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I signed up with Trupanion for my cat. The policy cost $25 per month. Every year, they raise it by 20%. When I called to ask why, they said it was because they could. They do NOT cover preventive care, which could find a condition like cancer before it gets VERY expensive. In other words, they NEVER pay for anything that could keep my cat healthy, but raise the premium 20% every year.

We've had a policy for our pup through Trupanion for the past 3 years. During this time, we've never received anything short of extraordinary service by their staff. It's extremely easy to get someone on the phone and everyone we've spoken with has always been professional, helpful and super friendly. They are quick to process claims and they just make the entire process seem so easy. The cost is also completely reasonable and has already paid off big time with our rowdy dog - one of the best decisions we've made as pet owners for sure!

We have had Trupanion since we purchase our French bulldog almost five years ago. We cannot say enough good things about them! The rate has stayed the same for as long as we have had our policy. They are prompt in responding and processing our claims and we love the lifetime deductible per issue as our dog has two lifelong illnesses. I have referred multiple people to them and everyone is thrilled with our service.

I got Trupanion about six years ago when we first adopted our dog. We picked Trupanion because they came recommended by the SPCA. For years I was paying about $50/month, doubting my decision. Our dog fell ill with congestive heart failure about 1.5 years ago. While he ultimately passed, Trupanion covered nearly $10k in his medical bills over that time. Trupanion was a huge relief, allowing for peace of mind as the condition deteriorated and required more frequent and costly vet visits. I highly recommend Trupanion, and will definitely use them when we're ready for another pet.

I had purchased a new puppy. Took him to the vet one day after taking possession of the dog for a full physical examination (as required by


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breeder contract). Received a clean bill of health. Went home, enrolled with Trupanion under their promotional deal offered to me by my veterinarian, which waived the initial registration fee and effectively enrolled my pup immediately. Approximately 6-8 hours later, I had to rush my pup to emergency vet services because he went into respiratory distress and had vomited. He was so sick, he was hospitalized overnight. I come to find out that my pup had developed pneumonia from two infections, Bortadella (even though he has received the vaccination) and Respiratory Corona Virus. The next day, $2,300 later and with a bag full of medicine I was allowed to take my pup back home. I started the claim process with Trupanion.

Three weeks later, after having heard nothing. I find out that the claim had been denied because the dog "possessed symptoms before he was enrolled." When I was in the emergency room with the vet, and asked if I had noticed anything out of the ordinary prior to that evening, I had said that I had noticed that he had some coughing the day before. That was the basis for Trupanion's complete denial of my claim. In a nutshell, I was denied any coverage at all (even though he was examined by my veterinarian just hours before and given a clean bill of health), my hindsight apparently superseded that a licensed veterinarian, who had found nothing unusual at all. For Trupanion to deny me any coverage at all, when a veterinarian didn't even notice that my pup was sick and based on my comment that the day before I noticed that he had coughed is completely underhanded.

I am not a doctor of veterinary medicine. I had no reason to even think that there was anything really wrong with my pup before I brought him in for his physical. I hadn't even mentioned the coughing because it seemed so innocuous that I was never concerned. The vet even put a stethoscope to my dog's chest for breathing and heart rate and detected nothing. My pup went into such respiratory distress so quickly that to this day, I am certain that he would have died that night had I not taken him in immediately.

No one at Trupanion even took a moment to inform me of their decision to reject my claim, and when I called customer service to cancel my policy, I was met with not a word of resistance. These people were not interested in working with me. They were not interested in helping and they were not interested in keeping me as a customer for the next 10 to 15 years. I will never recommend Trupanion to anyone. I feel intentionally deceived by their marketing, and made to feel irrelevant. This was only about the money they made from my premium, and me receiving nothing in return.

My advice to you is stay away from Trupanion... I have been paying into them since 2014, I made no claims. When I first got the insurance there was a 3 month waiting period and they asked for all the records available on my little dog, I provided them all of the records... In December my Therapy Dog was hospitalized for seizures due to tick meds and rabies shot, I paid the hospital and put in for the payment of the hospitalization, it took them forever to pay AND THEY REQUESTED ALL THE SAME RECORDS AGAIN.

I recently put in for meds which are supposed to be covered, mind you just MEDS, so guess what they AGAIN ASK FOR ALL THE SAME RECORDS. 1165 PAGES WERE FAXED TO THEM, now they are telling me they don't cover manicures... I did not put in for a manicure. I only put in for meds... Don't waste your money. The aggravation alone isn't worth it. I would not mind but the salespeople did such a good job selling Marty ** and Michelle ** that I believed them and bought the insurance right away WITHOUT DOING AN RESEARCH, not only that but I foolishly recommended several friends who purchased the insurance, now I am going to look like an idiot.

Now I am stuck, my little dog is 11 now and she has a couple of issues. I am sure I am paying into Trupanion for absolutely nothing so they can look for "any" reason not to pay. They are responding to me for things I never put in for. They are joke a very bad joke. So discouraged and disappointed. PLEASE IF YOU LOVE YOUR DOG OR CAT STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM TRUPANION.

We recently purchased Trupanion insurance to cover our French bulldog. We signed up on 1/4, and Trupanion sent us an email on 1/25 saying we could begin submitting claims. Our dog was neutered and has soft palate surgery on 1/29. We filed the claim and they REfUSED to accept it because they said we did not wait 30 days. Why did they send us an email to begin submitting claims on 1/25 if it was not true. This is falsely misleading us, the consumer. This company is such scam. Don’t waste your money and just find another pet insurance. Due to this incident, I’m filing a dispute/complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They should not get away with sending false and misleading information to their consumers.

