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I was put out of work in 2011. My job had prudential long term disability insurance. After I had been on the insurance, I asked them would I have to pay them more money back than what Social Security back paid me and they told me "No, we can not ask for more then SS back-pays you". After receiving my back pay check, they required me to pay over $600 more than I received. Even though they were still being paid for the insurance! They are robbing people!

Despite overwhelming evidence from very respected specialists regarding my Degenerative Disc/Joint disease, I ended up hiring a lawyer to get my long term disability. Despite living within 10 miles of the best doctors in the city, they sent me 30 miles out of my way, to grubby-looking buildings housing insurance mill doctors who just evaluate claims for Prudential and other companies as well, I expect. My lawyer insisted I video the exam, which was my right, but two doctors passed before I found one who would allow it. I was forced to be evaluated by a shrink then a work therapist. Sleeze 101.

Fortunately, I hired a lawyer before I even started the claim process for both Prudential and Social Security. Soc. security always rejects first claims, but I got an appeal without stepping into a courtroom. It took 18-24 months to finally collect from both. So, hire a lawyer before you even try to get a claim from Prudential. They'll fight to the last.

I'm an RN and have paid for LTD for many years. In September 2014, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, I was thankfully covered quite well by HCA as I had been employed there for over 8 years. When my short term ran out in February of 2015, my daughter was still in high school and I went on the long term disability I had paid for through Allsup with Prudential Insurance. I moved in with my sister that summer as we lost our home.

My daughter wanted to remain with her grandmother. She filed for separate government disability for the 3 months she qualified for while in high school, completely independent of me. I had to pay Prudential back for that money. I just don't understand that at all. I never saw or benefited from that money. They just quit paying. Worthless company. The only good thing is they do all your paperwork for government disability, but they only do that to recover the money they've sent to you. Seems like what they do should be illegal.

My husband passed away on 7/5/11. He was receiving long term disability through Prudential. He had paid the premiums for this through his company, Hologic. Sophie contacted me around July 21, to verify that he was deceased, and to let me know she was sending me the paperwork to process the death benefits (thrice a month plus the last month, that had been returned by the bank). By August 18, I still had not received them. I talked to Sophie, and she said she had just mailed me the paperwork. As of August 25th, it is still not here. I have left messages but she has not returned my calls.

Was on long term disability from 8/09-8/14 for my hands and my back. Was suppose to be on it until 2032 but they decided to send me to a so called independent doctor which they paid for. He said that I was faking my pain but I have a mri that says otherwise and permanent restrictions and a doctor who said I can't work, but they did not care. They just cut me off with no warning. So now I can't even get a job because I'm not able to work because of the chronic pain I deal with every day. So now I am broke and about to lose everything.

Without a doubt the worst experience of my life. I wish I would have never signed up for this scam and I feel ripped off. I would highly suggest not purchasing this insurance because they will only find a way to drag out your case. I have had two people lay a bunch of crap on me trying to appease me long enough to get me out of their hair and also drag this out. I paid into this scam with the expectation it would be there if or when I needed it, I hoped I wouldn't need it but unfortunately and unexpectedly I did. I had the false sense of security that if I did need it I could count on it since I can not miss a pay period. They sure as hell did miss taking their money out of my check!!!

Today is March 28 and I filed January 27th and still no answer as to whether I have been approved or denied. This experience has taken so long that I have to assume they are going to deny my claim. When I call it is still pending! They have my medical records and still insist on more records. Now they are say they haven't received paperwork I sent to them back in January. They say my pharmacy hasn't sent my records yet. My pharmacy said that they sent the records when the records were requested plus they have all of my records from my doctors which has all the copies of the prescriptions I was given!!!

To make matters even worse, I can no longer afford to keep my health insurance payments (since I am not working I have to pay for what was deducted out of my paycheck) which means I now can not afford to go back to my doctor to complete testing or to get released to go back to work when my leave is up or afford my prescriptions. I am in such dire financial straits that I have had to beg my landlord to give me time to catch up on my rent with late fees which I can not afford. My lights are going to be shut off and I know my phone is going to be shut off. I am having to use a neighbor's internet service (with their permission) just to write this complaint!

This is a huge ripoff and I would suggest going with another company or if you feel you must pay into this scam, like I did, know that it will take forever and you will probably be denied! I despise this company. I think they ought to be put out of business and while I have access to internet and all of my social media accounts I am going to post every negative thing I can write about my experience with this company so that I can possibly prevent anyone else from going through what I went through. I will go on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, linkedin, Ripoff Report, even Pinterest and any other outlet on which I can vent to let everyone know what they can expect from these crooks! Good luck to those of you with cases pending. I have given up and have resolved myself to the fact that I am not going to be approved and that I am going to go through a lengthy period of financial struggles until I can get this straight!

