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This complaint involves Nick **, CLTC Independent Medicare Health Consultant #** State of FL Agent Number. Several months ago I contacted him in reference to health insurance as I would be retiring 01-31-2019. He was very helpful until I began asking pointed questions and expressed concerns about United American Health Insurance. Due to personal and unexpected medical issues I stopped communicating with him. This week I began to receive demanding text messages from him. I explained my reasons for not getting back to him and the final message that I received was beyond anything I could imagine.

Below is his final response to me. "Let me say this about your entire message is full of baloney. I still have all our messages and you texted me NUMEROUS TIMES in Nov and Dec. Your last sentence tells me all about lack of class (phone calls and mail too). I gave you COUNTLESS times of knowledge expertise and valuable information. It doesn't bother me that you went elsewhere because that happens. WHAT BOTHERS ME THAT YOU LIED AND LIED and try to cover it up. You had many many months to prepare and your cancer analogy is BEYOND LAUGHABLE. So happy you are NOT my client?" I explained to him that I am dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis and the above is how he responded. This is upsetting, callous and extremely unprofessional. I do want anyone else to go through what I am going through.

My mom passed away in March 2013. She had paid her insurance premium since 1964 and when I filed a claim to pay for her funeral, United Insurance Company of America sent me death claim claimant's statement. I filled out the death claim and sent it back to them and they keep sending me the same death claim paperwork to fill out again. I have called them several times and each person tells me something different. And they refused to pay. My mom had paid her insurance premium for fifty years and they have given us the runaround. I would never use this company.

I purchased their Medigap insurance policy. After purchasing, I was informed that it would cost an additional $6.95 to have them do the "crossover" with Medicare or I would have to file all claims myself. I have had Medigap insurance for many years and this is the first time I was charged to have the claims processed. I'll be leaving United American as soon as I can. Real rip off artists. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Reading these horror stories made me realize just how lucky I was. I was scammed out of $30,000 in premiums from 2010 through 2013 and learned when I had back trouble that their policy was totally worthless. When Obamacare came in in 2014 I quickly dumped these crooks and bought a Blue Cross Gold Policy. The next year I turned 65 and bought a Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Policy. Just last month I was hospitalized 7 days for pneumonia. My Medicare Advantage Plan has a yearly out of pocket cost limit of $3500. I shudder to think what I would have owed had this happened just 3 years before. UA are nothing but thieving crooks.

They kept sending us bills. We cancel them in Dec. We picked another ins. co. They had the nerve to send us a bill for Dec and Jan. We spoke in Dec. and they still send us bills. I stop them from going into my bank acct. Whatever you do do not let them take the fees out of your bank acct. Also it takes forever to talk to anybody. I am so glad I got rid of them different plan. I now have Harvard which was cheaper. And easy to call and work with.

My sister-in-law is in a long-term facility at $3200 a month. A claim was filed with UA for the 4th month (must be in facility 90 days before claim can be filed at end of 4th month). A claim was faxed to UA with confirmation by the long-term care facility. Ten days later they say they have not received it. It was faxed and mailed again when they could find no record of them receiving the first one. Another 10 days later, they say they have not received a claim. I asked to speak to a supervisor today and got a recording. You are put on hold for hours just trying to talk to someone. To anyone trying to make a decision on a policy for long-term care, YOU DO NOT WANT THIS COMPANY! This has to be insurance fraud at its worse. Consumers pay for years for these policies while insurance companies get rich by not paying up. Note the other reviews - NO 5's, NO 4's, NO 3's, only two 2's and multiple 1's.

I spoke with a young lady over a year ago and told her to quit drafting my bank account for the premiums because I had lost the policy, and had no use for it. Guess what? You keep drafting it. Will you not listen? How do I get you to stop it? Can I get the money - any of my money back?

