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I called to file my claim with Marion **. I told this adjuster how Highland Paving company in Fayetteville, NC gave me the runaround and how I felt he told me that he had to consult with the insurer and call me back and wasn't sure if my windshield would be covered anyways. My co-workers were listening on speakerphone. They said he is rude call back and request a more respectful person. I call back and request that but the lady connected me to Mr. Marion again. He raised his voice and disrespected me and hung up.

This is the most humiliating thing I ever experienced, Highland Paving company of Fayetteville, NC had paving flying from their trailer on truck crack my windshield now travelers insurance of Charlotte NC insurance adjuster Marion ** fussing and hanging up and both companies to me and from what I read are scam artists. I have witnesses that seen the paving crack my windshield, witnesses to hear the Highland Paving Harvey guy try to scam, and witnesses that heard how the traveler's insurance adjuster Marion ** talked to me twice.

I have been waiting for an answer for a vehicle crash for more than Two months. We have called and called. Being told “you will a have an answer by Friday” and after being told that for 8 weeks it simply means we were lied to as 2 months on we have no answers and Are still being told “by Friday” and given no other options or information... This company lies and is simply bad at their job and customer service. I will remove my policy after this.

I am insured with Travelers for the past 4 years and I am very happy with their claims process. We had two incidents, of them one in 2016 where I hit an animal necessitating repairs to the front of the vehicle. The claims process was seamless, the adjustor from Travelers was reasonable and wanted to make sure that the hit was indeed an animal hit and not any "concrete or steel animal". I liked his overall humor, he let us choose our collision center and we chose to be paid for OEM parts only, and he acceded. We took the car to the Mercedes-Benz Collision Center and all costs were completely covered between the collision center and Travelers. No questions were asked and our insurance rates didn't increase.

Recently, we bought another used car (4 year old Sedan), and called Travelers for insurance. We were dismayed to find that our insurance rate for that car would be $100 every month which is almost double of the other cars we have insured through them. So we are not happy and started looking for alternatives, and found several options for $50-60 cheaper per month. I have liked Travelers, so I am debating whether I will leave them, but it seems that this time, I will have to leave as their quote is too high (higher than almost all other quotes I received) except for Metlife.

We were switching from another company because the rate kept increasing. The Travelers agent we talked to was thorough, knowledgeable and helpful in getting our policy switched over and at an affordable price. I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied with Travelers' customer service. It is very rare to have helpful representatives these days, but every time I call I am treated well, quickly and efficiently. Their customer service is outstanding. I am very appreciative of their effort and commitment to customers. Overall, I am very satisfied with the company. They have been excellent in all services and offerings.

I purchase this insurance through a broker who has my best interests at heart. I have purchased other insurance through them and have been well served. Fair pricing is very important as well as good service and I feel that I receive both from Travelers. I also feel secure that they will honor claims fairly and in a timely manner. But of course, I would love to have my rate lowered and would appreciate more considerations for my outstanding record and low mileage if possible.

My divorce to my ex was final Sept 30th last year. I called my agent to remove her and got a new quote for $597 for two cheap cars, sure I have an 18 year old teenager that had an accident earlier last year and so this high premium was expected. For the last 5 months I was struggling to contain my ever increasing credit card balance and I found out recently that Travelers has increased my premium from $597 to $1495! They claim they sent me a policy renewal/disclosure on Nov 27th 2017.

I may have received it, but with everything happening, daughter going off to college and trying to figure out how to keep my head above water with the divorce settlement that left me financially destitute, I may have missed this. It shouldn't be legal for an insurance company to do this without consent from the policy owner. I would have either switched or simply let my daughter stop driving as I cannot afford this. I have already started shopping around and have two quotes from other insurers for the same coverage for about the same price I was paying before they decided to gouge me. This company doesn't care about its policyholders.

My overall experience in purchasing my policy at Travelers Auto Insurance was I went to an agent, he found the best deal. He came my house and we reviewed our options. He took care of everything for us. What I like best about selecting my policy is there is no bills sent to me, all electronic bills. I get reminded by email regarding upcoming payments. However, the automated call center is ridiculous. I want to talk to someone when calling to pay my bill monthly.

We had a simple claim of a broken windshield as we traveled. They instantly responded and sent someone to replace it in our hotel parking lot! Lifesaver! They were wonderful on a small claim we had. The customer service is easy to use and very helpful. Our experiences with them have been positive. However, we are doing some shopping around for more competitive rates; any smart consumer should always be diligent.

After moving my secondary home to Travelers. They are marking me as non renewal. Because my tenant has an English Mastiff. The English Mastiff is called the gentle giant for a reason. I have never seen in the news about an English Mastiff attack or read about one. This company is ridiculous in labeling all mastiffs on their blacklist. There are many mastiff breeds and most are not aggressive at all. I will be moving my insurance again. If you have a dog over 5 pounds in weight. STAY AWAY FROM TRAVELERS.

My family used to love this insurance company, as it was a great price for the coverage we got. However we recently noticed that they had been raising our premium up by $20 for the past couple of years. When we contacted them about it, we were given the runaround for days before we finally were able to talk to someone who knew why this was happening - and the reasoning was because our area has a high amount of accidents. It does not matter that we have not had an accident ourselves or even so much as a ticket, and we get no benefit for being good drivers.