I have appealed their decision to deny my claim and they continually bury me in paperwork and keep asking for my authorization to get medical records and I always comply. They keep delaying their decision over and over again every time I give them additional medical information. They finally made a decision and denied my claim giving me 180 days to request a 2nd and final appeal which is due by 12-13-14. I have requested the information on how to do this and they stated I just need to send them a letter with this request. The man I talked to over a week ago said he would send me the information about their last denial decision along with the address in which to send my appeal request to them and I am still waiting for this letter as the clock ticks toward the appeal deadline date of 12-13-14 date. They are being very slow in responding to me on getting the proper information to file this appeal, I believe that they are stalling in hopes that I won't make their deadline to file for the appeal.

I applied for my LTD in October 2012. Prudential was the company my ex-employer used. They waited until my 6-month waiting period was up to deny my claim, after my doctors wrote to them I could not work due to Rheumatoid Arthritis (for almost 12 years) Facet joint disease, pinched nerve, and bulging disc in my back. They even had the nerve to say there was no proof of back problems when twice I sent them the MRI proving I did! I have filed an appeal, which I am sure they will take the most time allowed to deny. I thought I paid for LTD so if I could not work for a long period of time I would be covered, think again! I will fight them all the way. I can't believe when doctors say you can't work, Prudential (who doesn't even know you) can say you can and that is that! A big rip off insurance company that doesn't care about anyone but their $$$ signs.

I have been out on short-term disability for 6 months and it ran out April 15, 2014. Prudential insurance has been "qualifying" me for long-term disability since early March. I have bills to pay. I have taken all the vacation days at work that I have and they will run out Friday March 16 at which time I will no longer be able to pay my bills. I informed Prudential that if they do not give me an answer, I will have to go back on Monday 19th, which my Psychiatrist is very much against. She believes if I go back, I will end up hospitalized. I need Prudential to be held accountable.

My doctor and therapist have promptly given Prudential everything they have asked for to make a determination on my behalf. I am anxious, frustrated, scared. Being without an income is frightening and going back to that job is frightening. I asked my employer for reasonable accommodations, which they denied, so I cannot go back to another position. Disability is my only hope. It is not the representatives on the phone that I have an issue with, it is the corporate bureaucracy.

Prudential denied my LTD. I am still in the diagnostic process of an autoimmune disease. I can't walk straight. I have joint pain all the time. Dizziness and falls and I am a nicu nurse and they expect for me to continue to care for patients in my condition. I would be danger to myself and others. Most days, I don't drive. I am getting a lawyer.

I have Prudential Disability Insurance through my employer which I pay for. I began a claim on January 1, 2016. I was asked for my records, which I sent. I was called multiple times for more information. I went through Rothman to obtain the information. Then I was called multiple times concerning the information was not correct. This process continued until this month-Sept. 2017. I was not called about the status of my claim. I emailed the company because I noticed it seemed to say deny on the website, which by the way, I received emails stating I had information on the site but there was none to be found. After 16 years of paying for my disability, I am not able to collect anything. I was out of work for a year! I would NOT recommend this company.

I have to use Prudential because that's who my employer uses for salary continuation for FMLA leave. They said to put in my claim 2 weeks before I expected to be out. Good thing I didn't listen. I'd be panicked if I'd waited that long. Created an account and submitted my claim yesterday (over a month ahead of time). They sent me an email saying there was a new letter on my account. Logged in and searched for 10 minutes trying to even find where this letter would be. Then I find it and it says there's 4 attachments. I had 3. The 4th one is the one I need to take to the doctor. I sent a message on the website and specifically choose email correspondence as my preferred method, since they did ask.

So of course they call my work phone while I'm at lunch. They don't tell me why and give the general 800 number for me to call back. So I get on their automated system and spend 5 minutes getting to someone to find out what they called for. Responding to my message that I asked to be emailed on. I work in a cubicle farm. Phone calls are tricky. The lady tells me they need the doctor's phone number and fax, which I put on the original claim info I sent. Somehow their crappy site didn't take it. I google it and she adds it. Then she tells me where on the site to get the form I need.

In the meantime, I can't log on and get anything that way because my account timed out and has now locked me out. I asked her how to get the account unlocked and she tells me the site is having problems and I.S. is working on it. Whatever. Print my form to take to the doc and it needs my claim number. Guess what? I need to be able to get into my account to get it (which I can't). Son of a... Back on the phone I go. So 4 phone calls later, the resolution is "I'll have to call tech support to fix this issue. You'll get an email in the next 24 hours."

What a terrible company. I feel like I'm trying to get my mortgage refinanced. It's bad enough if you're needing to use FMLA for some issue in your life then have to deal with this circus of a company just to get paid while you're out. I pray for you that your company doesn't require you to use them. It's a nightmare. If you have a choice, DON'T DO IT. Go with someone else. Bob's disability claim service if you need to. Your neighbour working out of their home will do better.

