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Cory at Quotacy was very helpful and remained in touch throughout the the entire process of my life insurance application. I ended up with a great rate!
I didn't know where to begin to look for insurance, but quotacy made it simple to find a policy that suited my needs.
My experience was positive. They kept me informed throughout the process and obtained a good price on the insurance.
My wife and I decided to boost our term life insurance coverage but we were unhappy with the quote from our existing issuer so I submitted a request to Quotacy. I was immediately contacted by one of their helpful agents and guided, effortlessly, through the application process. A very competitive offer was generated and in just a few short steps, the policy was issued. A fantastic service that I highly recommend!
The team at Quotacy was great. They managed the process and ensured everything moved quickly and simply.
Easy process, no frills, and very happy with the end result. Staff was courteous and accommodating. Only hiccup was scheduling the phone interview: took a long time before both the interviewer (only one person?) and I could complete it.
Cory and the team at Quotacy made the life insurance application process transparent and efficient. From the initial quote through the application, the purchasing process was smooth and efficient. More importantly, our agent and his staff demonstrated a genuine interest in our goals and delivered prompt and professional service that was proactive without being pushy.
Made the process easy and team was very helpful and responsive
Quotacy made things simple and easy for me to apply for life insurance. I really appreciated the fact that they kept me informed every step of the way to make sure I knew what the process was going to be. I couldn't be more pleased with the service that Quotacy has offered to me!
The process was made easy due to the guidance provided by the staff. I especially appreciated the option to have lab technician visit my home, to collect the required labs.
My agent at Quotacy helped me through the process of getting life insurance. When the first company came back with high premiums he set up a screening with a second insurance company and I ended up getting the right plan for me.
Everything was done on line with no hassle or pressure.OK as far as I can tell.
All around great experience. The team at Quotacy is very helpful and responsive.
Tanya was great. Everyone did an great job of keeping me informed of what would happen during the process. They set expectations and then met them every time. Excellent company to work with. I sleep better knowing my family will have provisions should something happen to me.
Very smooth experience
Very good experience with this company, they kept me informed every step of the way. We need more companies like this that have their customer service game on.
I am extremely satisfied with my experience using Quotacy. The website was extremely user friendly. All of the customer service agents I spoke with either on the phone or via email were always courteous and friendly. They even made sure to keep in contact with me to keep me up to date on where we were at in the process. Highly recommend them.
Great communication on the process and extremely fast!
Having shopped (unsuccessfully) for life insurance in the past, I was hesitate to start the daunting process again. I knew I needed coverage to protect my family, so I found Quotacy and gave them a try. From start to finish they did all the hard work. The paperwork I had to complete was minimal and they walked me through every step. They worked hard on getting my medical records, so I didn't have to. They kept me updated throughout the process. They were patient, kind and knowledgeable. And last but not least, they worked with me to find the coverage I needed at a price that was great! And the best part is that now I can rest easy knowing that my family is taken care of should anything happen to me.
It was a pretty easy process through out to get a life insurance policy. The agents were responsive through the whole process. It did seem to take a while to get the policy and application fully completed, but I think that is just how the process works and not against quotacy.
I got my life insurance policy through quotancy and the process from beginning to end was so simple. The reps that i worked with Tanya and Cydney kept me in the loop through all the processing. It was a pleasure working with them and would recommend their services to anyone.
Clean and simple process.
I went through Quotacy to replace my existing life insurance policy. Our agent Cory Anderson and Quotacy made this process easy and problem free. They kept me up to date with how the process was going and answered all questions in a timely manner. I received a good rate and now have my new policy much quicker than expected. I would highly recommend this company!
I used Quotacy to navigate the minefield of life insurance options after starting my own company. My service rep, Jason, was extremely patient and thorough in answering my questions as this was the first time purchasing life insurance on my own. The prices quoted were fair and it was extremely helpful to be able to compare quotes for various policies. In the end, I'm very happy with the policy I selected and couldn't have done it without these guys. The whole process was smooth as butter and extremely easy. Two thumbs up!