I have a very positive experience overall with Travelers Auto Insurance. It has more comprehensive coverage than the discounted providers, but does not have pricing comparisons. Purchasing a plan was pretty straightforward. I like that Travelers offers roadside assistance which I utilized when I had a flat tire. I like that they provided prompt claim service, long track record in the insurance industry and a comprehensive policy. But it costs more than other insurance policies and I don't have local agent to speak directly with when I have questions. And their website could be a little more user-friendly.

They were easy to register with. They had decent rates and were decent enough when I had an accident. Their rates are comparable with other companies. Naturally anyone would want the rates to be lower but what can you do? But they make things easy with automatic renewal and the people who answer the phones are nice and helpful. However, they could have explained things a little better when I had my accident. I had to ask too many questions about how to proceed when my vehicle was being fixed. But the company overall is fine.

Customer service is good. One accident handled successfully. They handled my claim quickly with ease but I wish they had some local offices to better serve me because I had to go way out of my way to get a claim. I also really wish that they had a smoother process and had gone after the car wash which was responsible for my damage to my truck. Turn around is ok, but rate is high. Also, I could not get a quote on my own and I wanted to get separate quotes.

It was easy to purchase the policy with Travelers Auto Insurance but it's a waste of money. I pay over 1000$ a year for it and if you never use it you've paid thousands into nothing. No return. So where does my money go after all the years paying into it? I'm well over 100,000 in so why keep taking my money? Why not just hold it until something happens and I need to actually use it? Not keep paying into it until I don't drive any longer. It should stop at a certain point.

Travelers Auto Insurance has been fair and honest with me. They may be a bit pricey for their products but, they are a great value if you expect good returns on your investment. I suggest purchasing directly from Travelers' main office located on the internet. You contact by phone and provide the necessary information of what you care to insure and you will get a quote and the process can begin. Many options to pay for your insurance are available. Give them a try. I have had many insurance carriers over the last 50 years and I like this group. Safe driver discounts with home and auto package discounts. They do not insure ATVs if you need this coverage. My vehicle was hit and run. I called Travelers' and within 2 days the adjuster came and settled the claim.

Adjuster from Travelers insurance estimated my roof damage repairs at about $15,000, but handed me a check for about $10,000. Went into a long elaborate explanation of completing the work to get paid, depreciation review, assuring me I would get the remaining. It was not too clear, I asked him to explain about depreciation review again and I got another long elaborate explanation. I was clearly told that if repairs were underestimate I can pay the contractor myself and anything extra I could keep and that Travelers didn’t want to know about it unless it went over budget.

I believe I was clearly misled to believe that the portion withheld was to make sure the job got done and anything left was my incentive to get the best rates. After work was completed I got a clear two sentence reply that, no, I misunderstood, and, "Thank you for getting everything done under $10,000 but we never offered you an incentive." The deception was all the long confusing explanation to make me believe one thing before the work was started and a clear explanation after it was complete that left me working unpaid to save them money. Still better than GEICO.

I found the price I was offered at Travelers Auto to be extremely competitive for the amount of coverage required by the state of Nebraska, which is liability only. But I wouldn't recommend this company due to the way they handled the cancellation of my coverage without any warning due to an accident even though the other driver was ticketed and I was not. The customer service representative kept referencing company policy instead of giving an actual answer to my question of why I was being penalized for the carelessness of another driver. They felt very impersonal and seemed to just see customers as dollars and not as human beings.

My Travelers auto insurance gives me the coverage I want at an comparable price through an agent that I have been using for a long time. Buying the insurance was easy and I get a yearly breakdown of my coverage and the price for each item so it is easy to understand my coverage. It has also been easy to change coverage if I purchase a different vehicle. My rates have not increased due to minor accidents or tickets but have increased a few times at renewal times and I am not given an explanation for the changes. I also would like to be able to customize my plans more by using a website to select things I want to change the coverage amounts on.

Travelers Auto Insurance is reliable and the price is fair. The purchasing process was easy and straightforward. Everything from the options I was given to choose from, to the agent who explained the policy was without difficulty. The insurance agent was very informative, knowledgeable, friendly and willing to answer any questions you have. You are able to access your policy online without any difficulty. You are also able to pay your premium online which I like. The overall experience was very pleasant.

I was scammed by the company "Travelers Insurance". They offered me a good rate for homeowner and auto insurance pack for the first 6 months. The auto insurance then went up in the next renewal by more than the double! After three calls trying to know what caused the huge increase to my premium, I got the most ridiculous answer, that for some unknown reason, their system did not detect the two accidents I had during the past 2 years!! Then, surprisingly enough, the system was fixed and reflected the accidents! I was very clear declaring these accidents while providing my information to the company, in addition to the report they ran.

I bought a second car based on the premium they gave me and modified the policy 2 times during the first 6 months without any significant increase. They denied to keep the same premium we are currently paying for the next renewal, especially that we (my wife and I) did not get any tickets or had any accidents for the last year and half. And my understanding is that the premium usually goes down as the accidents get old. Now, I have to shop for a new homeowner policy and auto insurance policy and lose the new auto purchase discount because of them!!

My Dad just turned 80 years old and for his birthday he got a bill for $3200 from Travelers. No accidents except for one drunk that hit him in the rear while stopped at a traffic light and no speeding tickets. He drives a 2015 Spark worth about 12k or so. His coverage is minimal with a $1000 deductible yet his insurance is 3200. This should be criminal.

