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Helpful. Answered questions. Friendly and took time to explain options.
I was very happy with my rate n my experience n how well it was explained n thank you for accepting me
very informative, good prices, agent very helpful, good experience.
I had a very good explanation of plans and was not hounded to decide.When I did make a decision,everything was implemented well and in a timely manner.
The sales lady who called me was very nice. She new the companies very well and me comfortable with the best policy for me.
Medical care insurance is complex and agents don't always seem on top of the various details, requiring several phone calls. We've been covered, however, by a former employers' plan for 50 years, which we are not leaving voluntarily and are likely spoilt.
Helped me with all details to complete change.
Easy to deal with and honest. We did find a better price for my Mom's Medicare Plan F.
I found the gentleman I spoke with, extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He was patient and truly appeared to care that I received the best plan for the best price.
Marci Lee helped me with a plan but I had some questions regarding the drug plan and could not get her to call me back even after numerous calls to her direct number. Will need to go above to a supervisor.
I was talked to in a very friendly way&asked several times if I had Eny questions.And I only have a cell phone so they always called me back our I would them.They took there time to make sure that I understood.
They were knowledgeable and easy to understand. Helped guide me through the process of getting the best plan for me.
I found your people and their service to be extremely helpful. This was a professional and efficient process.
You put my wife wrong birthday down on the application. We are still trying to strighten out the mixed up.
They explain everything to you ! They are awesome
Great experience with the help of experts in the matter very nice people who listen to you explain your choices give you the best advice
Everyone that I came into contact with was courteous, thorough and extremely professional!
excellent info and follow up.
SelectQuote answered all my questions, gave me a list of choices, allowed me to choose which plans I liked best. They also facilitated delivery of one of the medicare Part B supplemental. The insurance company hadn't contacted me, even after I paid them a premium. Selectquote facilitated my contact with the company. I was told that I would get information on July 1, 2016, as that woulds be the date my supplemental insurance started.
the people were very courteous
Co was very helpful
very pleasant experience! glad, that I choose them!
Nice to Know their are choices for my disabled son with good benefits.
We were greatly helped in choosing the best policies and felt the people who helped us through this process were kind and professional.
I so appreciate all that you have done. My agent was wonderful. I am so thankful to have this new insurance plan. She is the most knowledgeable agent I have ever dealt with. Thank you
Our agent, Rob Paul, is outstanding! He made many follow-up calls, answering our many questions. He is very knowledgeable in his work, and worked hard to look out for our best interest and to meet our needs. He's also enjoyable to talk to. Great price on our health insurance policy! Excellent agent!
I'm really glad that I called the company, I know that the answers that I am seeking, will be what I'm looking for. Great Customer Service!!!!
I felt I had someone that I could trust to help guide me thru the confusion of medicare supplemental insurance.
Everyone was very knowledgeable and professional. 3 cheers for Michael Jackson!!
they were very helpful
Covered entire policy step by step. My representative was patient answered all my questions. When iterview was over I was well informed of my new medical plan. I will certainly recommend this company to my friends.
His phone# at select quote is. 844-433-1015
Very helpful and knowledgeable.
They were so helpful. I love saving money.
30 May, 2017 First, I'm a little hard of hearing and found that Morgan Durham was easy to understand. She was also very patient, which helped a lot, because I did not know much about Medicare, nor any of its parts. Right away, I felt comfortable talking with her. I was also on my only phone, a cellphone, in a highly wooded, low elevation area, where my reception is intermittent at best. Even so, I still needed an education on every aspect that would affect me, and believe, that because of her help, received that, and was able to make a good decision. Secondly, sometimes I get buyers remorse the next day after a big decision, but after sleeping on it, still felt that I had made the right choice. I know that based on the information given me by her at first, and by the thoughtful answers to all my questions, she helped guide me towards what I really needed. I feel very comfortable giving Morgan my highest possible recommendation because I was faced with one of the most important and daunting tasks that I'll ever face, clouded partly, by my age related, slightly diminished faculties. But due in large part, to her overwhelming qualifications, and willingness to hang in there until I got it at my own speed, I got the information to choose the best options for me. Thank you Morgan ! Respectfully, James Beeson
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Highly recommend to anyone needing assistance with Medicare Supplement Insurance.