Gave them my drug list and they said they covered them. They took out their monthly fee and when I went to get my prescriptions, SURPRISE. "We don't cover that." Claimed it was a new policy even though I had just joined days prior. Then when I want to cancel it, get the run-around. "We have to mail you a form" which takes a week for me to get. Then I fax it back and a week later, they call and say it is unreadable. Fax again and told it takes 3 days to receive a fax. Call back 3 days later and, "we can't find it." Ask to speak to someone in charge. Well only 1 person in that department can help me, they are not in and have no boss. No direct # to that department and I can't be transferred. They are a scam!!!!

I recently had to change drug plans so I contacted Medicare and the representative helped me find a comparable nationwide plan which would cover my medications in all states. Well I get a letter stating that I should find a replacement medication for the medicine ** XR Caps. I am aware that this medication is usually prescribed to children and/or with ADD/ADHD. I have Multiple Sclerosis and my one debilitating symptom is fatigue. I have already tried several other drugs to combat this symptom and many were antidepressants that made me so sleepy that I would sleep the day away or I looked like a doped up zombie. I also tried ** and it worked until it messed up my stomach so bad, my doctor discontinued it for me. It didn't make sense that it did nothing for the fatigue except to say, I could not sleep when I needed to.

So going thru more 'step therapy' is not the answer for me since I have been experimented on enough at this point. I have been on the generic form of ** for at least 7 years and it is noted in my medical records so why not request them instead of making me jump through the same exact hoops again. I'm also aware that this is a highly sought after drug of pill poppers on the street across the nation, though I am not abusing my meds. I do not tell anyone what I take for fear it would be stolen. With that said, it is always hidden and not kept out of its hiding place.

They promised no donut hole gap in 2014 when they raised the prices last year. Boy did they lie. Spiriva went from $35 in March to $140 in April And Percoset went from $12 to $80 in one month. Try to talk to them is Insane.

My wife has not yet received the check. Been over two months and is getting nowhere with the people she calls.

There was a very nice lady that helped when I signed up. Now that I have a question I called that same number, it was the enrollment group only. I asked her for the number of the area to call for a new card and prices on medications. She spent several minutes looking for all the numbers, she gave me the number for Medicare as she has no way to guide members if they call that number. What a poor impression they create by not having a number to reach someone, even the message machine did not say the name of the company, they assumed I had a 3-digit extension number. I am writing this up for their benefit, pull yourself together. You're on Eastern Time, we on the West Coast are not, do you think you could afford to keep some staff later for the PST. People, provide your sellers with enough data to make your company sound creditable.

I have tried to get information about policy benefits that were not addressed in the booklet. Four times I have waited on the telephone line for over half an hour and get nothing except that monotonous message saying I will be helped momentarily. Is there really people working at the end of these phone lines? Such poor service if you need a question answered. Can't wait to switch! I also want to question the premium taken out of the bank account, which is much higher than what the online chart says it should be. Sure would like some help with these questions.

This company has an automated telephone caller. They call me daily about Medigap insurance, and I am 48 years old! You would think they would be more careful about the DNC list.

In October I signed up for Medicare part D. After a in-depth review of the formulary drugs covered on each plan the government website stated that United American Prescription would be the best choice. I enrolled and thus far every script I have had filled has resulted in a formal letter stating that drug which is generic is no longer on the formulary list. More recently, I was informed by my pharmacy that I did not have any prescription coverage. After again contacting the company I was told that I was given new group and bin numbers. It had changed names to CVS /Caremark. This seems illegal and I do not know how formulary drugs can be removed monthly from the list.

I have had insurance with United American since 2007. Fortunately for me, I have been relatively healthy and not had to file claims. Unfortunately, I needed surgery last summer to repair a torn rotator cuff. With about $20,000 in bills, UA is leaving me with over $16,000 to pay. I have made multiple calls and written letters without much help or even a satisfactory explanation. Their policy is worthless. I would owe less if I had negotiated a self pay cost. Stay away from UA!