I work at a dealership so I deal with Auto Insurance companies all day just about every day. I also know how busy they can be and so very understanding of this. Today was my FIRST day ever dealing with this company "Travelers/Partners Insurance." First, I'm going through this lady Margaret and she tells me two minutes before she leaves she's leaving now and get her the information to get proof of insurance. I literally sent this information as soon as she said to. She disregarded the fact I asked her for the proof - So I call and find out she left the office already... (Meanwhile our mutual customer is literally waiting patiently for 3 HOURS to get this information. I finally call back come to find out the lady can't even provide me with proof of insurance and to call the 877 number. I do just as they asked and called, the lady who answered seemed pretty understanding and to get the information.

I asked twice, "please wait on the phone with me just so I can confirm I get the email of the insurance". She told me she can't wait. She's very busy. In the middle of asking her PLEASE wait... She hangs up on me!!! I looked twice at the phone, like... I've worked and been so frustrated and have never hung up on ANYONE especially while working. I would never refer any of my customers to this company, and I WILL be letting everyone I come in contact know just how terrible this company and the customer service is - and HOW LONG IT TOOK TO GET THE PROOF!!!

Travelers has been my worst experience in 40 years of having insurance. It took a total of 5 different people before they gave me the correct person for a rock in the windshield. Check your LexisNexis report to find out what they reported because it is difficult to change. After the one crack, they went up 37% in annual fee.

I met an accident in October 2018 at Columbus, Ohio. It took them 3 months to reimburse my claim for a rental vehicle and damage for my car. Very unprofessional, manipulative agents work in their claim department who gave me a very hard time to pay the money back for an accident which was not even my fault. Won't recommend it to anyone.

My experience with Travelers Insurance has been outstanding. I have made a couple of claims and Travelers has always come through with me. They have always been there when I needed assistance or even when I contact them about my policy.

My car was damaged in a church parking lot while it was legally parked and stationary. The woman who damaged the car indicated to me on site her fault in the incident stating she "did not see the car". She also stated she would write me a check to pay for the damages and also gave me her insurance information. I immediately had the car repair estimated and contacted her with the cost. She said she would have to report it to her insurance company (Travelers). I was contacted by Ms. Catherine **, her agent, and asked for a recorded statement which I gave. I was then called the next day and told that the claim was her word against mine and that Travelers would not be paying the claim.

The rationale in the written document state that I had not yielded the right of way to their client. I responded stating that there was no right of way in question since my car was legally parked in a parking space and was not moving. Ms. ** also stated that her client stated she never damaged my car. An email denial was then received. I wonder how Travelers can respond in such a way since their client called them in the first place to report the incident! How many of us call our insurance companies to say that we have NOT had an accident that we want to report. It sounds fishy to me and I wonder who is more conniving, the woman who damaged my car, Ms. **, or Travelers Insurance Co.

They are great company with pleasant staff. They have a good solid policy with great benefits for accident free years. They also respond quickly and no hassle claims processing. Tow package is worth the extra cost.

My experience with Travelers was. To keep my policy Travelers gave me a small list of minor repairs they requested me to have done to my home before a specific date to keep my policy. So as requested I did the repairs and after each repair I emailed the picture of each repair. The due date was coming up and I didn't hear a word as to what was happening so I called and was told Travelers need one more thing corrected so again I got that completed. Emailed them pictures. Still no call. At this time I was getting nervous because due date was in 2 days. So again I called and was told everything they asked for and need was good. The person told me to hold and she would contact the underwriter to make sure everything on their part was good. So a few minutes went by. The agent came back told me that I would get a call back within an hour to let me know if there was anything else.

I stressed to the agent the due date was the following day. I need to get this completed today. And it was 3 pm on a Friday. Well no call. Nothing at all. So Monday morning August 14 at 9 am I called Travelers and was told they had emailed me information that everything was ok just wanted my permission to update all information. But the email address was not mine so I never received it. So now they said that they have to rewrite my policy make a new one. I'm already paid in full for the entire year in advance and they’re going to have to rewrite my policy for the mistake they made. I told them that I did not like that idea. I was told that if I didn't agree to the new policy I would lose my insurance coverage. BECAUSE OF THEIR MISTAKE THE CUSTOMER SUFFERS THE CONSEQUENCES. THAT TO ME OR ANY OTHER CUSTOMER OF TRAVELERS IS NOT RIGHT.

This company discriminates against deaf people and always denies claims when they know the person is unable to communicate with them because of a disability. At every turn they will try to get out of paying claims they know they should. They should be boycotted.

I shopped around with my usual agent and had previously been with Progressive. We found the Travelers policy which was a little cheaper and slightly more comprehensive. It was easy to purchase and I got my documents right away. I truly hate that I legally have to have insurance at all but if I have to have it, Travelers seems easy, with a decent price value.

Every year I get information about changes and what my annual charges are due to my safe driving history. I get quarterly updates and offers to increase or decrease my dollar amount when anything changes. I feel important to the agency and believe I am getting top notch service.

I really like my auto insurance and the features I enjoy are the automatic deductions. I dont have to remember to go on the website and set up a payment every month. I also like my insurance agent. We haven't had much interaction, but what we have has been good. I find it's very inexpensive, but I would probably make it even less expensive. I have found cheaper policies but I don't qualify for them. Other than that, everything including the process has been easy to do and not stressful. Their policy information has been easily read.

We contacted our local agency to change insurance companies due to rising cost and they compared prices and Travelers had the best coverage for the lowest cost. The price was very reasonable for the coverage we got. Also, the company offers claims representatives twenty four hours a day seven days a week and we can pay annual premium which saves us money. We are very pleased with Travelers overall.