The call was good and she did a great job. But the plan is too expensive, is not easy to place a claim and the process takes time. I had too many problems for Claims and Records email to receive and open the files I sent. McKinna was the one that got it all through. And still the department placed part of the claim under my other dog. It's messy.

I had both of my dogs insured through Trupanion for 2 years at over $120/month. Every single time I filed a claim they replied with a denial of coverage going so far as to cite completely irrelevant prior diagnosis. Upon being informed that the current condition being filed for in the claim was not "pre-existing" I was constantly informed that the appeals process was "lengthy and complex and could take over 6 weeks"... Oh, but when you cancel your policy(s) they make that process super easy, leads me to believe it happens all-too-often. If I could give them "negative stars" I would. Terrible. Fail.

I have had Trupanion pet insurance for over 10 years. They offer many choices to choose from to help take care of my fur babies. I have had many occasions to use my insurance and they have always come through. Most recently, my emergency bill was quite large. The claim was sent, reviewed and I was reimbursed quickly. Even the follow-up visit reimbursement is quick. In addition, several of the staff even sent a get well card to my pup - I was impressed with their kindness. I would recommend highly this company when choosing insurance for your fur family member!

Purchased pet insurance in June for my dog. In August my dog had watery eye. I bought over the counter pet eye drops for the dog. Which is 60 days after I purchase insurance. The eye drops worked for about a week. Next week she started scratching her eye a lot. I took her to the vet on 8/30. Vet gave me eye creams for dog see if they worked. 9-6 went back for recheck. He said eye not getting better. Had me schedule another appointment on 9-16. At that time he said she needs surgery asap. She has developed an ulcer cornea.

Sent claims in to Trupanion. They denied it saying that this happened prior to the 30 day waiting period. It had been almost 60 days. Then vet sent them a letter explaining this is not a pre existing injury. They said letter from him means nothing and they still maintain this is pre existing and will not pay anything. So I researched on internet and they have been doing this to a lot of their customers. So they are just scamming people out of their money.

I have 18 months of policy coverage for my dog, in good standing. Then she had a cancer diagnosis with $2400 in treatment. My policy has $1000 deductible and 10% co-pay. Trupanion adjusters reimbursed me just $670. Where's the rest? Turns out one can interpret "treatment" and "examination" in whichever way suits the company. "Examinations" are excluded from the policy. So unless your vet line items separately things like: "massaged exterior of tumor to diagnose size," and "restrained dog in calm position to perform lab sampling" etc... then Trupanion insists all of those actions are part of an "examination" which has nothing to do with treating your pet's condition.

The policy documents are written to be intentionally vague. I requested a contract document with definition of each of these terms and was denied it. Bottom line -- you should expect this policy to cover diagnostics, labs, surgeries. And not to cover anything else that your veterinarian actually does. Then you can do the math on whether it's worth it -- $1000/year for coverage that winds up covering about 25% of real costs for treatment, on a per-diagnosis basis. Meaning, you'd have to have about a minimum $5000 vet expense, for one single emergency or injury, every other year in order to break even.

I have been paying for Trupanion for years, filed a claim and it was denied within less than 24 hours saying it was pre-existing condition. I spoke with three vets to determine if possibly I was filing a claim wrongfully. Was advised that the situation was different and should be covered by Trupanion. Trupanion reached out to all my vets but still determined it was not a claim they could cover. Which the appeal took a few weeks with me having to call for updates.

So they increase their premiums from $23 a month when I first started to $40 a month. I paid because I was told this was good insurance by a vet. To only hear from another vet during this current process that they are the worst and never pay. To me, they take your money but are a bogus insurance company that has no intention of ever paying out. So not only did I pay $3500 for a procedure that won't be covered, I also paid a few thousand through the time I have had insurance to not have them accept any claim. DO NOT USE TRUPANION!!! As a side note I never write reviews, so please use caution when buying pet insurance and think multiple times before using Trupanion.

Great coverage for my pet and my pet's medications, also for the stay my pet had that lasted a week. I was very happy I had the coverage. It allowed me to save my puppy. As with any costs of anything it's sometimes hard to see the advantages but it is reasonable and makes the medication affordable luckily. The discounts on the vet stay and the medication is what makes it all worth it. Don't know what I would have done if I didn't have it. I would have lost my puppy to parvo. Very quick. I didn't have any problems. They knew right away and handled the claims as they came along. No dispute of any kind. Great customer service and very friendly.

Trupanion staff are friendly and helpful. They care and want to give my pets the best benefits possible. I appreciate knowing about all that is available and having the option to choose what is best for my needs and the needs of my pets.

Yet another unhappy consumer. My dog was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism last month and my vet stated this is a new condition. Trupanion turned it down stating this was connected to his skin issues and was pre-existing. They have a clear pattern of trying not to cover new conditions. I sell health insurance so I understand the system. Paid them $104/month for my 2 dogs for past 6 months. Diagnosis made after I suggested they test his thyroid in November. Trupanion won't pay. Have contacted my Vet to suggest they not recommend this company anymore.

