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I purchased The Wellness Pet Insurance for my two cats aged 11 and 6. I was told I pay monthly for the plan and as soon as I take my pets I can start getting reimbursed. That was not true, I called to ask about my claim I submitted and then I'm told I have a $250 deductible for each cat. In total their plan together was $950 for the year plus $250 for each cat and then the plan would cost $1450 for the year. Only after you spend $250 on each cat then you get 90% back of what you spent on vet bills. Both my cats are healthy so it's useless to have it when shots for both only cost $350 out of pocket. I faxed both cats' vet documents to underwriting but yet they are too ** lazy to review the documents.

I had my older cat show positive on Feline Leukemia Virus for a cheap test. I paid for a more expensive test which is over $100 on its own and my cat was negative. So instead of them as an insurance company knowing the more expensive test showed my cat did not get have Feline Leukemia Virus. I had to spend again over $100 out of pocket, just to prove she was negative. Which the more expensive test showed negative once again. Then I filed a claim to have it removed from my cat's file which takes a month. Then my plan decreased in cost. This insurance is a scam for younger pets. Only when they are old it is worth it. When you setup up your claim there is no point to say anything about your pet because their lazy underwriting department doesn't read your pet's file once it's received. Just filed in a cabinet and put away.

I purchased pet insurance for my puppy and it was very important that it cover genetic issues at any age as my previous dog had a genetic problem and I didn’t have any insurance. Nationwide’s website states genetic issues are covered. My puppy had a procedure on his eyes as he has entropion. (It is not serious if treated and it is fixable and not something that returns once corrected). He had a stapling procedure done which could hopefully prevent him from having to have surgery when he is older. Nationwide picked up none of these costs as they said the policy is not to cover genetic issues diagnosed before 12 months. I guess this was buried somewhere in my policy but I think a reputable company should be telling people this when they call which I did. Not only will they not pick up any costs associated with the stapling procedure, they won’t cover the initial visit to the eye Dr. because the result was a genetic issue.

And then I find out, if he has to have surgery which would be after he’s a year old they would only pick up partial payment ($500 out of an estimated $3,000 bill). However the first person I spoke to just said yes when I asked if the surgery would be covered. The second time I called is when I was told “no that is only then partially covered.” I have recently called other companies and they tell you over the phone what is covered and not covered and the % that are covered. There are many companies that cover genetic issues before a year. I just wish I had been smart enough to go with one of those companies from the beginning because now it is considered a pre existing condition and no one will cover it. Nationwide’s website presents as a company that provides all this great coverage but beware so you aren’t in a position like I found myself.

Do not buy, they advertise covering 90%, but they don't tell you the allocated amount is super low. Figure if lucky to get back 50%. Recently had to put my dog to rest, $595 bill got reimbursed $64. Much better choices the VPI – Nationwide.

I have a ten-month-old pug I purchased when he was roughly eight weeks old. He is a healthy little dog - no health problems whatsoever. When he was 5 months old I took out Nationwide Pet Insurance on him. A month later I had the dog neutered and also had a complete physical and bloodwork performed for my own peace of mind. The dog passed with flying colors - healthy, no health problems at all.

About a month ago the pug and my other two dogs were rough housing in the backyard and got into something nasty & of course needed medical treatment for nausea. Nationwide paid the claim on the two females but for reasons unknown to me are looking 4 excuses to pay on the pug. The claim hangs in a limbo of bureaucratic red tape of the worst kind. Nationwide is demanding information on the pug that is impossible to obtain like complete medical records going back to the breeder when the pug was a week old. I don't even know who the breeder was??? All I know when I purchased the pup he had a clean bill of health. Two days later he had another physical and was given a clean bill of health. He is current on shots, heart worm meds and everything to stay healthy. He is healthy. There are no pre-existing conditions.

All I want is for Nationwide to live up to their end of the contract & pay the claim in a professional manner without making me jump through hoops & always looking for excuses to get out of paying the claim. When I took out the insurance on the pug I signed a contract there were no pre-existing conditions. I gave them permission to consult the dog's vet, obtain medical records to prove the dog qualified for the plan. My premiums are taken directly from my payroll. I have lived up to my end of the contract now it is time for Nationwide Pet Insurance to honor the contract and pay the claim.

I pay a monthly premium for Nationwide Pet Insurance, and they deny my claims or pay them at a much lower amount than advertised. They hooked me in by saying there is no annual limit, but failed to tell me that there is a limit on each diagnosis or procedure. For example, my dog got an CT scan for one medical issue, and then 6 months later needed a CT scan for a different issue. That is when I found out that they wouldn't pay for the second CT ($800) because my dog had maxed out on CT's. This kept happening.

I tried to appeal one of their denials, and they responded by demanding all my dog's medical records for his entire life in order to process my claim. And then they send me a threatening document about pet insurance fraud and what they do to people who commit fraud. It felt like harassment. I cut my losses and canceled the policy. Word of warning: check customer reviews before purchasing pet insurance. Nationwide has hundreds of 1 star reviews - including this one. Suck it Nationwide.

DO not sign up for pet insurance through Nationwide Pet Insurance. They charge an arm and a leg and tell you they will cover you and your pet and then they dont after the procedure is over. They are rude over the phone and are thieves. Save your money and your heartache.

VPI started out good 6 months ago when I insurance our 5 yr old shepherd. I have a preexisting pollen allergy listed on my policy and I have never billed them for that. However, my dog was bitten twice by insects. After having to ask them to fax my vet for med records after their refusal to pay, they finally paid it. The second time they argued with my vet and said the bite was allergy and refused payment. They are slow in processing claims and paying and the customer service people are rude. In 6 months they upped my policy from 66.00 to 79.00. I'm sooo done with them. I'm dropping them and going to Pet Plan. I would never recommend them to anyone!!!

I am shocked at the bad reviews for VPI Pet Insurance. I've had them for over 15 years and never had one problem. They have paid everything they are supposed too. I have their best policy and they have paid most of the bill so I think some people do not have the right policy. If you want everything covered, it will cost more. My friends also have this Pet insurance through VPI and are so happy with them too. I'm so glad I have the coverage for my two dogs. By the way, I do not work for VPI, just am very happy with them!

I sure wish I read these comments before purchasing from VPI. What you read here on these posts is all true. My dog had three exclusions, fine and all stated fairly upfront. After I filed my first claim, they added exclusion and failed to inform me. They are refusing to pay for tests done for my dog based on an exclusion that wasn’t even there when they accepted my enrollment. They are not covering another condition (even though it is listed as a condition that they cover) because they are saying it was pre-existing and according to VPI, they can deny coverage even if the condition was not discovered until after you have signed up.

Stay very far away from this company, which basically means, at their discretion they can say, sorry, pre-existing and they are not covering you whenever they please. In fact, my vet will recommend not to use them to all their clients.

I signed my Labrador up for insurance when I first got her. I did my research and went with VPI. They were great and I was very happy with them. The plan was good and payments made sense. Since Nationwide Pet Insurance has taken over, the percentage of a bill that they are willing to cover has gone way down. It's a fight to get anything paid and when you call for explanations they hide behind several pages of rate explanations. Unfortunate for many pet owners you are trapped and cannot change policies due to preexisting conditions. So your only two choices are to except the fact that you are paying for a bad policy or to go without insurance for your pet. So please do your research and not rely on the good reputation that VPI had. Be sure to look at this company from the point Nationwide took over.

I've been paying monthly premiums for 4 years and have NEVER had a claim paid by this company. Seems every condition is considered a pre-existing condition!! Really sorry I ever enrolled with this company and will be cancelling the policy immediately. I was warned to stay clear of this company but went ahead and was trusting their service as being upfront. Really a waste of money. So, I now have a bill of 900.00 for my beloved pet with a new condition however they found a way to deny the claim. If you have a policy be sure to understand the terminology in the fine print as far as exclusions go. Really a rip off!!!

My family bought VPI pet insurance, now Nationwide when we got our dog over 6 years ago. We have a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and wanted to be prepared if she developed any health issues. We have been paying for over 6 years and about a month ago, my dog was diagnosed with a heart condition. Nationwide denied our claim telling us that it is not covered because she is a Cavalier and it heart conditions are common in this breed. In their material they called it a hereditary condition. However, I didn't know hereditary means common to the breed and not having it is the breeding line. Had my husband and I known this was the case we would have never paid for insurance for 6 years only to have nothing. They advertise they cover hereditary condition but consumers should beware because they don't.

After verifying with my veterinarian I had a valid claim and filling out all the appropriate paperwork. I later come to find Nationwide will not pay one penny of the $973 claim I made to pull my dog's deciduous teeth and help the infection in his mouth. After a 5-hour surgery and not $1. Sorry Nationwide. You just lost a lot of customers. I'm also in the Vet business and will be sure to spread the word after I canceled my policy.

This pet insurance company is horrible! I couldn't even get through the process to get a policy through them due to the horrific customer service. I have spoken to three representatives and a saleswoman, all four people were condescending, twisting my words and generally refused to listen to what I had to say. They would cut me off in the middle of sentences and talk over me, every single phone call. In general, the company was quick to invent "pre-existing conditions" to deny my pet. They took one medical issue that happened over a year ago one time and called it a pre-existing condition to deny my pet. When I asked them to get medical records proving it was a one time thing over a year ago, they proceeded to call all the vets my pet has seen and denied based on two new conditions they found while combing through old records. Again, things that were one time issues and had never come back.

It is unfortunate that so many businesses choose to work with this company as it makes taking my business to a competitor even tougher. The saleswoman I worked with was quick to up-sell policies and preventative care using horrible emotional appeals about "really loving" my pet. Disgusting. I would never recommend this pet insurance to any pet owner.

I have had health insurance since my dogs were puppies. It started off as VPI then became Nationwide. My English Bulldog Claude recently became ill by aspirating a toxic bacteria. He has to spend 10 days in the ICU on oxygen therapy and various antibiotics. The vet was optimistic he would recover. On the 10th day he took a turn for the worse and passed away. The bills totaled $14,000 and Nationwide paid out $740. I was scammed and duped into paying my $54 a month premium for absolutely NOTHING! This insurance is a total scam. After 5 attempts to have the claim reviewed Nationwide flat out denied everything! CONSUMERS BEWARE.

I purchased pet insurance for our dog (AKC Registered Doberman with 4 blue ribbons) who is an pure breed and just about perfect dog. We purchased this insurance knowing in the future he may have hip or joint issues. Or heaven forbid he get into an accident or eat poison or whatever issues could arise. So we adopted our dog on 4/16/2016 from a reputable breeder and she shows all of her dogs. On 4/21 we bought the pet insurance and on 4/25 our account was debited the money. We had to attest that there were no pre-existing conditions on our pup. We even sent every medical record from the previous owners Vet. He was eating Fromm Dog Kibbles (really good food) and we continued with the Fromm brand, just changed the type of kibbles he was eating.