We purchased Travelers insurance for a trip to Mexico and I liked the easiness of signing up, affordability and great customer service. We got this policy last minute and was amazed on how easy and fast the whole process was. I actually called during the weekend because I had a few questions and as it happens the manager was there doing some work and was able to answer my questions even though it was after hours. The price was very reasonable. But a discount for returning customers will be awesome.

I have been with Travelers over five years. It was part of my employment. They bundle, provide excellent customer service and are reasonably cheaper than others... Also they provide good information on what is the best when it comes to fixing your car. It provided me substantial reduction in payments but since I have been with them I haven't seen where they offer any reductions unless I go up on my deductibles. I don't like that. Also, they should have better rates for good drivers and should provide lower rates for long standing clients that does not have accidents. Moreover, they also should provide two payments instead of one for homeowners policy.

I was shocked then humored by this letter I received from Travelers just a mere 2 weeks after purchasing auto and home insurance through them. My shingled roof is 10 years old in great condition. Had a guy 3 months ago blow off any small branches... Gutters have caps so no need to have them cleaned. He used his phone to video my roof to show me how it looked. Just received this letter from Travelers which identified the following condition: Roof has heavy moss growth and needs to be removed. And they want me to provide pictures and work receipts. I am livid and of course will not renew and hope I have no claims or dealings with this insurance company in the coming year.

HOW DO THEY KNOW I HAVE MOSS ON MY ROOF??? When were they on my property without my knowledge or approval???? They seem to look for a future issue to say it was preexisting and maybe refuse claims. I think this company needs a class action against it doing things like this. Not once in my life have I ever seen someone cleaning a shingle roof. This is insane. I have the most expensive furnace that has the heat go out the side of my basement, not even the chimney. BE wary of this company. Wish I had seen all the one star reviews before I switched.

Travelers has always provided excellent support and treated me well. This insurance has been very reliable as I have also had 4 teenage drivers being covered at different times by Travelers. The website is clear and easy to understand as well. However, there has been very little frustration, disappointment or unhappiness with this insurance company over the lifetime of my policy. There have been times that I wish there were different payment plans that could be used many years ago, but this has been much more simplified with the introduction of online payment via the Travelers website.

Nevertheless, the overall experience has been excellent. I first purchased this insurance shortly after my wife and I were married in 1988. With each additional vehicle and driver that have been added to the policy this insurance company has been easy to navigate. With every unfortunate incident that has occurred over the years there has been a minimal amount of difficulty during the stressful times of an accident or a totaling of a vehicle.

Travelers is an excellent company. Prices are good and coverage is exceptional. My agent is friendly and competent. I like everything about Travelers and it is a perfect experience for me and my family. We are glad we had the opportunity to do business with them and you really feel like family with them. I would recommend Travelers to everyone.

Travelers’ price is always competitive and receive multiple choices and options and they step me through each one. It was a very simple experience overall. It was easy to deal with the agent, I never have to go in person to an office, I can do everything over phone or in an email. My agent gave me many choices and quotes for me to deal with. And is always available by phone or email to help me answer questions I may have. But if I email one of the agents, I expect a response as soon as possible. There have been times where I had to make a phone call.

I was a passenger in a car accident - driver (with Travelers insurance) was at fault. I was injured. The claims rep led to believe that Travelers would be taking care of paying back what my personal medical insurance paid. I was paid a settlement for my personal healthcare bills and some extra for time off work/compensation. Basically I found out 4 months later that Travelers lied to me. They never took care of the insurance subrogation and now I have to pay $1000 to my insurance (which is a lot on my salary; I already spent the rest of the settlement on my car repairs {my car wasn’t involved in the accident}).

My insurance agent made them send us a copy of the documentation showing that subrogation was included in the settlement. I was never sent this documentation and the rep never told me I needed to take care of my insurance. He made me think that they were taking care of that. He no longer works there so I couldn’t speak to him, but his manager wasn’t bothered at all that I’d been lied to. Didn’t even care. If you have a claim with them, demand to see everything in writing before you take any money! They will lie to you!

My vehicle was t-boned, not at fault. Travelers under-appraised the damages almost $3000. When I argued the vehicle should have been a write off with $11000 in damages. They ignored phone calls and emails for weeks on end. They have zero customer service and they are the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. Do not sign with these scam artists.

I switched to Travelers Insurance last year and they gave me a better rate than my carrier at that time. After few months they increased my rate 30 percent and now again increased by almost 40 percent. It's horrible how they give a good rate to have the customer switch and then increase later on. Unethical tactics.

They are my insurance company. I was rear ended at a stop light and it is three years later and still are stonewalling me from getting the section b coverage to get well. They sent me to a "specialist" that has no real knowledge of my issues and I have 3 specialist that have given me positive diagnosis of my condition and still they Stonewall me.

I had previous issues with being on hold forever to get a customer service agent when I was a customer of other insurance companies. I really discovered the value when I bought a new car. Travelers recommended adding extra glass insurance which I did end up needing. Travelers could have their rates to be lower but that would apply to any company. The wish would be that there was no deductible for additional insurance services that you pay for but even with the deductible I saved money. But one thing that I was impressed with was how easy to do the process of purchasing over the phone. I had to switch my policy from my old car to my new car and the customer service was easy to contact and they were very personable. It was quick to file a claim. Very satisfied. Travelers Auto Insurance exceeded my expectations.