When I first investigated this site I was surprised that "Chris" was so very helpful. He sorta took my hand and led me through the process step by step. Thank you, Now I have to convince my son that this is the PLAN.
Very pleased with my agent.
Could not get better help elsewhere.
I was served by professionals. It appeared to knew what they were talking about. Best part was they explained the plans to me & helped me to make a decision. That was what I wanted. I am satisfied with SelectQuote Senior.
Very helpful to me in the process of signing up for Medicare for the first time
Could not have asked for more helpful people. Answered all my questions and guided me through the whole process.
Very clear and concise and patient while explaining the 3 different Policies we discussed, and very friendly. Have already Recommended Select Quotes to friends.
I had contact with 3 of your Reps. They all were professional and helpful and courteous.
Follow up was not easy but initial service was good. In fairness, I tried to get ahold of my agent close to the enrollment deadline with less pressing matters. Once you have a person on the phone, though, it’s satisfactory service. Very nice people too.
This was the best experience I have had in a very long time. Ryan and Jasmine made getting this done simple and easy. They made sure I understood everything. Thank you for getting me through this and making it so simple.
Great experience, agent very courteous, like the idea of a yearly review
Agent was professional, answered my questions regarding the broad array of plans available, and provided requested guidance. She followed up when I requested but was not over aggressive.
Shirley at Select Quote Senior was a great communicator and excellent listener. Our initial conversation involved a lot of questions from me, and Shirley assisting me in understanding the process of signing up and explaining all the options, and answering every question I had. She treated me with respect and intelligence. I had called 3 other insurers and was treated like I was an idiot. The other agents tried to push me toward a certain program or insurer without giving me options. Shirley was not like that. I enjoyed my time with her on the phone and her relaxed informative style. I would highly recommend them to friends and family! Their service was also prompt with immediate follow up.
Very professional and knowledgeable. Answered every question and made logical suggestions. I appreciate the personal Thank you
Overall, a good experience although the rep was scheduled to call me at a certain time and did not. Once I got connected with someone to enroll me we were disconnected due to a problem with their phone system.
Drew Kost and Courtenay Brummer were very professional and I feel gave me the coverage I needed. My only concern is that I had to leave my dentist that I have gone to for years and there are not very many listed in the plan I have.
The agents that I dealt with were exceptional in their knowledge of health care insurance coverage for the Senior's Generation. They were very polite, well spoken, courteous and above all was respectful to me. I'd rate them a 10!
I would recommend this company to anyone. Made my decision easy.
Was relaxed with Brandy. She did a great job
I was skeptical at first but after speaking with Emily, I was very pleased with my results. She was extremely courteous, patient and knowledgeable. I was given answers to every question I asked, was able to decide on the plan and call her back at my convenience, what more could you ask for. In the end, she found me a plan that was most cost effective for me. I would recommend Select Quote to anyone who needs help with health insurance.
One of our most important criteria was to retain the same physician and clinic we have used for the past 40+ years. We were absolutely assured and reassured that the Blue Shield plan we chose that retention would NOT be a problem. We advised the SelectQuote agent that our doctor and clinic were not listed. The agent checked again and once again assured us that she had personally spoken to our doctor's office and that we would be covered. When we received plan information we found that to be totally incorrect. We are now stuck with some doctor we've never heard of in a clinic we've never visited.
Great help. Knowledgeable.
Very quick and simple highly recommend
I have a Ph.D. and I was confused by all the Medicare choices. SQS agents guided me through the process of selecting a Medicare supplemental plan, prescription drug plan, and dental plan. WOW! Did I luck out finding them.
Was a great experience. They took their time and answered every question
Very quick and easy enrollment. Agent was knowledgable and took his time to explain my coverage.
Thanks for help
Great experience with everyone I spoke to everyone was extremely helpful in getting me what I wanted and needed
Listened to my needs and gave me honest and reliable information on available plans. They were more concerned with what I needed and not pushing for a sale.
Very thorough and friendly.
There were too many mistakes made at the time teh orders were taken then no one caught the errors.
Mr. Barnes was very helpful and informative. He was patient and easy to talk to. I felt I was speaking with someone that I could trust.