On 4/26 he was getting a rash all over his body and was getting pustules on his hind legs. I called the vet and we got him in. The vet was not 100% sure if it was the food or environmental allergies (We live in Central Florida and this year was a bad year for dog allergies supposedly). So I knew our insurance would not cover this, but I thought it was important to have him looked at and I will just pay out of pocket. The vet said she was not 100% sure but there have been a lot of dogs coming in the last few weeks with allergies. So I told her I thought it may be the food since we changed it a week ago. She went ahead and started him on prednisone and an antibiotic. I left out of there paying $185.00 (got his physical since it was his first visit). No biggie. I did not send that in to the insurance as I knew he was not covered. His rash went away as we went to another food.

Fast forward to July 2016, we noticed he had skin bumps starting on his belly and a growth (tumor) on his right side of his rib cage. The vet did some scrapping and found the bumps to be either allergies or bug bites (he is on flea and heart worm meds as well, that I did not send it to the insurance company). So they put him on another drug and said he will be fine in a few days. Come to find out the growth was a benign tumor and needed to be removed as he would not leave it alone and kept licking and scratching it. So we had it removed. I sent forward the paperwork with all of the vet notes, just to be told they will not pay as this is a PRE EXISTING condition. WHAT???? So I called and escalated to a manager (Alesia) and she said since we took him in before the insurance policy date started, the diagnosis of "allergies" was documented and they will not pay for pre-existing conditions.

I attempted to argue the point that it was food allergies and they told me it was allergies, so all allergies fall under that. I was completely shocked. After being in Medicine for 20 years, I had never heard of that garbage. So at the end of the day, we have shelled out $892.12 for vet bills (tumor removed and spayed as well) and have received only $72.39 in return. They will NOT reimburse us for the others. I know I can get legal representation and fight this and get it ALL back but will end up spending $5k to get $800 back is not logical. They are banking on this I am sure. I am going to post this on EVERY FORUM out there for others to be cautious of this rip off scam. DO NOT BUY PET INSURANCE FROM NATIONWIDE! You have been warned!

I am a responsible pet owner and a loyal customer who has had pet insurance through VPI which is now Nationwide for over ten years. I have been fortunate to have a healthy dog, so I have not had to make many claims for my other dog. I recently bought a new purebred AKC registered Shiba Inu puppy. The day I brought my puppy home on June 17, 2016, at eight weeks old, I set up a new policy with Nationwide since I know how expensive a new puppy can be.

I was informed by the Nationwide representative I spoke with that I had a $250 deductible, and after that I would receive 90% reimbursement for any vet visits after my deductible was met. I have taken my puppy to the vet several times and have more than met my deductible, yet I have received no reimbursements for Any of my claims.

I took my puppy, Max, to the vet for itchy skin as well as his puppy vaccines on the day his policy went into effect on 7/1/16. After that date his skin worsened and I took him to the Animal Dermatology Clinic to see if they could better diagnosis his skin issue. I have been informed that these claims are under review since they think my puppy's skin issue could be a pre-existing condition. I do not understand how his skin issues could be pre-existing if I just got the puppy at eight weeks old, and I bought the pet insurance the day I brought him home.

When I spoke with Derrick **, a supervisor at Nationwide Pet Insurance, on Wednesday, August 24th, he tried to convince me it is a pre-existing condition if it occurred twelve months prior to the effective date of 7/1/16. How could it be a pre-existing condition, if he wasn't even born yet? I feel that Nationwide is trying to dodge their responsibility to reimburse me the 90% I am owed for the claims I have made.

From what I have read, Nationwide claims they stand above their competition for exceptional customer service. If this statement is true, then why is Nationwide shirking their responsibilities to make good on my pet insurance policy and not following through with the 90% reimbursement I was promised when I signed up?

Furthermore, Derrick ** informed me that I would not be reimbursed for ANY of my claims for my puppy, Max, until these claims involving his skin issue has been resolved. What does one claim have to do with another? I was never informed of this when I took out the policy. Additionally, my vet has informed me that they have had to fax my claims several times and Nationwide has not recognized any of these faxes.

I verified the fax number with Derrick **. He had no reason as to why the faxed claims have not been received. This is very poor customer service and bad business practices not to acknowledge faxes that have been sent through several times. This is yet another tactic Nationwide is using to be deceptive and not pay the money they owe me. These devious business practices are unacceptable!

I feel I was mislead to believe my puppy, Max, would have superior coverage with the Nationwide pet insurance policy. I do not feel I have been treated as a valued, loyal customer, and I am extremely disappointed with how these claims have been handled. I believe Nationwide's actions are devious and dishonest. I would like Nationwide to make right this wrong and provide the exceptional customer service they claim to have. Nationwide needs to stop stalling this process and reimburse me the 90% I am owed for any vet visits that exceed my $250 deductible.

Updated on 09/11/2016: I am writing this letter to update you of the claims disagreement between myself and Nationwide regarding my puppy, Max. As I anticipated Nationwide is not covering my claims and has added the following exclusions which are incorrect to Max's policy: Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Canine Upper Respiratory Infection, Dermatopathy, and Gastroenteritis. I disagree with these exclusions and believe them to be excessive. My veterinarian at Estrella Veterinarian Hospital, Julie **, contacted Nationwide's Vet Services Department to dispute these exclusions. Nationwide did not value Julie's input or expertise regarding the misinformation included in Max's policy as pre-existing conditions.

To give you a little background on Max, he was transported from Missouri. This experience was quite stressful for him, being taken from his mother and flying over 6 hours to his new home. When I received him, he had a scratch on his head that Nationwide is saying is the Dermatopathy. I have a note from the breeder saying Max was playing rough with one of his siblings, and that was why he had the scratch on his head. It was not a skin disease, it was rough-housing with his playmates.

On our first visit to Estrella, Max had been scratching. I just thought he had fleas. My vet, Julie **, also informed me that a change in environment can cause itching. A flea medicine was prescribed. Since when are having fleas considered Dermatopathy? During our visit, I was asked if he had sneezed. I said, "Yes, maybe once or twice." I think I need to vacuum under my bed. Is sneezing a couple times grounds for diagnosing a pre-existing condition of Rhinitis, Sinusitis and Canine Upper Respiratory Infection. If he indeed had all these pre-existing conditions, wouldn't medication have been prescribed? These exclusions don't make sense. Even my veterinarian has refuted these exclusions as pre-existing conditions.

The Gastroenteritis is another ridiculous exclusion. Having gone through the trauma of traveling across country as a puppy, having diarrhea upon arrival would not be considered uncommon. Are there any puppies that don't have diarrhea in their first few weeks of adjusting to their new home? I know my other two dogs also experienced stress and anxiety upon arrival and had diarrhea when I brought them home. Also his vet, Julie **, said a flea bite can give a puppy diarrhea. Additionally, for Gastroenteritis to be an exclusion on Max's policy is unreasonable, since I'm sure Max will have diarrhea at sometime again in his lifetime. Diarrhea is quite common for puppies and dogs.

I feel, and my vet, Julie **, agrees that these exclusions that are being said to be pre-existing conditions are gross exaggerations by Nationwide to avoid paying my claims. My veterinarian took the time out of her busy schedule to refute these exclusions, yet Nationwide disregarded her opinion and expertise. Since I opened Max's policy on 6/17/2016, the day Max came home, I have only received $139.68 in reimbursements. I have almost $1,000 in claims for Max since I opened his policy. I feel that at 8 weeks old, having these exclusion is unfair and an underhanded and dishonest tactic being used by Nationwide so they do not have to follow through reimbursing me the money I am owed.

I purchased insurance for two cats three years ago. My two cats were (supposedly) covered for illness and injury. I have submitted four legitimate claims, satisfied deductibles, and I get nothing but denial letters because the injury "doesn't qualify". I've paid $1,000+ over three years. I'm calling tomorrow to cancel. VPI is good at taking your money, useless at paying a claim.

Well, it started well. They had reasonable prices for our two dogs. Our first dog was on the plan for three years, and the second for two years. They both had it since birth. The first year or so, I received the claim within 2 weeks, which was great, but in the last year or so, that started being closer to a month, and most recently, they just ignored my claim altogether. I sent them an email and they told me to resubmit, and another month goes by. I send another email, and they again tell me to resubmit the claim. It was a simple claim for a required medication.

That wasn't all that was not ok. Their premium increases were more than I can fathom. Both dogs were about the same cost. When we first had our dogs, it was around $45 per dog per month. The next year it went up to $56 per dog per month which was more than a 10%, and that included a 5% discount for adding a second dog. The third year came, and the largest premium I've ever seen came. Now they claim it will cost $98 per dog per month to insure. I felt like a sucker when I renewed anyways. Since that most recent renewal, the customer service and claim efficiency really took a dive. One would think an increase of 75% would result in higher quality customer service, but that was never the case. Throughout the 3 years, the plan for the dog did not change at all.

I got this insurance for my new puppy when he was three months old. It went fine until he had to actually use it for something big. He fell off of our bed and broke his growth plate. He had to have extreme orthopedic surgery and plates put his leg because unfortunately it developed into a worse situation of elbow dysplasia. Note here; Primary diagnosis: break to growth plate from fall. Secondary diagnosis: elbow dysplasia from fall and break to growth plate. Elbow dysplasia is often a hereditary condition and especially in English Bulldogs and unfortunately for the situation, that is the breed he is. However, this is not due to hereditary conditions, this is due to trauma from the fall.

Nationwide put: Primary diagnosis: Elbow dysplasia. Secondary diagnosis; Surgery for elbow dysplasia, angular limb deformity. This mentions absolutely nothing about trauma from the fall to a broken growth plate. They go straight in to what happened after that which is all secondary and could also be misconstrued as hereditary. When I first called Nationwide, the nice gentleman on the phone assured me it would not be a problem and I should even send the claim for plates for $2800 right off the bat so it wouldn't take as long to get some money back upfront. That was the end of niceness. They held onto that claim along with every other piece of paperwork. Both vet, vet surgeon, as well as myself, sent them from the time he was born until now. Basically, every time anybody has ever seen him for anything.

After holding onto all of this for 45 days and asking for more of the same stuff in between, they sent me the notice that they will be paying zero. They discriminate against certain breeds and I told the Nationwide lady this on the phone. I even saw in another review that the lady with the cavalier had the same type of issues with discrimination of breed. At first it was all due to this being a hereditary condition, but then when I argued that, they moved onto the 12 month period of certain situations not being covered. NOW they say it had nothing to do with it being hereditary. Yet, that 12 month rule definitely covers an acute broken growth plate. It does not cover a hereditary condition, so once again, we are in the hereditary area, just re-worded.

I called several times and asked to speak to the manager, whom they would never put me on the phone with. She did send a message thru her representative to have my vet call their vet services department. My vet did this, more than happy to do so feeling they were treating both me and my dog poorly, and that hopefully they misunderstood the situation. He called me back after the conversation very discouraged and told me they wouldn't listen to anything he said and all they would say is "it's not covered." These are their veterinary professionals. LOL. He told me I should contact an attorney.

Both Vet and Vet surgeon felt this is an acute condition that should have been covered. They are so gross. I'm in the process of taking legal action against them now. Find a better pet insurance company. The vet surgeon told me I would have had no trouble at all if I would have used the company he has for his pets. We agreed Nationwide has knowledge in home and cars, not animals.

