our broker to make sure that Allied would adjust the billing error, since we were assured by this agency that the price would not go up. Our broker stated he would contact Allied. On 05/21/2014, I received an e-mail back from my broker. He stated he had spoken to an underwriter with Allied Insurance, and despite what we were told last year, they are refusing to adjust the bill to the appropriate quoted amount.

Over the course of the last year, we have had no claims, and nothing else has changed on the policy. While I can understand the policy increasing slightly if they are increasing everyone's policy, it is wholly inappropriate to assure a customer that the policy would not increase to the misquoted amount. I wouldn't even think that it is legal to conduct business like this. Finally, Allied conducting their business like this makes the broker look terrible, warrants multiple complaints to the BBB, the Attorney General, and the Insurance Commissioner; it also increases the chances of the customer finding another broker and an insurance company because of the slipshod way that Allied conducts itself. If you have had similar problems with Allied Insurance, I would suggest you file reports with the following agencies: BBB of Des Moines; your state Attorney General or the Iowa Attorney General; and your state insurance commissioner.

On Monday evening, June 25th, 2012, a large tree fell that is on my property. It fell across my fence, across the street and onto my neighbor's fence. It kept the street closed to traffic between 3 and 4 hours. The police were called and they stayed until the electric utility company came, which was about 3 hours later. Both my neighbor and I have homeowner's insurance with different companies. I had heard nothing about my claim from my adjuster (Laura) for over 3 weeks and just last week, I received a call from a man (Steve) stating that he was now the adjuster, would be handling my claim and do the best he could for me. He has only been on the case for a week, however, it has now been one month ago that I filed my claim. I understand that there is a limited amount of time and my tree is leaning!

After close to 40 years of insuring a home, 12 years of which was with 2 homes (and 2 cars) with Nationwide, I unfortunately had to file a claim for a break-in and theft early last year. After the period, my new rate was increased 30%. I was approached by a local Nationwide agent Linda **, who told me that Nationwide hit me too hard, especially considering I hold 4 accounts and had never filed a theft claim. She assured me that if I allowed her to assume my account from corporate, who now manages my account, she would speak with the underwriters and resolve this for me. Well, the company made me sign a whole new application, cancelled my existing policies and wrote new ones. The results: Nothing was changed and there was no follow-up or concern after all the paperwork to get her the account happen.

With a second home, they listed and charged me inflated rates as they had erroneously had my home listed in the most expensive county, had the size and details on my other home wrong etc. Each time I talked with them, the stories changed as did my rates. My premium was reaching expiration on the house in question and I was told not to pay until this was resolved and I would receive a new bill. After a month of this and no word, I followed up with the agent who sounded like I was bothering her and she again told me not to worry and to be patient. I contacted Nationwide's home office directly and after some confusion, I got a revised quote at a higher deductible and paid it by credit card, in full, for the year. The next week, I received a letter saying that my policy had expired due to nonpayment and if I wanted to continue coverage, I would have to pay a late fee plus installment charge, plus a portion of the premium.

I called and was told it was cancelled because I didn't pay my bill. This took 3 more people to get this resolved. I then requested my account returned back to the home office as working with a local agent just caused more aggravation. They wanted to cancel my policies and write them again, of course, at a higher rate. The value of my structure was raised considerably and as it happens, all the other coverages were tied to this plus the size of my structure which they reported to be significantly above where it is. I finally called a competitor and he offered me lower rates and less **. Because I have already paid for the year, I will let it ride, but if any more stunt is pulled, I will drop them like a rock. They are certainly not on your side.

They offer the best coverage and these policies are very fair. I like that they cover a lot more than normal when it comes to damages. I lost a lot things in this recent hurricane and all of it was covered under my insurance. With other companies, nothing else would have been covered. Also, the overall price is one of the best things about Nationwide.

I am very happy with Nationwide. They have always been there for any needs. Happy to say I never needed to use them for any type of disaster, but do believe I would be very satisfied with their service if the time ever came. I have found them to be the most reasonable in pricing with the best coverage. Only had them for about a year, not sure what else I can say. Overall, my opinion is this is the best.

We have been with Nationwide and never made a claim until 2 months ago. They had a company come out to put dryers out and rip up part of the carpet and padding and cut through the drywall so that I could pay for my plumber to fix the bursted pipe in basement. After that... nothing. I emailed the adjuster, I don't know how many times, to get a response "do you have any questions?". He never answers any of my questions. It's like he ignores everything. I know he is getting to my emails because he's responding to my emails. They are trying to pay the bare minimum.

The drywall is not up, the smell is horrid, they busted a cabinet trying to remove it from beneath the bar sink and stopped because it would bust the granite counter top. The adjuster says "I will pay for the throw rug and shop vac" like it's coming out of his pocket. This is insurance, not a 401k plan. I've already paid for all of this with my premiums. I had to get the adjuster's supervisor's email to let her know about my experience. After this is done, I'm taking my business elsewhere. The auto insurance through Nationwide is great. However, I will be switching due to my horrible experience with the homeowners insurance. "Nationwide is on your side"??? Really? Beware folks... no one wants to be put through this.

I already had automobile policy with this company and had previously had renter's insurance so it was a natural progression to get homeowner's insurance. It is a comprehensive policy and I was able to bundle with other policies. I like that it has local offices and the other benefits for roadside assistance. But I would like it if an agent would contact me at least once a year instead of all contact being by mail. I also wish they gave a discount for long term, no claims customers.

I have a list of damages that is over $50K dollars in damage with my home and business. Nationwide wants to give me $1K (over phone talking with ED). I have been with them for 40 years. I am a widow. Just went through Hurricane Mathew and we are in a emergency zone. I called my local agent at Beach Nationwide in Savannah - Matt. He didn't even respond. We are in desperate need of power, tv and internet. I lost 6 trees that fell on my deck, fence, roof, porch, etc. My pharmacy lost closed 10's of thousands. I have been in tears for over a week. We lost our refrigerator and freezer. Downstairs flooded. Windows broke. We are devastated. What do I have insurance for if they are not concerned about their customers.

I have been very lucky given weather conditions, but my family has always had Nationwide and it's almost a family thing! Have several different policies to include home owners, automobile, and my father has life insurance and also has them for all his needs. Had to use Nationwide about ten years ago, regarding a claim, was easily and quickly taken care of.

Nationwide covers me and dog. We bundle our auto and home insurance together. The price seems affordable and I pay roll deduct the premium. They covered me when I got rear ended by a hit and run driver.

On July 7, 2014, while on vacation, I received a call from the police department that my house was on fire. Upon arriving, I discovered that a lifetime of memories and memorabilia was completely destroyed. The fire marshal blamed an electrical appliance, i.e. a room air purifier, in my son's room (he has asthma) as the culprit. I filed my claim the same day with Nationwide. Believe it or not, the Red Cross showed up before anyone from my insurance company did. When Nationwide responded, Warren ** showed up and declared the property a total loss, as did the Aberdeen Fire Marshal. Mr. ** put us up in a hotel, was most courteous and professional. Something you don't expect from Nationwide, as we have learned from experience.

On July 11, Nationwide sent a claims adjuster, Susanna **, to evaluate losses due to fire in our home. Upon meeting Ms. Susanna **, it was explained to us she was there to inventory lost property as a claims adjuster for Nationwide. Now you might wonder, why would a claims adjuster inventory a property that was a total loss due to fire? The first clue that Nationwide is on your side was when the claims adjuster holds your arms and legs down. The next clue was when property, totally destroyed and unsalvagable, becomes itemized. Not where you purchased it, nor for the amount you actually paid, but from discount sites like Wayfair, Walmart,, etc. When these items were disputed, the first thing that Nationwide asks for is a receipt from where you purchased it. When you say the receipt was in the house that just burned, they give you the lowest internet price for "like quality", then subtract depreciation. Go figure.