Fantastic experience .. I found the folks I spoke with knowledgeable and easy to understand .. not an easy task in insurance. I got all signed up for the insurance I needed quickly and effortlessly
The agent I talked to was extremely knowledgeable as was the service rep I talked to. When I got the call I almost told them no from the beginning but am so happy I proceeded! I switched plans as she found one that better fit my needs and pricing!
I told them what I wanted . He found me something better and less out of pocket for me. That's service I would return for, over and over.
Everything is as explained.
Brian Schwartz was simply amazing in providing information and the specific direction that's needed to navigate the Medicare website and sign up for Medicate. Brian then gave me the personalized guidance that I needed to be able to complete the Medi Blue Advantage Program application process when I originally signed two weeks ago. He was the consummate problem anticipator and problem solver when it came to easily answering any questions or concerns I had in street level terminology that I could fully understand. I would highly recommend Brian and his assistant Ashley without hesitation to anyone who is trying to navigate the treacherous waters that are the Medicare application process. They rock! Greg Johnson, Simi Valley, CA
After Humana discontinued service for the county where I live there was an immediate and urgent need for accurate information and alternatives. After speaking with a number of companies it seemed the norm was to muddle and the service was a ruse. The conversation with SelectQuote included being handed off to three helpful reps, the last of them the person I needed to speak with. The follow-up information was confirming and the purchase was made. My take it is rare to discover an organization that succeeds by providing a needed service. A footnote: Multiple messages to Customer Service with no response.
The phone call was convenient and informative. Everyone I spoke to was polite and cordial.
Extremely easy to understand and work with. All my questions were answered and then sum.
The party I spoke with initially, instilled confidence in me right from the start. She really knew the "ins" and "outs" of medicare, medigap (supplemental ins.) and Part D. She was very personable and answered every question I posed to her over a two hour period. My transitioning from Group Health at work to Medicare was a nightmare from the get go. Select quote personell answered questions for me no one else could. I really sensed they were an authority on the subject. I would recommend their services to anyone.
Had a good experience the where very helpful in explaining things and patient
Easy , thorough and offered grat products
I've had a good experience with this company and highly recommend it. They have been very helpful and professional.
I would recommend this company and service
My experience with my phone conversation about changing my health insurance was a positive one. I was given a very clear explanation of the plan that is best suited my my health needs at the best price. There was no pressure.
Gave me exactly what I asked for. Thank you
My experience with SelectQuote Senior has been excellent. From the initial conversation with Mike Capito to answer my Medicare questions to signing up for Supplement Medicare Plans G and D with Mike Capito and Steve harris respectively. I would recommend this team to anyone. Thanks.
Diedra was so knowlwdgable and helpful. I was overwgelmed being the first year I had to do this. She relaxed us and gave us all the information we needed. Even comparing the details of wach plan. Thanks Diedra! Give that girl a raise!
The sales rep. was very helpful in setting up the right plan for me. I received the card and paperwork in a short time. Great job.
It may be partly my fault, but in the circumstances, and from my experiences thus far, I should have elected to go with a PPO. I've had nothing but trouble getting approval and having to deal exclusively with providers within the Humana Network. I wish the SelectQuote representative had explained this more fully.
Everyone was helpful. Informative. I didnt feel pressured. When I asked to verify other policies and would call back, she was responsive to my wishes.
Have already told my sister to call them! Easy sign up ! Knowledgeable staff! Pleasant to talk to!!
Good people, good product knowledge, willingness to help.
Each of the people that I dealt with, Starr & Wayne, were friendly, professional and knew their stuff. Starr heled me pick the plan that will be right for me now.
I enjoyed talking with the agent. She was knowledgeable, and helpful.
Not satisfied with my Humara drug plan. I am paying more then two times as much as my previous drug plan with Cigna.
Mr. Birch was knowledgeable, thorough, patient and very helpful. I felt he truly had my needs in mind, and wanted to offer the best plan possible.
As the title says.
The representative was very nice and helpful
My SelectQuote agent was very patient and thorough explaining the available plans. I would recommend SelectQuote to anyone needing help selecting a plan and looking for a competitively priced plan.