I am a 62 year old physician with epilepsy. When I became disabled from uncontrolled epilepsy, I too experienced the most incredibly callous interactions with the Prudential insurance company. Paid insurance premiums for 32 years faithfully, yet I have had to fight with this unscrupulous “business” over a period of five years — to receive my disability payment which are contractually due me. They are miniscule monies, and will be arbitrarily stopped in June 2019 without appeal. My LTD also had a “work in same specialty” (cardiology) clause. Ultimately, I was informed (by letter) that [the committee?] had determined that I could return to work, doing any sort of work. While all work is honorable, that was not the actual message. The message was: "get ready boy, you about to be outta our hair and off the payroll!!"

I have previously been the managing partner in a large cardiology practice, dealt with all sorts of contracts. And so, as a point of reference, know just how bad their stench is. The more detailed and determined I become to define the dishonesty, the more contentious and angry Prudential’s employees became. The decision making is governed by profit margins and accounting determinations of profitability. When compassion and honesty are absent. we have nothing from a societal perspective. Prudential employees hammered this message: that I am malingering and lazy. I worked full time as a cardiologist for 16 years with epilepsy, so I wasn’t gonna accept that message. For others suffering chronic illness...subjected to the same this same callous, malicious abuse...get the word out. Document events and keep records. Indeed, Prudential is violating contracts with patients.

It’s a multimillion dollar insurance scam, undoubtedly engaging in questionable business practices with predatory intent on patients and families. We buy disability insurance for income protection. There are many honorable & honest insurers. My advice would be to drop your STD and LTD policies with this company. Find an honest insurer. Protect yourself from insurance fraud and abuse. If Prudential doesn’t have patients paying premiums, they can’t make money. If they can’t make money, they can’t stay in business. Should illness befall you, never lose hope. Identify those people and businesses have a spiritual commitment to others, and who work off principles of compassion and integrity. There are lots of us good people out there. Lastly, do not let dishonorable actions from the Prudentials out there define who you are.

Actions which promote and maintain self esteem are the things that help us get better, not an LTD check issued begrudgingly. In that way, Prudential has given me a gift...some additional spiritual strength. They have reminded me that not everything comes in the form of a dollar bill or an insurance payment. Psyche protection is more important than income protection. I want to share my final experience with those cruel folks. I received “the call” to inform me no more payments and no appeal, and it just so happened the day after I had some serious seizure activity with injuries. I was on my way to the dentist to repair two teeth which were damaged and crushed during the seizure. I informed the guy that. His response to me was not one of concern. His response was, “Have a good afternoon”.

I went on leave in April of 2014 after a hysterectomy (that was supposed to have been a three-week leave at most) resulted in lower right side inguinal nerve damage. This damage has prevented me from returning to my sales job because I am unable to stand or walk for extended periods, bend or squat, climb stairs or lift more than 5 lbs. I have had tests (MRI, CT, blood work), see a pain management specialist, had cortisone injections, and work with a physical therapist, an acupuncturist, a homeopath, and a psychotherapist in order to find relief from the pain. My healthcare team agrees that I *will* improve, but that nerve damage requires time to heal and can't give me a specific date of when that will be.

In the meantime, Prudential has done everything in their power to delay making a decision on my short term disability benefits (using all of the delay tactics that others have mentioned - initial claim rejection based on pre-existing condition claim, lost paperwork, failure to receive paperwork, etc.). They paid 10 weeks of my short term disability claim in August only after I wrote a letter to the CCO, Bob DeFillipo, outlining the unacceptable behavior exhibited by Prudential representatives.

Currently, they have put off making a decision regarding the balance of my short term claim (16 weeks) and anything related to my long-term disability claim, using their rejection/appeal process delay tactics and as a result, I have applied for public assistance to help with housing and food and am filing bankruptcy because I haven't been able to keep up with my debt payments for medical bills and such.

While Prudential may be within their legal rights to do what they do in terms of delaying claim decisions, they have abused the trust of those who purchased coverage in good faith and are now creating a burden that falls squarely on the shoulders of the American taxpayer by failing to meet their obligations. I may not be able to avoid the financial consequences of their irresponsible behavior nor be able to fight them in the courts, but I refuse to remain silent and allow this injustice to go unnoticed.

I found the assistance incompetent, dishonest and inaccurate. Also, I did not receive all requested information. While I have a list of grievances too lengthy to list about Prudential, it all points to a lack of Integrity besides the other major flaws. I have retained a message on my answering machine from a manager from Prudential saying my case indeed qualified as a long term disability case. It insults my intelligence in the way it was mishandled by Prudential.

Prudential outsourced my account to a company named EMSI. They kept insisting they didn't get my medical release form, I bet I sent in that form 4 times. I had a letter from Prudential dated April 2, 2015 stating they had received my medical records but EMSI started hounding me May 5. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I finally sent an email to EMSI & the ConsumerAffairs with a cc to my benefits coordinator. The next morning at 8:15, they found my release and problem solved.