Ms. **, representing Nationwide Ins., her job was to inventory property totally destroyed by fire. During the course of this inventory, which in my opinion was an absolute joke, we received an inventory list of the property destroyed. This is where Nationwide gives you an opportunity to supplement their inventory of losses. The list of mistakes would take too much time to list, but are documented. But the documentation I have is not good enough for Nationwide to finalize our claim. They requested appraisals for losses, which were LOST IN THE FIRE! Wow, how many idiots does it take to run a corporation?

We went through the expense of obtaining appraisals based on the documentation that wasn't destroyed by fire, only to learn some of the items required a second claim to Nationwide under the heading of Theft/Missing, while still other items are still in dispute, and our expert appraisals are not good enough for Nationwide. Numerous calls and emails have been ignored by adjuster **, to where we had to contact her supervisor, Larry **, out of Columbia, MD. Now you would think this might resolve some issues: Ms. ** visited the property once that is documented, July 11. However, ** and Mr. ** state that she visited the property twice to locate missing property from a total loss claim. But when questioned about the dates, they both refuse to provide dates.

On Sept. 12, Ms. ** sent us an updated inventory where the missing property was listed, as reproductions. However, an appraisal on the missing property documented was provided to Ms. **, then all of a sudden, the property cannot be located. We have asked repeatedly to Ms. ** and Mr. **, Should we file a Theft/Missing property report for the missing items from our home, in excess of $22,000, only to be ignored.

On Nov. 18, we contacted Nationwide's corporate headquarters to file the Theft/Missing property report, and spoke to Kelly, a supervisor who refused to give me her last name, but provided her email (**), and refused to let us file a Theft/Missing property claim, even though my policy is still active. One would ponder, How does property exist one minute as a reproduction or fake, at under $100, but disappears when an appraisal by a certified appraiser shows a value of over $20,000? I put it to you, the public, the reason I believe why Nationwide doesn't have shareholders is because no crook wants to share the profit. Again, this is my opinion. The federal government put Bernie Madoff in prison for a Ponzi scheme on the American public. The minimum wage worker, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Bee, and Uncle Bob, who worked their entire lives to save a dollar, only to be conned by a corporation, such as Nationwide. Again, this is only my opinion. I have spent over a hour reviewing complaints from average Americans against Nationwide, yet they exist and will continue to exist. It is like voting, we complain that the government doesn't act, that America has gone astray, there is no pride, no craftsmanship. Let us stop it!

I am one voice but there are thousands of complaints. Let us stop corporate greed! Stop the Madoffs that run America! Stand and say I won't take it anymore! I give you my personal email address and ask anyone with a legitimate complaint against Nationwide Insurance to ban together in a class action suit, and put this company out of business, or at least, accountable for their deeds! I look forward to your response, and if you have suffered a loss where you have paid a premium for coverage you did not receive, no matter how small, please let me hear from you. I am confident that together, we will stop corporate greed! After all, Bernie Madoff was stopped and the tobacco industry is collapsing. Speak up. Let us know who is out there. I close with a quote from my father, may he rest in peace, "stand for something or fall for anything." If you don't stand your ground, you have no one to blame but yourself, and as an American, I won't stand for it. Contact me and let's ban together to stop this corporate greed once and for all. This is not a sermon, just a thought.

I am on a budget so I have so much to spend it and Nationwide was within my means. I went with this company because they gave the best quote. The company offers Convenience. I can call and get someone on the line quickly. The agents makes sure you understand what you're purchase. I also like how they show compassion to their customers. I can also email them. However, I dislike that they increased price each year. I know it's a business, however it's getting kind of steep. I also dislike how when I renew there is always an extra fee on it. It's getting pricey, however this is the best yet. Overall I like the company.

Appears to be overpriced... premiums seem excessive for coverage bought. No real price incentives associated with insuring both home and auto. Using auto-pay feature is convenient but no reduction in premiums accrue.

We had homeowners insurance with Nationwide for over 30 years with one claim over the entire period. After a morning storm, we called Nationwide to get an estimate for the damage. It was 3 weeks before they sent anyone to our house and the first thing the adjuster said when he got out of his leaking car was "Nice roof" making a reference to our only previous claim.

The damage was to an extra room added to our house which WAS insured on the policy. They lied about the dates of the incident, therefore their "weather report" didn't have a corresponding storm for the date they used. They tried to make us look like liars reporting a fraudulent claim. The adjuster ordered a "forensic investigation" which they probably spent more money on that than it would have cost to fix the damage. They denied our claim then dropped us and we had to get some high-risk insurance that was 3 times the price. This company is a RIPOFF. The adjusters are arrogant hacks with very rude tendencies. These people are RIPOFFS of the HIGHEST ORDER. Billionaires ripping off the poor, that is what NATIONWIDE IS. A HUGE SCAM!!!

Nationwide is trying to keep $110 for a policy I had for the total sum of two days. I told them BEFORE I paid for the policy that I would be canceling it as soon as I found a better rate and they want to charge 10% of my premium for the cancellation. NO ONE TOLD ME THAT I WOULD BE CHARGED THAT AMOUNT UNTIL I HAD ALREADY PAID. They are criminal and greedy **!

Before I decided, I did a lot of reading and Nationwide had good reviews about their company. They had good coverage and great rates at the time I was looking for flood insurance for my home. Very good customer service and local office so if I needed someone to talk to, I could go directly there to talk to a person about a certain matter. And also good reliability on their website. But I would like it if they had more customer service people that knew more answers to more of my questions when I call. And I wish they didn't have to check my credit and not do rate increases so much based on my credit.

Nationwide is a convenient insurance company. They have many locations and are internet friendly. The people who I have been in contact with through the company have always been courteous and helpful. The prices seem fair.

I was recommended by my local agent. This company gave me the best price and was streamlined. I was told that they offer rewards for loyalty as well. I am very pleased. They are easy to do business with and have great plans and payment options. A lot of things can be done online. They also have knowledgeable agents. However, I wish their mobile application worked a little better. I also wish they had better options of bundling different policies. Other than that, Nationwide is a great company.

Nationwide is easy to do business with and has good rates. Their website is easy to use and makes sense. They are also friendly on the phone, courteous and knowledgeable. I've tried other insurance companies but came back to them. My dad used them for all the years he was alive. He loved them and trusted them to do the right thing. I trust them too.

Nationwide had the best deal at the time of renewal area. The company was quick to renew with no hassles... Covers what is needed to have on policy... it's a peace of mind to have. Always keep updated each year. The company makes the client informed when due and what should be added. But I wish it to be cheaper. Prices are high as usually the cost is hard to maintain for a average family. Also wishes always there were more companies to compare with cost but never enough time...

I have Nationwide now for over 20 years, they have always come through when I needed them. Other policies with others don't measure up to what I get from Nationwide. Has the coverage with my flood home insurance for what they charge. Just went through a hurricane and it was so easy making a claim cause my damage and flood claims, I got it fast and very helpful. But they can improve on not waiting for someone to come down to look at the property, my pictures should of enough to see the damage. My whole state was under water.

I purchased auto insurance for new-leased vehicle in Texas. I purchased homeowners insurance and moved to our new home in Arkansas. I received a notice of intended auto insurance cancellation from Nationwide one month after moving to Arkansas. I received a notice of intended homeowner’s insurance cancellation from Nationwide two months after moving to Arkansas. I contacted Nationwide in both instances. I was given multiple bogus excuses for cancellations both times. The writer above is correct in that no straight answers can be had from these agents.

I have used Nationwide for over 10 years and I have been well satisfied with the service I get from them. They are reliable, trustworthy and offer good communications.

Magnum Appliances did a horrible installation of a fridge to my neighbor's unit, resulting in massive leaks and water damage in several units in my bldg, including mine. My kitchen floor and living room/dining room areas have received water damage. First Magnum sent their own rep to survey the damage approx 1 1/2 months after the damage. Then I was told to get in touch with Mark from Nationwide who is the surveyor who took months to respond and finally survey.

I received a written quote by Home Depot to repair damages to the kitchen floor and living room / dining room areas as a result to the water damage. Keep in mind this damage is from 11/16. It is now 3/21/18 and Nationwide offered a fraction of what it costs and wants me to sign a release of liability letter - which they are out of their mind - unless Magnum Appliances is willing to cough up the remaining balance. Unfortunately that has not been the case. I have left negative reviews for each and every Nationwide Insurance Agency from Sea to Shining Sea, and they still think I am bluffing. These unprofessional and unethical clowns need to go out of business. Save your money and have insurance with a reputable company and not these clowns.

