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I get my life insurance through my employer. It is a great benefit. My employer works hard to provide top notch benefits, health and life insurance. Great coverage and minimal out of pocket costs.

I have had life insurance with my current carrier for at least 20 years. My husband passed away 13 years ago and my agent did everything in his power to make sure that I was taken care of. Anytime I have questions I can get answers quickly and courteously.

We have several products with USAA - banking, car insurance, life insurance and educational loans for our children. In the ten years we have been dealing with them, I have never has a rude CSR. They are very patient in explaining things that are sometimes difficult to understand and don't mind going over it a few times until you get it. I absolutely recommend USAA to all my friends and family!

My life insurance is thru my husband's military and we are very satisfied with the rates and the coverage. We would recommend it to any military family. We got bit for when he was overseas but the rates was so good decided to keep it even when he return just in case something happened to any of us we would be covered.

It's a good company. I had no bad issues and have used them for years. They arranged for the nurse to come to our house for the physical, which was quick.

I recently switched due to high premiums at Liberty Mutual, my previous provider. I was a 5+ year customer with them, but USAA was a better cost savings for me.

USAA is a top rate company. Membership opened. The best customer service couple with the many products they offer have been a great selection to have for your opportunity to purchase. You need to be a member of the armed forces or a dependent thereof to join. Although many of their products don't require you to be a member of the armed forces.

I have been with USAA for over 40 yrs. I have never had any problems and I also do my banking with them. My life insurance is also with them. My father was in the Air Force and my ex husband was in the Air Force. I live in Michigan - Insurance is real high and I pay out not a lot.

They are there when have questions and rates don't go up. I feel like they care about the people that have been with them for years. They also have been beneficial to the care so my family won't have to worry when I'm no longer here.

Great customer service. I truly feel like they are working with you, not against you. Every time my husband and I have had to call them, they have been very patient and understanding with us. Highly recommended.

The rates are pretty good, the monthly payment are affordable but it is only term life. It is always easy to get in touch with a sales person and not a recording where you have to select a lot of options.

What does term Life mean? To USAA it means a chance to try and trick you into paying for insurance beyond the life of the policy. They do an automatic renewal at the end of the term, without your permission, at whatever rate I suppose they think they can get away with. In order to stop it, you must call, wade through a nonresponsive voice system (took me two tries), wait 30 minutes or more on hold and then tell them why you don't want them to renew it without your permission. I expect this kind of horrible customer service on a gym membership or a magazine subscription but not USAA. I used to love USAA but their customer service has been getting worse and worse starting about 5 years ago. They are outsourcing more and more and doing things they promised they never would (like selling my mortgage to a third party). It is sad to see a once great company become so bad.

I don't know enough to rate them. No one in my family has died so I have not had to use it. My husband gets life insurance through his employer and I believe it is a very good rate, but I'm not even sure who it is through.

I like USAA. It is a good and reliable car insurance company. I have been a member for six years now and my payments are reasonable. My payments are also very affordable. I would recommend this company to all of my friends and coworkers.

My life insurance is fine, not too much and doesn't drain my wallet. I was hoping the coverage would be a little more. But, higher coverage goes outside my budget.

I am Type 1 Diabetic and feel like I am treated very differently from my husband for Life Insurance. I get policy letters more often, got coverage denied until the health check was completed, etc. The only reason I noticed a difference in treatment is because my husband. We use Modern Woodman for Life Insurance. The agent has been nice.

As far as insurance companies go. Very automated and impersonal to deal with. Ironically when they are offering life insurance to a living person. They should take hospitality classes with a 4 star hotel.

6 years ago we moved a paid up life insurance policy to USAA and were told money could be pulled out any time without a problem. Now we are at a point where we have to pull some money out to pay for care costs. Requested the payout almost 1 month ago and were told it would take 2 weeks. After 2 weeks nothing! Called and were told the request HAD to be reviewed by the legal department which would take up to 15 business days. Each time we called we get a different story and a different timeline. As soon as this is resolved all accounts will be pulled out of USAA and moved to Navy Federal!!!

I have auto, homeowners and life insurance through my current company. It's easier this way because if I have any kind of question or concern I'm dealing with the same company. Also I have a discounted rate for using all three insurances that are offered.

They not people friendly. They invited my needs and took their time getting to me when I called about my concerned and when they did get to me very rude people relation. I threaten to cancel my insurance lots.

USAA has fair prices and fantastic customer service. There was no hassle involved in applying for and getting life insurance from them. I think they are overall one of the finest financial institutions in America.

My life insurance is very satisfied to me, because it a great solution to me, and my family. It work it when you need it. I welcome it with open arm. Because of this insurance I know my family have a future.

I trust the company and it is also have good reputation. Lots of positive comments too so I know it's worth it. They have a good customer service, good policies and they are willing to guide me always in all my concerns.