I was lied to by both my claims manager and her supervisor. They did a 6 month check with my neurologist who said I was still unable to work. I was to get the difference as per my policy per the supervisor after I got SSD benefits. Now they're telling me no. Case is closed and I can appeal. Which I definitely will. Do not believe what they tell you. They are lying and don't care. They have the proof they needed and still closed my claim which is a benefit to me!!! I just had brain surgery again too. They are liars. Do not use Prudential for your long term insurance, especially companies. They will find a way to pacify you then take everything!!!

This was a short term disability claim that was submitted for my husband, Kenny, through his employer. My husband had a heart cath. on November 17, 2014 because he had been having some chest pains. We were sent from the local hospital on to a surgeon in Charlotte, NC in which the surgeon immediately wrote him out of work. We received and filed the disability claim with my husband's employer in which they say they faxed to Prudential insurance on November 25th 2014. (fax confirmation by employer). As of December 22, 2014 Prudential did not have a claim. Employer refaxed to Prudential on December 22, 2014.

On December 23, 2014 Prudential sends out more paper work by snail mail because they need doctor statements from, the surgeon, the attending physician who administered the heart cath test, and from the family doctor all stating that Kenny had never been seen or treated by their office, from October 1, 2013 to January 1, 2014. And before the request can even be sent to the doctors requesting the additional information, a release form has to be signed and received by the insurance from my husband. Supposedly the employer's plan for disability has a pre-existing clause in the policy. A policy that we never were given a copy of. So as of date, we are awaiting snail mail for paper work, so that additional paperwork can be requested, so that it can be submitted for a review by Prudential to process or deny his claim.

I applied for LTD after exhausting my STD, was giving a Disability Consultant, then she was changed to another, filled out all the proper paperwork, provided all requested info, sent in all needed info, was sent a letter that they needed a 30 day extension. (They were waiting on EOBs) from an Insurance I didn't have at timeframe they needed, this was after I called 3 times and spoke to 3 Reps and they told me they didn't needed anything else. When I called my Consultant and told her this, her response was "I don't know what was said."

I asked her to pull recorded calls, she said "NO", she literally called me (the Customer) a Liar. So after 2 weeks of our conversation, she calls me to tell me that my claim was denied and that I could do my Job per National Job Expert. I went online and saw Letter she was to send me for DENIAL, and almost fell off my chair in laughter, because she copy and pasted all my medical records, she missed out vital diagnoses and had MRI date incorrect, Doctor Appt dates incorrect and even Meds incorrect... Being in the Medical Field, I could tell a Doctor never made this Denial Letter, the Rep did... These people are a joke!!!

I have been on disability for over 12 months but now the company states they believe I can get a job sitting. My cardiologist will not clear me to work in any capacity and states he sent the paperwork in to this effect. The company rep states she only has notes and not a "form" she sent to his office twice. I depend on this money in addition to my social security disability payments to survive. I will not be able to pay my bills or buy food without this money. I have had to continually prove I am unable to work as if my condition has improved. It has not.

I am disabled. Per the government, I paid Prudential LTD extra for almost 26 years to get 65% of my salary before I became disabled. Now 2 years into LTD they say I owe them $30,000.00 in over payment as per my contract. On Sept 20 I received a letter stating if I don't pay the entire amount by October 1st I'll being cut off totally. No information about discussion about wrong numbers used to make this determination. Nothing to help me. Don't bother with buying LTD because it's not going to help you thrive if you become disabled. Save the money yourself!! Prudential and I'm very sure other insurance companies are in with legislators hacking the laws to suit the corporate entity. Insurance companies should have no rights to my Government disability. Meaning I'm paying Prudential to take what I paid into SSID for almost 40 years? Who knowingly would do this?

I worked at autozone as a manager. I paid disability benefits through prudential. I cut my foot at my house. It was on my heel. I was on my feet all day with my job. The longer I worked on my feet the cut got bigger. I put band aids on and worked for two months. The wound became worse and had grown in size. I went to the doctor. I was told it would be fine. I worked for another three weeks till the hole had grown to the size of a half dollar. I went to the wound care clinic in Birmingham. I was told if I did not stay off my feet I could lose it. I notified Prudential. They had a two week waiting period. By the time I got my first check a month had passed.

I used all of my short term benefits I had. I applied for long term disability benefits. I was denied because of a pre-existing condition. I do have neuropathy but I have had for 25 years. I worked every day with it. Prudential denied the claim because I was seen by a doctor a year before the injury. Neuropathy causes a tingle sensation sometimes in my hands and legs. It was not the cause of this injury. My claim was denied. I have been confined to bed rest. I have a hole in my heel as big as a quarter. My employer want let me come back to work with a hole in my foot. I am messed up. I have had the worse time with Prudential. This is the worst insurance company I have ever encountered. I paid 60.00 a month out of my check and it was money wasted! They are very dishonest and shady! They do everything they can to discourage you! I will appeal! If that doesn't work I will take it to court.

