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WellCare has drivers that can take you to and from your appointments. That is fine unless they are required to go beyond the expected mile approved radius. My son has 2 appointments in July of 2018. They assured me it was taken care of. Transferred me to approximately 10 different CSRs when questioned further about the transportation because at that point they had no clue he was scheduled. Then refused to let me speak with a manager, had me in tears and were screaming at me. My son has a head injury. They will tell you what you want to hear because they do not train their CSRs well at all. They have also given me numbers for in network doctors that are no longer in existence. Will be searching for another insurance company when open enrollment is available.

The out-of-pocket cost for any script (brand or generic) is well above other carrier providers. Premium amounts are also well above average. Customer service over-the-phone is a nightmare. Reps are poorly trained for phone calls, have no knowledge of their own company services or insurance regulations in general. Misinformation is a constant problem when calling in. The members' website is as basic as it gets. No online support is available for account self-service so contacting CSRs by phone is the only way to get problems or updates resolved. My advice to anyone seeking PDP coverage: Do not use this provider.

Medicare PDP signup - I have spent at least 2 hours trying to sign up. First tried online, it wouldn’t let me submit the completed form so I decided to call to see if they could explain. Instead of offering an explanation they offered to help complete the form and submit it. I agreed. They asked me all of the same questions I had answered in the online form. They then transferred to another department to complete the process and asked the same questions. They said they would have to call me back with the confirmation. I explained I do not answer calls from unknown callers (too many SPAM calls). They explained after 3rd callback they would leave a message. They left message saying they would callback “yesterday”. I called back using the number on caller ID 3 times and each time the call dropped. I then called the main number. When I got through I explained my situation. The person I was talking with said they needed to verify my identity, I agreed.

They then proceeded to ask all of the same questions on the original call. At this point I asked to speak to a manager. I explained I wanted to withdraw my application. They promised to callback within 1 hour. I am waiting. Notes: Comments from the people I talked with both days said there was a computer problem. How can they service current customers when it takes several days to resolve a computer problem? It was extremely difficult to understand several of the people I was talking with. I do not recommend doing business with this company. I would NOT recommend doing business with this company.

Yes WellCare has a healthy reward program and you get reward for taking care of your health. And I had did all and I have got no reward for my blood pressure and weight loss not being on drugs a lot should have got about a 120 for the year and then the extra help is none really. I need help to get to my doctor appointment and paying my copay so it is a waste of time.

My 80-year-old mother went to a meeting at her apartment because they sent a flyer offering "free glasses and dentures". They passed around bags of over-the-counter medication and postcards to the room full of seniors. Unfortunately, all the seniors who signed had their health care changed to WellCare Value HMO. Nobody asked about her current health care plan or even if her doctor was in the HMO. She had to pay 2.5X her normal costs for drugs due to this WellCare scam. I got her switched back but WellCare denies any fault in this scam on the most vulnerable in our community. What a shameful way to con folks into signing up for your health care. I would strongly recommend you stay far away from WellCare.

I was put in this stupid WellCare plan by accident. Do not choose this plan. They tell you they sent bus passes then you never receive it in the mail, they say they aren't responsible for missing or lost bus passes. It shouldn't take 5 days to receive a pass to go to your Dr. Appointment, yet you're telling people it come up that they have to ride the bus. We are missing important appointments because you're too cheap to pay for a cab. Not to mention they don't cover most of your medications. I wouldn't advise anyone to choose this plan. I can't wait til my plan end. Back to Sunshine Health I go. I didn't ask to be on this stupid plan anyway. The employees on the team are so rude for the Transportation dept. You trying to talk and they try to talk over you. So unprofessional and rude.

We have tried to cancel this insurance three times and to no avail. We signed up for it after being told that it would save us a bit and immediately got suspicious and told them we were not interested. We have had to call back three times, wait on hold for a long time and told each time they would call us back to disenroll us. Of course we never got a call back. Today our packet came from them along with a letter stating that the premium would be taken out of our SS check. We had never given them permission to do this.

This company's website is impossible to navigate. It's very sloppy. There is no email for customer service, although the website claims they have one. Leaving two contact phone numbers on their web form is frustrating. One of two won't accept it. They don't follow through on their incentives. I've met several and was told they were in route which was untrue. I will be going back to my FORMER provider during open enrollment this fall.