When we switched homeowners policy around 10 years ago, Nationwide had the best coverage for the money. Their customer service has been outstanding in the past. We have made no claims, but our agent makes sure we are covered properly. Also, our questions have been addressed fully over the years. I would like it if the premiums would not get up so much each year though. We have had no claims during the time with Nationwide so a bigger discount would also be nice.

Apparently, Nationwide is leaving the state of Florida. I was just given notice that my auto will not renew on the 10th of January, and my homeowners will not be renewed in Feb. of 2014, due to the fact that they haven't made any money in this state. I don't think they should be able to keep the Nationwide name, as they aren't 'nationwide' any longer. I think they stink. To those affected by Sandy, don't be surprised if they cancel your policy after your payout. That's how they operate.

Never filed a claim/increase in premium. Just received notice that premium was going up $20 per month! Only explanation given was "prior carrier discount decreased."

Nationwide was the cheapest there was at the time and it gave me a discount on my auto if I used them for homeowners insurance. I like everything. It's reliable and I like that they bundle everything. I've never had an issue with Nationwide ever and don't think I will in the future so I will continue to stay with them.

I received my annual disclosure statement from my mortgage company, said my payment was going up $300 a month. In the research, I discovered my premium is going from $963 a year to $2369 a year. Outrageous!!! I called. They said my rating had changed in regard to the distance from a fire station. I live less than 10 miles from 3 fire stations. I've lived here 8 years and have never made a claim. Why did it change???? They should be ashamed of themselves. Needless to say, I'm contacting other companies.

After the way Nation - not on your side - Wide jerked me around I will NEVER EEEEEEVER get or recommend this "insurance" company. Nationwide is a freakin' JOKE. They claim to cover a home problem - but then make you wait for 7 MONTHS with a crappy temporary sink (that their contractors who do not even speak English do not understand how to install) for the fix. NUMEROUS times the contractors they hire cancel an hour before they promise to show - this after I TAKE VACATION TIME to be home, and or cancel plans to be home and THEY NEVER SHOW. I need to hire an attorney and begin charging for MY time - by the hour too!

They didn't give me enough money to fix an accident. A pipe broke in my kitchen and flooded the house and below the house. It was expensive getting a plumber. It took about a week after I contacted the insurance company to call me and make an appointment to look at it. They gave me an estimate to fix the floor and cabinets but it was not nearly enough.

We like that Nationwide gives an amount that you have to have for a deductible for it can be added for insurance. It does us what and what is not included in the flood insurance. What we dislike though is we have to pay more for the deductible than it can be used to fix the problem. It does cover areas not near the flood area and the insurance is too high to pay when it is not needed. We live in an area that does not need flood insurance. I thought that this insurance was the best one when I looked it up the internet but I needed to know more right now.

Nationwide always have my back and I have good coverage, they have good rates and a good price that I haven't seen anyone come close to offering me the same service. I really do enjoy them. I have had no problems with Nationwide and they haven't given me a reason to doubt them.

I like that Nationwide covers theft, water backup, personal injury, and other losses, and I can bundle my car and home on the same policy. They have reasonable prices and the payments are superb. Nationwide is nothing more than amazing.

Nationwide Home Insurance is a great service and is vital for homeowners. I like how comprehensive their coverage is plus you are able to customize the services within the plan. Specifically, I really enjoy how they cover incidents of mold, water damage, fire damage, tree damage, earthquake damage, etcetera. It is really helpful to owners that these things are covered so they are assured that their huge home investment is protected. However, I wish they would improve the cost of the plans as they are a bit expensive, and a quicker claims process too.

Had damaged electrical service after a tree came down in a storm... My claim was promptly and fully compensated by Nationwide. I have been covered by this company for 40+ years... For both auto and home and have declined offers from competitors. The local Nationwide office in my county has always been quite helpful with numerous non-claim issues.

After a recent hail storm, an adjuster came to the house and told me to use "scrap" siding from the front of the home on my other damaged side. They told me "cushions come with" outdoor furniture so they would not cover that either. Every step of the way working with them has been a BIG hassle. Another adjuster came because I complained, she noted more damage, and then promptly quit the company without writing anything in my case file. A third adjuster came out and was so hostile it was unbelievable. You cannot get anywhere with this company when there is damage - their playbook is to pay as little as possible to their customers and provide less than zero customer service.

Meanwhile, all my neighbors are getting their entire houses and property covered - even where there wasn't hail damage. Hmmm - these others sure know how to treat their insurers who have been through a traumatic event! I am going to insure with them and if you are smart you will not bother with this company for one second.

Winds peaked at 75 mph in strong gusts with rain, it knocked two large sections of fence. I sent pics to Nationwide. I was called. I did the best I could explaining damage, but I'm mechanic not a fence person. A week later I was called and advised that I would receive 300 dollars after 500 deductible. I explained I couldn't get a company to come out and prop fence up for 300 in California. I would use a 1/4 of that in dump run. I asked, "Will this raise my policy monthly payment?" The agent said this wasn't her expertise.

Why the hell would I take 300 bucks for higher rates and a few boards purchased? I told them freeze the claim until I get quotes from someone who is actually qualified to inspect it, how is this woman qualified to make such a claim without knowing the condition of posts etc. I would imagine removing old posts and cementing in new post would all but wipe out the money by far. Nationwide isn't on my side!

Nationwide is very good homeowners policy and the best kind of insurance company. They have good customer service, good fair prices, good selection and have different type of options. Nationwide has good rating from me.

My home was vandalized by my dogs and it's my kids' responsibility to take care of them. My $6,000.00 claim was denied. No wonder Nationwide is so rich, they never pay claims. I guess that's what to be expected from a cut-rate insurance. They are crooks. Nationwide is the worst insurance you will ever get.

We lost our home in the Camp Fire. Nationwide is refusing to pay for our new home even though we have the correct coverages on our policy which I’ve verified with the CA Insurance Commissioner’s office and with the Nationwide Representative who was here in Chico in person. The email I received yesterday states they will only pay about $3k of the $80k they still owe us and they won’t pay that until AFTER we close escrow on our new home. Dealing with them has been about as traumatizing as the event itself. They also had an error on my RV policy that limits my coverage, 10k less than it should be and they’ve refused to make that right as well. I am filing complaints with the CA Insurance Commissioner’s office and I recommend you do the same in your state as they are the agency that can hold Nationwide accountable. And of course, please don’t purchase insurance from Nationwide.

I opened my policy with Nationwide in January '13 and received a cancellation notice in February '13 because the Protection Class for my home was greater than a 9. While I understand that Nationwide has the right to set standards for issuing policies, the information they used when issuing my policy was the same information they used to cancel my policy. If my home which was built in 2011 did not meet their standards in January '13, why did they issue my policy?

Our home in Suffern, NY was flooded during Hurricane Irene. My father has had Nationwide insurance with the same agency for 45 years. Nationwide sent an adjustor out to look at the damage and our agent came along. Both were sure we would get the maximum coverage for the damage and loss of personal goods. Nationwide HQ sent a letter indicating they refused to pay for water backup damage (we have water backup coverage) because it was a flood. I know other insurance agencies indeed paid for water backup damage, Allstate was one. The whole flooding vs. water backup debate is kind of iffy. We got 7 feet of water in the basement. During this kind of flood, the town shuts off gas and electric to our area. There is no way to prevent our sump pump from failing even it was on a gas generator.

Furthermore, I contacted customer relations and received a call from an agent in Farmingdale, NY--not even close to my town--who was to be blunt and a jerk. He arrogantly stated that Nationwide would not reward our claim because they would have to do the same for everyone, that Nationwide did not care if other insurers paid for water backup and that it might be in my best interest as I indicated in my complaint to go to another insurer. I told him that was cold and that Nationwide is not interested in helping its clients, but just wants to collect their money. Nationwide is not on its customers side, folks.