I purchased Trupanion pet insurance almost a year ago for my Boston Terrier puppy, who is now 13 months old. I was paying $42/month. I got a notice by email advising that my rates are going up to $52/month. I contacted them, and they advised me that due to inflation, and the increased cost of veterinary services for my specific breed and/or my location, the rate is going up. They advised that they do this every year, and stated that in SOME cases, the rates can go down. I find that hard to believe. I now have no doubt in my mind, that if I stay with Trupanion, they will increase my rate a year from now. When I initially signed up for Trupanion, the possibility of rates increasing, or decreasing was never mentioned. Also, to be clear, I have not yet made ANY claims. I highly recommend that you shop around, and choose someone other than Trupanion. I am going to shop around now.

I adopted my dog in October 2016. Within days I took him in for his first vet appointment. In December 2016, after much research I decided to purchase pet insurance for him since he was in good health and young at just 2 years, 2 months. I chose Trupanion. In January 2017, my dog started to get a skin rash. The vet called it dermatitis. My dog has had 3 appointments now in treatment for the dermatitis and now has a referral appointment to a vet specializing in dermatology. I had requested my regular vet to submit claims for the first 2 appointments.

Today I received notice from Trupanion that my claim was denied because the vet had record from the very first appointment that I advised my dog was a "little itchy." This simple statement resulted in my dog's dermatitis being ruled a pre-existing condition. Even though no rash was evident until the following January. Trupanion tells me my only recourse is to submit a claim to the California Dept. of Insurance. I know in my heart that my statement in October 2016 to a question about fleas has no relevance to my dog's current skin condition, however, given the record, I don't feel I can fight it.

I have now cancelled my Trupanion account because I feel they will find an excuse to deny any claim I submit. Or perhaps they only routinely deny any claim within 18 months of having their insurance since that is the stated time limit for pre-existing conditions. What's most hurtful is the unspoken inference that I lied on my insurance application and only signed up because of this skin condition, which is all lies and furthest from the truth.

Hiding behind pre-existing conditions - We got this insurance for our French Bulldog puppy, paying high premiums due to common problems with the breed. We were denied claims because the dog had thrown up and didn't eat 6 months prior!! In another case they denied a claim for soft palate surgery due to another BCS symptom. Two appeals later they still refuse to cover anything. DO NOT GET THIS INSURANCE. #There should be ZERO stars!!

The claims department is very responsive, caring, interested in making claims as easy and less work for the customer as possible. Give them the information and they will deal with the Vet directly. There is no back and forth.

Coverage seems to be sufficient for most cases. Many situations and instances covered that protect your pet in almost any situation. Variable costs as well. Cost is very fair, as installments are broken into monthly payments and a bonus is given at the end of the statement period if your deductible hasn't been reached. Agents were very thorough and efficiently walked me through the process. I was very pleased with the results and have lower payments now.

I received a free month trial of this company's policy when I rescued my dog. On the day I rescued him he was in an accident and I didn't find out until $2,000 later that the policy doesn't cover anything until the day AFTER it's activated. Nothing in any of the material they made available said this. I searched high and low for a document outlining actual coverage and exceptions and I could never find one. I was never sent one and it was not available on their website. Not only do they not cover anything on the day you create your policy, but I also discovered they do not cover exams (a very huge thing to not cover!), X-rays, administrative fees, and a lot of very basic things that I would expect insurance to cover.

Yes, their customer service is overly friendly, I'll give them that. But having a peppy, happy voice while they tell you nothing is covered doesn't make it any better. Honestly, save your money. Unless you've had your animal for at least 18 months, they have a spotless record so far, and your vet charges almost nothing for exams, you'll end up paying almost everything out of pocket. They'll find ways to wiggle out of anything.

The representative was very compassionate about my dog Rudy recent diagnosis of Leukemia. She was very informative about company policy for illnesses and diseases. Professionalism and compassion for clients goes a long way for business.

THEY DID NOT REFUND AFTER ONLY 24 HOURS. STAY AWAY. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. DO not go near them. They take your money and will not refund you after lying to you. I was told that I was under a 30 day trial period and I was lied to when I signed up and they did not refund the 35$ set up fee and gave me an excuse that it’s NY state law without actually pointing me to the right place where I can understand why. Try Healthy Paws. Much better.

Trupanion never paid a penny for my dog. They interpreted "allergy" from "dirty ears" and ongoing ear infection, which is the reason that they won't cover the actual diagnosed allergy this time. It is as if they go out of their way to avoid paying. Out of 10 claims I have submitted, none got approved. My vet helped me appeal two claims because even the hospitals felt the insurance was being unfair. Appealing worked, but it certainly did not prevent Trupanion to call it an "isolated appeal" that does not mean anything to future related claims.

While I only had my kitten for a few months, the coverage offered was a very appealing deal. I would recommend this company and the cost of the insurance is low. They offer many different types of insurance so you find the coverage that's right for you and your pet. I wasn't offered any discounts, however I only purchased the base policy. If I would have bought a more expensive one I probably would have saved a great deal of money. I never had to file a claim. Nothing happened to my pet. But I'm sure that if I would have needed to file a claim it would've been a short waiting period.

I've been with Trupanion for 4 years. Up until now, I've never had an issue. I have 2 policies. My cats have no health problems, I have had one small claim during my years as a customer. My premiums went up at a reasonable rate the last 3 years. Today however, I received an email, stating that my premiums would increase by 95%. Upon investigating further, I was given a multitude of unsatisfactory answers: 1) The advancements of medical technology in my area has increased (so much so in one year!) that it necessitated a 95% spike. 2) While Trupanion "locks in your pet at the age they signed up", the rates for that specific age may (without the customer service department knowing why) suddenly skyrocket (as I've come to learn, by as much as 95%!