I am another Prudential victim even though it's my employer's group plan, as they should be as responsible too. I have paid for ltd benefits throughout my entire 30 year career never having a lapse even when switching jobs. I am 9 months into my position with a large payroll company when I got sick requiring a 24 week oral chemo type treatment. I had a tough time with side effects throughout the treatment getting even worse post treatment. I am not told this could take up to a year to recover and have now exhausted my short term disability and have been w/o income for 3 months now. Prudential has put through the ringer for the past 3 months due to a pre-existing condition clause. Based on the policy language and my circumstances, the pre-existing conditions should not apply to me.

There was a computer generated line item listing something incorrectly on an office visit that they are trying to say is why I was denied. I told them it is incorrect and asked if they interviewed my doctor to verify so that they can reverse this decision, as I should 100% be eligible. They never did even though they specifically said that doctor interviews was a step on the process. They intentionally did not check this or call him to clearly drag this out and avoid paying me benefits. They have been putting me through unbelievable distress with what they've required me to produce for them this past 3 months at a time where I could barely get out of bed much of the time. They said my only option is to go through the 7 month appeal process now.

So now I have to get an attorney and am running out of money as a single parent. I have always made sure to have full benefits and ltd and now after paying into it for 30 years, which much of that time was through Prudential, who has no regard for hard working people who need the benefits they've paid into and what the children will endure with no income while they are allowed to continue dragging this out for another 7 months. How does the government allow insurance companies to do this to so many hard working people who pay for these benefits? There needs to be some serious reform. I hope that I will recover before the appeal is completed but can't bear to think of what's ahead if I don't. I am running out of savings and if I'm lucky enough to get approved for social security the first time around, I still have 4 months before that can even happen, as I hear you have to be out of work for at least 12 months. I pray for justice.

I am a 62 year old female working in the technology industry. I have works for major companies for 43 years and remained a high performer throughout my career. I have never filed a disability or workman's comp in all this time. As things will go, I filed a claim for short term disability and Prudential is the disability carrier that represents my company. They initially approved and paid my STD benefits, but abruptly denied them for failure to secure medical records. I personally provided to my "Authorization to release of medical records" on multiple occasions, however these requests were never submitted to my medical provider. I provided approved copies directly to my healthcare provider, but Prudential never requested the medical records.

Upon appeal, I personally received my medical records, to include all doctor’s notes, tests, diagnosis, medical plan, etc. I received medical records from all doctors that I had seen, including my prior health history, to provide proof that there was no pre-existing condition for all doctors who have treated me. Even with all my medical records and certification of disability from two doctors, Prudential denied my application for short term and long term disability. No reason has been provided to me for this decision and I have filed a complaint through the California Insurance Commission. This is completely unacceptable conduct, which represented harassment and taking advantage of a senior citizen, at a time of vulnerability and weakness due to my continued health issue.

I have been on long term disability for over 3 years. I need neck surgery and have seen 1 neurologist, 4 neurosurgeons, 1 orthopedic surgeon, primary Dr and 2 of their Dr. I was told by all that I can not work in the job that I have been doing. I am on a lot of pain medications and need surgery. They just call today and said their last Dr to review everything, stated I could work at a sitting job and would not be denied anymore benefits. HOW AND WHERE? THEY HAVE NO RESPONSE. I NEED HELP TO FIND A LAWYER. I HAVE 5 KIDS AND BEEN ON DISABILITY SO LONG. I REALLY NEED HELP.

This is a DISHONEST company. I had the short term disability insurance through my employer, am a registered nurse, in ICU. I survived a horrific car accident in August. Returned to work a week later. In October, I had a detached retina, which occurred in the accident but was not diagnosed until I had no sight in my left eye. I was immediately put on bedrest and took FMLA. I had s total of THREE surgeries, and have been off work over 2 months. I've had to fight every day to get sporadic checks from them. I PAY FOR THIS INSURANCE, IT WAS NOT PROVIDED BY MY EMPLOYER FOR FREE. I have paid premiums for 25 years, to be treated like a dog. One rep actually asked me if I was receiving physical therapy!! FOR MY EYE!

So, I am back at work and they still owe me 8 days of pay. Now they are trying to actually LIE, and say my doctor said I could return to work on the 22, not the 28. Why? So they get out of paying me for those 8 days. I think not. I will get my money, if I have to file a suit to get it. Beware of this company and their dishonest practice. These people are just STRAIGHT ROBBING THE CONSUMERS. DO NOT USE PRUDENTIAL. THEY DO NOT CARE IF YOUR CHILDREN STARVE.