Travelers Auto Insurance give me discounts for multiple vehicles, never having had a ticket or accident, staying a loyal customer & recently they've reduced my bill by $33 (I think for being with them for more than 3 years.) I like their prices as well. I also like the fact that my father (an insurance broker in another state) was very pleased with my using Travelers & told me they were a great company. Their agents always helpful & super polite & never make me feel stupid regardless of the questions I ask. They answer quickly & seem to want to help me whether I'm adding or deleting vehicles. I've used other companies, some weren't the best experience and others were ok, but since being with Travelers, I will not be changing again. They've been around for a long time with an established good reputation. I couldn't be happier.

We tried to cancel this auto policy to switch to a better company. So when we switched we thought it was a done deal. Well, apparently it wasn't for them. We have since received bills and now collection calls regarding the policy that we canceled. I am so fed up with these clowns. Now, I have to hear collection calls and receive a bad rating on my credit rating. Don't even think that Travelers Insurance is the policy to switch to. Believe me. Keep the one that you currently have. If I could give them a minus 5 rating that's what they deserve.

Travelers Auto Insurance has excellent customer service. Whenever I call I get a person, never a tape recording. They were able to quickly answer my questions without referring me to someone else. They were very helpful when I needed insurance, making sure I had the coverage that was right for me. They asked me many questions about what it was that I needed. Overall, it was an easy process to get the insurance.

I like the coverage Travelers Auto Insurance provides. They are reliable and reasonably priced. I also like the extras that are included at no additional cost. Also, I really enjoy the mobile app and the ease of access that my company provides. Travelers does an excellent job in customer service as well as their representatives are friendly and helpful. However, I dislike that I don't always get a quick response back in regards to claims. I also don't like that sometimes when I make payments it doesn't always post automatically. I have to always call to see if my auto payment was accepted.

I purchased the initial policy and made subsequent changes (adding and removing vehicles, making claims) over the phone with an agent and it was very easy. Anytime I need to call the toll free customer service number with questions or to make changes or file a claim, I can always speak to a real person and their website is easy to use. But I would like for Travelers to also offer policies for motorcycles and recreational vehicles as well as their traditional policies, so I wouldn't have to purchase a policy from a different company to cover my motorcycle.

I canceled my policy with my Travelers agent two weeks before the expiration date. I am told by Travelers that I am being billed because the agent did not cancel the policy and waited for it to expire for nonpayment. I did not agree to a renewing contract. The agent, Insurance Agencies of Ohio in Worthington, OH tells me my new insurance agent did not send them cancellation forms. This is nonsense. I canceled the policy well in advance. And Travelers, who sends the bills, tells me they can’t fix it. The agent has to.

We purchased our policy with them because they were a local representative and a number of our friends recommended them. The national agents are very knowledgeable and the insurance agent goes to our church. They have been very responsive to our needs and have always been courteous. They have never turned down a claim even when it was our fault. When I have had an accident they were prompt in answering our claim. We have always used their recommended auto shop and have not been disappointed.

However, I would like a little more personal service. As they have grown we have received less personal service. When we first started with them we could drop by their office and get immediate service. Now they are in a meeting or some other excuse. I miss the personal attention that we used to receive. We have been with them a number of years and I recently called with a question and they did not call me back.

Unfortunately, I have had to contact Travelers twice for auto claims and once for jewelry theft. Their professionalism is amazing. The first time I had to contact them, my 17 year old son had an accident and totaled our small car. The SUV in front of him had to suddenly hit her brakes and he did not stop in time. The other driver said she was fine, but the moment her husband showed up at the scene, he rushed her to a chiropractor. Her car, believe it or not, only suffered bumper damage. But the accident was enough for her to claim damages against us beyond the bumper repair. There were several Travelers' reps handling each step of the process. The person responsible for communicating with the other driver and settling the claim against us, kept us informed and remained calm the entire time. She understood my frustration and fear.

About nine months later, she had resolved the issue and settled the claim. Her constant reassurance that she had many years of experience in working these types of claims and reassurance that she was working hard for us really helped reduce my anxiety. I really appreciated her professionalism. The next claim was against my jewelry rider. I had placed my wedding ring in a small container to wash dishes. The next day, I had two appliance installers come by to install a new oven. My mother and I were in the kitchen the entire time. They were in and out within 15 minutes because they said they couldn't do the work due to warranty issues. I think in the few seconds I bent down to sign the work order that the job could not be done, is when one of the guys snatched my ring out of its place. I never even thought about my ring just sitting there.

After they left, I got ready to leave and it was then I realized my ring was missing. I searched for that ring all day. I couldn't believe that he could have stolen my ring while I was right in the kitchen! I called the owner of the company, filed a police report and called Travelers. I wasn't going to file a claim because I kept hoping for a miracle. But the Travelers rep suggested I do so. Even though I didn't get my ring back, Travelers paid me the value of the stolen ring within two weeks and I was able to replace it with a similar one. It was very painful to have someone steal my wedding ring, but Travelers' prompt payment to replace my ring, helped me deal with it and appreciate that there are others who still do right thing. Finally, last year someone hit my son in a parking lot. The other driver thought it was a small repair and didn't want me to report it.

He offered to pay for it. However, when I took the car for an estimate, I was told it would be about $2000. I had no choice but to report it because he was not going to pay the $2000 repair. As it turned out, he denied being at fault. Before I arrived at the scene, he had my son move the car and my son did not take photos right away. Teens are shaken up, no matter how small the accident. The other driver's insurance company denied the claim. I was forced to pay my deductible to have the car repaired. I was contacted by Travelers several times that they would try to recoup my money. I gave up hope. It's about 10 months later and I just received a check for my deductible. I was shocked and very pleased.