I called 3 times and each time I was put on hold for 20 minutes without speaking to a physical representative. What is going on with this company? I’m also seeing others with a problem similar to mine or worse. How are we to get information or answers to our situations? At first they sent my card with a PCP name on it I have never heard of. Thank God it was before the beginning of 2019. They did send one with the correct name on it. Now, my dad just received his card on the 4th, which is already 2019, with the wrong PCP on it. And I need to contact them for a change so he can continue to see his dr. My dad is 93 years old. So, with all these complaints, how do we report this? This is totally ridiculous! This is crazy!

A medicare representative recommended WellCare to my mother as the plan that would best suit her, and enrolled her. We thought all was well until we received a letter from WellCare telling us that she was cancelled. I have spent in excess of 5 hours on the phone with them, only to be put on hold, disconnected, or being transferred. I don't know why they are called "customer service" because they do absolutely nothing but transfer the call to another foreigner who also does absolutely nothing. They are dealing with senior citizens' health and well being and obviously don't care who they hurt. 0 stars is my review.

Paid claims in timely manner... No problems in claims processing. No unnecessary denials. Pretty straightforward Claims processing procedure. I had no problem with the customer service that I received from Wellcare. The call in wait times were a little long, but the customer service representative who assisted me was knowledgeable and friendly and helpful. Wellcare has fairly good collection of in-network physicians. Decent coverage. I felt the value of WellCare was good and satisfactory. The premium was acceptable for the coverage received. Insurance is necessary and I was glad to be covered without exorbitant price.

First of all, if it were possible, I would give WellCare a 0 rating. Customer service is a misnomer for the department that is supposed to help its customers. My doctor’s office FAXed a renewal to WellCare. I waited a few days, heard nothing, then called the office again. I was assured that the prescription had been sent, but it had been returned for missing information. The receptionist said she had double-checked the info before sending it and had indeed provided all that was needed, but she FAXed it again. I waited a few more days and called WellCare. I was told that the FAX had been received, but the rep did not know why it had not been filled. He put me on hold while he “researched” the problem. A half hour later, the line went dead.

I called again and was now told that the FAX had not been received at which point I asked to talk with a supervisor. I have verification from three people that it was received, but, apparently, it has been lost, which means that I now have to pay the deductible and the co-pay (over $500 rather than the $80 I should have paid) because it is past January 1. If WellCare had done its job properly, this would not have happened. The supervisor with whom I spoke verified that the doctor’s office had used the correct FAX number, so she had no idea why WellCare did not have the renewal.

If you want answers to any questions, call the person who sold you the policy. I tried to get some information on a policy to make my first payment since I didn't receive my policy or member number. The first person, who barely spoke English, told me she can't help without my member number and put me on hold. I finally hung up after 11 minutes. The second girl was even worse, she spoke some ** language and was pretty nasty, she also put me on terminal hold after asking for my SS#. I only held for 9:45 minutes this time. The third time was exactly like the other two.

When attempting to sign up online you have to have your account number so that wasn't much help. I will wait until I get a notice of cancellation, if I get one, and try to sign in online. The customer service is the absolute worst I have ever seen, that includes from the old days of offshore Microsoft help. I would rather pay for the prescriptions without a plan than to endure the WellCare people.

My husband enrolled in Medicare in November 2016, and went through the enrollment process for WellCare at the same time, through a broker. He was told he had coverage. Then in December, he received a letter stating that there was a lapse in prescription drug coverage, and he would have to pay a fine. We submitted proof that the lapse had been less than 30 days, and we were told all was well. Then, in December, we received a letter stating that his coverage was denied, but he could re-enroll: ??? Though frustrated with the process, he indeed did re-enroll, received his card, and heard nothing more. Again, we thought all was well.

Last week--now March! He received a letter (first correspondence received since December) that WellCare couldn't accept his application because they hadn't received all the information they requested?.. but we could re-enroll. Except he couldn't because the application period was now closed. This is unfair, unkind, poor business, and elderly abuse.

I had a bad experience with WellCare and would not recommend them. I will start Medicare next month. I went through a well known Medicare assistance company and based on my situation they recommended WellCare. I was signed up Receive notice I was accepted and also received my Pharmacy card from them with member numbers. I called last night to enquire about billing and was told my application was cancelled. I asked why and was put on hold for over 20 minutes and I hung up. I called immediately back and got a different service representative. Was told again my application had been cancelled with no explanation. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they could not produce one. I will add at this time it seemed like the call center was outsourced overseas as it was difficult to communicate with the service representatives.