After many phone calls and attempts on social media, I've reached no one that can help, or provide a satisfactory answer as to why my policy suddenly jumped 95%. I had noticed other reviewers saying similar things when I first signed up, but attributed it to disgruntled customers, because the plan came so highly recommended. All I can say, is at the end of 4 years, Trupanion's customer service was good, so long as I didn't have an actual problem to deal with. I have literally paid them to do nothing.

It covered shots, sickness, spay and bit of important things my dog needed like checkups and such. It have me free meds and pest control of like fleas and ticks and heartworms. It was not as expensive as some of the other companies I looked around. It was actually pretty affordable. I would spend more if I paid my vet care. I did receive some discounts on the meds that keep my pet healthy look like vitamins meds for their skin and fur and also antibiotics. There are bits of discounts I haven't used yet but do intend to. It didn't take very long to get reimbursement, maybe a week at the most. I felt very comfortable in completion in filing my claims and I loved the people on the phone.

Trupanion's customer service is impeccable. There is no long menu to wade through - speaking to an understandable, very knowledgeable representative is a simple to do. Questions are answered succinctly and compassionately. I have two dogs who I have had to file claims for and I have never had an insurance company process claims so quickly. There is no second guessing the veterinary hospital; they follow the guidelines of your policy and the payment is quickly made. My only complaint - that I have yet to find a people insurance company that worked so efficiently and kindly!

I have had an absolute horrible experience with this company over the last two weeks. I have only been insured with them for a couple months, but my Bulldog has recently had a partial pulled/tear to his ACL. We have been looking at alternative ways to help him other than surgery. I got in contact with Trupanion immediately to figure out my options. I first spoke to Amber ** and she told me as long as my veterinarian approved the alternate care they would cover it. She was suppose to send over a pre-approval form but never attached it to the email. I then had to contact them three more times over the next week to try and get this pre-approval form. Finally today I spoke to Bonnie **, just to be informed that what is being recommended for me to do as an alternative healing process (laser therapy) is not covered by my $120 a month coverage plan.

I have had to take my boy to three different vets and pay out of pocket, they don't cover office visits, to get a veterinarian to sign off on a paper and estimate and now they won't even cover it. And then she informed me they have an extended plan (never mentioned to me) that would cover it BUT won't now because it would be considered pre-existing with the new plan. At that point I was so frustrated that I wanted to cancel my plan altogether just to be informed they can't cancel it on the weekend and someone will be in contact with me in 2-3 business days.

I'm sorry Monday is in one day, and I am unhappy with your service and now you're telling me I have to wait longer than Monday to cancel my plan? For this company to act like they care so much about the well being of your pet it sure doesn't seem like it to me. Not to mention all the horrible reviews on here and somehow they still have a good star review. That is very concerning to me. Stay far far away.

During the past 5 years we have had Trupanion pet insurance for our 4 pets, premiums have totaled approximately $6000.00. I recently had my first significant claim when our Basset Hound developed glaucoma. Since we have $1000 deductible, I submitted all the receipts totally approximately $1250.00. I was told by their representative that evaluations and diagnostics were covered, but Trupanion disallowed all these claiming that these were merely "exams". My dog has had over 13 appointments to diagnosis his eyesight and adjust his medications, and Trupanion did not pay for a doctor's' appointment even when an ophthalmologist was involved!

The representative advised me to appeal and have the doctors code the visits as diagnostic evaluations. I did so and asked my veterinarian to send me an email as soon as this was faxed to Trupanion. I ACTUALLY RECEIVED TRUPANION'S DENIAL OF THE APPEAL BEFORE I RECEIVED OUR VET'S EMAIL. I called my vet to save the records and advised them to NEVER recommend Trupanion again. Trupanion took our $6000.00, but refused to pay for any diagnostic evaluations done in a doctor's office.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants it. If I ever needed to use it again I would. The cost wasn't bad. I was happy to pay what I paid. They were right in line with other places I looked. I didn't get too many discounts with this but still I was very happy - us in this service. The process was quick, efficient, no complaints. Everything happened in a timely manner.

Absolutely disappointed with this company. The purpose of insurance is to help the animal with any health concerns. Trupanion declined my first and only claim. Please explain to me why I pay so much for my pet's insurance, if you don’t do your part. Save yourself the money. Not worth it. Customer service is clueless on how to answer questions and properly deal with concerned animal lovers. This is a money pit. You’ll pay and receive nothing in return.

This company was recommended by my former Vet All Pet's in Nashua, NH. and if there is absolutely any mention of anything in your pets record before you sign up it will not be covered. My vet told me about a year back or so to make sure you brush your dog's teeth because she could get gum disease. Well they put in my record that my dog had level one gum disease so when I came back with a request of course I was denied coverage. So I went to cancel this policy and they offered me a "Paw Print" or whatever they call it where do a complete history on your dog to see if there is any other issues that may not be covered in the future and this was free of charge so I agreed.

Two months goes by and nothing from Trupanion?? I called and they stated to me well one hospital never responded so we suspended the research. No phone call, no email or communication but they made sure they received their $79.00 per month for those two months. There are many companies out there. Make sure you do your research. I wish I would have done my research and homework before I signed up with them.

