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After five days of repeatedly calling UHC for an explanation on why no pharmacies within 50 miles of New York City were in network, I reached a man in the prescriptions department who refused to help me because I said the f-word after continuously being denied coverage for my medication. He then transferred me back to the department I’ve been dealing with for 5 days that refused to help me. I assume this guy goes by Chad and thinks mayonnaise is spicy. Don’t work in healthcare if people’s emotions and the words they use to convey them offend you, bro. This is my health and well being you’re dealing with, not me calling Neiman Marcus demanding another refund on an argyle cardigan.

I spoke with three representatives with United Health Care Vision because they did not pay for a vision bill from an in network provider. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, it seemed that they just passed me on to another lower-level customer service representative. They stated that they were "paperless", but required that I write a letter to appeal their decision. Additionally, they stated that their name was "spectera(?)", but later one of the representative said that they were United Healthcare Vision. It seems very odd.

I have had UHC through past employers and found it difficult to deal with their customer service representatives. In this situation, I went to my "authorized" eye doctor to get a new prescription and new glasses early this year (2016). During the appointment the doctor noticed some vision problems and recommended I have further testing done to determine if surgery may be needed. I was tested for blepharoplasty, a condition where the eye's vision area is obstructed by heavy tissue above the eyelid pushing it down. This causes poor night vision, progressive driver safety issues, headaches, squinting when in bright sunlight, and low quality of life due to poor vision. The original doctor referred me to a surgeon to confirm this was necessary to correct my sight. This was not solicited by myself, this was diagnosed by eye doctors and surgeons who found a genuine concern for my future eyesight.

In a letter received from UHC, the insurance company considers surgery on the eyelids to be "cosmetic" and will not cover "cosmetic" surgery under their policy. They further are denying the payment for the doctor appointment to the surgeon who confirmed the original diagnosis. UHC paid an expert to say the surgery was unnecessary. I believe the paid "so called" experts UHC uses are denying me coverage through this policy, through direct orders from UHC. I pay UHC a substantial amount of money for health insurance from each paycheck not counting the amount contributed by my employer. It is not fair that the exuberant fees I pay purchases only substandard coverage for my medical needs. Denying treatment is how UHC makes much of its money. UHC is unfair and greedy.

Because of Obamacare, I am legally bound to have health insurance. The insurance companies can charge high rates, cheat their customers and are protected and endorsed by Obamacare Federal Laws. Due to this unfair legislation if I had a life threatening disease or trauma I may not receive proper care through UHC. From the articles I have read, other complaints on this site, and through past experience with UHC, it is likely they would deny benefits in almost any case and let patients die. UHC appears to charge the highest rates and provide the least coverage for the money. I definitely do not want to waste any more time with them nor do I want to continue using them as my health insurance. I will be speaking with my HR person at my company to change health insurance carriers and will make my recommendation to the company to discontinue use of UHC.

I signed up with United Health Care in December of 2013. No Complaints with Services they provided. Until after a Routine Eye Exam. I tried to use my eyeglass discount at the Providers that UHC had listed in their manual. To no avail. I was repeatedly questioned - did I have vision care? Apparently I did as I was able to have the eye exam with no problem. I called UHC several times and of course talked to about 10 different operators (Because you get a different one every time you call) explaining the same issue which was I was unable to find a Provider who would allow me to purchase eyeglasses. I got the standard run around and excuses.

Same Problem AGAIN with finding a Dentist. I was told that I was covered for routine Dental exams. Contacted the Provider and made an appointment. One day before the Scheduled appointment I was contacted by the Secretary of the Dentist that she had contacted UHC for my coverage information and was told that I was not covered. I then called UHC and asked, "Was I covered?" and I was told yes. Called the Dentist office back and stated this to the Dental Asst. The day of the appointment I was called again by the Dental Asst. and told that I have OON (Out of Net Work) Coverage and they did not accept this plan.

It states clearly on my card that I have a PPO SNP Plan. I then asked for a list of Providers who take my Plan. I was given the same Dentist names and address who declined my plan in the first place. The excuse when you speak to the Representatives is "Well huh, that's odd because they are in our network." Maybe they are but they say they aren't. What does that mean for me? No service and not getting the benefits that I was promised when signing on with this Wretched Company. This is the only place to lodge a Complaint unfortunately as I have been told that they have no Official Complaint Department. I will never use them again and would not even recommend them to an Enemy.

Earlier on 7th of July '14, I called up United Health Vision Care for knowing my benefits for Out of Network. One of the Customer Representatives informed me by pulling up my account, that I'm eligible for total of $400 ($200 - Frame & $200-Lens). Now when I see my claim status it shows that paid by plan as $175.05 instead of $400. I called up today asking about the claim status amount. One of the representatives has again told that my plan is eligible for total of $400 ($200 - Frame & $200-Lens). When I asked the Representative - then how come only $175.05 paid instead of $400, then he transferred the call to his supervisor. Supervisor says that the information provided by their representative was wrong and my plan is only eligible for total of $200. Can someone please help me in this regard?

The Missouri Medicaid Director, in an effort to save money for the state, decided in 2017 to farm out vision services to three companies: Home State Health, UnitedHealthCare and March Vision. Although the patient's ID card clearly says UnitedHealthCare, they will deny the claim, saying it must first be sent to Aetna, who will then also deny it, then that EOB denial must be sent to March Vision in California to have any hope of paying (less the $2.00 charge for paper claims). March Vision will NOT send EOBs. You must call them and hope to get a supervisor to answer any questions on claim status and even then you may get a wrong answer. First claim took six months, four phone calls and three mailings to get paid $40. Second claim is going on four months so far, three phone calls and four mailings. I will never accept any of these insurance companies as payment again.

I called to get a list of providers and was told of a doctor near me. The system changed or for some reason the MD did not show as in network and I paid out of pocket. I sent my receipts via UPS, requesting a signature. My package was received and signed for the next business day. It's been 17 days and nothing. I've phoned several times to check status and was constantly informed my package wasn't received. No one could tell me where or why and I had to start all over. The money I paid out of pocket a waste. I am canceling my vision plan - no accountability and no expedition for my claim.

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