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Unbelievable service! RV we've had brand new x1 year was completely "TOTALED" due to the hurricane. Now, I haven't spoke with the adjuster for their estimate yet on what they will give (RV was still being financed). We had it at a KOA at the time for their "store & use" summer program when the hurricane hit. Flipped the RV on its side & did a nice number. Slide outs, self leveling hydraulics & RV axels = destroyed! KOA was calling us right after the hurricane: "Your RV landed on the main water & electric unit and the entire KOA community (largest in the USA including residential homes) cannot get it back until your RV is off the grid unit!"

We had to call a wrecker and crane to at least get it off their grid. We called Safeco and they were quick, had great communication, very compassionate reps who seem like they put themselves in your shoes instead of just inputting your info in a computer to get the job done! Emails & calls were easy. If I could make this my 1 & only insurance for EVERYTHING I would!!!

They are very great. They provide a great response. They offer good and excellent services. The people who work there act like they want to be there and want to do an excellent job. They were knowledgeable and were very efficient at what they do. The employees appear to of been there all their lives. I would highly recommend them and their services. They offer good policies and they offer reasonable rates. I look forward to looking at the rates and seeing how they compare with others. And are they up to snuff. I am satisfied with the coverage. I have been with them since May 2015. I have been with them longer than any other insurance company.

Claims process is efficient and easy although I've never had a claim. I have heard Safeco delivers what it promises with no hassle or problems. I have contacted customer service at Safeco and they are very efficient at answering questions and resolving any issues you may have come up with and they make sure you're happy. I am happy Safeco's policy options as they pertain to me. I would highly recommend SAFECO to all my friends and acquaintances and other people that I just meet. Safeco coverage is very good and I would recommend adding auto and home policies together to get a better discount. They offer great discounts on desired coverage.

Making the claim over the phone was easy. Doing the paperwork that followed and submitting documentation when we had an accident out of state was a little more difficult. But with good communication we were successful. Nice, helpful, knowledgeable customer service. I actually preferred working with customer service over my adjuster. They were quick, gave efficient updates, were able to answer questions about my policy and update my coverage as needed. I enjoyed the policy options. Understanding the state minimum required coverage versus what was recommended, especially for the specific RV I got and the plans we had made for traveling with it. The coverage was great. We always go with above average coverage. When we were in an accident out of state they were able to help with everything.

I've had my insurance for three years now. I have never felt so safe, so covered and so unworried about being in an accident and if I was going to be covered. My first and only claim was smooth sailing. I was taken care of, contacted every step of the way and always knew the next step. There's no better insurance. Customer service is especially fantastic. They are trustworthy and reliable. They contact you right back or always have someone on the line without all the... "Please hold while I transfer you."

Their policy options are affordable rates for each and every person's budget. You're covered with many options on how you choose to be covered. Great customer service and website to walk you through the right plan for you. Well there's your basic low cost coverage that's always affordable to cover you in case of an accident. Then you have premiums that cover total cost in case of an accident, liability and replacement of your bad mamma jamma!

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