I'm a Nationwide/Allied customer for years with automatic withdrawal set up for my policies. Without my knowledge or consent, my homeowners policy was cancelled due to non-owner occupation. It's simply because Nationwide/Allied said that they could not verify my address. They said that they sent notification to an old address, which I never received. Not only that, but they referred me to a collections agency for non-payment of my homeowners premium, when they always had total control to pull out this premium at will and had done so for years. It was their decision to cancel me without notice and their decision to cease automatic withdrawal. I only found out about this when I was contacted by the collections agency by telephone.

I have proof that Nationwide/Allied has my correct address on file for homeowners since at least 2008, besides having a recent September 2011 policy and mailing sent to me when all this happened for an RV and automobile policy. Nationwide/Allied showed total indifference to my plight. They said that it was "up to me" to contact the collections agency to straighten this out. I don't even have any information on since I never received any correspondence from them regarding this. I contacted Nationwide, asking what to do for homeowners. And I told them I was appalled that I could have been without homeowners insurance without my knowledge. Not only did they not care, they said they wouldn't be able to reinstate my insurance till that Monday. They said that there was "nothing they could do", leaving me still uninsured over the weekend.

This is after years of being a loyal customer with automatic payment withdrawals and no issues. I spoke with David **. He didn't budge until after I contacted Hartford AARP and obtained new homeowners insurance, which by the way, I saved over $600 by going with Hartford. After the fact, David stated that he spoke with higher ups and they could indeed reinstate my insurance. Do not trust Nationwide/Allied. They are inept and indifferent. It's bad enough that without my knowledge I had no insurance for months and could have lost my entire life's savings. I had my house burned down. But now they won't even make things right with the collections agency. I have an excellent credit history. Because of Nationwide's actions, I will be spending weeks trying to straighten this out. This could affect much more than my insurance. Your credit report affects everything. Avoid this company at all costs.

Nationwide has been great to work with. Very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to setting up the policy. I was unsure of how much coverage I should have and we sat down and went over all aspect of home ownership and what coverage and amount was best for us. They are also very friendly and courteous and respectful. I never once felt like I was dumb or ignorant to insurance, they helped me feel comfortable all the way. I would recommend Nationwide to anyone, but be specific about your needs and don't be afraid to ask questions, for they have the answers.

I recently applied for a HELOC at Nationwide solely based on a quick review of lenders and their HELOC rates. Shortly after submitting and documenting my application, I contacted Nationwide because I had not received status of my application. The rep on the phone was courteous and, after reviewing his computer system, told me that the underwriting team needed a couple more documents related to my income tax returns and income which I immediately provided. Weeks went by and I then received an email indicating that they have made a decision on my application and that were unable to approve my application at this time. The email also said Nationwide would contact me by mail explaining its decision.

Again, weeks went by and nothing came which prompted me to call them. I spoke to a lady who, from the beginning, sounded as if I had stolen one of her children from her home. She said the underwriting team had disapproved my application because I had not lived in the home more than six months. Where they obtained that information escapes me. I completed the application myself and showed them I had owned the property since 2010. By the way, my attempt to inquire where that information was taken from triggered a one way conversation from the rep to me to the point that I had to ask her why she was upset at me. She wouldn't provide me a direct name or contact person to resubmit evidence of my home ownership and simply said I needed to fax it to the number she was giving me. Anyway, Nationwide did not bother to contact me to confirm any information prior to, unilaterally, dismiss my application and sent me an explanation letter that never came.

Having read the reviews others have provided here, I decided that Nationwide is not for me and will not follow up or attempt to support my application. Some reps at Nationwide are rude and simply NOT customer service oriented. They do not seem to have time for customers and their issues. I enjoy a great credit history, income and debt-to-income ratio and only needed the HELOC for property improvements. Nationwide lost my business but, I'm just one unsatisfied customer amongst the bunch and others will come. It should not hurt anything on our other side.

I like Nationwide because it's provide good opportunity for the investor. It's provide a good communication with insurance account holder and the company. I chose Nationwide for my home future safety.

It's a good homeowner insurance, I highly recommend them. They cover almost everything. They answer any questions you have. I pay a reasonable amount every three months. The only problem I have with homeowner insurance is they recently went up. I will be addressing this issue with them. Other than that, everything is ok.

I have had my homeowner's insurance policy with Nationwide since June 1995; that's 20 years of premiums that total approximately $24,000. Prior to my recent claim, I have had only one other claim to cover damage to my home from crippling ice storm in 1999. To their credit, Nationwide processed that claim quickly and quietly but then again there was not a home in my subdivision without damage, so there was little doubt in their part of what had happened. My son, who is diagnosed Bipolar, was robbed at gunpoint and lost several expensive electronic/digital equipment. He was, unfortunately, off his medicine and experiencing a manic episode; so his recollection of the events was not the clearest and his ability to explain what happened was not reliable. On top of this, he was jailed several times, among other extenuating circumstances.

We were given no consideration for our unusual circumstances and were treated like we trying to pull off an insurance fraud. What drove me to post this review was while I was discussing why my claim was denied with my claims associate, he actually said, "Wait for it." Nationwide had spent more money investigating my claim than they would have paid me if my claim had been approved!

Very helpful in getting what you need and not what you don't need. They are in the business to sell insurance but not make you purchase what you don't need and still be covered for what you need.

I had a house fire in 2010 and been homeless after the year our living expense insurance gave out. I’m suing Nationwide and will win in the fall of 2012, or the spring of 2013 for the full amount plus expenses, etc. The government is not holding insurance companies accountable for breaking contracts with their customers. I guess we are supposed to have two homes just in case one of them burns and we are left suing the companies for years on end.

We had a plumbing leak in later October that resulted in several inches of standing water. The adjuster is ignoring the claim and issuing ridiculous demands such as original sales receipts for every single household item being claimed as a loss. This is unconscionable. After eleven weeks, the home is still uninhabitable, plumbing fixtures, flooring and wall materials are missing, and the adjuster won't approve repair quotes from Nationwide's own contractors.

They are good at helping on certain things. They call and check on you. Some things they aren't that great on. Other than that I can't really complain.

With Nationwide, I can bundle my home and auto. It makes paying them easy and it's easy to keep track of. They insured my stuff and that's all I need. I just like to keep things simple and they are always there, morning, noon and night, whenever I need anything or a problem that needs to be fixed.

I was recently notified of a $100 a year rate increase on my Homeowners policy by Nationwide. The reason was something on my credit report. I have a 770 credit score and have been a Nationwide customer for 25 years. I wonder how many others are overcharged this way and don't notice it because it is handled through escrow. I got a better policy for less money through another company. Nationwide is not on your side. I wish that I could spend millions on lobbying.

We fortunately have not needed to file any claim or claims with our recent homeowners insurance company – Nationwide. Cross your fingers as Halloween is just a few days away on a Saturday night as well. As I said we haven't need to file any claim so far but our homeowners insurance company seems to be on the ball so far. We have had some not so fun experiences in the past. When we had kids living at home, especially teenagers. Something always seem to get broken, mutilated or destroyed. A few claims such as broken window happening as kids were playing baseball seemed forever to get processed.

I purchased a house in Dec. 2007 as a single parent of two children. It is a brick home, away from any flood zone. It's roughly 1500 sq ft, brick, single story house. However, since Katrina devastated the coast in 2005, house insurance has terribly been inflated to ridiculous amounts. So when I went searching for insurance back in 2007, I had to jump at whatever was available at the time for coverage. I went through Nationwide for my homeowners insurance and joined the wind-pool for my wind/hail coverage through the state. My coverage was for a brick house, 1500 sq ft coverage, no content/replacement coverage for items, no water breakage, with the house being built in 1970. My coverage was $1231 for homeowners through Nationwide.

The next year, it went up to $2130 (due to "rate increases per Nationwide company") despite me making no claims, etc. After this, my insurance proceeded to increase approximately $200 a year after that. This year, I received a notice for 2012 coverage at $2637 with a "discount for claim free of $112, my total is $2525.00. I went to my agent's office to find out what/why my insurance was so high after I went and compared people I know who live in my neighborhood and friends with bigger houses and found that I was paying double/triple what most were paying.