Had bought VPI Pet Insurance back in October 5, 2015. Had the major medical plan and the pet wellness plus. Had taken my dog in to the vet once his insurance was active to be seen for an issue he was having that related to his skin. So after his visit I had submitted a claim thinking that they would cover it. Turns out they claimed that once they did their so called review of the case that they were not going to pay for a portion of the bill that they were suppose to because they needed more information. So I faxed over his paper work stating that he is adopted and I had just gotten him. He was never seen by a beer for this issue. Called to confirm that they recharged the information.

Spoke with VPI today who still claims that they will not cover the bill because it was somehow a preexisting condition which made no sense at all. Asked them to explain this to me and they could not. Was offered the choice to cancel account with them and I did. DO NOT BUY pet insurance from them. They will steal your money and make false claims so they don't have to pay.

We used VPI for our last dog and had great service so when we got a new dog we used them again. Then they became Nationwide. The plan costs the same but you get way less. Our Dalmatian just had to have $3500 surgery for urate stones. We got $825!! What the heck? I called them and they said that urate stones are not covered. Why not? I would switch to PetPlan, which covers everything, but now he has a "pre-existing condition". So we're stuck with this plan. Or we could switch to something else and hope his prescription food keeps him from getting stones again. I thought "major medical" was just that. I wonder how many other things just suddenly aren't covered. Someone mentioned class action suit.

I insured my puppy with VPI from day 1. The puppy was healthy and had routine vaccinations and check ups - which VPI covered at about 20% reimbursement. Then, about 6 months in, my dog got very ill. We took him to our vet - they gave him some antibiotics. The next day, the dog was worse and we had to take him to a 24 hour care facility. He was diagnosed with pneumonia. Now, faced with a large bill, the company refused to pay any of the claim, saying it was due to a pre-existing condition. There was no pre-existing condition. I have fought this and am sick of fighting... This company should be avoided at all costs.

Dog had salmon poisoning, $6,300 in bills - The title says it all. My dog needed 6 days to be treated for salmon poisoning which was diagnosed late. VPI's limit is approx. $300 for this treatment. They claim to have a $7,500 coverage limit. In order to reach this limit, your pet would likely have to develop/require 75%+ of chronic diseases/tests. I called VPI and stated how misleading their coverage limit claim was, considering their coverage limits for each diagnosis was so miniscule. Class action lawsuit please. At least my dog survived, now to deal with the debt.

They illegally rejected my application due to a pre-existing condition which they clearly state in their policy is not basis for rejection. It is just not covered by the policy.

A little over a month ago, I made the decision to join VPI Pet Insurance because I had heard wonderful things about fairness and accuracy and quickness/high payouts. Nothing was further from the truth. Unfortunately, my dog (AFTER signing a policy with you) was diagnosed with Anaplasmosis, a non-pre-existing condition but was denied any benefits because they dishearteningly consider it a pre-existing condition. This means that ANYTHING that could even REMOTELY be related to this disease as he ages will NOT BE COVERED. This is according to one of their CSRs that I was on the phone with last Friday. He is a little over a year old and they are telling me it is fine that I pay out of the butt of $41+/month, only getting back $125 out of $500+ in bills and now not having my dog's health covered!

This, I assure you, is NOT fine! They are a crooked company that preys off of people who really do want to take great care of their pets and have them around for a long time! They all should be ashamed of yourselves for promoting themselves as pet friendly and lovers of animals. I am disgusted by their policies and am truly sorry I ever gave them a chance. What a waste of money, time (at least 5 calls in over a month to get you guys to do your jobs efficiently) and heartache. It dumbfounds me that they will not cover my dog's health because they subjectively determined/considered it a pre-existing condition even though he was diagnosed AFTER the start of his policy. I would HATE to see how they treat people's beloved pets when they have cancer.

I join the other unhappy clients with similar situations. Member since 2006. The exclusions exceed what is covered. I insured my pet when she was 6 weeks old. Now at 8 1/2 I am learning that almost everything associated with older dogs is NOT covered. Three years ago we adopted a rescue dog. My vet guesstimated his age. Last year during his regular yearly checkup he was diagnosed with cataracts. Because of his guesstimated age it would have made him 6 years old at diagnosis. We think he is a lot older. Well because he was 6 (considered juvenile) they would not consider coverage for surgical procedure which could restore his sight.

My vet faxed additional info, spoke to their Veterinary Dept, explained how his determining the age was only a guess and they still refused to pay for any part of the surgery. I spoke to a customer service rep, a supervisor and then a manager. They held fast. The end result is that I cancelled policies for both pets today. I submitted very few minimal claims over the years and feel badly used. I should have put the money into a "pet" account. I would be way ahead. We are going ahead with the surgery anyway. We think our little guy is well worth it. The people at VPI really don't care. Nationwide underwrites for them. They apparently don't care either.

I purchased a pet insurance policy for my dog in November of 2016. I paid every premium on time. My dog ended up getting very sick about two months later. Thank god I have insurance... NOPE! Immediately after I file large claims a Nationwide PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR calls me for a recorded statement. She grills me on some trivial mistake I made on the application. Then DELAY DELAY DELAY. They waited nearly four months before retroactively rescinding my policy because of some minor error on my application. I am currently looking for an attorney and have submitted complaints to the department of insurance and to the department of justice. THEY ARE AWFUL. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID. READ THE REVIEWS HERE. THEY ARE TRUE.

I read other reviews and went against what they said. I was wrong. Picked up our new puppy from the breeder, puppy had a small cough so I thought maybe kennel cough so I took him into the vet and had an exam. Found out the puppy had a collapse trachea. Never knew about it so I had some x-rays done to verify and submitted the claim. I bought the top of the line insurance policy paying 70.00 a month. Didn't know the puppy had this problem and the breeder never mentioned anything. Claim was denied. I was stuck with a 700 hundred dollar vet bill.

Fought with them for two months. They stated it was pre-existing even though I didn't know about it or the breeder. Read other reviews they say the same thing. Everything is pre-existing so they don't have to pay out now or later. I spent a lot of time getting all the required paperwork and went out of my way to explain the situation. STAY AWAY, DONT BUY INSURANCE FROM THEM. READ REVIEWS.

My 8-year-old Bichon (rescued her at 4 months). Had bladder stones which required surgery. Costs were $3,300 and I was reimbursed $800.00. I have had VPI since Gabby was a puppy and had NO claims... My premiums are now over $500.00/year... What good is this insurance... Time to start a class action suit against VPI... Anyone want to join in?

I have carried my VPI Pet Insurance for approx. 9 years and have found their rates continue to go up but any claims I've submitted qualified for minimal to no reimbursement. My suggestion is not to carry this insurance but rather open a savings account for your animal and put the money into that account instead. I'm very, very disappointed with the lean times we struggle with today - there are still companies like this ripping people off. Shame on them and shame on me for not investigating better.

It is a scam insurance ever. I was offered by my new employer to switch from my pet insurance that I have been happy with for 8 years. I was hesitating, but the sales of Nationwide insurance convinced me that it would be a smooth transition and as long as my dog does not have any chronic preexisting conditions that she has been medically treated or diagnosed before I should have no issues with any of my routine visits and incidents. Well all of that was a big lie!!! I took my senior dog to a routine care vet appointment as she was due for some vaccinations and a senior panel blood test. And then did multiple other routine care tests as it was All supposed to be covered and included in my policy.

As a result: First, Nationwide took over 2 months to process the claim and then after I had to get a manager involved to expedite the process, they denied with an excuse it was a preexisting condition. Never mind that my dog had not treatments before nor been to the doctor for past 2.5 year and in great shape. The reason they said it was preexisting, as I mentioned to the doctor that I am noticing some walking pattern change and she had fat deposit growth but no treatment was done for that and needed. Which is a normal patient doctor conversation on the routine visits. But Nationwide decided to use that as a medical conclusion of preexisting conditions and denied all of the claims made. So totaled to about 500-600$.

Also the routine dental that was supposed to be covered, they did not cover as well as the doctor wrote in the chart as they were cleaning the teeth there was some tart. Ha ha! If you would not have tart why would you even clean the teeth in the first place!!! As the Nationwide manager explained to me, that since she had it before going to the doctor, it preexisting. Which means anytime you go to the doctor with your pet, it will be preexisting as the pet shows the symptoms before the visit. But isn’t why you would go to the doctor in the first place??? So everything they sell is a pure lie and a scam!!! Don’t fall for it and lose so much money as I did!!!

Long story short. I recently had over $3000 in vet bills for a 4 month old German Shepherd puppy. After requiring all vet records, I was only reimbursed $208 due to what they titled a "pretty existing condition". Nationwide is a waste of your money.

We have had Nationwide Pet Insurance since Aug 08, 2016 and cancelled it on Sept 17, 2016 - only 40 days later! Why? Because they immediately placed 3 exclusions on our new policy - only ONE exclusion was correct. We called on Aug 06 and spoke with Cynthia. She told us to have our Vet call their Vet and explain that Ralphie does not and never did suffer from Intervertebral Disc Disease! Our Vet spoke with their Vet on Aug 09, 2016. Review would take less than 30 days per Cynthia so we called on Aug 30 and told it could take up to 30 days and would be finalized on Fri Sep 09.

So on Sat Sep10 I called and spoke with Derick. He explained the review should have been complete by now but assured me that it would be finalized by next Friday - the 16th! I called on Sat the 17th and Justine told me it should be finalized by next Fri Sep 23! I cancelled the policy and would have not even paid a penny for it to start with had I known what I know now. If this is the way they handle ANYTHING - I will NEVER entertain the thought of using Nationwide for ANY TYPE of INSURANCE.

Not worth it at all. You are better off saving your monthly premiums and paying for your vet bills yourself. Or shop around. We have a senior dog and we pay $71.99 a month, x36 = $2591.64 (3 years premiums) + $1011.77 (vet bills in the last 3 years) = $3603.41! Now this insurance company has only reimbursed us a total $238.81 in the last three years!!! Expensive Coupons I guess! You do the math. Why do we still have them? My wife makes me keep it just in case of emergency, she thinks they will cover accidents and emergency. Lol! Keep paging through the other reviews. Complete 08/19/2017 $147.00 $0.00 09/14/2017. Complete 05/10/2017 $110.00 $99.00 Check 05/19/2017. Complete 12/20/2016 $145.24 $0.00 01/11/2017. Complete 09/28/2016 $64.00 $0.00 11/14/2016. Complete 09/14/2016 $354.53 $140.81 Check 11/14/2016. Complete 08/18/2016 $191.00 $0.00 08/24/2016.

5 dogs, 1 cat and 12 years later I have to say I am saddened to know how ROTTEN VPI became when my 12-year-old became ill at age 12. None of my other animals in 12 years, all with top coverage, EVER had more than annual checkups, teeth cleanings and vaccinations. Just under $100 each for each animal over 10 years and suddenly, they REFUSE to pay claim for X-rays done at the same time my Cushings dog had his Q 6 mos blood work and claim Primary benefit was maxed yet secondary benefit should pay. Basically it is obvious that if he is dying (he is), and there is no real hope that he will ever be better, you are better off cancelling and paying cash.