I’ve been with them for several years and fortunately not had to file a claim. I have however had a couple reasons to call with questions. They are great! You get a person quickly. They are kind, compassionate, interested in your pets and knowledgeable.

I have been dealing with Trupanion for MANY YEARS, and had my dog insured after having them do a full underwriting on past conditions she would be ineligible for. So I still pay thousands a year out of pocket for my dog's vet care. So long story short my dog came down with the autoimmune disease - immune mediated thrombocytopenia which they are trying to write off as a skin condition.

News flash. Claim adjusters you are children. The reasons for things being ineligible are which in complete contradiction and why it should be approved. I think these claims reps all get trained in a big room and get bonus money for denial of claims. It is a complete scam, my dog has regular blood work once or twice a year just for ** and giggles to make sure she is healthy. I will be reporting them to Better Business Bureau and taking them to small claims. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT USE TRUPANION! There is many other honest insurance companies out there, Petsecure is who will get my business.

I saw some of these reviews and I don’t understand how some people could have had such a bad experience. I have had nothing but good experiences with them and I’ve had them for almost 9 years. I pay about $50 a month to include both of my dogs, the policy was bought when they were tiny puppies. Let me tell you, there were times I thought about canceling esp when I hit money trouble a few years ago for 3 or 4 years, but I never did. Why? Because when my Maggie was little I got her insured and less than a year later, she was diagnosed with entropion and so even though I’d only paid in about $500 at that point, they fully reimbursed me (at their 90% terms) about $1700 with NO trouble. Then, for many years, I didn’t have to claim against my policy.

Flash forward to a month ago when Maggie was diagnosed with a ruptured disk requiring an emergency MRI and surgery as well as them discovering she has IVDD. Not only did Trupanion pay according to their terms no problem, they made arrangements with the hospital to pay directly to them even though they weren’t a Trupanion Express location, approving my claim as an emergency within TEN MINUTES! That surgery and her aftercare were roughly $6000 which is basically everything I’ve paid over the years plus some more but I never would have had the discipline to save that on my own and I didn’t have the cash upfront to cover it. Trupanion literally saved my dog’s life. Not to mention every single time I call, I get someone knowledgeable and concise, as well as very friendly, that explains things in an easy to understand way. I wish MY own health insurance provider were as easy to deal with and understand as Trupanion has been for my dogs.

I was told that my Vet had this great special for a petcare plan. As a bonus it came with pet insurance with Trupanion. I was told that all pre-existing conditions were waived to get the insurance. I thought it sounded like a great deal, but it was a scam. My 10 year old dog had been denied previously for pet insurance with Trupanion. She had slightly elevated liver enzymes. My vet assured me that it was just how her body was and we would watch it. So for more than 5 years nothing changed. But then one night she started having seizures. I took her to the vet and her liver enzymes were out of control. It was a sad and scary time. I was told it could be a brain tumor causing it, or liver cancer. Not once were any of those words used previously.

I sent in my first claim with Trupanion. They accepted the claim and put the first bills towards the deductible. But then when I sent in a great deal more, they decided to cover some of the bills and not others. If it was $10, covered. But $1000 and it was denied. On one bill for over a thousand they covered $12. I paid thousands of dollars to get the plan going and this was my first claim with the company. And they only cover what they want to cover. Are you kidding me!!! So, Trupanion agrees to accept that she had brain and liver cancer, but not to accept claims for that illness if they went above a certain amount. That's a scam. How can you say it's ok to pay on a claim for just that issue, but tell me it doesn't cover everything with that disease/illness.

They denied medication for pain, because she had taken it in the past for arthritis. Basically telling me that any medication she had used in the past regardless what it was used for couldn't be applied to this claim. I guess I was supposed to know this and to tell my vet what they could and could not prescribe. Then when I appealed they paid a little more on the pain meds. But again, they accept the illness as coverable, but then don't want to cover things outside the rules. I am even mad at my Vet. I felt that based on how they sold The whole wellness plan with that insurance was to get me to pay for something that later they said is "Huge issue with pet insurance plans. They make it very difficult to get things covered and are nothing more than extra work for their clinic." WHAT!!! So the vet knew it was a possible crazy waste of money and yet they pushed it. And then the office manager blames me for having it.

I've been a loyal customer for more than 17 years and I now know I was being lied to. As I said years ago this exact dog was denied due to that liver enzyme. And if it wasn't for this so called benefit to the wellness package, she would have been denied again. Instead they waived it, processed a claim accepting it, but when it was time to pay out big money they ran from it. Telling me the whole time I should know better. Seriously?! I could have saved so much money NOT getting the insurance. I would have been more careful to deny certain things the vet wanted to do with hope that it would help. Instead, I'm stuck with thousands and thousands of nothing but heartache and anger. So, whatever you do, don't waste your money, because this truly is the definition of a scam.

Do not insure with these people. Expensive - but they deny every claim. They will look for any little loophole or hyper technical reading of the policy, in order to deny the claim. Sometimes, they will grant the claim and apply it to the deductible, then once you exceed the deductible, they will deny the claim for the very same condition. I have an entire stack of denials, most all of them inconsistent. They then make you go through an Appeals process, which is just a front for another "sorry, denied" email.

They also pepper you with repeated requests for the same information, over and over and over - and send emails that state that the "claim will be closed" because of "insufficient" information, even when you have responded fully with all applicable medical records. All our pets are rescue pets. They deserve better than to be insured by a company, the sole purpose of which is to take your premiums and deny your claims. Shame on Trupanion. There is a special place in purgatory for companies like this - shame shame shame. Avoid at all costs. Do not use.