It is a very good company with many helpful people. The company does have a problem with its workers and explaining rates. I have been with them for over 10 years. I have homeowners, auto, and life insurance with USAA. My bundling ability saves me a slice of money each year. The company may need to adapt to the marketplace and cut prices to continue on its good momentum. I hope this helps with USAA growing and becoming a better company. I hope that health insurance rates are reduced for long-time customers such as myself. I find that other type of insurances are at better rates at other companies. I have been interested in going to another company. I have called USAA and gotten hung up on. This is showing how the once great customer service sector is going downhill. Customer service is one of the most important part of the insurance and retail business.

USAA is the best insurance company. They are very helpful and make sure you get the best customer service. They have awesome customer service representatives.

I have been a customer of USAA for over 5 years. They are a GREAT company. I have shopped around for quotes after purchasing an additional vehicle and was not satisfied with the results. I plan on being a customer of USAA for another 5 years or longer!

We have been customers of USAA for over 20 years. We have several policies with them; auto, homeowners and life on my husband. We also bank through them. We decided to shop for a life policy on myself and naturally contacted USAA. They went through all of the expected steps but, after they sent a tech to take blood, vitals and requested my medical records, we didn't hear from them for a long time. So, I contacted them and they connected me to an underwriter who informed me that the application was being reviewed for rejection!

I am a lifelong non-smoker, have never tried drugs, drink very infrequently, never had any health problems! I was told that the underwriter suspects that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis! I asked how/why they would have this idea since, I have never been diagnosed with any health problem or even seen by a doctor for anything related to the condition! The underwriter said that it was because of multiple orthopedic surgeries. I explained that I was a former athlete and yes, had some surgeries after injuries and 3 botched knee surgeries. I asked her where she got her medical degree and when she was able to examine me? She became belligerent and called me a liar.

I contacted my doctor's office and they said that they had released records to USAA but, there was nothing in my medical records to indicate that I have RA! My doctor invited the underwriter to contact him but, she refused! So, before the policy could be rejected, I withdrew my application. I know a little about how insurance works but, if I had just allowed the arrogant underwriter to reject the policy, I would have had a very hard time getting Life insurance from any other company! I went through another company, a reputable one, and was never accused of having any type disease or condition that would warrant rejection! USAA has been nasty to deal with on other occasions like; auto claims, home equity line of credit, etc... They are NOT a good company and, in my opinion, they shouldn't get to pretend like they're affiliated with the military and/or pretend to care about military families, because they don't!

I've had nothing but a good experience with them. The rate is great, and the policy is very thorough. I would definitely recommend this company. It covers pretty much everything I'm looking for life insurance. I'm a member of the credit union, and they offer great products to members. But it fits my needs.

Low rates, fast service, great customer service, easy payment plans, has a bank, has investments available. Easy to use website, secure website.

My life insurance company is great. I have had no problems with them. I have not had to get in touch with them for any reason, but they are on top of things.

They have the best agents available on the market today. If any problems arrive they are very quick to respond and correct any issues that you might encounter. Also they have a wide variety of products to choose from. They stand behind any product they offer. I think they are the best choice for myself or others.

Being a Veteran, it is important for me to know my loved ones will be protected when I pass. My agent was very knowledgeable and helped me choose the best policy for me and my family. My premium is reasonable and I know that my family will be able to cover my final expenses and have money left over. I have peace of mind knowing they won't have to worry.

We use USAA for all of our insurance needs. We trust that we will get the amount of insurance we need at a fair price. Customer service and adviser have always helpful.

I really like the whole company of USAA. They don't fool around and they just get things done in a timely orderly fashion. I mean the other insurance companies really need to step their whole game up on this new millennium. Who knows maybe I will be a lifelong customer for them, more than likely.

Love USAA! I have had no problems whatsoever with any of my services there. They will work with you and guide you in the right direction for what you are looking for.

We have had very little feedback with our life insurance company other than paying the monthly bill for the life insurance. We obviously hope that we don't have to use this anytime soon.

Great customer service. They pay claims quickly and efficiently. They also have great rates and good discounts for various things. We also have our homeowner's insurance with them and are very satisfied.

I have Prudential for life insurance and would not recommend them to anyone. We had an investment insurance and after many years they sprung on us that we owed them money and never could explain it to our satisfaction.

Very bad company. Constantly freezing my account access without any warning. My insurance was almost cancelled because I could not access my information. Had to call customer service at least 3 times to verify it was me that was using the account. Customer service was terrible.

USAA has helped our families across the nation who have sacrificed so much by serving in our military. USAA has been able to keep the cost down so military personnel or other family members can be comfortable knowing their loved ones will be taken care of even after they are gone. They offer low rates for other family members too just like other companies do. However I have not seen another company that offers as much as USAA. I sleep better at night knowing we have a policy in place that will help our family if the unexpected ever happens. We never like talking about death but in reality when you don't talk in the end this means you are not prepared for situations out of our control. That's why we are sticking with USAA BECAUSE THEY HAVE US PREPARED!

They have the best tools on their website compared to other websites. Besides insurance, USAA offers many other services such as banking and helping you find a new car. I've had them for about 40 years and wouldn't switch to anyone else because the others don't match the services I get from USAA.

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