I asked to have a Supervisor call me back. They said they would arrange it. After hanging up I immediately called the Medicare assistance company I used before and explained my problem. I told them to find a different company that I would never do business with WellCare regardless if it cost more with someone else. So I ask everyone to consider what might be the most important part of your insurance function and that is to be able to communicate with them when you have a problem or concern or medical need. I have now gone with Aetna for couple dollars more a month but invaluable peace of mind. I was very concerned that I was three weeks out from starting Medicare and my application was cancelled and no (ZERO) communication. Can't say if this is normal or abnormal customer service for them but I will not take a chance with them.

I had no problems when I signed up for this insurance, Very fast processing, friendly customer service, step by step instructions. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Customer service is very friendly to me. They enjoy what they do. Every time I would call I would always get a "Hi how are you today?" And they would always make sure they answered all your questions. All in all very nice people. If you're looking for a good coverage plan this is where you want to be. It's affordable. And some people like me rates never go up. Always stay the same. I have recommended this to my family and friends. This has brought peace of mind to me and my family I have enjoyed their service and their coverage and I've had no issues. Customer service is great. Coverage is great. Everything about them is great.

While I type this I'm on my third request to extend my prescriptions while I'm traveling. Their automatic voice system does not recognize dates or numbers. Their personnel doesn't have a clue what you want and transfer you constantly, placing you on hold for excess of 10 min. Next year when my renewal is up, I will be looking for another provider.

Impossible customer service. I called to enroll. They transferred me 4 times. Each person asked for the same info. After 90 minutes I asked for an agent to come to my house. They gave me an appointment, I spoke with the agent Carlos, he never showed up and did not respond to calls or texts. They waste your time and appear to not want to enroll anyone.

They simply will not let you cancel your membership…all kinds of run around. Letter to them must be exact or they will continue to bill you. The information that they require is hard to find. When I asked for my Wellcare number after giving them my ss, dob, address they transferred me to a supervisor that of course does not pick up. I was in luck and found my card…pasted a copy in a fax…to cancel. A real scam. So glad I cancelled. Would never get tangled up with them again. They have a real problem with English.

If I could give no stars, I would. It is true that it is really difficult to get anyone at WellCare that speaks fluent English. I always ask for an English speaking person, then stay on hold until they find one, if they find one. I have been trying to get them to explain why a claim from 2/1/17 has not been paid. I only know they denied the claim because the company that provided the service keeps sending me the unpaid bill on a monthly basis. They state that WellCare denied service because the service was performed prior to my coverage. I've been covered since 2011, the service, an MRI, was in 2017. WellCare has never send me a denial letter, when I call regarding this issue they have told me, at least twice, that it was sent to their appeals department.

They have never sent me any notices of any appeals findings. On 7/20/17 I sent an email demanding that they send me a denial letter, explaining the reasons for the denial of the claim, and written notices of both of the appeals department findings, by today 8/7/17, or I would file an official complaint against them. They ignored my email. They just don't care. This is the worst company I have ever done business with. In addition, there doesn't seem to be any information online as to how to file an official complaint against a Medicare insurance provider. I keep looking for someone in the government that will accept a complaint against WellCare but there just doesn't seem to be any help for me. WellCare deserves zero stars.

Don’t try to call them. I have talked to three people and not one of them was trained properly. My question was simple. I just needed to know what my co pay would be on a medication. This doesn’t seem to be too much to ask. They simply couldn’t give me an answer that was understandable.

Two months ago, after completing the arduous task of enrolling my mom in Medicare, I was asked to sign her up with one of five supplemental carriers. I chose the one her doctor accepted. I called and mailed in the application on her behalf. United Health Care... Because her doctor accepts them and they are darned good at what they say they do. Today Laguisha ** from Wellcare sashays into my mom's room at the nursing home and starts interviewing her and then asks her to sign up. These folks try the end-around with the poor souls in nursing homes who do not have an advocate. Their service is abysmal and their practices are predatory.

January 1, started WellCare as my Part D Medicare drug plan. I called WellCare to go over procedures. I waited 30 minutes and a person in the Philippines. They knew nothing of medications or exceptions.

My mother just passed away. Called first. I get someone can't speak English, transfers me to rude girl, hangs up on me when I was asking questions. Worst customer service I have ever had. Would not WellCare to insurance my pet if I had one. Tried to call agent in Memphis, TN. Left voicemail, no one returned my call.

I went to see a specialist and the company paid only what Medicare would've paid if I had no supplemental insurance at all. Very shabby coverage. I'll be checking into other options. I'm low income and the government pays my fees for their lack of insurance. I received about $1000.00 in my part to pay. If I'm low income, where will I come up with this money? I'm going to notify the government agency about this company also. They are ripping the government and the Medicare recipients off. So sad.