I would highly recommend Quotacy. The people are so nice and responsive. They made it easy to purchase life insurance at the rate I was originally quoted. I liked that I was able to search quotes without providing contact information. When I decided to get in contact with Quotacy, they honored my communication preferences. There were no high-pressure sales tactics. I bought the policy I wanted at the price I wanted.
Excellent customer service... My advisor, Cory, was very helpful and prompt; and when I needed a last-minute change to the policy, he had it rewritten very quickly like it was no big deal. I had a great experience overall.
I was a little skeptical about using a service like Quotacy, but I was pleasantly surprised with their competency, follow-through, helpfulness, and pro-activeness! My rep kept me apprised throughout the process and never left me wondering what was happening, My questions were answered quickly and correctly; their responsiveness and overall professional approach were impressive. Seriously, if you need insurance, these folks can help you find the best match and will walk you painlessly thru the process. GOOD JOB! I highly recommend.
Very helpful and answered every questions which i have asked during the process. I will recommend my family members and friends to take life insurance through you.
Never had independent life insurance until now at 41 and Jason Nash at Quotacy did I stellar job at letting me know the process and what to expect . Received the best rate avail and couldn't be happier.
Quotacy made buying life insurance far more transparent and seamless than I ever thought possible. I felt I truly understood my choices, the differences between them, and what policy was right for me. They guide you through every step of the process and are a pleasure to work with. I never thought I would feel so confident in buying life insurance, but Quotacy made it happen.
My application process went perfectly smooth. My reps at Quotacy kept me informed the entire way through the process and answered all my questions.
In my case I had elevated Sugar and Cholesterol numbers and I had already tried out other local agents; but just thought of using this system. Obviously, I was quoted better premiums as there was no place to put my health situation. So, in the next step I just mentioned my sugar and cholesterol numbers in details note and received a note from a licensed agent -- who suggested me a quote from different company for a better rate based on my health condition. After couple of months of shopping around, I found this was the infact cheapest rate that i could get in the market based on my health. I cancelled all my other higher priced policies and replaced them with the cheapest one from Quotacy, for the same coverage amount. So, don't get fooled by the online system. Trust me, there are knowledgeable people standing by to help you @Quotacy.
They stayed in contact with me through every step of the way and everything was exactly what they said it would be. When I had questions they were always available and if they didn't answer they called me right back.
I've wanted to get life insurance for a couple of years now to know that my family would be taken care of in case something happens to me. But life insurance is super hard. It's called 'buying' life insurance but that sounds easy like 'here-is-my-money-thanks-for-the-life-insurance'. It's much more like getting a mortgage or worse. There is tons of paperwork, lots of words I didn't understand, all reasons why I didn't do it until now. I didn't feel competent enough to buy the insurance myself online or even to pick an insurance company and then go to their local agent. I found a couple independent insurance agencies online but their websites looked like they were done in 1995 - not a great impression. I found Quotacy and their website led me through a couple of questions and based on my answers gave me a quote. All they needed was the zip code and they showed me a price! Any other website wanted name, email, phone number to contact me with a quote (and send me spam afterward probably). Impressed by that, I contacted them to get the process started. Renee and her colleagues have been helping us through the process and they have been amazing. They answered our silly, random, and dumb questions. They emailed us the documents to fill out online. They emailed us the documents to sign online (we didn't print, fax, or mail anything in the whole process). They hand-held us every step of the way (which I definitely needed). When we took our time filling out a document, they nagged us (in a friendly way :)). They track every step on their side. They took care of all communication with the insurance company. Life insurance was still hard: wrestling with difficult questions surrounding mortality, filling out paper work, telling an insurance agency your whole medical history. But Renee, her colleagues, and Quotacy made it easier than I ever hoped it could be. 100% recommended.