At $100 a month for medications, if you keep the policy active, you'll pay more in the end. (ie: premium $100x12= $1,200, meds for a year $1,200... do the math) I was a HUGE proponent for VPI for a long time. The way they treated this case ruined a 10-year trust and assured me that they no longer care about your pet's health, only the $. Ridiculous.

My cat is 9 years old, and she's always been healthy. I decided to get her pet insurance last November. When the insurance was deemed in force, I took her to the vet to check out fur loss. I just noticed it--it wasn't as if my pet was mangy or bald, but I love my cat and always get care when I feel it is needed. The vet was someone we hadn't seen before, and my cat hates the carrier--but the mobile vet couldn't see us for a few more weeks. Unfortunately, my cat's blood glucose level was elevated because she screamed and cried for more than a half hour in the car! She really doesn't like carriers and the mobile vet and I have discussed this in the past.

The brick and mortar office vet agreed that she was stressed out and that it didn't mean diabetes. Soon thereafter, the mobile vet came to check out my cat and she agreed (with the other vet) that the symptoms looked like a food allergy. I'd learned my mom was feeding kitty table scraps and that triggered an allergy. Kitty hadn't had fish in her life and now she was getting a bit of tuna sometimes! Both vets said to limit food to the nice canned variety she'd eaten since kittenhood. Both vets checked blood and urine again for diabetes. There was none. She was also checked for hyperthyroidism, and that was also negative. I started bathing kitty once a week and soon her fur began to regrow.

In the interim, I submitted claims to Nationwide. They asked for all medical records within the lookback period and got them right away. The mobile veterinarian mentioned an earlier vet we'd gone to (not within the lookback period) in her notes and soon Nationwide asked for a "gap" letter because, as noted, I provided everything necessary to review and approve the claims submitted. I'm still receiving letters that ask for her medical records which, at this point, are probably the records from the vet that falls outside of the lookback period. I explained why we didn't see the veterinarian any longer. The practice was horribly expensive--USD 1,000 for a dental, for instance.

I purchased the premium level insurance for my pet, about USD 90/month. At this point, I realize I'm not going to get reimbursed because this company believes my pet has a "pre-existing" condition--and she doesn't. They're hoping to find something to hang their hat on. I demanded a full return of my premiums because I've done everything required to get the claims processed and paid.

Even after I demanded my money back, I received an email saying "We are sorry to hear you are canceling your policy. This message confirms we have received your written request to cancel ** policy. No further action will be required on your behalf. The cancellation endorsement will be mailed to you shortly. Please allow for standard mailing time.

"Any unearned premium will be refunded on a prorated basis and credited to your account on file within 24-48 hours minus installment fees. Please note the length of time it takes for your refund to post to your account is dependent on your financial institution. Once you cancel a policy, any conditions which occurred during the policy may be considered pre-existing. If you elect to apply for a policy in the future and are eligible for enrollment, these conditions will be excluded from future coverage. We are contacting your vet to secure the necessary medical records to complete the review of your claims. Once we have received these documents we will conclude the review process. You will see the completed status online using your online portal account. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you."

Please don't give your hard-earned money to Nationwide. I agree with most of the other reviewers of Nationwide: this is a company in the business to take premiums. They really don't want to pay policyholders if it's possible to claim the pet had a pre-existing illness, for instance. My cat didn't and doesn't. I paid two months in advance plus monthly premiums. Since there is a USD 250 deductible, we'd be much better off to pay the vet as needed. Forget about wellness claims and the like. Nationwide operates in bad faith. By the way, I attempted to upload receipts and such to your site...

VPI is a blatant fraud. I've had the best VPI plan offered on both my cats for 2 years now. I just recently had to submit my first claim. I found out yesterday that the benefit I will be receiving for $794.00 out of pocket so far to keep my pet from eminent death is $132.00. However, if a $2,500 surgery had been necessary, VPI was prepared to offer up an additional $157.00, which would include hospitalization, anesthesia and injections, the actual surgery reimbursement would have fallen under $60.

What I received in return for this claim was equivalent to 4 months of premiums for this one cat. I now know there are better pet insurance companies that actually offer legitimate insurance, meaning that they pay out realistic reimbursements of medical fees consistent with actual fees charged somewhere within the free world. They aren’t difficult to find either, just Google search pet insurance. One company pays 80% on claims on all polices beginning after two weeks of commencement of the policy.

A VPI supervisor Marsha ** told me yesterday that she has actually seen reimbursements from VPI to pet owners of $5,000, which is what my maximum benefit is per incident is. However, she added that the out-of-pocket to the owner on the care they were reimbursing was $20,000.00. Compared to my benefits that does seem generous and if you have $20K to pay out of pocket, you too might be so fortunate otherwise, I would advise that you take these numbers into close consideration before signing up your beloved pet with VPI. This is not insurance by definition and it is by design that they use the reimbursement schedule implemented in the policies to take needed funds from those with sick pets. That has to be the intended result being that it is the known outcome on majority of the claims.

I had my cat covered under the standard level of care since 2004. In Feb. 2012, I sadly had to put my cat to sleep at age 15. Her kidneys gave out on her over a two month period. The vet bills that I submitted totaled about $1,500.00. VPI reimbursed me a total of $250.00.

The euthanasia and remains care alone totaled $243.00. VPI reimbursed me $39.60. They told me they were so sorry about my loss and that they valued me as a customer. It is my opinion that they only valued the money I paid each month for my policy. They clearly only thought my cat was worth $39.60. They also now have $50.00 co-pay for each incident! This is more than I pay to go to my medical doctor! I will never recommend this company! They do not care about your pet! They only care about your money!

I have had pet insurance on my Maltese since he was a puppy. He is now 14 and was diagnosed with diabetes and has been in the hospital for 3 days now to get his sugar levels under control. The bill came out to 4,000 so far and may climb. I spoke with someone from Nationwide Pet Insurance about my claim that I submitted and they told me that because my dog is now 14 that the wellness package does not apply to him anymore. I NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING IN THE MAIL SAYING, "HEY, YOUR DOG IS NOW 10, CONSIDER SOME OF OUR OTHER POLICIES FOR SENIOR DOGS"! Also, they told me that diabetes is a pre-existing condition. He was just diagnosed, how could it be pre-existing? I am highly upset and want to speak with someone higher up because I have been paying $88 a month for the last 14 years and now that me and my dog need help we are being denied.

I'll start by saying the 1 star is solely because it won't let me give 0. We've only had Nationwide for 2 months for our cat, and it seemed like we were getting the most bang for our buck. Buzzz. Wrong. While it seemed like they cover pretty much everything that can go wrong, they actually cover literally nothing, or rather, they'll choose how they classify customer's claims so that they don't have to cover anything. We submitted 2 claims thus far since signing up with Nationwide, and they were both denied.

Nationwide decided that they'd classify the first time checkup, first time fecal sample, and first time frontline under the category of "pre-existing condition." I shouldn't have to point out that ALL of those things are preventative and precautionary measures to ensure that our cat is healthy and doesn't get sick, all things which are covered by their policy. However, because Nationwide just wants to collect the insurance money and not pay out reimbursements for things that are most definitely covered in their terms and conditions, they decided to label of the preventative care as checking up on a pre-existing condition, which couldn't be further from the truth. Luckily, at the end of the day, only 2 claims were denied, and we quickly realized that Nationwide is run by con artists so we cancelled. Whatever you do, stay far far away from Nationwide when choosing pet insurance.

I have had Pet insurance for 8.5 years. I work with dental insurance and know what to look for and yearly benefits and coding. Even with all this knowledge, it appears that the Major Medical Plan I thought I had was on a hidden other plan location called medical plan. This plan cost me more than the major medical and covers less-significantly.

For all the dog owners diagnosed with Lymphoma, this is what you need to do to get any benefits. The lymphoma is not official until you get the test results. Any medications; X-rays; blood tests must be coded as anemia; infection; or something else. Save the Lymphoma codes for when the test results come back. You will get $600 yearly for Lymphoma and $ 1000.00 for chemotherapy. Not the $4600 they advertise on the website. Any issues during treatment must be coded as unrelated to Lymphoma.

I will be writing to the Illinois department of Insurance to file a complaint. This site is a good start. We are all intelligent people and the complaints are all legitimate. I will continue to find any way possible to find the codes. All Bulldog/boxer owners that are prone to Lymphoma- get a major medical plan and not the bait and switch plan offered on Nationwide. Better yet find another company-otherwise you will be stuck with pre-existing condition.

I have been paying into Nationwide/VPI pet insurance for almost 3 years - to date, I have received a $52 reimbursement for one bill. My dog is very healthy and recently, she had to have a mass on her eye biopsied - The bill totaled $1480. Just got the explanation of benefits back and they have managed to justify not paying us anything back due to the "exclusions" sections - BEWARE! They have this section for the sole purpose of "excluding" payment for any issue if they want.

I knew they were going to pull this. I would have been much better off putting the $30/month into my savings account - at least then I could have reimbursed myself for some of the money I had to shell out for my pet's healthcare. Drop these guys. They are out to take your money, just like every other insurance company.

Hello, I do believe Nationwide has good coverage but their claim process takes an average of 3 weeks which is far too long. I do have the wellness total care plan which has 90% reimbursement after meeting a $250 deductible. I was fortunate to get this coverage early so haven’t had any issues with pre-existing limitations but I am so frustrated with their claims process. I really wish they would enhance their claims process.

I also had a large claim for my dog who had a tumor in his jaw. They paid less than 20% of the claim. They used to be good. I can definitely say that "Nationwide is not on my side". I have canceled my policy.

My job started offering pet insurance and Nationwide is who provided it. I got insurance for two of my cats. My 9 year old Olive and 2 year old Grover. I got the most expensive and comprehensive plans they offer. Two months after getting the insurance Olive needed her teeth cleaned so I had to have bloodwork done before she went under. The bloodwork showed she had hypothyroidism. She had never shown any symptoms but I was so happy I had the insurance. Nationwide wanted all her records which I provided and I am hypervigilant about bringing my cats to the vet. They denied my claims for subsequent visits saying she had a pre-existing condition even though she did not. Then they told me she was ten years old and could not receive the coverage I applied for. I have her adoption paperwork and she wasn't ten yet.

They did everything they could to not pay any of her bills. I was on the phone with multiple vets, multiple Nationwide reps and it was a run around the whole time. They lost out on my money because my young cat had no issues and I was giving them a lot of money for their top coverage. I take excellent care of my cats and they made my life a living hell. My third cat was dying at the time and I didn't get him covered and their cold and unhelpful manners made my life even worse. I will tell everyone I know how horrible they are until they are out of business.

I was on the phone for almost an hour this afternoon trying to get a policy reinstated on my account after four years of this dog being insured with them. It is truly a shame that spending over $10k over the last few years with five dog policies with VPI means nothing. Receiving a blank statement phone call to return their phone call and supposedly getting three renewal notices is not a way to treat a good repeat customer. They never talk about their grace periods and no one knows what the other hand is doing. As a small dog business owner, I take pride in my customer service and the care of the dogs, but that surely does not seem to be the same case with this company. There are many other pet insurance places out there and others that will actually care to have you as a client!