If I could give a half star I would. What you have listed in the catalog aren't the same items in your distribution center. My son OTC order for April had to be replaced three times and each time it was incorrect. I ordered the premium size 16-28lbs diapers (MEDIUM) that's listed in the catalog but I have received twice 12-20lbs stage 3 diapers. A total of four packs wrong size and when I opened his box today there was only one pack of diapers, one pack of wipes and one lip balm. So I called and spoke with Benny (confirmation# **) and ask, "Was this his order for May or the replacement for April". He told me that the diapers are for April which was only one pack. It should have been two packs and the lip balm and wipes are for this month. Why in the hell are they mixing my orders up?

Every time I call and ask for the warehouse number or the number for the catalog no one knows it, how is that possible. When the warehouse is out of something or if there is a backorder on a product or a discontinue on an item how do y'all communicate. These are all the confirmation numbers just for one order **. I don't have the person name for this confirmation number ** which was the first time I called in and complained about the order being wrong. WellCare owes my son three pack of diapers. Hope you guys do the right thing and replace them. As I stated each time I have called if you send me a box with paid postage I will send those four pack of diapers back to you guys. In the picture are the four packs of wrong diapers and my order for May & April mix together. Send my son his three pack of diapers.

I have been a WellCare subscriber since 2011. They were good at the onset. Since 2015 they have outsource their call center to the Philippines and their workforce they are very rude, disrespectful and unknowledgeable of the Medicare laws. I am truly disgusted with WellCare. I now just write letters when I receive an EOB or bill from a provider of service.

They have sunk so low as to not, I mean not pay my primary care provider without explanation. I believe they are stealing the funds from all of our accounts and pocketing the money. I of course cannot prove it. However, I believe that Medicare should audit this Medicare managed company immediately if not yesterday. They are not a good company and should not be in business helping Seniors or the disabled handle their insurance needs any longer. Every day I wait for the mail to tell me I owe more money to another provider for service or I am going to collections for something my medicare managed provider should have paid for.

I understand that companies use cost savings tactics in order to boost profits but please don't in the expense of the consumer. It is quite clear that Well Care outsourced their customer service to The Philippines, fine and dandy, but at least contract with a company that has employees with an excellent command of the English language. November 16, 2018 at 23:19:52, I called Medicare and enrolled in the Well Care Value Script (PDP). Since I had not received my ID cards from Well Care, I called Well Care 888-550-5252. I was advised that my application was declined because had not provided proof that I have Medicare Part A and Part B.

Since I had enrolled thru Medicare, I thought that would have that information, then I discovered that my surname was just the letter "C", not even the beginning of my surname. After three weeks of dealing with ignorant, not knowing anything, individuals in "Customer Service", I asked to speak with a supervisors and was transferred to a representative in the good old USA, had an excellent command of the English language however I was advised that I would have to speak to the enrollment department which was in The Philippines.

I went along the charade and was transferred to Natalie who assured me that my account would be activated by noon today. She gave me confirmation number. I called today, Saturday, afternoon and was told that I was told that I would have to wait until Monday because the escalation department was closed on the weekend. I stayed on the line after the call to participate in the survey which at the end of the survey I was asked if I would recommend Well Care and I replied, "NEVER!!!"

It was easy but the process could be made simple. I had to go through a long wait time while paperwork was processed and I think that could be sped up. They had very good customer service support but the process could have been faster and more comprehensive and the people could have been more knowledgeable. I thought that the coverage was very good and that it was what I was looking for in my coverage. I think that there could be a little bit more comprehensive coverage. I think that it is a good deal but that they could offer a little bit more service for what they charge. But other than that I think it is a good deal.

I enrolled with WellCare as my first attempt to entered the Medicare world. What a disaster it has been. First enrolled for a specific date and that was changed upon attempting to communicate with the Philippines agents. Was told they had fixed change. Now three weeks later and having received at least 15 letters for WellCare this evening attempted to (again) try to have "Reich" Supervisor at WellCare stop the madness. Was not satisfied with her response and attempted to speak with Manager "Norman". After holding for 10 minutes was told Norman was on another call however he had time to tell her that they would handle it. If I had to do this over I would not go with WellCare due to their poor customer service and inability to handle concerns and issues. Please if looking at this company do your homework better than I did.

