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Travelers Renters Insurance
Travelers Renters Insurance

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I had my Travelers insurance through my bank, attached to my credit card. This summer, I lost my job and my credit card got maxed out. Because of this, I was unable to maintain insurance coverage and let it lapse. Instead of just allowing insurance to lapse, as is standard, Travelers began to charge me late fees (without warning) that were greater than the cost/value of the insurance itself. When I called them to straighten things out and say I just wanted my coverage cancelled, they tried to bully me into agreeing to pay the balance which was far greater (more than 10 times) what I owed them, even if I had maintained coverage the entire time.

Unlike rent, credit card, car late fees though, insurance should not accrue late fees because 1) We weren't on a contract and 2) had we been on a contract, being that it was an insurance contract, it would have been void due to lack of payment. SO, had we tried to collect on our renter's insurance while we hadn't paid, we wouldn't have been able to. Therefore, they're attempting to charge us frivolous fees into the hundreds over a late payment on some $14/month insurance. This is absurd.

I have loss of use for my condo. To no fault of ours my condo was flooded by the floor above mine. I couldn't rented for 3 months. I filed a claim and they refuse to pay. Stay away from this insurance company. All they do is collect premiums by refuse to pay claims. They should not be in business.

I’m very happy with Travelers Renters Insurance. They made me feel welcome and the company really cares about the clients. There are many different plans to choose from, more than enough to cover any interest I have, all priced very competitively, from partial to complete coverage with price replacement guarantee. I love the great coverage they offered and the working relationship with all involved.

We feel like the customer service experience was wonderful when we got our renters insurance. You want to be good renters and have the perfect insurance. In order to get renters insurance you have lots of paper work to fill out. They want good renters who will continue to pay their rent every month. You really need to read the policy so you will know what it is all about and how it all works so it will make it easier for you. Let us remember policies are always needed when you need renters insurance. The coverage of the renters insurance will cover many things. Good to digest it all and then ask yourself the questions am I sure I am getting all the coverage needed.

Very friendly customer service reps, compatible pricing. I've never had to make a claim but with how helpful they are I'm sure it would be a hassle free experience. I have shopped around at many different insurance companies, several times per year I call around and get quotes as to keep paying the lowest amount possible and I've never had to switch. Travelers insures my vehicles as well and I'm very happy with them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for great prices and friendly people on the other end of the phone line (I've had to deal with some very unfriendly people over the years dealing with insurance). Bottom line, unless their prices skyrocket I will be staying with Travelers insurance company.

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