VPI Pet Insurance is a complete ripoff. I've been a VPI customer for over 18 years and I'm a physician myself (M.D.). My dogs sustained life threatening rattlesnake bites and the cost of a single dose of anti-venom was $500. This is the normal going rate for this medication. Each of our dogs is required to have the anti-venom and inpatient monitoring, IV fluids and pain control to save their lives and 1-2 nights of inpatient care. The bill for one night was $1600. For 2 nights, it was $2100 at a reasonably-priced VCA hospital with a 30% professional courtesy discount, since I'm a fellow physician. VPI's coverage was $500 for everything, for each pet. This is obscene and a complete ripoff. Don't bother with purchasing VPI pet insurance. It covers almost nothing compared to the monthly premiums and it's not there for you when you most need it. Shame on VPI.

I see online today that Nationwide claims it pays 90% of vet bills. In reality, it is 90% of COVERED vet bills. Much of what your vet will charge will be deemed uncovered or will exceed the allowed amounts which are very small amounts for serious medical issues. After paying the premiums for 10 plus years, I had a large claim (about $6,000). I initially received reimbursement of about 1/4 of the claim amount, and after repeated requests, I was able to get about 50%, but no more. Do your research before you buy pet insurance. You may be better off putting the premium amount in a personal pet account at your bank.

They pay per their own schedule and not what you actually pay the vet. Also you reach their maximum payouts very early. My chow chow had cancer. It cost me $8,000 in vet fees for her chemotherapy. The VPI plan paid me less than $3,000.

I have had them through my job since Feb 2017 until 9.19.18. I submitted a claim from August (sent it to them the same day) and they just decided to deny my claim, stating that because I submitted one for an issue my pet had as well from LAST YEAR they deemed it as an on-going issue (of course, they didn't verify that with my vet). So I decided to cancel them altogether, considering I spend way more to have their fee taken out of my check, for them to have only reimbursed me $350. Do yourself a favor, get another company. Nationwide is not on your side.

I have two greyhounds. Both get regular, annual check ups and dental cleanings, and wellness checks. Recently I moved from ASPCA Pet Insurance to Nationwide's pet insurance as my employer offers us discounted payments for Nationwide. After sending in my pet's history and getting coverage started, several weeks later I had the annual dental cleaning done for my female dog. And then sent the claim into Nationwide.

The claim took over 4 months to process. The claim was denied because they categorized cleaning tartar as a "pre-existing condition"!!! Here was their quote: "A pre-existing condition is any condition that began or was treated up to twelve months before the effective date of this policy, whether or not the condition was discovered, diagnosed or treated." Of course I had tartar removed 12 months ago!!! This is a total scam as they advertise that on their wellness plan you can get dental cleanings covered, but when you do, they call it a pre-existing condition! This is a total rip off!

After paying $1,760.00 in premiums to VPI for the past 32 months, I finally filed a claim for my dog when he was sick and needed veterinary care. My vet bill was $1,075.66. The check I received back from VPI was $177.30 which represents 16% of the cost of the vet bill or 2.7% of the amount I've paid to VPI and the vet bill. This has been the consistent percentage that VPI has paid out with 3 claims made over 7 years of my dog's life. Needless to say, I'm done with VPI! I just cancelled my account!

I gave this company $45 per month for the entire life of my cat (5 years). They were okay at first. I would go for check ups and they'd pay the majority of the bill. It wasn't until this year that my cat had a urinary problem and had to get surgery. I paid almost a grand for this and submitted my claim, confident that VPI would take care of most of the bill as they have been. I was dead wrong. They gave me about $100!!! Numerous phone calls, re-filing, appeal letters... and nothing! They don't agree with compensating me more than $100. They claimed he never had surgery (I submitted even the vet's charts!) and they claimed that his condition was a urinary tract infection (he had stones and had to get them surgically removed!).

I cancelled my policy. They acted like they didn't care when I said I was. The bad part about it? THEY ARE STILL CHARGING ME. This is probably how they make their money! No response yet! The next step is reporting fraudulent charges!!! I've given this company about 3 grand in monthly payments and my loyalty for 5 years and this is how they treat customers and their pets!

BEWARE - This insurance company reimburses for medical expenses only if there is a diagnosis. I took my dog in for tests because she became sick, and we were in the process of going to several specialists to try and determine why she was sick. Well, VPI would not reimburse 90% of the medical tests (terms of my policy) because the doctors had not yet determined the diagnosis. Then she died. So not only did I lose my best friend, but I am out hundreds of dollars because VPI didn't stand behind the policy. I thought insurance companies covered medical expenses incurred when a dog is sick, but at VPI they need a diagnosis or they cover VERY LITTLE of the costs. That's why VPI is #7 of the top 10 pet health insurance companies.

I have had this pet insurance for over 12 years. They had no problem more than doubling my premiums over the years but when my dog needed a life saving emergency surgery they covered only 20%. There is no point in having this insurance if they don’t pay when you need it most..

Nationwide continue to deny my claims to cover my cat’s diabetes even though she was diagnosed while covered by their major medical policy. Despite a call from my vet and jumping through numerous hurdles, and after paying out nearly 10k in expenses, they finally (after dragging their feet for five months), paid me $155. This is a fraudulently run business and they should be ashamed. Beware and don’t bother!

I have two dogs, one two year old and one 5 month old. As soon as I rescued them, I put insurance on them because I never wanted to be in the position of not getting them the best care. I placed Major Medical insurance on them and was satisfied, until the time came that I actually had to use it. My puppy developed aspiration pneumonia and ended up in the emergency room overnight. The bill came to a little over $2,000. We have a $250 co-pay. They only gave us a check for $740. They said that that is the most they will pay for that type of injury. I said what's the point of a co-pay then? Also, I showed them on their own website that for my plan lung infection is shown as Full Coverage, not a partial coverage. They still insisted they only pay a max out of $740. STAY AWAY! They are quick to take your money, but do not stand by their own website and a co-pay means NOTHING!

Do not sign your pet up for VPI insurance. My employer offered a small discount for enrolling in VPI, so after reviewing what they had to offer, I decided to sign up my new puppy. I chose the most comprehensive plan because I figured I would rather pay a little bit extra each month to know that I have maximum coverage in case of emergencies.

28 days after enrolling my dog with VPI, he tore up his bed and swallowed some of the bedding, so I had to bring him into the vet. I spoke to VPI while I was at the vet to find out what the process was and double-check that the situation would be covered (the vet was recommending some precautionary measures such as an MRI, so I wanted to make sure I was covered). They assured me my dog was covered and said that I just needed to pay the bill and then file my claim to them.

Since I had the premium coverage, I decided to run all of the recommended tests and treatments since he was just a puppy and I wanted to be as cautious as possible. The bill came out to about $1,300, so I paid on a credit card and promptly submitted the claim to VPI. One month later, I received a letter from VPI saying my claim was denied because my plan did not kick in until the following month, because I had signed up a day or two past the deadline to be covered for that month! I fought them on this to no avail, but ended up having to take the hit.

Despite being disappointed by this loophole they had used to avoid reimbursing me, I stuck with VPI because I figured I was covered now and had the best coverage I could get. A few months later, my dog was bit by the neighbor's dog and I brought him in to get treated. The bill came out a little over $300 and I submitted the claim to VPI. This time, they sent me a check, but only reimbursed me $96!

I was recommended by a friend to start bring my dog to Banfield Pet Hospital. I tried it once, when my dog hurt his leg, and the visit cost me a fraction of what I wound up paying with VPI's coverage. Plus, I didn't have to deal with claims or waiting for a disappointing reimbursement. I'm not sure if Banfield can be found everywhere, but for me, it was a no-brainer to drop VPI and start bringing my dog to Banfield.

Over the past year I've spent close to $1000 on my dog, for small illnesses (ear infection, cyst, etc) and NONE of this was covered by this insurance, and I was on the HIGHEST level plan (so paying ridiculous amounts for this coverage). The intention of having insurance is to offset the cost of simple AND major expenses with a pet. This was by far the worst decision I have made surrounding my dog, who is FAMILY and I have never been so disgusted by the blatancy of this company to be purely providing Pet Insurance to make millions of dollars off of caring and dedicated pet owners. Shame on Nationwide for taking advantage of responsible pet owners.

As I canceled my plan for this falsely advertised insurance I realized that there is not a place for me to put in my own review under their review tab. Please do not waste your time with this company not even if you read all the fine print that will do everything they possibly can to not pay for your pet's care. My dog was drinking more water than usual and that comment alone excluded him from being covered for any diagnostic care from that point forward. Find a good vet and purchase their personal payment plans.

I have had VPI pet insurance on my dog since 2005. I had no problems until Nationwide took over VPI. My rates always increased each year with VPI but I expected it as my dog aged and it wasn't a significant amount. VPI paid claims as I generally expected and I felt safe knowing I had the insurance so that I could provide care for my dog if or when something major happened.

However, this year under Nationwide, my premium has gone up $15 bucks per month which is the highest increase for a renewal I have had to my recollection. I called and the rep told me because my dog was 14 it would start costing much more because the insurance company was assuming more risk. Well, in my career I have dealt with insurance quite a bit so I understand that aspect, however now I'm faced with having to drop the policy altogether after having this coverage for over a decade. Nationwide has proven they do not care about your pet's health, but their profit. I am spending $80 per month for coverage and also noticed when I filed my last claim that it did not cover as much as what I expected based on past claims of a similar nature.

I will look into other pet insurance companies but I feel like I will not be able to get coverage under a new company with the age of my dog. It's ridiculous that I've been so loyal to VPI all these years and in one fell swoop Nationwide has destroyed that loyalty. It seems like their strategy is to jack up costs so high for older dogs to force owners to drop the coverage, thereby making their assumed risk lower. I will never use Nationwide for anything, including car or home insurance and that is based off family and friends' bad experiences with Nationwide in general not based solely off of this situation. Nationwide is definitely not on my side.

I was traveling with my cat Nora and she became sick. I had to take her to an emergency hospital. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Her clinical signs included vomiting. She previously had been treated for IBD and I had reached my claims limit with VPI on that illness. Though the emergency doctor and Nora's regular vet said Nora's stomach problems was likely related to the hyperthyroidism, both doctors (and one hardly knew me) even wrote letters on my and Nora's behalf to VPI. VPI continued to deny the claim stating that Nora had reached her limit for stomach illnesses.

I fought them for over 1 month, finally leaving voice messages for the vice president (who never returned my calls) everyday for 1 week and they finally agreed to pay me 50% of my claim. I had paid upfront for a 1 year plan and tried to get them to cancel my plan and refund my money. That too took a week to get them to refund my money. When I cancelled, guess what? The lovely VPI rep told me, "Are you sure you want to cancel? You know that your cat is old (Nora was about 12-13 years old) and she will need medical care soon." So thoughtful! I would join a class action lawsuit!