My agent's representative, Diana, tried to explain that "their rates went up." I told her "they go up $200 or more every year" and that my coverage was terrible. I couldn't replace anything in my home if I lose it much less to keep paying this amount. She told me that somehow "your structure of your house had been changed." I asked, "What was that?" She said that it changed from brick to masonry to framed dwelling. She explained that this would drive my cost up and that you want a brick dwelling since my house was brick. I told her that it's been brick for four years now and should not have been changed. So, she tried to work other numbers in and came out with another figure at $2300 and some change.

I then went searching for better coverage and found another agency not affiliated with Nationwide at a fraction of the cost and getting even better coverage. My coverage now is for my house, content and water breakage at $711 for this year. So I quickly cancelled before my renewal date of Dec. 26, 2011. And then, after I had went up to Nationwide office to cancel my papers, a few days later in the mail, I received another renewal rate increase from Nationwide in the amount now for $3134. Wow! What a rate saver I got from Nationwide. Now I'm paying 4 times as much as everyone around me for what? And on the statement dated Dec. 15, that I received last week, my type of structure of my home had been changed again to "frame dwelling" instead of brick. Way to stick it to me. Glad I'm dropping Nationwide.

Looked at my roof with 4 inches of snow on it and tried to tell me it was fine. After I insisted on another adjuster they gave me enough to patch it. Now when it's bad again they want to send an engineering firm out to inspect my house. 8 years after they have been taking my money. Anyone else?? I'm thinking class action suit?? Anyone??

In February 2013, we had a fire that started in a ceiling light in an upstairs bath. I was recovering from a stroke and unable to climb the stairs so I was downstairs, the only one home at the time. Had gone outside to meet wife and saw smoke in the eaves, FD called. Firemen on the scene said the fire definitely started in the light and burned somewhat into the attic floor. Nationwide investigator said fire was started in the attic. However no "burn through" as far as the roof. My estimates were given to Nationwide totaling $78K damage (5,000 sf home), mostly water damage. They have dragged this on to a point that we must meet in court to prove our innocence. The claims adjuster stated that, "The fire burned DOWN". Well versed in physics, I find his theory impossible. I will never use Nationwide again. We have been with the company since 1968 and no claims. They are the worst.

I recently had braided water line burst, 16 days to hear from company after reported. Was told personal things are not worth anything. Their adjuster wrote they sent out cleanup crew sprayed for mold. This did not take place. Asked to have it changed so paperwork was correct. The adjuster left and said we don't have a claim. I think lawmakers should put some laws in for us instead of all for them. I would never use Allied Nationwide again. They are a dishonest company. I am looking for other insurance.

It is relatively easy and painless; however, the company recently parted ways with my local agent and now I must rely on a 1-800 number. Also, I think the premium is a bit high but I've been with the company 17 years. I cannot comment on the claims process because I never filed a claim. Changes were easy to make thru the local agent and were done timely. Whether that is true in the future without a local agent remains to be seen.

The cost is outrageous, feel as though I am renting my own house. Tiffany cost for copper coverage. I have yet to use the "coverage" as the two issues I had were not covered!

I already had auto insurance with Nationwide so I bundled policies. It was more convenient and cost effective to have the same company for both. The customer service is great. If they don't have the answers, they'll find them. Plus, I can get someone on the phone and get answers in a reasonable amount of time. Otherwise I'm pretty content with Nationwide but I would like the rates to be a bit lower.

I filed claim for damage to television on 7-11-11. They paid me for partial replacement and said I would have to go out and purchase a new television for the claim amount before they would send me the balance of my claim. I don't have a money tree to cover this since I am unemployed and I have not ever filed a claim with them on this house ever. And I have had only one claim in all of the years of having NV in VA and NC and that was a deer vs vehicle accident, which I did not require medical attention to.

I am hearing to go and either buy another TV and they will reimburse after I send them a receipt, and they think that they are being generous by saying "since you are not working we will give you another 3 months to come up with a job to go and buy another TV". That would mean I would have to buy a TV first before I catch up on bills, but we are in a tourist area with seasonal employment and I am at the age of 58 and nobody wants older people down here. The beach is for the young ones to be working! Get a grip NW! I am on $82 a week unemployment, how do you think I am going to come up with about $500? You do the math!

Nationwide has a favorable reputation and is recommended by family. The agents office tries to be very helpful and local agent available too. Coverage is adequate and price is average. However, the adjuster did not do her job in a timely manner. Often have to wait for agent assigned to us to call back or be available.

It's good insurance. Just wish they had more flexible policies instead of only selling replacement cost insurance. Their representatives are always friendly and helpful and answer my questions. If I could afford it I would get all my insurance at nationwide, I think they are the best. I also love that I can check my bill and many other helpful things on their website. It's easy to use and convenient.

Nationwide covered just about everything we need for the region that we live in. They are always there no matter what time of day or night when you need to talk to them about your policy or a possible claim. I liked the agent that I was dealing with and I love that he is local to me. However, as with most companies, they really do not want to pay when there is a claim. Even though I have been a customer for 10 years and have been paying all this time to make a small claim because of hail damage to my roof, they really did not want to pay for it.

A contractor doing sewer replacement severed our sewer line and forgot to reconnect it. The result was 8 inches of sewage in our basement for 4 days. The contractor ignored our calls to fix it. Nationwide, the contractor's insurance has delayed payment for 3 months by saying they didn't get our claim along with the list of damaged items. They asked for the list 3 times. They won't answer my phone calls or e-mails. They offered us a little more than half of what we are entitled to. We refused so they offered us $2000.00 less. We had to replace essential items to the tune of almost $6000.00. From what I read and hear from other people who have had to deal with Nationwide this is the norm for them. Payment is delayed for at least 4 months. Nationwide is not on anyone's side.

Fire, very minor and was only offered $35 for our sofa which was damaged beyond repair.. Wish the agent had explained replacement costs to me further vs the cost of a new couch. I did not want to rip them off but a $35 one? I guess I should throw out a sofa every couple of years regardless of its condition and usability.

I never had to use it and it is very expensive. Every year the premium continues to rise. Plus the things that aren't included is ridiculous with no replacement cost.

My boyfriend had a fire in his garage. He contacted the insurance company while the fire fighters were here on July 1st. His garage still is not finished. As of 5 months later the garage still has the smell of the fire. A cleaning company called Proclean came in and cleaned the whole house since smoke went through the house as well. The house did not have water for a month and 4 days, but the cleaning company still came in and clean with no water in house. They brought water bottles to clean. The cleaning was not done very good. His house is about 3,000 sq ft and they spent 3 days cleaning from 10am - 3pm. Instead of using companies in our area they used companies that had to drive 2 and half hours away to come here.

He has been with Nationwide for over 25 years and they are the slowest company to use if you think you're going to get paid for anything. Guess what? It took them 2 months to send the new insurance bill stating, “Your homeowner’s insurance has went up due to the fire.” This insurance company does not give much information to their clients on what they should do since they have never had a claim before they don't want you to know much. He has had to pay a guy to cut the grass every week because the insurance said they will not give money for us to buy a new lawnmower yet and was informed since our lawnmower was a commercial one that cost of 7,800 we would be lucky if we even get 2,000 for something that is 2 years old.

All I can say is be careful and always hire a lawyer to help. He has learned from experience. If there is ever a next time a lawyer will be involved. As of today still waiting to be paid. The insurance company loves to state, “We are short handed on help and due to the holidays people have to take vacation.” Every time we call we are told, “The claim is sitting on my boss’ desk, waiting for it be approved.” Not happy!!!

I am in the appraisal process trying to get paid for a claim Nationwide denied last year. It is about a $60,000 claim. Evidence that this is a valid claim and should be paid is overwhelming. Nationwide has already paid thousands to defend the denial. The agent is very arrogant knowing Nationwide will never pay this. I hired a public adjuster that charges nothing up front but gets paid 25% of the claim if successful.