I purchased a long term disability policy through my employer! I had the policy for years and when it came time for them to pay up, nope I wasn't disabled enough! I complied to all their requests! Seen their doctors! I hired a lawyer so it's yet to be determined what is going to happen! Do yourselves a favor and go with another company! All you do is pay for absolutely nothing!

It's been over 6 months from 03 March 2015 that I've been injured and still haven't received a payment from Prudential - been paying in for over 17 yrs and nothing. Always need a new form filled out or still working on it. No calls, no contact - same old story. They take your money but refuse to pay you. It's a scam, very rude and almost like a pyramid scam.

I went out on short term disability in May of 2014 due to a twin pregnancy. I didn't have any problems at first. They stopped my payment 6 weeks after my twins were born which was via c-section which is a policy for 8 week leave after they were born. They stopped payment at 6 weeks and my doctor will not let me back to work. I filed for extension and it was denied. They sleep the office notes we're not enough. What does it matter if the doctor won't let me back to work? Now I'm without an income and unable to return my job. They owe me over $2000.

Both me and my husband out on LOA since Dec 6, 2017. I have gotten paid one time!! Delay in pay for benefit provided by employer and buy up by me. Getting the runaround. Feel like I am being watched. I am not a paranoid person, I pay great attention to detail!! Have not spoke to same person twice.

Updated on 04/03/2018: Been out on STD for 16 weeks now, going on 17. I have gotten 3 weeks of pay, I think. Who can fix this in a government position??? I need my money that is a benefit and something I contributed to. Please help me. I have contacted an attorney through email. Too much work there for me right now with my health that seems to be getting worse without my money!!!

I was approved for short term disability from January 2014 through January 2015 to receive $900.00 bi-weekly. I have received four payments since Feb 20, 2014. $642.86 on Feb 20th, $1350.00 on Mar 5th, $900.00 on Mar 17th (my only on time payment) and $192.86 on Mar 18th. I have not received a payment since Mar 18th and each time that I speak with my case mgr or a customer service rep I am given a different reason. I was told by my case mgr when I first called that the long term mgr was reviewing my case and that per the medical records that I had submitted to her for my file to be up to date as she advised me to do, she should be able to push thru my payment at the end of March. I then was told by another case mgr that it wasn't the long term mgr, but the Medical Director but still no reason why my approved case needed to be reviewed when I was submitting inpatient records as well as continued treatment records from my neurologist.

I had already submitted the EMG report which stated that my condition had worsen. I continued to call almost daily and was told by a CSR that Prudential had faxed a requested to the hospital for my medical records. I had spoken to my new case mgr and had not been told anything about a request from the hospital so I called the hospital and was told that they would not accept a fax. I then called Prudential and gave them the mailing address and advised the mgr that the hospital informed me that it takes them approximately 15-20 days to send my report to Prudential. Of course that would mean I would have to wait even longer for my benefit. This after I had informed her and faxed her a copy of my 3 day eviction notice. I also was able to log into my hospital medical record and copy the reports that were listed. It listed all test and medications that I was given while I was an inpatient. I can't understand why all of this is needed when I am already "approved". I am able to be put out on the streets with nowhere to go. I have no money to pay my electric, water and medical copays, all that are due at the same time.

I have a chronic illness Polymyositis, that was approved by Prudential after fighting them for over a year and also being in the hospital and rehab for over 5 weeks due to the same chronic illness. I feel as if they are doing whatever they can to hold onto the same benefit that was approved. I have tried to get them to understand what they are putting me through, what I owe and the fact that I can't pay my rent without my benefit and if it isn't posted by tomorrow I am going to be evicted. I am also a diabetic unable to pay for my medication, which includes two different insulins, plus the copay for my medical appointment to my diabetes special which I am suppose to visit this week and my pain specialist who manages my neuropathy which has also worsen.

I was unable to work from October 1, 2012 until November 5, 2012 due to gallbladder surgery / ulcers, and Prudential made me get statements from 3 different doctors stating my inability to work. I had to drive to 2 of them myself and get the forms filled out. Then they approved it for only 11 days and I was off work 14 days. I still have not received one dime from them, and they say the check is in the mail. I only had my PTO benefits to live on for nearly 6 weeks. I am back at work now, but I still want my money. I pay them for this insurance and I deserve it. They are scamming people out of their money and they know it. I intend to take this to my employer and let them know what a ripoff this company is.

Paid for years expensive premiums through JPMorgan & Chase disability benefit. They cancelled me after a few months and never paid more than 50.00 per month because State of California (my money I contributed since I was 14...) paid me. The minute the state exhausted funds they stopped their offset of 50.00! ...I made 6 figures the majority of my life. They are a complete rip-off and hopefully will be taken care of with the new Presidential Administration. The people that work there are criminals and liars. They take our hard earned money for premiums and when we need it, they fight you. Please boycott this company.