The team was incredibly helpful, immediately answering all my questions and keeping me informed throughout the application process. To top it off, they helped me secure the most affordable insurance policy possible. Thank you Quotacy!
Took the hassle and inconvenience out of getting life insurance. Glad that I had real people working on my case and keeping me in the loop. Recommend!
Great Experience and easy to work with.
The process of getting life insurance was simple with Quotacy. My agent was very friendly and everything was quick and painless.
Great experience finding life insurance using Quotacy. By answering a few simple questions Quotacy provided a list of insurances and their premiums. After choosing one, they made the application process easy and kept me informed. They were always prompt and kept informed regarding the status of the application. I would definitely use their services again and would recommend them to anyone looking for life insurance.
Quotacy made the fairly daunting process of life insurance significantly easier on me. I felt confident that I could rely on them to resolve issues and explain complex details.
Quotacy made getting life insurance very easy and painless. I felt very well informed and comfortable throughout the whole process. The team was very responsive to any questions I had. I would recommend them, and use their services again.
Professional people, it took little time to get me approved and signed in to a term life policy.
Very easy to work with. Great communication and service.
I was looking for insurance for a specific amount and term. When I spoke with Jason on the phone he did not try to talk me into something I did not want. He respected my wishes and kept me informed each step of the way. I was able to have the medical exam done at my home since that was more convenient for me. All in all it was a very good experience.
This team helped me easily find the life insurance best suited to my needs, and went above and beyond to answer my, mostly silly, questions. Highly recommended! Thank you Quotacy for your patience, you all rock!
Jason Nash at Quotacy stayed on top of things. He got me set up with the life insurance policy that I wanted. He made it easy to get through the process no matter how busy I was.
I had a wonderful experience with Quotacy - from their extremely user friendly website to their excellent customer service & communication, I was highly satisfied. I would highly recommend this site!
The representatives, namely Brandon Larsen, made the whole process simple and pleasant. They were always very helpful and patient (because I tend to procrastinate) with timely reminders and feedback from the beginning until completion. I would definitely recommend Quotacy to family and friends for an easy way to get hooked up with the best deal on life insurance.
This process was practically painless. Quotacy stayed in touch with me every step of the way, so I always knew where things stood. And now I have life insurance! :)
It was my first time signing up for life insurance so I was a bit overwhelmed until I found out about Quotacy. The whole processs was simple and smooth, Brandon Larson and the other team of helpers guided me through it all and were very patient through all the changes I made. I'm very happy that I found out about this service and will recommend it to anyone.
Good experience. Responsive to questions.
I needed more life insurace. Quotacy let me shop quotes without having to give personal information until I found a policy I wanted. Once I choose my policy, Quotacy took care of all the details and it was very easy to set up and the price was exactly the same as quoted in the first minute.
The process went as expected and smooth. There was good communication from the agent as well.
I recently purchased direct term life insurance through Quotacy because I did not want to deal with an aggressive sales person. I was able to see prices from many different insurers and pick the company and price that worked best. Quotacy walked me through each step. It was a hassle-free process on my end.
These guys keep track of everything and make sure you don’t miss the multiple steps and deadlines that come with getting Life Insurance. Also they found me a comparable policy to what I had for $800 a year cheaper.
Our experience with Quotacy was very good. Our agent communicated with us regularly throughout the process. After seeking out the best rate for the coverage we sought, he gave us updates on progress, let us know what the next step would be, and reminded us when it was our time to act or take the next step. Sometimes we needed those reminders to keep the ball rolling. There was good follow up to the process and when looking for insurance I wouldn't hesitate to call on them again.
I had a great experience working with the Quotacy Team for Life Insurance. They were very responsive and kept me informed with the progress of my application and steps towards completion. I am very satisfied with their seamless process to get my Life Insurance Policy. Thank you very much to the Team at Quotacy!