Our cat is prone to upper respiratory infections. Our vet wanted to do some testing to rule out any illnesses that cause these infections. She said that it's perfectly plausible that she's perfectly healthy and simply prone to URIs because of her breed (she's a mixed rescue and we don't know exactly what kind of breeds are "in her", so it's reasonable to believe that she's simply got a breed that is prone to breathing issues) but she wanted to do some testing to make sure there wasn't anything wrong with her.

Trupanion is not going to cover any of the testing (suggested by our vet was an endoscopy and a chest xray) and also won't cover treatment for any further Upper Respiratory Infections. Somehow being prone to certain types of infections (that occur every few months) is considered a "pre existing condition". Our rate was around $50 and every time our cat is sick, our vet charges around $100 for the exam and medication. And let's not forget that Trupanion DOES NOT cover ANY KIND of examination, so essentially, all they cover is the $50 for medication. Which means in order for this insurance to be profitable for us, our cat would have to have an URI every month. Which...she doesn't. It's more of a semi-annual thing.

My 17 year old dog was diagnosed with pheochromocytoma, Trupanion gave me the peace of mind. The Trupanion staff was compassionate, understanding and the claims were paid in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company.

My veterinarian encouraged me to purchase pet insurance when I adopted a second cat. The vet said in a vague way that all cats had variable risk for these issues, and since I was adopting a second cat, it might be good to spread out that risk. At that time or at some time before, he told Trupanion that one of my cats was a particular risk for periodontitis. Trupanion later used the vet's report as a reason to deny my claim.

I can't rule out that one hand may be washing the other. I called to cancel my insurance the next day. I had to call because this is not a thing you can do on their website. Although they answered promptly, they did not immediately cancel my insurance. Instead I got a promise that I'd hear back in 24-48 hours. The rep on the phone promised to confirm this turnaround time in writing. So far, they have not done so. I do not trust this company, so I'm writing this review in part order to document the time frame of my request for a cancellation. I'm displeased with my Trupanion experience.

I have been a customer of Trupanion for several years. Filing claims is super easy and they are paid quickly. I always get someone on the phone without waiting. My latest call was to update some information. I spoke with Ines who was pleasant, helpful and very efficient. I highly recommend Trupanion to any pet owner. They help me take good care of my babies.

If you are looking to insure your pet, stay away from TRUPANION. They deny coverage EVERY SINGLE TIME. They do not care about animals - they care about money. Save yourself the grief and find an insurer that TRUly cares about your comPANION. Predatory company out to make a buck off your heartfelt concern for your pet's health.

I have had Trupanion for several years and they have always been excellent in responding to my claims. The customer service agents are always knowledgeable and compassionate on the phone. It would have been a lot harder to care for my dogs if I didn't have Trupanion.

Pet insurance failed to pay for an accident our dog had when the insurance company clearly should have covered the accident. They stated It was an illness and not an accident when the vet clearly stated It was accident related. Very disappointed and we cancelled insurance. We also let our vet know and they will no longer be recommending this company for pet insurance.

We have had Trupanion Pet Insurance for about 6 years for our Pomeranian. With all the times that we have taken her for one incident or another, we were unable to meet the $500 deductible they said we need to meet and believe me we had various times that needed to take her to the Vet. The kicker was last Thursday when we took her in for what apparently was a urinary infection which we paid $255 for 3 test and medicine. When we contacted Trupanion they of course that because this is a new medical that we had to start another $500 for this issue. I believe Trupanion is a scam and the Vets are part of it because they offer this at the Vet that you take your animal to.

Pet Owners, please do yourself and your pet a favor by getting another pet insurance company. This company is not reputable. If your dog has multiple tumors, they will say each one is separate (if they haven't found a way to claim it is a preexisting condition). If your pet is ill and needs diagnostic tests, they will not pay for them if they can find a way to say the pathology is not covered. You are not safe with this company.

I'm a believer in insurance as a method of sharing genuine risks across many people. Providing abuse is kept under control, insurance works. I am, however, very disappointed with Trupanion. My dog ate rat poison from a neighbor's yard and we rushed him to hospital. My Trupanion file says the claim was "accepted." Hooray. But does that mean they fulfilled their role of shared risk? No. They paid nothing because more than half the money I paid the hospital was determined to be an "examination." The other half was the deductible. The deductible I have no issue with (part of the shared risk I'm prepared to accept). But the "examination"? I brought my dog to the pet's equivalent of an emergency room.

This suggests that every time you take your pet to a hospital or clinic or vet, not only do you have to pay the deductible, but you also have to pay for an "examination," which effectively doubles your deductible. This is a much larger deductible than their feel-good/pet-friendly advertising suggests. I'm disappointed and irritated at this bit of trickery (in my opinion), and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth about the company. I believe that Trupanion and their resellers and supporters (including vets and animal hospitals) should make this double-the-cost-deductible very clear to their customers... before they buy into the product.

The coverage is remarkable and they have outstanding service to provide for any pet in need. They do their best to help out every single pet that needs. The cost is one of the best. It has been a privilege to been involved in the cost of the services and I get a chance to keep a lot of my income because of the cost. I get a lot of discounts from them. They treat me with the utmost respect. If I'm unable to pay they help me to pay in installments to help pay the fee. The claim processing is clear and up front. They told me from the start of the services provided and the necessary treatment they do if they need to do it.

