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My old plan is getting to term out and the prices are going to skyrocket. And I needed a good deal because I'm getting old. Navigating Life Insurance's website was pretty easy and their agent is pretty good. We had a couple of emails back and forth and he seems okay. We're still working on it and it's hard to get a good time for them to call me and me to call them. We're still playing phone tag.

TrustedChoice's salespersons were awesome, polite, and so convincing. I was watching one of them and she had a great pitch. They were able to give me the number and the information I needed and gave me a pamphlet inside to read because they didn’t have much time to talk since people were coming in like crazy.

I was planning for the future and I was dabbling and looking into some insurance for my father. TrustedChoice was the first site that came up and it was easy enough to navigate. There was a lot of information available and I was able to get in touch with somebody pretty easy. I got a message and I spoke to a rep in Florida a couple of times. But my father got pissed off about the insurance so we’ve decided not to do it. My experience with TrustedChoice's website was brief but I was very, very satisfied with the website and I’d recommend it.

I had a policy with my company and I was looking to switch or look for better rates for term life. I searched for life insurance companies online and Trusted Choice consolidated it into one location, so you got all the information you need in one stop. My whole experience with them was pretty good.

I want to leave something to my children in case of my untimely death. My client who helped me look for insurance, referred Trusted Choice to me. The independent agent who came to my house was pushy and persistent. I just wanted to get him out my house so I signed up for life insurance.

My sister-in-law had diabetes and they couldn’t get policy so I was trying to see if I could help them out. However, I ended up not doing anything because I couldn’t afford it. Trusted Choice wanted all this blood cost and it was just a lot more than I wanted to have to deal with and the cost was too high. I know it’s just by protocol so I can’t blame anybody for that. The people that approached me were fine, though. The rep was very personable and he started calling to follow-up. I would recommend Trusted Choice if I were someone just seeking health insurance or normal health insurance.

I work for Brewer Insurance and we're on Trusted Choice Life Insurance. I can't click on something on their website and go back to a homepage where it gives me all their other options. There’s no drop down nor search. I think it’s just something that I have to learn in order to utilize it to the best of my ability but once I was directed in the right path, then it was no problem. I’ve had nothing but positive to say about the person that has worked with me for the stuff that I’ve been working on. I just need to find where I need to be to start with.

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