My adjuster and Nationwide appointed an umpire who is supposed to be a neutral party but they usually side with the insurance company. I was not told I would have to pay for the umpire. The umpire came to my home months ago. I had to send an email to follow up on his decision. His response to my email was a bill for $2500 that I had to pay before he will release his decision to me. Even if he finds my claim to be valid Nationwide can and most likely will still not pay. I can then file a lawsuit which Nationwide will pay millions to defend. I know this claim will never be paid but may file the lawsuit so it will be public record.

Our roof is about 14 years old. We moved in 2004 when the roof was only 3 years old. In 2013 we had strong wind and rain that damaged about 50 shingles. We were with Liberty Mutual then. They only offer us $300 for the repair. Our deductible was $500. We did not take advantage of the claim fearing of our insurance premium might increase, so I bought shingles and repair it myself. As of today the roofer that came with the adjuster said that the roof need not be replaced and that it was pliable. Keep in mind this is in February 2013. It's cold out so I do not know what he means by pliable.

In November 2014 we had a small closet leak on the front of the house. We call and file a claim again and this time I also called a company to come and fix the problem that was from a valley and luckily it stopped after the repair. The insurance company once again said the roof does not need to be replaced. It’s still good even though it's at the end of its life according to this other roofer. They only paid for the guy to check for mold upon our request and found none. The repair paid by us because it was not over our deductible. Because of this and also because in 4 years (and before we even file the first claim) the premium went up from $400 to $900 so we switched to Nationwide with a yearly premium of $497 with a whopping $2500 deductible. We try to keep the cost of insurance down so our mortgage is still affordable for us. So this was November 2014.

On December 26 we receive in the mail a cancellation notice drafted on the 24th of Dec and with a policy termination date of Jan 8, 2015. This does not give us enough time to look for new insurance, as I understand that they have to give me 30 days and not 14 and on top of that during the holiday, which it made it more difficult to find people in the office working. The cancellation was because part of the roof looked like that the shingles had a bump or something under it and it needed repair and the shed roof was in a state of deep deterioration.

So I called them about this and I was told that the repair needed to be made for the coverage to be in force. I started calling around other companies and I was told that they need to put a request of transfer in to switch carrier and that they could still refuse to switch. I called again Nationwide and ask if I could have the shed excluded from coverage and was told that they had to check with their underwriter. In the meantime I get a roofer that gave me an estimate earlier and schedule to have the roof replaced not repaired. The only problem is the weather temperature are down to 15, 18, and 30 deg. and can not install with cold and snow. I again call the insurance and ask them if I have a contract signed and the half down payment made for the roof replacement if they can reinstate my policy and they said, "No the roof had to be on."

What they do not understand is that that bump has been up there for 5 years, the roof does not leak, and instead of repair it I am replacing it, and with the exclusion of the shed everything would be okay. Well needless to say time went by, we received our refund for the remainder of the policy and the mortgage company start calling us. Now I am the bad person overnight by paying my bill and playing by the rules I became a high risk and all this thanks to Nationwide.

My point is how come is my roof good and still pliable with the bump included for liberty mutual twice in 2 years but not acceptable to Nationwide? Why they did not give me enough notice? And also I had the impression that they did not want to work with me at all. Therefore the slogan: "Nationwide is on your side" is a lie. So I say that this could be false advertising and also the way they lay out to me looks a lot like extortion! So what's a homeowner’s recourse to this? Calling the insurance commissioner will do what exactly? They care about the business, not the consumer even if without the consumer there is no business. The insurance market for the home is out of control. They do as they please!

Now I do not know what to do. Premium will be so high and they caused this without even thinking about it! Thanks Nationwide. You totally suck and I wish all of your agents a crappy New Year as much as mine will be from the bottom of my heart.

I have paid ins. on my house for over 20 years, it was broken into while I was gone over the holidays and now I feel like I am the criminal. They want me to sign an authorization form. I am an older adult and I have had 2 different adjusters come into my house to see what happened. Also this was reported to the police and I am waiting for the report, but I am the one that was wronged here. Do I need to get an attorney to get this settled. I think I have done everything that they have asked me to do. Any assistance would be appreciated.

I shopped around for homeowners insurance when my last contract was up and liked the price I was quoted by Nationwide. But then came the headaches. They wanted the trees trimmed, and a few other things done. Okay, I did that. Then they wanted me to photograph the whole place for them. Fine. They didn't like the pictures, so I did it again. They still didn't like them so I did it again. About the time I was ready to go elsewhere, we agreed and wrote the policy and I paid them. About a month later they sent someone around to "measure the house" they said, and several weeks after that they called me up and canceled the policy stating reasons that we'd already covered and agreed upon. Now I have to go look for insurance all over again. I'll never deal with Nationwide again.

They been around for some time. My friends, my family and my coworkers have been using them for years and I've heard a lot of good stuff about them. I've been with them over many years and everything about them is fabulous and great. They're nice, easy to work with. They're helpful and friendly too. They're also cheap and I can pay easy. Super wonderful, all good and amazing.

We have been with this company for over 10 years. We recently went with another and it is a living nightmare trying to cancel with them. I did so nearly a month ago, and it has taken several phone calls and emails to both the local agent as well as the corporate customer service to cancel and we have yet to receive our refund. I was initially told 7-10 days. Since they have yet to send our check, I have told them they should expedite payment. They will not do that. They keep telling me it is processing. I can only imagine how long the turnaround time would be if we kept them and filed a claim. If anyone asked me if I would recommend them based on our experience, I would definitely say no.

I contacted the national number for nationwide in order to apply. The agent accessed the listing service and downloaded pictures from the sales listing. After reviewing the pictures, she asked me really unprofessional questions like, "Why is your house so expensive?" I explained the realities of the DC real estate market and shrugged things off.

A couple of weeks pass and I get a letter saying that someone would be coming to look at the property in order to confirm that the replacement value is sufficient. The person comes, measures the outside and walks the exterior property. He never comes inside but does ask me if the fireplace is wood burning or gas burning.

A short time later I receive an e-mail from Nationwide stating that if I don't remove my dangerous secondary heating source that they will cancel my policy. I immediately respond to inquire what exactly they are talking about and they confirm that the "danger" is my fireplace. I reply explaining that the fireplace is original to the home and is built into the wall along with a large stone mantle. They respond saying that my message will be forwarded to the underwriter and that maybe they didn't mean the fireplace but the deck... as if those two things are similar. I never hear another thing until roughly a month later when I get a letter saying that they were canceling my policy for not providing evidence that my fireplace had either been removed or installed by a licensed provider. Again, the fireplace that is original to the 25 year old single family home. The same one that I already responded about.

I send another e-mail to Nationwide pointing out that I had responded and had never heard another thing from them. They then ask for a picture of the fireplace. I send the picture and also point out that they had pictures at the time of application. I further ask how the inspector determined there was a hazard since he never entered the home. Again, radio silence. A few days later I get a letter saying that they withdraw the cancellation notice but, by that time I had already had enough of the incompetence. I got a new policy through Amica and cancelled Nationwide. I will NEVER consider Nationwide again and will warn others to avoid them as well.

The person who's buying our home reported to their agent that they called Nationwide to obtain a quote for Homeowners only to be told that they could not write coverage for the home for him because the property had multiple claims. When my husband and I get this information we are totally perplexed because we have had only 2 claims in 15 years and can be verified by Chubb Group of Insurance by request of a Loss Run.

Nationwide is full of crap because the 1st claim on our property was in 2003 after Hurricane Isabel, which resulted in a contractor coming to re-caulk all of the windows and replace a few pieces of siding, the second in 2014 due to damage to the garage door, both claims were extremely minor claims that had minimal cost. The buyer will seek coverage elsewhere but FYI if you want real insurance and assurance you are getting a great product you really need to look into Chubb Group or anyone other than Nationwide.