I made the unfortunate decision to have "Prudential Disability Insurance" as a teacher. I have them to be nothing but "liars" and that they will do anything to get out of paying a claim. They will be glad to take your premium payments, but do not expect them to pay you when you become "disabled" and need help. It makes me just so sick to see the way they have treated me. DO NOT DEAL THIS COMPANY. It is the WORST!

When my husband contracted a debilitating, mysterious illness two years ago and became unable to work. We were unsure of our options, but Prudential's team made the transition from work, to STD, to LTD as easy as possible. Allsup, whom they contract to assist with the SSDI claim, is largely worthless --- but when we complained about them to our agent at Prudential, Allsup immediately stopped calling or mailing us. Throughout the ordeal of diagnosis, treatment, and having our lives completely thrown upside-down, we have been grateful that we have not had to worry about maintaining our financial security. The team at Prudential has been compassionate and efficient every step of the way.

Don't go by their website and professional behavior. The claims manager will be the hardest person in the world to communicate with. For us it was Austin **. But it is just not him, I believe it is the company policy and training to make sure they find ways to deny or cut short the claim. Replying after weeks, taking weeks to review, keeping you in dark, not clearly informing you until it's too late. The person is already disabled, needs to take extreme pain to call them, email, send documents, and then realize it's denied because they did not review document. They act like they are incompetent, but they are trained to behave like that to deny claims. People please sue them if you can if you feel you have been wronged. Keep records.

Prudential completely lied about what my doctor wrote because I have a copy of what my doctor sent. They paid a hack doctor with no practice to write a letter with his opinion based on his inexperience with my condition and told my doctor to sign it and return it in ten days. My doctor would agree with their hack doctor that’s so technically and intellectually beneath her so they cut off my benefits. Why would my doctor agree with some doctor's opinion when he had no knowledge of my physical well being? They must be denying claims for their Christmas bonus and leave me without the ability to pay my Cobra coverage.

For 15+ years I paid into LTD through my employer. Back in October 2014 I filed a health-related LTD claim with Prudential Insurance which was handled through Allsup (their representative). For 2-1/2 years I pursued a disability claim through Social Security Disability related to this Long Term Disability claim. I was out on LTD for 24 month (the maximum that you are allowed on LTD). I had to give up my employment and received monthly payments from Prudential throughout this period. During the course of this LTD claim I filed with Social Security for Early Retirement. After 2-1/2 years my disability case went before a judge and I won my case. Social Security paid me a large sum of money for retroactive pay during my time out on SSD. I received the check from SS and was required l to pay back the entire amount to Prudential that they had given me while out on LTD. I never got to keep ANY of the settlement.

In addition to that, while out on LTD I had filed for early retirement which I received for a few month while still collecting LTD from Prudential. I went to SS and asked if I was allowed to do this and said one thing had nothing to do with another. Now Prudential claims I owe them more money for the time I collected Early Retirement. I had to go on a payment plan with them and although I paid them back on a monthly basis they sent my account to a Collection Agency who has been hounding me for a year. I recently did my 2016 income tax and found out that this is considered income which resulted in my having to pay back the IRS even though I saw none of the money. Prudential Insurance has to be one of the worst companies I have ever done business with. They are relentless.

I suggest to other LTD claimants to get everything in writing before signing any paperwork from Prudential. I found out that had I lost my SSD case I wouldn't have had to pay them back any money. So I pursued this SSD for nothing. Had I known Prudential was going to ask for it back I never would have pursued my case for 2-1/2 years with Social Security. And when I questioned Prudential about the premium I had paid into LTD with my employer for 15 years they told me it was like buying any insurance policy. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. When you pay a premium for car insurance, if you get into an accident the insurance company pays out on the claim and doesn't ask you for the money back (except a deductible). Be very careful when dealing with Prudential. They are relentless and will get you one way or the other!

I quit working for Mercy Hospital after 35 years due to MS. The parent company is CHI. I was approved for LTD August of 2015. In October I withdraw my pension from CHI. I am 59 years old. In January of 2016 I was informed by Prudential that I cannot have my pension and disability (it was less than 50,000) so they are going to deduct the amount of my pension from my disability check and by the way I need to pay 2700.00 to cover the last 3 months of payment. It was my pension and now it is prudential's. I was never informed of this when I withdrew the money. So if you work for a company and prudential is their LTD company don't use your retirement if you go on disability.

Our company switched from MetLife to Prudential. I thought this was a good thing due to us getting nothing but aggravation and incompetence from MetLife. I have been on disability now for 8 months. I had a case manager assigned specifically to my account. Everything was going fine until this month (March 2013). What happened was nothing but a disaster. My case manager got pulled away from my account to work on what they call a “huge project”.

My doctor sent notification to extend my disability to April 1st. Well, due to having a new case manager, I was forgotten about. Thirteen days went by without my doctor, or myself, knowing of missing information. Now, my work pay has been deeply affected, and I fear losing my job. It seems that they tend to switch case managers often. When they do, you are at a huge loss. I’m very disappointed and not happy!