It was a great experience working with Quotacy when I recently renewed my life insurance policy. Cory and Alex from Quotacy were there for me at every step of the process, letting me know what was next, and keeping me up to date. Thanks guys!
This is the first time I had ever shopped insurance on the web, and I found Quotacy's site and process the simplest and easiest to use. Once I was into the application process, their staff was quick and responsive at every point, until the policy was secured. We plan to use Quotacy again when my wife's policy is up for renewal.
Cydney and her team were very accessible and they made the process as painless as can be. I recommend Quotacy very highly.
From initial web inquiry to follow up and completion the Quotacy team is first class. I dreaded searching for and comparing life insurance but took a chance after reading some reputable reviews of internet insurance search tools. I travel for business extensively, and wanted to quickly search for general pricing while only inputting key information once, make a carrier decision and be efficiently let through the application process. The initial quote comparison was easy and the user experience intuitive. Amending the coverage amount afterward wasn't a problem and was handled correctly. Follow through and timely scheduling of the in home medical checkup was fast and easy. The few times I had questions generated immediate responses. And a follow up phone call while I was signing paperwork was immediately answered and the answer/advice/consultation valuable. Just the right amount of email communication. No pressing, pushing or aggressive drive to close. All at my pace but with acknowledgment of carrier timelines. I was so satisfied with the process that I immediately offered to write a review. Bottom line - HIGHLY Recommended.
I pursued a life insurance quote through AAA (where I have house and car policies) and asked the folks at Quotacy what they could do. I'm extremely glad I kept the Quotacy option open because they guided me to a substantially better rate than AAA was able to offer. I appreciated their periodic contact through the process until we landed the right choice.
Great Customer Service I would definitely recommend Quotacy!
This made shopping around for Life Ins. really easy! If you are in the market, I recommend you use Quotacy!
It was a great experience from beginning to end.
I worked with Renee and Brandon and they really made the process simple and easy. They made sure I knew what to expect next and we're very quick to follow up and answer all the questions I had.
The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Quotacy was very helpful in providing us with assistance in obtaining life insurance policies for our family. They were quick to answer our questions and attentive in resolving any concerns. The online application made the process simple and their extended customer service hours accommodated our busy schedules. I would definitely recommend them.
Easy to use. Communication was very good and all I had to do was sign. Securing a life insurance policy seemed like a daunting task, but Quotacy made the process super easy!
Good: - Agent was very friendly and responsive - Agent was quick to follow up and give status updates - Got the policy I wanted in place at a great price Bad: - Process took took long. I started the process on May 12 and the policy wasnt in place until 2 months and a day later on July 13. - I got SLAMMED with SPAM after signing up with quotacy. - I was quite put off by the disorganization of the exam process. The examiners couldnt get the date right and the appointment had to be rescheduled multiple times. The examiner didnt show up nor call to reschedule. The Quotacy agent called and said the examiner and the carrier told him that I canceled my application (not true, I rescheduled and the examiner was confused when I told her that someone else rescheduled for another day) Need to get everyone on the same track so I dont waste my day waiting.
Good customer service and quick!
Quotacy found a great rate for me and they were very helpful through every step.
I really like the fact that Quotacy showed me quotes without having to provide contact info. Many similar sites do not do this. I went through the process and received the quoted policy with no issues. The Quotacy team stayed engaged through the entire process and followed up to ensure things were moving along with the carrier.
Jason and the team at Quotacy were extremely helpful and easy to work with. From the initial quote, through the application process, until the final approval...the entire process was painless. Jason kept the lines of communication open every step of the way. I highly recommend using Quotacy to help you find the best insurance policy for you. I am a definitely a satisfied customer!
Very good response to questions. Prompt service. No complaints.
Easy and smooth process, was kept informed the whole time! Great service!!! Would def recommend to anyone!
Quotacy team was professional, friendly, helpful, and responsive. Could not ask for more.