I bought a VPI pet insurance policy for my golden retriever when he was 8 weeks old. He is now 10. At age 5 he was dx with a lung mass.. surgery was necessary to save him. $8500 was the cost.. VPI found multiple ways not to pay anything... I got a check for $1500.. We had to refinance our home to save our beloved dog. I kept the policy unfortunately 5 more years and was nickel and dimed by them and again. They always had an excuse not to pay much or anything... Please don't waste your time with this company.. I have wasted 10 years and a lot of $$$.

We had never heard about Pet Insurance until a late night trip to the emergency vet. At this point, we had had our Spaniel mix about 18 mos. (making her about 3). We had tried to make a Bloomin' Onion at home and failed, thrown it in the trash and forgot about it. 2 hours later, she dumped the trash and ate it. A late night trip to the emergency vet ($90 to walk in the door), $290 and 6 hrs later we learned a lesson. At that time they told us about VPI. We signed up for it a few weeks later. I can honestly say, when we first got it, our regular vet was skeptical and not crazy about filling out the forms for us, he was old school, but extremely good. That sign up was in 2001, 3 yrs later totally changed his and our opinion of it.

In late 2002 our dog was stretching and let out a small yelp, then began to posture like something was hurting. A trip to the emergency vet revealed that she was developing calcification on her spine, it was somewhat hereditary but also not uncommon in some breeds. All they could do was give her pain pills, tells us to keep her calm, and monitor her. For the next 2 years that's what we did, then in '04 she began to get worse, having other issues. It was determined that we needed to have her seen by a veterinary neurosurgeon. The morning of her appointment, she suffered a ruptured disk in her spine, we rushed her to the vet. He examined her, did a quick x-ray and gave us the options. Putting her to sleep or doing surgery, he warned us it wouldn't be cheap, but it had 100% success rate. We opted for the surgery, $2,000 deposit, with a total of $4,400 when finished.

We submitted the claim to VPI, 3 weeks later, they reimbursed $3,847.00. To make matter worse, we had this happen a second time 2 yrs later, in a different part of her spine. The cost of the procedure had gone up about $600, new total was $5,057.00, VPI reimbursed us $3,847.00 again. In between both these surgeries, she suffered an intestinal blockage that resulted in a 4 day stay at the emergency clinic, several x-rays, an MRI, and various meds to clear it. $3,400 later she was good as new. VPI reimbursed us $2,700. When she passed away in January of 2013 at the age of 15, VPI handled so much for me, they faxed the forms to my Vet, who filled them out, then mailed them to me to sign, along with an envelope already stamped and filled out for VPI, all I had to do was drop it in the mail.

2 weeks later, VPI reimbursed was for all the costs less $50.00 deductible, they also sent us a nice card of condolence. We are currently planning to establish a new policy for our new pet. I've recommended many people to VPI over the years, have not heard a complain from any of them.

When we adopted our dog, we thought that we would invest in pet insurance for those big ticket items that could set us back. Long story short, Nationwide decided that our dog had an allergy condition and this was a pre-existing condition and not covered. They manage to link every vet visit to the pre existing condition and deny the claim. I would have been better off saving my $42 a month premium and paying it out of there. This company is such a scam.

Their CSR's and supervisors are so well trained too. No emotion, no feeling, just scripted answers. I told the supervisor that I was tired of sending my premiums to them and Peyton Manning. This gal said nothing. Like a zombie. Anyway, I'm thinking about switching. Do not buy this insurance. They are allowed to deny claims based on pre-existing conditions. Our pre-existing is allergies. What happens if he develops cancer? All they have to do is link it to allergies and, BAM! DENIED! Broken Leg (from scratching) BAM! Allergies... DENIED.

Reading through these reviews for Nationwide, I'm actually shocked. My experience has been the complete opposite of the reviewers. I adopted a kitten in June of 2017 and purchased the Whole Pet with Wellness plan for him. I had originally only gotten the insurance to cover his shots through the first year. However, it turned out my cat was cryptorchid and had to undergo surgery. He had a difficult time healing and nearly died. In total, he underwent 4 total surgeries and I spent almost $5,000 in vet bills.

I don't know what I would have done without Nationwide. They reimbursed me 90% of my vet bills with no questions asked. I only had one claim rejected and, when I called customer service, they instructed me on how to resubmit my claim with the appropriate documents. My claim was later accepted. I do pay $35 a month for the plan and have a $250 deductible but it's all been worth it. Nationwide has saved me so much money on these unexpected vet bills. I'm not sure why my experience differs so much from other reviewers but I honestly don't have one negative comment to make about my insurance. Everything has gone smoothly and it rarely takes more than 2-3 weeks for my claims to be processed. I wish everyone else good luck and for those of you considering this insurance, I hope your experience is as positive as mine.

My puppy got pneumonia in March. After $10K in treatments, it took Nationwide Pet Insurance until the end of June to deny the claims. They said since she had a stuffy nose prior, the pneumonia was a pre-existing condition and will not cover ANY of the treatment. From what I have read, many people have been scammed the same way and denied the coverage they paid for. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND Nationwide Pet Insurance!

This shouldn't even had one star, but it had to be given something to submit a review. A while back I wrote a review how this insurance company said my dog has allergies and made it a pre-existing condition. After many arguments, I just had to accept it if I wanted to have pet insurance. However, my nightmare of what they may do has come to surface. My dog went to the Dr. for conjunctivitis and medication. Due to the fact that the eye was discharging my dog was rubbing her face and made some hot spots. They said it is ALL RELATED AND ALL DENIED. I thought this would happen.

What they do is find a reason for ANY claim submitted to bring it back to the pre-existing. They are nasty on the phone and really have NO compassion for pets at all. It is strictly a business and do not even know how to deal with people. VERY RUDE..... Save your money and whatever the policy costs, put it away for medical bills. I have two dogs and I am going to cancel both.

I have had the Superior plan since my dog was a puppy, 7 years. He recently tore his ACL and needed surgery in hind leg. I submitted $4,484.77 in vet bills and Nationwide only paid $1290.00. There is not a vet in New Jersey that would do this surgery for this amount of money! No pain medication or antibiotics were covered or the electronic anesthetic monitoring. The FLAT FEE according to "the policy" is only $1207.00"!

I spoke to a representative and she told me the amount is based on your plan. So I said, "Is that it if I had a more expensive plan you would pay more?" "Yes," she replied. So people the only way you know what you are paying for is to go over each and every item and get a realistic price from a vet. Then you will know if it makes any sense. I feel this is at the very most misguided and unfair. AARP endorses this company and I will notify them as well. In the meantime; we are senior citizens on a fixed income paying 67.00 per month for insurance that is not helping us very much.

I enrolled in Nationwide (then VPI) when I adopted my beagle 9 years ago; she's healthy and has only had wellness visits, for which I was reimbursed some percentage. In December 2016, she had surgery (at age 10, her first surgery) to remove a perianal adenoma -- Nationwide reimbursed me $480 on a $1,487 bill. I'm stunned. Very disappointed.

No matter what you do, DO NOT use this company. My dog has been with them for 9 years. They changed plans years ago and did not inform me of the potential to upgrade. EVERY OTHER PET INSURANCE company pays 2/3 more per claim than this company. I BEG YOU USE ANOTHER COMPANY.

I have a sick budgie and called in the hopes of insurance that would help cover my medical bills. Turns out that any chronic conditions are permanently excluded from coverage by their exotic pets policy, and curable conditions must be out of the animal's system for six months. What's the point of insurance if they won't even help you when your animal actually gets sick?

Do not waste your money. They consider every office visit regardless of an injury or problem an exam. In other words, they 9 key pay for two exams a year regardless of whether your animal has something they need to look at that has NOTHING to do with a physical exam. Nationwide treats taking the temperature a physical exam if you bring your animal anything and everything. PI was good. Nationwide is the worst. We’ll be looking at other per insurance company for our two otherwise healthy cats. The dog, unfortunately needs to stay because when we adopted her she came with kidney disease and we can’t pm after three years, switch her.

My dog had to go to the emergency vet and then his regular vet the next morning. I submitted both claims at the same time. Fortunately, I made copies of everything I sent in. About a month after I sent both claims in, I received a small check for the regular vet visit. The reason? Because Nationwide applied the $250 annual deductible and the check they actually wrote was only $40 over that. The other claim, for $365?? Denied, denied, denied. I resubmitted it 4 times, both via email and on paper. Finally, I just received word that they are (supposedly) putting a check in the mail. We'll see it if actually comes in. I really don't appreciate this treatment, as I've faithfully paid my premium monthly. As soon as I can, I will be cancelling this policy and starting a new one with another company. If I could have given Nationwide Pet Insurance zero stars, I would have.

I was thrilled to learn that my company would be offering pet insurance. My dog is my child so I enrolled. He was diagnosed with cancer and everything from submitting the bills to waiting for them to respond is a headache and then it gets worse because they 'exclude' and 'deny' everything. My child is ill, terminally, and now I have to take all the effort and energy and add stress because they STINK. AWFUL. HORRIBLE. DO NOT USE. I plan to contact the owner. I want my premiums refunded!

I had the full package including the wellness plan for my first dog and got reimbursed 90% but this dog never had any issues. Never really needed the insurance. I got another puppy and called and said I wanted the exact policy for my puppy that I have for my older dog including 90% reimbursement after $250 deductible and the wellness plan. They told me that plan is called something different now but it is the same plan. I said fine. Well this puppy turned one year and fractured his shoulder the following week. He needed a pin in his shoulder and submitted the claim. They only paid 30%! They told me that puppies under one year don’t qualify for the plan I requested and so I only get reimbursed their maximum for that procedure which is insanely low!

First of all, that’s not what they told me when I opened the policy for this puppy!!! They led me to believe I was getting the same plan as my other dog. Second, my puppy turned one the week before he needed this surgery but they still wouldn’t honor that because my policy doesn’t renew for 3 more months so I would have to call and upgrade at that time. So even after he did turn one, it didn’t make a difference anyway because you can’t upgrade until your policy renews. If this never happened I wouldn’t have known to call and upgrade and he would have been on this puppy plan for years. Third, NOWHERE in any of their ads where they brag about reimbursing 90% do they mention EXCEPT for puppies under one year!!! Do yourself a favor and read the TONS of negative reviews all over the internet on Nationwide and go with another insurance company!!

Nationwide Pet Insurance has been a life saver for my dog who was diagnosed at the age of 4 with lymphoma. They have paid 90% of every claim submitted in a timely manner. I see many complaints written because people did not read and research the coverage options and choose wisely. This company is very transparent with any exclusions for each pet. Customer service is readily available and always helpful. I highly recommend the whole pet with wellness coverage which pays a percentage for actual costs incurred. THANK YOU NATIONWIDE!

I signed my two cats up for Nationwide (originally VPI) about 6 years ago. I signed my dog up for Trupanion around the same time. I wanted to try out both companies to see which was better. While Trupanion has been a literal life-saver for my dog, covering 80% of surgery-related costs in the past couple years (about $10K in total; easy submission process, quick and positive decisions, and super fast payouts -- all in a matter of days), Nationwide has been a nightmare. My older cat recently had a major illness and Nationwide has denied, denied, denied. I was lucky to have an insurance specialist at the animal hospital that advocated for us, but she still only managed to get us reimbursed for a small % of the costs (about $700 of more than $2K) and it took more than a month.