I hurt all over very bad 24/7, so I need to make it short. They are playing games and it seems that there is no communication between co-workers. I called 2 Senator friends of mine. Prudential has caused me much undue stress!! Stop the games!

Recovering from surgery. Short term disability being utilized. I am going back to work but the recovery for this is 3 months. They worry you to death with paperwork and updates. How can you get better when you are worried sick that you are not going to be paid. They are horrible. Again, this is just short term disability being used through my employer. I have NEVER been sick and when I finally need them they make my recovery a pain in the rear end.

These people need to be held accountable for what they put people through. January 2014, I endured septicemia when a disc in my back became toxic. I went through it all. Organ failure, multiple mini strokes, open heart surgery to repair 2 heart valves due to the infection, pacemaker placed - endured a medically induced coma, and spent 5 months in a rehab facility before I was allowed home. July 2014 I wanted to try and regain control of my life, against doctor’s orders reluctantly he let me return to work part time, Prudential still "reviewing" the case - October 2014 they denied me even though I had not returned back full time. By November 2014 I was on medical leave again - my body and mental capacity just wasn't strong enough. January of 2015 my doctor placed me on total and permanent disability - that I could no longer work.

Reopened my case to fight the 1st denial. By March they were still telling me that they were waiting on my doctor’s information as it had not been received - my doctors submitted 3 times! My Thoracic surgeon sent them a 290 page transcript, my cardiologist sent records, everything but my DNA - (Oh and let’s not forget that when I called to check the status, they had ALL my medical information incorrect and I had to correct them - because they can’t get their facts straight.) I was supposed to get a final work by March 30 2015 - At the 11th hour - Oh no... We don't have enough information NOW. You need to see a Neuropsychologist because there is no mention of strokes in my medical records. All this information was included in the 290-page transcript from my Thoracic Surgeon alone and my doctor. They took an additional month to schedule this exam.

May 1st, I saw their so called IME - "Independent Medical Examiner". Another month later - today actually - they tell me that their so called IME they sent me to could find no evidence of stroke and that all my "mental and cognitive" functions were normal - Well not to bore with details - I know for a fact they are not normal and lost a lot of mobility on my right side and lost my vision in my right eye... But to them I’m Normal... Their reason for denial - I went back to work in July for a short time - and their IME found nothing wrong with me. They told me what my dollar amount a month would be - Bottom line is they don't want to pay out all the back retro pay they owe me.

These people will stall and stall and stall and make you jump through every hoop imaginable and then deny you. So now I have the daunting task of letting my lawyer deal with them - while I await SSDI on top of it. I paid into this benefit and now I can’t use it when I need it?? REALLY?? These people are crooks and lie just so they can keep their bank accounts lined while the rest of us who are in dire need suffer at their hands. Totally disgusted with these people. Can’t wait until my lawyer gets ahold of them!

I went out on medical leave November 23, 2013. As instructed, I filled out the form to apply for short term disability payments. The disability dept at Prudential gave the wrong claim number to one of my providers so whenever she faxed progress notes, they had the wrong number on them. I did not know about this until March 2014 when I received a determination that I was not eligible for payments. It was then that I found out about not getting the progress notes. This provider and I finally figured out the the claim numbers didn't match. So I filed an appeal and the providers notes were finally "found". This was the most important provider for my case. Prudential kept using their "right" to extend the determination date by 45 days at least 3 times. I have a number of providers that I see for this incidence and all of them determined that I was not able to work. They are not being paid by me to lie about my condition!

Now it is July 25, 2014 and I still have not had a determination for either my short term or long term disability. My claim has been "tolled" and I have been informed they "might" have an answer on Monday, July 28, 2014. Meanwhile, it has been awful having to try to recover from this incidence under all the unnecessary stress Prudential has caused me. Everyone I know is totally baffled as to why they didn't approve it and pay the claim. If I don't get a positive answer on Monday, I am hiring a lawyer because this has gone on far too long.

Prudential did not seek to provide me with assistance and benefits during my leave. I think their approach was harmful to me, and I informed them of the additional stress they were causing me during my interactions with them. I have been denied benefits due to conversations with my counselor regarding my sick mother.

My medical doctor placed me on leave for symptoms of depression. While on the phone with Prudential, the representative read all of my counseling sessions regarding my mother and my daughter's medical status.

I have increased symptoms of depressed mood, severe headaches, and chest pains after speaking with Prudential today, 10-13-11. I was informed that after 8 weeks of being on leave by my medical doctor, they decided that my counselor reported I have good eye contact, appropriate interaction, and other observations during my session. They also identified what I talked about in session regarding my mother being sick.

I have been overwhelmed by Prudential staff on several occasions. I had two phones to my head as I talked with Prudential and my medical doctor. And to date, they continue to spell my name wrong on documents and identified doctors who have not treated me during my 8-week leave.

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