Extremely easy and flexible process for what was the best policy for money I could find.
Though I wish I could have received a hard copy of my medical tests and that I was offered some options when the original quote was higher than I expected, I have to say that customer service and communication was really great. My liaison kept me informed of what was happening every step of the way and I ended up saving some money.
The experience for us was great. We were kept informed every step of the way. I would recommend Quotancy to anyone.
I highly recommend working with Quotacy when searching for insurance. They were very responsive and our agent, Jason did a wonderful job in making the process unbelievably easy. The process took less time than I initailly anticipated and I couldn't be more pleased.
I was pleased with my experience at Quotacy. The rates given were competitive and I was kept informed throughout the approval process. Everything was straightforward and handled professionally.
I was very impressed with the professional, friendly and prompt communication. Highly recommend.
Great service, white glove treatment, got the result I wanted. Couldn't have been better.
Loved the speed and ease of the entire process. They made it a breeze and responses from fast and very simple to understand. I always knew where I was in the process and what to expect next. These company rocks and should do this for a lot of other such services!
First time applying for life insurance. Felt like a scary procedure, at times thought maybe it would have been too complex but with Quotacy the whole ordeal was swift, smooth and in the end I felt very much at ease for the choice and decision that I made.
Though the application process was tedious in the beginning (i.e. filling out paper work, setting up an interview with a representative, making an appointment with Quest to get blood work done, then the waiting game), after all was said and done it wasn't so bad. The process was made easier by receiving some type of communication every step of the way. It is well worth it knowing that I have protection for myself and my loved ones.
I worked with Quotacy to get quotes on Life Insurance. It was a smooth process getting prices and medical work done.
Great service & support. Prompt response to questions. Provided clear directions throughout the entire process.
Very fast response and good communication through emails & phone. The site is very easy to use for getting the quotes.
Staff that I communicated with was always friendly, helpful and courteous!
I accomplished everything I needed to. These guys helped me find an affordable plan with the right amount of coverage. Thanks!
Great service. My agent was great!
My account manager was great at keeping me apprised of updates with my life insurance application at regular intervals. Really appreciated that she was both on-the-ball and extremely personable and responsive, but most of all, I appreciate that they communicate via email for the most part instead of blowing my phone up. Dealing with this kind of stuff on your own time is the only way to go.
Would use them again
Our Quotacy experience was great! We shopped around before coming to Quotacy and nobody else had as good of prices. The user interface was wonderful... very simple and intuitive. Jason and the team at Quotacy provided fantastic service throughout the process provided frequent updates. When there was a small issue to work through with the insurance company Jason did a great job explaining, communicating and problem solving. I highly recommend Quotacy to anyone looking for a great price and experience.
Quotacy took the difficulties out of the process of obtaining life insurance. First they trivialized the process of comparing quotes based off of an estimated risk class they determined from asking a few questions. The range of quotes they gave me in a few minutes would have taken me hours or days to get on my own. When I selected a policy to apply for, they handled all the interactions with the underwriter/provider and provided me with the necessary documents to fill out along with clear and concise instructions to ensure I filled the documents out easily and without stress. They were available every step of the way to answer my questions or recheck quotes as more information about my risk class became available. They proactively updated me as to the status of my application and when wait periods got long, they sent reassuring messages to me so that I would know the process was still moving forward. When my doctors weren't responding to requests for health information, they let me know and helped me effectively nudge my doctors into responding to the provider. In the end, I was placed in a great risk class and got an amazing rate on life insurance. A company I went to on my own was trying to sell me an identical policy for over two times the monthly cost of the one I ultimately got through Quotacy. Thanks Quotacy!
Every easy and quick. The service reps were always willing to help.
Helped us search different life insurance providers for the best one for us, and then guided us through the application process every step of the way, and got the rate originally quoted.
Straightforward process and great communication and responsiveness
Quick easy and responsive to questions and provided great follow-up.