The process was confusing & frustrating. I still don't understand the explanation of benefits documents that I have been provided by Nationwide and customer service is no help at all. The worst part is that we "capped out" this year, meaning any additional procedures would not be covered until next year. Even then, the payouts are capped at really low amounts.

At one point, Nationwide went ahead and changed info on one of my claims and then denied it. I showed my vet -- and he said the diagnosis they created was something specifically ruled out in the medical records I provided to them. It made no sense, and it took me many hours on the phone to fix it. Even then, I had to enlist the help of the insurance specialist to finally get to a solution.

I have since moved my younger cat to Trupanion. Unfortunately, due to age and what are now preexisting conditions, the older cat is stuck at Nationwide. Ongoing daily medications and prescription food (for the rest of his life) are not covered at all. It's clearly a waste of money, but I'm fearful to have no coverage at all if any sort of accident or another illness happens. The whole point of getting health insurance for my pets was so I wouldn't have to worry about costs when major health issues came up. With Nationwide, I worry every day how we will pay for additional procedures if my cat gets sick again. Stay away from Nationwide if you want to have real protection for your pets.

Our beloved little cat died after 20 years of mutual love and affection. For much of that time I had insurance through Nationwide and its predecessor company I assume they purchased. It seemed that every time our kitty needed the vet (not that often), Nationwide had a way to deny or greatly reduce the care to something like 20%. As an emergency doctor I have seen what bad coverage (i.e. Obamacare) has done to my patients. I have always sent in the doctor notes and added brief but complete medical justifications for my cat's care. No matter. I have had many futile discussions with "Customer Care" - it's not their fault, I am sure they are ashamed of what they have to say to deny claims. The most egregious part of this insurance scam is the limitations they place on each illness or category of illness so that if your pet is really ill, you are going to pay most all out of pocket.

Let me add again from my doctor viewpoint and as someone who was also a medical director for a healthplan, these kinds of "gotchas" in private human insurance would lead to repeated complaints to state regulators and would result in penalties and decreased business. But as we love our pets, it's difficult to cancel a policy (especially as they tell you that you have a "premium plan" that is no longer available and your beloved dog or cat is aging and how could you cancel now that you are surely going to need insurance?). I think a better alternative (if you can't find a fair plan) is to put aside money each month to self insure. In my opinion you will be far ahead over time. It would be a great idea to develop a cooperative, share plan for pet owners that could negotiate rates with veterinary practices. This is lacking now as Nationwide does not do this, they just shift cost to the pet owner and keep the premium.

I wanted the best for my new Cat, who is beautiful, very funny & smart. I had 3 prior animals that all lived well past the average age, but with illnesses later in life. My Vet's practice was just purchased by a new group of Vets, none of which I had ever dealt with. But I figured I would give them a chance, and I did. They were pushing VPI Pet Insurance, and though selling a Product, Insurance, the Manager, Mike and his receptionists, could not give the fine details of insurance coverage, but tried. I purchased VPI Insurance and within a few weeks, they had signed me up for Basic coverage, and I wanted Full coverage, and this took a few months to straighten out. VPI Paperwork was not received till November, 4 months later, and I called and asked for specifics of coverage, not generalities, as stated on their policy. Told they would email me the papers I requested, and they were never received. The papers have no specifics of coverage and the big problem I saw was that you pay your vet, then submit for reimbursement.

A day after my Vet's Manager finally corrected their initial mistake by signing me up for Basic, not Premium coverage that I wanted, VPI phoned me, and stated "They saw that I want the best for my Cat, Cherokee, and for only 16.94 a month more, she would be 100% covered with a 100.00 deductible." I stated that my cat had a minor illness, that was acquired in a Rescue, prior to my receiving her, and again I was told,"to not worry for she still would be covered in full with a 100.00 deductible." Needed to Hospitalize Cherokee in November for an Infection and she also was not eating. I finally used the Insurance and was waiting on the reimbursements as promised by my Vet and VPI, and out of 1600.00 billed for the above illness, 0.00 was paid by VPI. Fraud/SCAM are the nicest ways to describe what I had started to see, for no one could give you a straight answer until you paid your vet, and we're out a lot of money. I also have recently noticed that my Vet receives a cut of my monthly premium, which clearly is an Insurance kickback, and is widely seen throughout the industry. I would have been better to put the money away, than listen to the lies and deception by VPI and my Vet, Pet Health Center, in Philadelphia, Pa.

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) is a huge rip off. Stay far away. Before signing up, they will promise you the moon. Heaven forbid, your pet has any major issues, they pay approximately 20 percent of the total vet bill. I first signed up with VPI when they had a TV commercial showing a man with his dog who had cancer. They bragged that they paid $75,000.00 of the dog's medical bills. Unfortunately, my dog had an operation for a tumor on his liver. The operation and lab work was over $6,000.00. We submitted the bills and were reimbursed for only $772.00.

After complaining, they sent another check for $500.00 and said this is the final payment. In addition, once our pet turned 10 years old, they raised his monthly premium every year for another $10. If you love your pet and want to be able to afford the best care available for them, stay far away from VPI. Also, before signing up with an insurance company, ask them to see a copy of their procedure codes and what they pay for each procedure.

I have paid for Nationwide pet insurance for my service dog for 9 years, without any significant claims. I last renewed my policy for $450 for the year less than 4 weeks ago. Today I went to my vet and found out my dog needs surgery for an eyelid mass and cherry eye, with the bill estimated at around $1300. I contacted my insurance to see what my coverage is and was shocked. They will cover nothing for the cherry eye, and on total estimated costs for the eyelid mass as follows: $354 surgery, $7.25 surgical pack and materials, $51 surgical suture, $114 anesthesia, $37.75 hospitalization and monitoring, $47.25 IV fluid, $85 surgical screen and CBC, $11 buster collar. My very expensive insurance will pay only $339.

They allow nothing for any of the items except testing ($105), anesthesia ($85), and the surgery ($199), and from these allowables, they will subtract a $50 deductible. I was shocked! Even if they roll everything together into those three expenses, the amount is ridiculously low. When I questioned how they established their reasonable and customary allowables, the person I spoke with on the phone stated that these are based upon 2006 charges! This is ridiculous. How can a business advertise and take consumer money repeatedly, saying they will pay for procedures in the event your pet gets sick, and base their fees on nearly 10 year old costs?

We have been paying to insure 2 cats for over 5 years now and have never been late for a single payment. Thankfully we didn't have any issues with our cats the first 4 1/2 years we had insurance, but our luck ran out. One of our cats broke her right paw and our other cat got really sick. All in all, we spent over $1200 in vet bills with both cases and what did we get back from Nationwide? 2 letters that said we were getting $0.00 back. That’s right, not a single penny was covered. We contacted our vet to make sure the proper codes were used and that the forms were sent out properly and they were. I got in contact with Nationwide's CS dept and it was without question one of the worst CS experiences I have ever had. The CS rep was rude, dismissive, and completely unhelpful. After calming down from the CS phone call, I called back and immediately cancelled both policies. This company is an absolute fraud.

This whole thing reminds me of that movie Matt Damon was in where the insurance companies’ policy was to deny every claim, even if it was legitimate as a certain percentage of people just give up due to the frustration of dealing with denied claims time and time again and the insurance company ultimately saves millions as a result. I have no doubt based on my experience and the experience I have since read from others that Nationwide has some sort of policy that is similar to what we saw in that movie.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and DO NOT go with Nationwide. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience with any of the other pet insurance companies out there so I can't refer people to a good one. All I can do is warn people about a REALLY BAD one. Honestly, if this website had an option for zero stars, I would have rated Nationwide a big fat zero. Just another greedy corporation that doesn’t care about anything but its bottom line money wise.

I purchased a major medical insurance policy from Nationwide Pet Insurance and it was an absolute waste of money. My 2 year old dog went through a horrible ordeal that required numerous medical procedures and a lengthy surgery. The cost was extraordinary, yet every single claim I submitted to Nationwide was rejected. To add insult to injury every "customer service" representative I spoke with gave me a completely different reason for the rejections - some of which were wholly inaccurate from a medical perspective and others that didn't even comport with the definitions provided in their own explanation of benefits. It was not a major medical insurance policy, it was nothing more than a waste of money. They were rude, difficult to deal with and inconsistent in their responses. Nationwide was absolutely NOT on my side. Don't waste your time or your money on this sham of a policy.

I have paid for VPI pet insurance for over 3 years. Just filed my first claim - my dog was treated for a skin infection. It was a relatively small amount, only $50 above my annual deductible but I thought well, I'll put the time in to submit the form, why not. I made a call to VPI to make sure it was worth filing the claim (they said yes). I then filed the claim. A few weeks later upon their request I submitted documents from the vet's office and re-submitted the claim on the correct form which they sent me in the mail (they did not mention this over the phone).

Finally, I received a letter claiming that this was a pre-existing condition. No, it wasn't. I'm sure they always try this first to see if people will go through the trouble to fight it. I will cancel this policy immediately. My advice to pet owners who are considering purchasing pet insurance is to set up a health savings account instead: save $50 a month for future health care expenses for your pet. Had I done this, I would have almost $2,000 in the account by now. Goodbye and good riddance, VPI.

I at one time was a strong advocate for VPI but no more. When my first boxer contracted cancer and I had the extra cancer coverage they were wonderful. However that was back in 2006, let's fast forward to 2015. I've had VPI on my current boxer since 2006, submitting a few minor claims here and there, had no complaints with their reimbursements, customer service etc. I recently found out my 10 year old boxer has cardiomyopathy. What a surprise to learn they denied his claim cause they consider this to be an inherited disease. I had the superior plan with them and was told at the time this was their "Cadillac" policy. They informed me that they just recently started covering inherited diseases but Benny is 10 and he doesn't qualify. But they had no problem raising the monthly premium $20 in Nov at renewal cause of his age and I received nothing in return.

I had no problem with them cancelling my policy even though they couldn't understand why I would and I did get a refund. When I inquired about the "inherited" disease clause in my policy I was told it was noted on their website. The money I paid out over the last 9 years I should have put it in the bank and saved it for his old age. However to help with any huge vet bills I recently opened a Care Credit account.

I had a pet insurance policy with Healthy Paws that I was very happy with. My company offered payroll the duction for health insurance through Nationwide for my pets which also included a WellCare policy. I thought great. Wrong. I had to obtain an attorney to get payment for my pet's cancer to be covered. I asked the agent prior to changing insurance policies if my pet‘s Pre-existing cancer would be covered. I was told as long as my pet have been cancer free for one full year it would be not considered pre-existing. They asked for my pets records for one year. My vet said them for the past six years of which two years prior she been treated for cancer. She’s actually been cancer free for two years.