We received a letter dated August 23, 2011 that stated Nationwide was canceling our Homeowner's policy effective September 27, 2011 because the house is not owner occupied. They were aware of this fact last year when we moved and the house is on the market for sale. The only reason they are canceling is that we filed a claim with them because there was a damage to the house due to a storm and they do not wish to pay the claim. They were saying the water damage is not from the storm. We appealed their ruling and they hired an engineer. I believe the engineer is siding with us and that is why they are canceling our policy.

I had a claim for a leak in my roof during a rain storm. I do not understand why the hurricane clause is in effect for my area (Hampton Roads). While the National Weather service called for hurricane winds to not come close to the 74mph sustained winds needed to qualify for a hurricane, the winds were sustained at 40mph, with gusts of 55-57mph in this area. Due to this, my deductible has gone from $1000.00 to over $10,000, this is unjust and should be corrected.

Nationwide is truly a wicked company. Their insurance adjusters are worthless people with no conscience. I don't want to write what happened but I can tell you this. It happened three years ago and I will never, ever fail to tell any prospect looking into this company to beware of the bad service they have provided me.

They were not on my side. This has been a nightmare! I received a notice in the mail stating that they were cancelling my homeowner's policy that I have had 1 year. I purchased it when I bought my home because I already had auto insurance with them and I liked the price. One year later, they cancelled after charging my mortgage co. over 1000 dollars, really? Their reason was something on my credit report. My credit score is 770! Now, I have been waiting for over 2 weeks to get my refund from Nationwide so I can pay the mortgage co. back so my house payment won't go up 150 dollars.

I have been a customer for over 25 years and I'm very satisfied. My claims have always been handled quickly and to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for insurance.

We received a letter that stated Nationwide was canceling our Homeowner's policy effective March, 2012 because the house is owner occupied. They were aware of this fact for over 15 years. The only reason they are cancelling is that we filed a claim with them because there was damage to the house due to a storm and the nationwide, representative came out and stated the damage was due to settling of house, even though I mentioned I had not seen the damage before the storm.

I called the office and a month later, they stated that the insurance was being cancelled. I asked the reason why and they stated because we needed to replace the roof because of damage due to the storm. I then told Nationwide that "you stated that I did not have any damage due the storm," that is why I didn't pursue it. Next, they stated that they did not carry that type of insurance any more and that we had to get a new policy on the house. They quoted me a figure that is $1000 more than what we are paying now. Our insurance went up $1000. I could not believe this. Is it legal to cancel a homeowner's policy - we have not missed a payment and have never filed a claim? Something needs to be done about the cancellation of policies for no apparent good reason(s).

I have had Nationwide since 2000 when we purchased our first home. They were recommended when we signed our mortgage. We started off paying $330.00 a year for very reasonable insurance. This quickly went up to over $800.00 yearly for the exact same coverage without our knowledge. It is now 16 years later, our payment always went into escrow so we never knew about the changes until this year. When I called to cancel with Nationwide they offered us pretty close to the rate we gave them back in 2000. Why now? Why take advantage of us for 16 years and not value us as a customer?

They are the most dishonest company I have ever known. When I complained to the BBB they claimed they did not have my phone number for 16 years, though they had no trouble contacting me a few weeks ago with a better rate. By the way, we have had the same number for 16 years, with the same answering machine, with the same message! This is a horrible, horrible insurance company. If you have them, I strongly encourage you to shop around for someone else immediately. If you are considering them, DO NOT!

This company has lost its mojo! I have been with Nationwide for 15 years. Let's talk about the homeowners policy first. I lived in California and my house there was insured by Nationwide. Then I moved to Oregon and bought a house with husband. Nationwide said I had to insure our house in Oregon with them because it was my primary residence, REALLY! Ok now let's get to the car policy. Keep in mind I've been with Nationwide for 15 years, no accidents or any claims but every 6 months my premium keeps going up. The liability limit is low, dear Lord what if I got $500,000.00. I wouldn't be able to pay the premium. I didn't even call them to get an explanation for the rate increase, I just dropped them! And sent them a letter telling them to put their policy where, well you know!!! I've now got excellent coverage with a lower premium with, DRUM ROLL PLEASE - GEICO!!! Woohoo. People Drop Nationwide and Hit Them In The Pocketbook!!!

In the interview with Nationwide representatives, we conducted an oral interview and oral application of the policy. After the interview and oral application, we requested the status of the application and policy. This happened within 21/2 weeks. We were informed that my husband was approved but more or nothing was concluded on me. We requested it to be put on paper. We contacted them several times by fax so we would have some proof of what was going on. We even had a second meeting with them and even had an over the phone conversation with the CEO of that branch. We have been told by them that the underwriter need this and that, but your husband has been approved. We know that I have been treated unfairly. My husband and I know that I have been treated unfairly under the Fair Practice Act.

I have been with Nationwide Auto before 1990 and my husband and I have been with them with our home since 1995. There has never been any question of who I am and any concern of our auto and home policy. We understand this is a life policy, but they had to know something about us to be with them this long. We requested for them to put an answer on paper. We understand we can go somewhere else. Yet, it is not justice for anyone to be treated like an old shoe due to that they want to just say go on. What happened to due process of the law to protect everyone who should be treated fairly?

When I called Nationwide to report a chimney fire at my home they said I should have Servepro come and inspect before requesting help from Nationwide. They did not offer alternative housing, and my policy covered this. They did not suggest we evacuate the home and did not bother to come to our home until Monday when the fire occurred on Wed. night.

Furthermore, ServePro did not properly clean the dry chemical and made problems significantly worse by bringing in air scrubbers for days before they started cleaning. The air scrubbers expelled air at the bottom and blew the highly friable dry chemical into everything. Additionally, ServePro started at the bottom floor instead of cleaning from the top down. Due to delays in evacuating our home and our breathing smoke and dry chemical for days my daughter and I both developed bronchitis and still suffer the effects. Sadly our elderly dog was not able to overcome the effects of breathing the smoke and dry chemical and had to be put to sleep. This all happened right before Christmas and proved to be one of the saddest, most stressful ever not in small part due to the neglect and malpractice of Nationwide and Servepro.

Our furniture was covered in the smoke and dry chemical and the air scrubbers blew this into the upholstered furniture. Nationwide is refusing to replace our furniture and has not provided a written reason for this refusal despite my having requested this in writing. Nationwide also refuses to replace electronics and computers saying they will clean them with ozone. Ozone attacks the plastics in computers and the dry chemical is corrosive. While I suspect that Nationwide wants to use their exemption of any contamination caused to a home that is in every homeowner's policy in America now, despite the fact that the insurance industry is heavily invested in the pesticide industry which they refuse to cover in homeowner's policies. Nor does the insurance industry warn homeowner's about using pesticides and how they can contaminate a home beyond habituation, cause permanent injury or death.

However, regardless of the universal contamination exclusion, when Nationwide failed to investigate for days and recommended Servepro, who did more damage than good by blowing dry chemical all over our home and into everything this ceases to be contamination and becomes personal injury and property damage as both Nationwide and Servepro knew or should have known the dangers of breathing dry chemical and how to properly clean it up. Nationwide has repeatedly ignored my requests and calls only to act as if they have been taking care of my claim.

My complaint is about Nationwide Insurance Flood and Chris Coleman Agency in Pinellas County, FL. Our flood policy is paid by our mortgage company and the mortgage company paid Nationwide. The funds were withdrawn on 9/20 and sent to Nationwide. The person who answers the phone at Chris Coleman Agency refuses to put him on the phone and has Stephanie or Mary deal with the customers. This is the third year in a row that someone from Coleman Agency has called me and left me a voice mail saying that our flood policy has lapsed due to non-payment. The bill was paid and I will be looking for a new agent today to represent Nationwide for our flood policy. Chris ** permits incompetent employees to run his agency.

So far we haven't had any negative issues with our home insurance company. They're always quick to answer questions and explain things very carefully. Even when we were unsure about the level of coverage we actually had they were wonderful with answering questions and talking about any other policies that might be a better fit.

Nationwide added an ordinance and law coverage on my policy which resulted in a very large increase in the payment. When I called them to question this added coverage, they could not explain it to me and gave me the runaround. Sorry to say, but after 25 years, I will be leaving and would not use Nationwide! Beware and watch your escrow account!