My dad paid premiums to United American for 23 years and happened to spend his final 38 days in a long term care facility. They filed a claim for benefits. When nothing was paid, my mother followed up with United American who said they had never received the claim. She went to the Long Term Care facility, got a copy of the claim and all attendant documents, and mailed them certified to United American.

After 3 weeks, she called to inquire about the status of the claim, and they said they had not received the second package. She had confirmation that the USPO had delivered it. The agent then said that it was required that the mailing be done by the Long Term Care facility, so the certified receipt was meaningless. This sounds like the runaround to me. This claim is paltry in relation to all of the premiums paid over the years. I would never, never buy insurance from United American!!!

I have had a life insurance policy on my mom for 13.5 years with United American. While waiting for the death certificate for my mom to be issued, I called United American Insurance to find out what they needed from me. I was told @ that time that it takes approximately 15 days to process a death benefit claim. I sent the requested documents on 10-18 via PRIORITY mail. I was under the misguided notion when your client sends something to you Priority it goes to the top of the pile. I got over that. I called to check the status of my claim on 11-04 & spoke to Ebony. She told me that claims take up to 3 wks to process but that she would check the status & return my call. She did not. I called her back, that is when I found that my documents were 'received' 10-24.

I called to check the status of my claim a few times during the week of 11-07 & everyone says up to 3 wks to process a claim. One person even put me back in the queue of calls. On 11-10, Marduk acted as if she was doing me a favor by taking my call & not hanging up on me. On 11-11 I called & asked for a supervisor. Shantrell told me that all of the supervisors were in a meeting all day. She asked for my contact information so that someone would call me later. I asked the name of the supervisor that would be returning my call, she told me Kim. Kim did not call. 11-14 would be 3 wks, by their count.

I called 11-17, to find out the status of my claim. I cannot express how undone I am when Renee` informs me that it is being processed 'accordingly'. I asked according to what!? She informed me that it is being processed 'accordingly'. 11-18 I called & asked for a supervisor, Justin would like to know the details so that he can let the supervisor know. I gave him the details, but he doesn't have clearance to view my policy. He speaks with a team lead, & whomever he was speaking with doesn't have clearance either. Oh! And all the supervisors are in a meeting all day, but he will send an urgent email so that I will be priority.

I asked him the name of the supervisor that would be returning my call, he says Kim **. She did not return my call. 11-21 I called & asked for the superior of Kim **. LaSheema would like to know the details. I am hesitant to go through this again with someone who doesn't have any authority, but I do. Again I am told that it takes up to 3 wks. I inform her that it is PAST 3 wks & again I ask for a superior. She told me that Kim was not in the office 11-18. I told her that is not what I was told, & again I ask for a superior. She transferred me to someone's vm. I left a msg & I said that I would be contacting the NC Dept. of Insurance, that I wanted the check sent to me via next day air.

This company has made the death of my mom more traumatizing than what it already was. They take their payments like clockwork, why is it this difficult to get death benefits? What makes this more difficult is I posted ALL of this last night on their FB page & shared it on my page. Not 10 minutes later, they commented, apologizing & wanted my contact information so that they could reach out to me. I thought to make things right. Nope, this morning they deleted the posts & all comments.

2013 - signed up with UA for 2014 Part D. All was fine. Fall 2104 signed up for a new UA plan. Trusted UA to coordinate with Social Security to deduct from my SS check and pay UA. Failed to happen. I paid Jan and Feb. out of pocket. Learned today (4/28/15) that SS had paid then took money back from UA for those two months. I kept getting reassurance from US/customer service that SS would pick up payments, not to worry, but then would receive letters of non-payment. UA was unclear from the get-go about the process and failed to help get things squared with SS. I was just told by their Resolution specialist that I owe them for an unpaid month. The saga with UA is time consuming and totally inefficient. Did SS fail or UA? UA claims that they have no responsibility to resolve issues with SS and specifically to demand payment. I have not had any previous problems with SS. I will change insurers this coming Fall.

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