They refused to pay when she was diagnosed again with cancer. I have an attorney who wrote me a letter to them and then behold I got four checks in the mail the next week. I recently had to submit more invoices for cancer treatment which were denied again. I have my attorney sending them another letter and hope that will result in nationwide paying the fees. Shouldn’t have to hire an attorney to receive payment for things that should be covered. I highly recommend healthy paws insurance and wish that I had never left. When I do get another pet I will definitely go with the healthy paws insurance.

I just cancelled my policy today after my first claim was denied, saying that my dogs skin irritation was due to a pre-existing condition. They are ludicrous - if you had a cold a year ago and get another cold this year, it is a pre-existing condition. Reading all of these reviews, this is how they make their money. It looks like the only time they actually pay out is in the case of an accident, like your dog getting hit by a car, or something. VPI is just a shameless scam.

I left Healthy Paws and went to Nationwide Pet Insurance because they supposedly covered wellness and dental. They made me and my Veterinarian jump through too many hoops over and over but seemed to cover nothing, nor apply anything towards the deductible of $250. They didn't have a problem taking their premium payments though. They are not the company they claim to be. In my opinion, they false advertise. I canceled my policy with them today and went back to healthy paws. I never had a problem with healthy paws, I was only looking for the addition of wellness/dental coverage. My rating for nationwide equals minus stars!

I am a breeder of Havanese dogs. I would say I am a very good breeder and have a pretty excellent standing with my clientele. One thing I do is I cover all my dogs with Nationwide Pet Insurance... yes, even my newborn puppies. This is quite costly but gives me peace of mind. In the beginning before WholePet was offered, I loved VPI and the major medical. Claims were paid on time. Then I switched all 6 of my dogs to WholePet. My first & oldest dog (Grace~age 7) was less than 2 weeks away from switching to WholePet from Major Medical when she came down with an umbilical hernia. Nationwide claimed that this was a congenital/hereditary issue. I fought it and said, no way. There are like 7 types of hernia's and this could have been congenital in a newborn pup but certainly not a 7 year old. This was due to her straining to jump on our high bed.

So after many, many days they write me back and say... "You are correct! This is not a congenital situation!" I was so excited to read this!! But then they go on to say, "but it is a preexisting condition... this was most certainly caused by a spay from 5 years ago!!" My vet said that this could have been cause by several things maybe a spay not quite closed, but also could have been due to fatty pockets from weight gain that opened up her stomach wall. Nationwide refused to cover it calling is 'pre-existing'. So $498.00 out of my pocket!! THEN I got smart and decided to cover my pups before they arrived to me. I got a pup from Europe (this is common for me) and his WholePet with wellness kicked in on the 14th of September. I took him in on the 16th for booster vaccines on the 16th. He was fine... doing well.

On the 27th he had diarrhea really bad and it turned out that he had Giardia. Giardia has a 10 day onset. He had already been covered for 14 days! He was deemed healthy on the 16th got sick and was taken in on the 27th for meds for his diarrhea and guess what?? Denied!! I was told his parasite was preexisting! How can they prove that?? I'm still fighting this claim but because Malachi has been to the vet like 4 times after that and it's been almost 50 days since I began the process of fighting them. I am sure they won't pay. I ran into this site and saw all the complaints of people dealing with what I'm dealing with~Pre Existing Conditions. I told the manager of Nationwide "You people can call ANYTHING a pre existing condition. This is just another way of saying you won't pay the claim."

This WholePet with Wellness would be an excellent insurance if they actually covered what it claims but it doesn't. If you've seen the movie The Rainmaker it's about an Insurance company that gets poor people to buy their insurance and they have a scam where they deny ALL claims because they know these people can't afford to hire a lawyer. After a few times of fighting the claims, most people give up and that's what these companies count on but I am fighting mine still. It's the point!! Someone wrote in on another site and said that she has been in touch with her State Department of Insurance. That's what I'm doing tomorrow. I am presently working on changing Insurance companies for my young dogs. Grace will have to remain with Nationwide due to her age but many of my 2016 clientele plan on switching and I will no longer refer Nationwide to my new clients in 2017.

We have two dogs and both have had policies with VPI for the past 5 years. Initially it was great with the routine puppy care and procedures. Recently, it seems anything we submitted was not a covered diagnosis. Our one dog was recently diagnosed with cancer and underwent a major medical procedure. I submitted all the bills and claim forms, and provided all the medical records for the multiple vets she had been to but was told it was a pre-existing condition and did not receive one cent from VPI.

We were completely unaware that she had a major medical issue prior to the start of her policy. VPI cancelled her policy without notifying us. I should have taken all the money I've given to VPI over the past five years and put it a private account for my pets medical expenses instead. I am so upset with VPI. Poor business practice. Poor ethical practice. Heartless company, only out for the money and not the best interest of your sweet pet.

Before Nationwide bought them out, they used to be VPI, and their customer service was stellar! The claims processing time was stellar. They cared about you and your pet. Claims took 30 days or less. Since Nationwide purchased them, the customer service has plummeted. I have claims that are still being processed 3 MONTHS later. Reps will tell you that they’re “backed up” and will “escalate” but that won’t result in anything. The company clearly hasn’t prepared for the onslaught on new customers and instead of being proactive and training new reps in advance, they were reactive and waited to train new reps until after all the new accounts started flowing in. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS! I’m currently researching other pet insurance providers to make a switch.

I have been with VPI which is now Nationwide Pet Insurance for 10 years now. It wasn't until this year that I have noticed a huge change in their customer service and coverage. They have a cap on all illnesses and they do not cover your pet. I am devastated to find this out after I have paid into this policy for so many years.

ABSOLUTE RIP-OFF!!! I actually cannot believe this company is still in business and hasn't been sued. After I post this, I am contacting the Better Business Bureau. I've been a paying customer of a Premium Plan for SIX YEARS at $50 a month. My dog has been relatively healthy for that whole period.

Last month, my dog got cancer, to the tune of $2000. A deadly cancer called hemangiosarcoma. She needed blood work, cytology report, meds, and ultimately surgery to remove the rapidly growing tumor. When I submitted the expenses, they covered only $560 of my entire bill!!! They told me that my "Premium Plan" was old and had not been updated since 2008 for any adjustments and therefore only this small amount was cover and that they surgery itself was NOT covered.

I was outraged! After speaking with the first customer agent, I asked to talk with her supervisor. After getting the run around from the second, I said I wanted to talk to underwriting and they said they do not allow customers to talk to the underwriting department. Then I said I wanted the president's information, so they forwarded me to the "customer advocate" for the president - SCOTT **. After 3 very heated calls, she phoned me back the next day and told me that underwriting was correct and that they would not pay any more on my claim. I then told her I would cancel my policy and start telling the world about what an ABSOLUTE RIP-OFF VPI is - this is the start.

Just take what this so-called insurance company says is a premium and put it in a savings account at a bank. You will be far far ahead and much less disappointed.

Nationwide owns a company called Veterinarian Pet Insurance or VPI. I carried insurance through them for approximately 12 years. I tried to file two claims. One was denied, but that was after they put me through the ringer because they were unwilling to accept my veterinarians diagnosis. They continually asked for a different worded diagnosis until they could find one that they could deny. The second claim was the same thing, however this particular diagnosis was very clearly stated covered in their schedule. Again they kept asking for a different wording regarding the diagnosis. I sent them everything that my vet gave me including his notes, the bills and what his diagnosis was. Still they gave me a runaround.

I then contacted Nationwide themselves through email and I got no response. I then contacted Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau contacted them twice on my behalf and again no response. Nationwide is on no one's side except their own. Like most insurance companies, they will gouge their clientele. Sadly they have no qualms in paying for big-name endorsements such as Peyton Manning, Dale Earnhardt or Jack Nicholas. But those of us that pay faithfully those premiums month after month, year after year cannot even get a response from them. In my lifetime, which is substantial, I have used different insurance companies and I can definitely say that Nationwide is by far the worst.

I submitted a claim when we had to have our dog taken to the veterinarian because of anorexia and severe vomiting. It was found he had something in his stomach. He was pre-medicated and anesthetized. An upper gastrointestinal endoscopy procedure was performed. A ball of thread mixed with food and ingesta was noted. The foreign material was removed with endoscopic grasper. The full medical record was submitted to Veterinary Pet Insurance. They denied the claim on grounds that this was a pre-existing condition, which is NOT true. They will pay small claim amounts, but will find a way to disclaim larger amounts. Therefore, I have concluded they are an unethical company taking policy payments, but find ways to avoid paying substantial claim amounts. I DO NOT recommend this company.

I was a Nationwide Pet Insurance customer. I originally cancelled my policy due to the price of it vs the coverage you receive and the reimbursement on the claim. They were able to direct deposit my unused premium to me but my claims not so much. I was supposed to receive a total of two claims and till this date I only have one. The customer service was so horrible. They would not allow me to speak to management as it has been two months and I should never have to wait 30 days after the fact I did not receive the money I was owed.

The claim was processed in May and till this date I still do not have funds and continuously being told to wait an additional 30 days which means they want me to become so fed up with this process that they eventually just keep my money. I would never recommend this jenky insurance to anyone and will be filing a complaint with my Employer Group to get this removed as one of our benefit options as it serves no purpose to the employees that used it. I find Pet Smart being the better option for pet treatment.

I was misled about this insurance involving the copay and how the annual $250 deductible works. I got whole pet with wellness insurance for my two dogs. I explained to the agent I needed dental cleaning for Max and it was recommended by my veterinarian. My 5 year old male dog got dental cleaning and needed three extractions. When I submitted my claim, it was denied. When I called to ask why, I was told the claim was too expensive. I had to submit medical records for the last year to prove I didn't know he needed extractions. I felt like I was lied to about the deductible because I was told a percentage goes to the deductible over the year, not the annual $250 deductible gets paid first and then you get 90% of whatever that is back.

I submitted the medical records and had to wait 30 days for it to be denied. Now there's a ton of things added to the list of permanent exclusions for my dog. I made it clear I needed this done for good preventative care, and that it was recommended I get it for my dog. By saying that, I should've been told upfront it would be considered an exclusion, as that would count as a pre-existing condition. By telling the agent I needed this done, he should've informed me I wouldn't be covered for dental cleaning. When I asked why should I pay for the whole pet with wellness plan, which includes dental cleaning, when it will no longer be covered?

I was told it was a great deal by the phone rep. Dental cleaning is expensive. There's blood work, labs, anesthesia, and it can start costing $500+ for basic dental cleaning. I know these people get commission off the wellness pet plans they sell, and the credit cards they sell. I was honest about all history and medications, the tartar, and I wish Nationwide was more honest about what they'll actually cover. My claim was outright denied because the claim was too expensive, and I felt like they were just looking for a reason to deny my claim.

I will not continue to pay for the most expensive package if they won't cover dental cleaning. If your pet has tartar, don't get this insurance. It will be considered a pre-existing condition and you'll get denied. As a matter of fact, if there's anything that can be possibly related to other health issues, Nationwide might just call it a pre-existing condition. For example, tartar that incurred up to twelve months before my effective date of my policy whether or not it was discovered, diagnosed, or treated will be pre-existing, therefore not covered.