Trupanion was a lifesaver. When both my dogs had some serious medical issues at the same time, I had over $10,000 in vet bills - Trupanion paid most of it. I was able to take care of them without worrying about running up the credit card. Their site is easy to use, and the customer service is excellent if you have a question or problem. Claims are paid quickly. Whenever a friend gets a new furbaby - I recommend them signing up right away. Pre-existing conditions aren't covered, so sign up before you have any!

Trupanion claims that they pay 90% of medical costs? BS! My cat was rushed to the hospital and we had to put her down because she could not breathe. Trupanion told me that they will not pay for any of the cost because my cat has a "pre-existing" condition. Will someone please explain to me how is a sudden sickness is considered "pre-existing?" I was furious so I called and canceled my insurance with them. And now they are sorry for "the loss my cat". It makes me wonder if Trupanion really does care about animals because with the experience I went through, it's complete bull! Never ever ever do business with them! Save your time and money!

Purchased this insurance back in January thinking it would cover our 7-year old Maltese. Tried to submit a claim for routine check-up. Was only informed THEN that the insurance didn't cover anything preventative. So this product PENALIZES the owner for taking care of your pet. Lost 700.00 bucks in monthly premiums for a total scam that won't cover basic medical care for a pet. PET INSURANCE IS A SCAM.

I have had a few uses for this insurance. Trupanion is the best when it come to pet insurance. I never have had any problems with any claims I have made. Great service and a pleasure to talk to. Reimbursements are fast with no issues at all. If you wish to buy pet insurance then these are the people to purchase from. Thank you so much all at Trupanion!!!

We bought Trupanion Pet Insurance for our first rescue Dachshund several years ago. Soon after acquiring her, we began to suspect that she was deaf which was confirmed by a specialist. We submitted a claim for the tests and they were denied as a pre-existing condition. At the time we went along with the declination because it was clear that unbeknownst to us, she had been deaf when we acquired her. We acquired a second rescue Dachshund in the very last stages of being cured of heart worms in September 2017. We covered her under our Trupanion policy in mid October. On October 31 she appeared nauseated and we took her to our vet who gave her a shot for nausea. That reoccurred a number of times over several months. During that time she was placed on special diets and the vet made notes about several possible diagnoses she was concerned about.

More recently she began having diarrhea and then bloody diarrhea so we took her to a specialist who performed a number of expensive tests. We submitted all of our bills as a claim and Trupanion converted them nine different claims. Two days later we received nine declinations all stating pre-existing condition as the reason. Trupanion requested all medical records as far back as we had them from every vet that had ever treated our pet. Within 2 days they denied every single claim based on the fact that she had been nauseated and refused eat in mid October, they further noted that she had been placed on a special diet and that the doctor was concerned about the possibility of the beginnings of pancreatitis. Their declinations made it clear that their methodology is to review the entire history of the pet and if they can find anything which can possibly be related to the current problem, then they deny the claim as a pre-existing condition.

They also said that they do not pay for examinations at anytime for any reason. Needless to say we were not happy and have canceled our policy. We are now having our bank transfer the $135 a month we were paying for our premium to a separate account - in essence setting up our own insurance fund. The premiums we wasted paying Trupanion would have covered our dogs' medical expenses. We wish we had read the reviews from prior to purchasing Trupanion Pet Insurance. I think you’d only be safe if you purchase a new puppy and cover it immediately. Any adult rescue dog will almost certainly have exhibited symptoms over its life which could lead to a declination based on a pre-existing condition. Don’t waste your money.

Great ease of use. Great service all the time. I love everything about what they do for my pets. They are the best at what they do and stand for. Great prices on everything you and your pets need. I love the things they stand for. Great in every way. They always make sure you get the best discounts possible. I have nothing but great good things to say about them. They know what they stand for and are great at what they do. Great easy to see and understand what they stand for. They are always at the best prices and discounts around.

Very comprehensive benefits with a lot of coverage. Have my pet well covered. Love the benefits of my policy with extensive benefits. Love their coverage. Great value for the price. Very inexpensive for the benefits. Well more valuable than the price states. Great company. Love them all the way around. They have a few discounts that offer great value to their company and involving with the needs of the customers. Very caring and offer extensive discounts in a few areas. Very quick processing of claims. Never exceeds the allotted time that is provided by the company. Overall excellence.

We just brought our rescue dog in for his first visit. This insurance was pushed on us, we said no, but they still included it on our bill as a "30 Day Trupanion Trial." Then the email automatically sent pressures you to sign on within 24 hours or lose the free trial. So we looked at the pamphlet and website. When you sign on THEY DO NOT COVER ANYTHING FOR 30 DAYS STATING IF YOU NEED TO BE SEEN IT MUST HAVE BEEN "PRE-EXISTING CONDITION(S)!" So there is no free 30 day trial! Look at the reviews - 1 (out of 5) given over and over as the company denies every claim as 'pre-existing'. This company is a scam artist. The worst kind of insurance fraud. Do not give them any money!

My dog was diagnosed with pancreatitis. He had all the signs and symptoms after ingesting a bite of fatty food. During all this, I signed up for Trupanion Pet Insurance -- since it was advertised everywhere in the vet's office -- in case anything further came up in the future that was unrelated since that would now be considered pre-existing, which is understandable. I signed up for their 30 day free trial. Well, something did actually come up unrelated. Within a week, after being on the mend and acting like himself again, he began to feel unwell, but this time with a round of totally different symptoms. I took him to the ER and he was diagnosed with anemia and neoplasia.