Travelers never gave up working for me. I know this is a long review, but I wanted to share how Travelers worked for me in these three different scenarios. Sure, the auto claims were not resolved in days, but the fact is, they never gave up working for me. They kept me informed. They remained calm when I was upset. They were professional. And by the way, my rates remained competitive. I have stayed with Travelers for many many years now, and hope to stay with them for a long time. Thank you Travelers.

I have had coverage through Travelers for forty years. Purchasing the insurance was an easy process and I'm yet to talk to a customer service agent who acted disinterested in helping. They are customer oriented and easy to work with. They respond promptly and accurately when questions or an issue arises. They have a strong sense of business ethics. However, their rates go up seemingly without cause, although that can be said of the entire industry. I am vexed because we had a 10% increase this year after no claims for over ten years.

All insurance companies are basically the same! Many improvements need to be made, including personal interaction from company. I dislike that we are a number, with no personal contact from them since we initiated policy! They never have contacted us other than one late notice when four days late. Once in 6 years! They should also reduce cost instead of raising prices & charging $5 a month for making monthly payments.

I visited the local office, provided the necessary information, made a deposit on the policy and received information on the types of insurance. Within a short time I received my policy information and a follow up call from my representative. I like the personal attention and the representative was very knowledgeable and professional. Claims are settled quickly, the amount of the claim reimbursement was satisfactory and I was able to get a rental car while my vehicle was being repaired. I'm completely satisfied with the service, they don't need to make any improvements. The employees are very helpful and made the process very easy. I would recommend the agency to friends and family.

I was ran into by someone with their insurance. They are the slowest moving insurance company I have ever experienced. 100% their clients fault by police report. And nothing but incompetence and confusion on their side. Ended up having to have repair company and my insurance to go after them to get things going. Now having issues getting replacement car. I personal will never use this insurance company.

I like the cost and also the coverage I get from Travelers. They are extremely helpful and the customer service is fast with response time and solve any issue I may have. They take a lot of the stress off me and make me comfortable with the reliability they have provided for me.

Travelers Auto has discount for paying one year. Discount for long term client. Discount for no tickets or accidents. When I went through a broker, they seem to be the lowest.

I was in an auto accident with a Travelers insured and Travelers accepted full responsibility for the accident. I submitted the estimates to Travelers in the amount of 1832.01. At no time was I called or notified they changed the amount of the estimate. I was mailed a check for 600.00 less than the estimate. I had to call the claims agent to find out why. I was told the shop and claim agent talked and lowered the estimate. Now I can't even get my car repaired without spending 600.00 out of my pocket for an accident that Travelers took responsibility for.

Travelers offers comprehensive coverage with higher limits and at a lower price than my previous insurance carrier. The person I talked to was very friendly and helpful. She gave me the premium costs at various amounts of coverage and also tried to save me as much money as possible via discounts and bundling policies. It would be nice for rental car coverage to be included though.

My insurance went up a lot in last two years so I started getting quotes. With no tickets or accidents on my record I saw no reason for such increases. Got a better rate from Travellers. Travelers Auto Insurance has the best rates I could find where I live right now. They seem to be nationally respected. Recommended by an agent. They could match my current coverage for a much lower price.

My overall experience with Travelers is the prices are the best I've found yet. When I talked on the phone with Travelers' customer service, they were very pleasant and understanding and they didn't come off like robots. When you call customer service they seem depressed and I cannot say that with them! They were complete opposite and the lady I talked to seemed polite and happy. Love it! I also like that they offer the insurance here locally in a hometown friendly place. They also work with your situations very thoroughly. I would recommend Travelers!

It was super easy setting up auto insurance with Travelers. All I needed was a VIN on my new vehicle and I was only on the phone for 10 minutes. I was surprised at the great rates and customer service. They are easy to work with and considerate regarding my time. It's a plus that the customer service rep was American as well. But having complete self service accessible through the website would be helpful. And what's weird is not having an agent that I can sit knee to knee and go through my policy and ask questions, but knowing how quickly I can get in touch with someone is reassuring.

I called a local AAA and they recommended Travelers Insurance. It did not take long to get set up, and the lady who helped me was incredibly nice. The process was very easy for me. My plan seems pretty affordable and like a good value for the kind of coverage we receive. I felt like I was in good hands. Travelers have been very friendly whenever I deal with them or need their help. However we have been dealing with a claim from a complete fraudulent driver for months and the only update we have received is when I myself call the company. This has gone on for nearly 6 months already.

We used to have Metlife for over 20 years. Then we did an online quote with Travelers and we like the low premium. We are now paying half of what we used to pay in our premium so there's no way you can beat something like that. Travelers Auto Insurance is the only way to go and the only one for us.

After more than 4 years with Travelers for home and auto (3/4 cars) and NO claims whatsoever the entire duration, our rates were raised 19%! We called and were given an incredibly unsatisfactory response that had something to do with the fact that we live in TX and there were floods in Houston (we're in Dallas and again, have made no claims on insurance). So we switched. Our new rate is $2,000 less than Travelers.