I have had coverage from Homeowners since 2001, and for my cars for even longer. They sent a cancel notice because I claimed storm damage in 2011, and I had a theft this year. The total was only $5,083 for both claims. They have made more money off of me over the years when I had no claims. "On your side," my **. Now they are going to make my rates go up because of this, and you have to have coverage. I am now believing that they are crooks and nothing more. It is all about money.

We have Nationwide Insurance for our homeowners’ coverage. When I went to Puerto Rico for two weeks, my son watched my three rescue dogs for me. He is 21 years old and for the most part did not pay much attention to the dogs. I returned to find my house torn up. My carpet had feces and urine on it so badly that it all has to be replaced. The carpet was chewed in two places and the tile is badly stained. Nationwide came through to do a walk-through and report and denied the claim because they said we were not covered for this. Okay, they told me to file a claim with my ex-husband since my son lives with him and I am now waiting for this to process. But when I called Nationwide, he (Jeff) was extremely cocky and laughed at me then said why should I call this other agent? I had emailed him to send the pictures to State Farm for processing. He reluctantly did send the photos. But as a customer, I don't want to be treated like that and would not recommend this Insurance Company. It is cut rate at best and I will make sure we change companies right away.

Horrible, deceptive and sloppy service is exactly what I have received so far from Nationwide insurance services. I have been shocked and disgusted with their lack of service, and from my perspective, saying Nationwide is on your side is a blatant and bold faced lie. So the situation was that one night, my neighbors tree, which is been hanging over my house for some time, fell down ripping a giant hole in my roof and landed in my bedroom/office. I had been sitting at my desk working on bills about three minutes before the tree fell. I got up to get a snack and that's when the tree landed on my house and it sounded like an explosion. A giant branch landed right at the chair where I had been sitting three minutes earlier. If I've been sitting in the chair when the tree fell, it would've hit split my head open and I would not be writing this today.

I looked for a place to stay for myself and my son and could not find anything nearby that was available and was anywhere close to us other than a one bedroom one bath hotel room. I talked to my insurance agents, Sanfilippo & sons insurance agency, and they told me to make arrangements for a place to stay and the insurance would cover it. I ended up making arrangements for my son and I to stay at a friends house for a price that was less than we would've paid for a hotel. The insurance adjuster, David **, told me that the insurance would not cover that and that if I was staying with a friend, they might be able to pay me about $50 a week because "a friend shouldn't charge you that much".

He also suggested that my son and I move in with my parents for a while so I explained to him that my parents were dead and that I had not been paying my friend, whose house my son and I was staying at, many, many years of premiums to take care of us in an emergency. He retorted that I hadn't just "jumped into a pile of money" and that nationwide insurance would not cover to stay at my friends house even though it was cheaper than it would've been if we had stayed at a hotel. He went on to tell me I had no rental loss insurance on my property so they would not cover me for the loss of income from my tenant. This was also found to be untrue as I read over my insurance policy again. This guy David ** seems to think when he makes a decision about my policy, there is no room for discussion, although frequently he is been dead wrong.

What is also amazing to me is the little nationwide is on your side theme and we are attempting to give you great service, which is written on the bottom of each note that he sends. It says if you've not received exceptional service to give a call to a particular person and they give that person's phone number. The particular name and the particular number is David ** and is the phone number I've been calling. So if I'm not happy with my service I complain to the person who's giving me horrible service??? Isn't that someone similar to being raped and then reporting the rape to the rapist???

So I'm not finished with the process yet, so if there are massive changes in the way I am treated I could change my rating, but let me tell you, it doesn't seem likely. So to summarize, I had a tree fall on my house, through no fault of my own. I was told to find a place to stay temporarily, I was told to find a contractor to rebuild my house, and now Nationwide is telling me, through their agent David **, that my contractors are charging more than they should so Nationwide is not willing to pay them. So a tree falls on my house, again through no fault of my own, and it now appears like I'm going to be out at least $20,000 to have my house built back to where it was.

I was hoping that my insurance agents, Sanfilippo and sons insurance services, could help me through this process, but they, from my perspective, seem unwilling, unmotivated, and totally inept. When this process has been completed I will take policies on all three of my houses to another company and definitely to other insurance agents. I suspect I have 80 years of policy premiums through nationwide and through these agents, and I don't believe I ever made a claim.

After Nationwide told me my cars were not covered under my personal property, I asked them to send an email that contained my insurance policy. They told me that they could not email it and that they could put it in the mail and I would probably get it in 10 days to two weeks. That was not too helpful when I'm trying to make arrangements to have the tree taken out of my roof, to mitigate damages, and to get my home repaired. Since it was the neighbors tree, and since another tree had fallen from his yard previously, I believed he was negligent by not keeping a better eye on his giant tree that loomed over my house.

When I talked to his insurance company, Farmers, they were very helpful and pleasant and gave me lots of good information. The adjusters were kind, thoughtful, and actually seemed to care about doing the right thing. They gave me a check for each of my two cars that got beaten up when the tree fell. They had a list of lots of people who worked on cars in the area. They had their favorites who, they recommended, but they were very clear that we could go to anybody we wanted to do for the car repairs. They wrote a check and they said if they were for the repairs that were needed but that they overlooked and damages, they would make sure everything was taken care of properly. The checks were quite reasonable for the damage, and then they made sure that we had vehicles to drive while ours were being fixed. Farmers was awesome, caring, and treated us extremely well.

I got a discount on my car insurance if I have other insurance with the company and there was no pressure by my agent to obtain this insurance. It covers what I need for what I have invested in the house, although I think the price is a little too high. I have to wait to be approved until an inspector came out and inspected the inside and outside of the house. Still, I like the peace of mind the insurance gives me and the amount of protection. I've had this insurance as long as I can remember.

Who better to insure our first house than the company with whom we've insured our vehicle and various rentals over the years? When we did have to file a major claim (stolen car), Nationwide was right there. A few informational phone calls and we had their check in our hands in less than two weeks... In an amount much higher than we expected! As a military family, we move A LOT. It's good to know that "Nationwide is on our side" every step of the way. I would recommend Nationwide WITHOUT RESERVATION to anyone looking to buy homeowners insurance, or any other type of insurance that Nationwide provides.

Filed the claim 8/7/14. The first pictures of the entire damage and as many individual pictures of damaged and destroyed item as I could reasonably find on August 12, 2014. August 13, adjuster asked for the list of items to be split up and put in a Word or Excel file. August 17th, 2014, I sent the revised list in an excel file and asked if there was anything else I needed to do. August 20 emailed adjuster to confirm that receipt of the file, Adjuster replied that he had received it and was reviewing it. August 29th, 2014 emailed adjuster for update - no response. September 4, 2014, I emailed again asking for an update. Adjuster responded that he needed to have someone come and investigate. Ok come and investigate a month and umpteen rains after the fire, but please just do something on this claim.

We have had a great experience. Claims have been handled in a timely and hassle free manner. No complaints here! Our experience with Nationwide has been easy and positive. We are kept informed about our policy and everything else seems to take care of itself. When we did have claims they made the process as easy and painless as possible and got everything taken care of.

On July 4, 2012, a hail storm impacted the Murrysville PA area with 1 inch hail. This storm took its toll on a large number of roofs including ours. At the time, we had Nationwide Insurance and filed a claim for the damage. The Nationwide Agent, Alan **, appeared and told us they would never pay for our claim after glancing at our roof from our front yard. They did deny our claim and we filed an appeal. Nationwide sent a roof engineer to investigate our claim and he did find hail damage however Nationwide again refused to honor our policy. We filed suit however since we did so beyond the 1 year statute of limitations within our policy, we will lose our case.

The moral here is Nationwide Insurance does not honor its homeowner policies and will hide behind its 1 year statute of limitations language. This language states you must sue Nationwide within 1 year of when you notified Nationwide of a claim. We failed to do this as we felt Nationwide was going to honor our policy however we now know they never intended to do so. I suggest you avoid Nationwide for any insurance needs as they will not honor their policies.

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