The ER vet assured me this was completely unrelated to the pancreatitis and was a totally different matter. I submitted the claim to Trupanion and it was denied. I appealed the denial and that was denied. They're stating that his anemia and neoplasia was related to his pancreatitis and gastroenteritis. One has nothing to do with the other and even the symptoms were totally different. I submitted all his medical papers and highlighted everything and even included a letter from the ER vet specifying all of this. Apparently, that doesn't matter to this company. After all this, I will probably have to take this issue to small claims court. I understand insurance fraud is an issue in companies, but this is a true and honest situation here with all the documents to back it up. I'm so heartbroken about my dog. This company has no integrity.

Read the terms clearly and try to understand the purpose of this insurance: It is to avoid paying coverage for situations that are reasonably expected could occur. Trupanion provides coverage for pet boarding IF you are hospitalized for more than 4 days. I had hip replacement surgery five days ago and came home for recuperation two days after surgery. Trupanion would not cover my pet boarding because it was not more than 4 days' hospitalization. These days, patients and hospitals make every effort to get a patient home as soon as possible. THIS IS NOT THE SET OF TERMS A DECENT INSURANCE PLAN WOULD COVER AND FOR WHICH I PAY $88.00 PER M0NTH. Trupanion, don't represent this as the coverage it isn't. It looks like you discovered that statistics show most hospitalizations are 3 days or fewer and so your chance of having to pay out are essentially nil.

I had several claims due to a vet that didn't know what they were doing for something as simple as a hot spot last Spring. They never covered anything and after 5 vet visits, paid out only about 40.00. I have since found a much more reasonable insurance (Pet's Best) that does cover exam fees and are much more customer friendly! I finally got Trupanion canceled after numerous emails and a phone call where I was pressured into reconsideration which ultimately still led to cancellation.

I actually had to threaten to get them to cancel this policy. Unbelievable that they charge a deductible for each illness and no exam fees. I should of caught that when I first had it. But, with how they acted to finally cancel my policy, I am furious and it hurts them in the long run to do so! Now I will be telling everyone how crappy they were and telling everyone how great Pet's Best is! They lied several times when they tried to get me to stay on board! When they realized I was leaving my policy was miraculously lowered 10.00 starting next year!!! I was overpaid to begin with!!! I should of researched much more before I wasted almost a year with them!!! How they handle your exit speaks volumes!!!

When I bought my kittens, I received 30 free days off Trupanion coverage. So far, I'm horrified by then. When I took my kitties in for their first Well Check, I knew it wouldn't be covered, as per their policy. But when they both developed sniffles, I figured the visits would go toward their deductible. Turns out, only their medication counted toward the deductible. The visit itself (the majority of the book) is excluded, as they don't cover your pet actually being seen. I'm not sure how they expect me to have my pets seen, diagnosed, and prescribed medication without actually having them examined.

What's more, the piddling amount for medication that was applied to the deductible will mean nothing if they need to go back for another issue, as EACH INDIVIDUAL ISSUE is considered a new $250 deductible. For $10 a month more, I'll be going with Nationwide. Their plan covers EVERYTHING. Exams, illness, wellness check, medication, catastrophic issues, injuries, dental, preventative care. I have no idea why, with such a better option, anyone would opt for this sham.

I was truly grateful for your compassion during a most difficult time. Your staff took the time to talk to me, and made me very comfortable. They are all very caring individuals, and it was truly a pleasure working with you. I will definitely use you again, hopefully in the near future, and will tell everyone I know about your great staff.

Trupanion kept charging my credit card even after I canceled the policy AND changed my credit card number. They have a clause in all the fine print that says they can request your new card information from your cc company AND get it!! It’s outrageous! I had a policy for years and NEVER used it, then they took me for an additional $400 after I canceled. Do not use this company! I can only imagine how terrible they would be if you had a claim. I’m sure what this company lacks in character they make up for with deep pockets. Stay away from them!

We've called Trupanion customer service numerous times and have always been delighted with their responses. Outstanding customer service representatives who are knowledgeable, helpful and caring! One of the best companies out there in our opinion! Have always treated us with utmost respect and always solved any issues we've come across! Highly recommend Trupanion insurance. They're a caring company and we've always had an all-around great experience dealing with them! Highly recommend for your pet insurance needs!

We've had Trupanion for less than 2 years and they are very sweet on the phone... But don't let the sweet, caring customer service people fool you. Unfortunately, I have a sick dog... I didn't know it when I signed up for insurance with Trupanion and they didn't know it. They are a typical insurance company - they have no problem taking money from me every month, however any substantial claim that I make, they deny, I fight it...usually I lose. Very disappointed.

I've been with them for two years now, and they never cover anything. Everything is pre-existing to them, even when the situation is different. My dog ate part of a toy a couple of years ago, and we took him to the vet to have it regurgitated. Recently, he wasn't acting right and it turns out, he had somehow found an old toy, ate the squeaker and had to have a scope to remove it. They call it a pre-existing condition. My other dog had sprained a disk playing a while back and recently, when he was moving slow, we took him to the vet and though the vet said that wasn't his issue this time, they still denied the claim on a pre-existing condition. I've spent so much money on this service with no reimbursement. It has been a complete waste to me. To them, this is just a way to take advantage of vulnerable homeowners. They should be ashamed of themselves.