I am a Travelers customer. I have auto and homeowners insurance through them. I was in an accident May 24, 2018. It was not my fault. I got rear ended by a girl that just got her driver's license and was texting and driving. I contacted my insurance company the same day and told them what happened. Sent in the police report. They stated that they have not heard from the other driver's insurance and would contact me when they did. I was also informed that until they heard from the other insurance company if I wanted my car fixed I would have to pay the deductible myself. So I waited almost a month to get my car fixed when they were able to get a hold of the other insurance company. The other insurance company MetLife took responsibility and sent me a $500 deductible check. I was then told to let Travelers know where I was sending the car for repairs. I did so and it went from there.

Got my car fixed. Had a really bad experience with the rental company. And then I received my renewal policy two weeks ago. My insurance went up almost $500. I called Travelers and spoke to a lady that told me I had to pay for the increase because Travelers has not gotten their Money back from the other insurance company. She said that they had to make sure they got some of their money back one way or another. I told her that I pay for insurance for this specific reason. She then told me that I had to contact someone else for that matter. After calling and leaving messages for 7 different people I still have not received a call back from 4 of them and still don’t have a resolution. After all said and done I spoken seven people and no one could give me an answer.

Then on October 13th 2018 I received a check from Travelers for $500 stating that the deductible was paid in full. I called on Monday, October 15, 2018 and requested to hear back from my claims representative which was Ross, have not heard back from him since. I called and left a message for his manager and still have not Gotten a return phone call. I called her again this morning 10/17/ 2018 and called her from my cell phone she did not answer. Then I called her from my work phone and she answered right away. I asked her about the check. She states that they accidentally sent me $500 check by mistake and they have put a stop payment on it.

She then goes and tells me that she received a check from the other insurance company but are waiting for $300 and some odd dollars more. So then I asked her if they were going to take the increase off of my insurance and she said that I had to be contacted by somebody else. Have not heard back from them. This company is only worried about their money and not about their customers, they don’t return phone calls and they have poor customer service. I will be finding another insurance company as well as another homeowners insurance company. When you get in an accident your insurance company is supposed to be there for you not for themselves. Worst insurance company out there.

I was referred to the agent by my realtor when I purchased my home last year. This agent was amazing and got my girls and I policies very quickly with the amount of insurance that would make sure we were covered well. The process and experience were smooth with little involvement on my part. I like that I can have my auto insurance combined with my homeowner's insurance policy and that they cover my adult children who live with me on my policy as well. I like the windshield replacement on my policy because in Colorado there is a lot of construction and dirt or small rocks and I can get a new windshield for each car once a year.

However, the worst thing about my auto policy is that in order to get a great rate on my homeowner's policy I have to carry the auto as well and their auto insurance is not nearly as good of a rate as the homeowners. The other thing I do not like is that my agent never gets in touch with me and I have to call him. Lastly, there have been two times where travelers has said my daughter was not covered so while I was paying her premium they kept messing up my policy.

They are thieves. I canceled my insurance before the due date because I got a lower quote from State Farm and Travelers charge me half price anyway, I was told by Travelers agent that I can cancel before the due date and I won’t have to pay anything, but later on another agent told me I have to pay half of the total cost. TRAVELERS INSURANCE COMPANY IS A LIAR AND BUNCH OF UNPROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES WORK THERE who don't know what they are talking about.

Travelers has great comprehensive coverage and is very responsive to all of my customer service needs especially when there is a problem or I have had an accident. They also offer different coverage packages and discounts to suit my needs. But I dislike that the coverage can be so expensive sometimes and difficult to parse if you haven't had full coverage before and don't want it. Travelers is a good choice for quality of coverage but there are lower priced options out there that could come close for people on a budget and I would recommend you look at all of your options before deciding because you can't afford to make mistakes on auto insurance coverage.

The premium at Travelers Auto Insurance is reasonable and they've always had our backs in regards to accidents and repairs. Everything is online and they are easy to contact and work with. It was simple and we pay online. We were also in a minor accident a few months back and they replaced both our children's car seats no questions asked, which I thought was great. But it could be a little less expensive. I feel like if I had time, I'd shop around and find a cheaper rate. I haven't had any huge problems with them though, they've been good to us.

I have been with Travelers for over 10 years. Last year I received my first ever speeding ticket in 49 years of driving, for 5 MPH over the speed limit. (Show me anyone has never driven 5 MPH over at some point!) Travelers jacked my premium up 50% and refused to reconsider. Based on my record they should be offering a "good driver" discount! So long to Travelers; found a much better rate with a major insurer to replace them.

Travelers has great customer service and is available for most of the evening hours to talk to customer service representatives. Most of the representatives are cheerful and helpful and will answer all of your questions. A minor problem is that they are not available to answer basic customer questions late at night. They are also a little pricey, but most insurance companies are. The area I live in doesn't have much choice in insurance companies and they are the best coverage for the price, even with this price tag.

Travelers Auto Insurance offers a multitude of insurance options to select from and covers both car and home in one policy. It was easy to follow and there was no high pressure to buy from this company. However, it's a little high in premiums. Nevertheless, the ability to find the right combination of coverage was easy and the language of the policy was easy to follow. It met all my insurance needs in one complete package with easy to understand language. I would recommend this insurance company to my family and friends.

I walked into a local agent's office and she sold me a Travelers policy. It was very simple to do. As far as my overall experience it was great. I liked the price, and they were right on top of any claims that I made. Very easy to work with, too. I was happy with the service and I had no complaints about the company, only the agent, she is why I changed companies. After my divorce she became very rude towards me and told me that I couldn't be insured by Travelers anymore and would have to change to a company that was 3 times the price.

I pay a lot for comprehensive auto insurance through Travelers. I was in the store when a thief broke into my vehicle. Busted both front and rear windows (front glass didn't shatter so he shattered the rear). Naturally I contacted Travelers to get the damage fixed. Long story short, when the adjuster arrived I asked if it was even worth filing since I have a $1000 deductible. I told him I had received quotes of $1000-$1200 to repair the window glass and so this might just be a waste of his time. Adjuster assured me, "let me see what I can do first". Adjuster comes back 40 min later and says he calculated $2200 in damages... he added every little plastic piece that GM is proud of to come to that total. Surprised but happy because at least it would cover the repair.

Fast forward a couple months later - I notice an increase in my rates of $400 (for 6 months). Call to find out that indeed my rates will increase $800/yr FOR THE NEXT 5 YEARS! So, effectively they stand to profit $4000 over the next 5 years from my misfortune! WHY THE HELL DO I PAY FOR INSURANCE IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Needless to say, I will not be renewing with Travelers and will never use them again. It's sickening to me that over the years I've paid them close to $10,000 (with no incidents), and they have the gall to profit from my misfortune. PATHETIC!

I don't like any of the features that's why I switched, I had asked to cancel my insurance and they said they would. Then I called 5 days later and they still hadn't cancelled. Instead, they sent me to collections. I called and they said there was no note of me calling to cancel when clearly I had cancelled 3 different times. They are very arrogant and so big. Just so they can charge you late fees. They need to cancel when they say they will.

I like that their policies are easy to understand. They are cheap and I can't get along with anyone. They have excellent customer service too if they ever answer the phone that is. I don't like that the hold times are very extreme. And they are out of state. I would like to ask to have a local office. I think it promotes good character. Purchasing was alright. But I would really like to switch to State Farm.

Overall I've had had a very positive experience. Purchasing was extremely convenient and everything can be done online. They were very forthcoming when answering all of our initial questions. Our payments are automatically deducted so we don't miss any payment. Almost everything can be found online and it's easy to make a claim. They have great customer service. But it can take a long time when you call. It can also take a long time for adjusters to return calls. It's a bigger company so we don't get the same contact as our old small town insurance

It was super simple setting up my policy and ensuring that I received the best rate possible. I like the local agent and that they offer several discounts for good drivers. But I'd like the rates to be less expensive, or if they offered more valuable discounts that would be a nice feature as well. Nevertheless, I'm happy overall.

Overall, the entire policy purchasing process at Travelers was relatively stress-free. I like that they have knowledgeable representatives and an informative website. No questions was remain unanswered.

I hit a piece of cardboard 4x4 ft at 70 miles hr and it cracked my driver side headlight and some paint damage. Even though I just washed my car 1 week before and there was no damage, and I had my oil changed at Jiffy Lube 2 1/2 weeks before and they reported it was fine. The company says the light is all cracked up due to wear and tear even though the lights are only 3 yrs old. And the other side is just fine????

I never had any issues with Travelers Auto Insurance from the day I first called them to now. I like that the customer service is well and prompt with any and all issues I may have. Many times I have called for question and had them answered immediately. Everything has been taken care of in a professional manner anytime I have called. The overall price isn't too bad but I would prefer it to be a little bit lower for being a customer as long as I have.

We're happy with Travelers and our experience has been good. They've kept the cost down since we're accident free and we like that the cost is relatively low compared to other insurance companies. The customer service representatives are pleasant. Their policies are clear and easy to understand too. We like the features of the roadside assistance and the accident forgiveness. But we dislike when our police price goes up. We would also like to improve the accident forgiveness requirements to reward loyalty.

I have been with the same company for a long time and they offer both Home and auto insurance. I have a hometown agent that is usually easy to contact. If not they are easy to contact directly and very responsive to my needs. But I wish they would give loyalty discounts as well. With there being so many insurance companies to chose from it has to mean something. I believe my rates are a little high for my age and driving record. But I have had my automobile break down and using my roadside assistance with my insurance, my son and I didn't have to wait long and customer service made sure we felt safe as we waited for towing service.

I used this auto insurance before I became married. The auto insurance was always reliable. The process of purchasing the auto insurance policy was awesome from beginning to end. Great workers to help with the process and answer all the questions that I had. It was a great experience overall!

All transactions were easy. They sent our insurance cards immediately and made everything very easy for us. Was very satisfied. The price was good. We searched and they seemed to be the best. They were also very courteous when on the phone with them. They got everything to us very quickly too. Very professional. We would go with them again if they were as inexpensive as our current insurance carrier. They were always available when we had questions or concerns. I would recommend this insurance carrier.

My experience with Travelers Auto Insurance was easy, fast and efficient. The company was kind as well. They made me feel like we meant something to the company and not just a number. I like the price and what the policy includes... For that price you can't beat it.

My parents had Travelers Auto Insurance so I got them too. The process was super simple. I sent an email, asked for a quote, they sent me a quote and I completed everything online so it didn't cost me time having to take off work. I like that my rates last year seemed pretty low or decent which was nice with me being young and recently off my parents' policy. However, it really bothers me that my insurance policy went up $13 this year and I have had no accidents and no claims in my vehicle is now a year older. I figure my rates go up because now I'm paying for all of the people who put in claims from Houston and Florida and California because of all the natural disasters and all of their claims I'm suffering now which is just not fair.

I enjoy everything from this insurance company. It's safe and worth it! Also, very easy to pay. My car has everything it needs to be safe. The process of purchasing the insurance was awesome and definitely worth your time. I would recommend to anyone I know. Anyone would love it.

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