The worst. The absolute worst. It takes an hour on the phone talking to computers to pay a bill. Then you get someone from India (named "Jack" of course) who tells you you can't pay your husband's bill. Then when I used my husband's name and said I was Walt. He took all the credit card info but not the name or account number of my husband whose premium I was paying. He said he "didn't need it". Didn't even know what an account number was! When I said I would stay on for the survey he hung up on me. Next time I will gladly pay more for a different plan. Never get this plan! It doesn't even pay for much. Definitely not worth it.

Do not sign up for this company. Their agents lie about the benefits this company provides. My mother had Medicare for more than 5 years. In December, we made the horrible decision to switch to WellCare. People, PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY. We have invested more than 50 hours, no exaggeration, with various people that work for this company and with prescription companies, as this company says that my mom is not eligible for a prescription that she has been taking for 4 months before we switched.

Also, we have tried to cancel in January and still are unable to get back into Medicare as of Feb 18, 2019. They told us "you can cancel anytime and at the end of the month, your insurance switch back to Medicare", we are well past the end of the month - still haven't switched. This cheating company is only after making money off of the State of Texas without providing any service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

I have tried to cancel my insurance three times and each time I was told they hadn’t approved the cancellation yet and twice they proceeded to tell me how to sign up for insurance!! I even wrote a cancellation letter. Their representatives are heavily accented and don’t seem to understand what I’m talking about. The connections are awful and the hold times are long. Don’t deal with them.

I have been TexanPlus for two years, they are now WellCare/TexanPlus, I have been trying for four days to get customer service. A robot man or woman answers, ask you a question for you ID, well I give my ID number, that's not good enough, then they ask for Medicare ID, well I won't give that info out. So they ran over the menu options, ok I pick one, then put on hold. Never Never Never does anyone pick up. So I waste my phone mins on hold. Get tired of holding and I hang up. Never do I get a Human Being. I even tried calling on Saturday, today several times - it's the same as before. I am worried since WellCare took over TexanPlus. I never had any trouble with them. They cannot have that heavy of a call load that no one can answer. I only hope I didn't make a mistake by selecting them.

9 calls. Been on hold for 8 hours. My insurance agent warned me about them. I did not listen. I have talked to 5 individuals today after being on hold for minimum of 30 minutes each time just to be put on hold again. The people who answer the phone are unable to help. They have to forward you on to another department that never answers.

I signed up for Medicare prescription coverage because WellCare covered all of my medications and their online pharmacy is CVS Caremark. I did not receive anything but a bill, no card or description of what the plan covered. Customer service took 59 minutes to respond and I was unable to understand the representative. I managed to translate enough of what he was saying to be able to request an identification card to use at a pharmacy. Card ordered Dec. 26. Arrived Jan. 7, I attempted to sign up for an online account. All went well until I tried to sign in back in: account information incorrect, temporary password (issue by company after answering all security questions) did not work, new temporary password could it be issued because all information was invalid, new registration could not be done because I was, "already registered".

Called customer service and was put on hold for 27 min 29 sec, transferred after struggling to make the representative understand my problem and put on hold for 31 min and 25 sec. Hung up and tried calling back and after 53 min and 26 sec gave up! Will change companies next year even if I have to pay more. The representative speak very broken English and seem to have as much trouble understand me as I have understanding them.

The process that you have to go through just to file a claim was extremely stressful. The customer service representatives that I spoke with was quite rude. They treated me as if I was being a burden on them. On top of the rudeness, it took forever to complete. It also took them a long time to do anything. Needless to say, I will not be getting this insurance again. The coverage to price of coverage ratio was horrible. I had the minimum coverage plan and I was paying the price of a full coverage plan from a top ranked insurance company. The value of the coverage is horrible for the little amount of coverage you get. I had to pay (I think) way too much for the coverage plan I had. I think they should lower the price a little bit if they plan on competing with bigger companies.

I find it hard to believe that this company is actually certified by Medicare to offer Part D. It has to have the worst customer service EVER. I signed up for WellCare after three years with a different company because that company's premiums became too high. I take no medications whatsoever but know that I need to have some sort of coverage because I will pay a penalty if I ever do need Part D and don't have coverage. It took me more than a month to pay these people. I didn't even get an email stating how to set up an online account. I got a response to an email more than a month after sending it. Figuring out how to weed through their website is difficult. I cannot imagine a company that does less to get business. I would hate to have to deal with them if I ever actually needed any sort of medication and had a problem getting it.

This is possibly the best brand ever and I recommend it highly, my family and friends all use it. The customer service is outstanding. The people are great to talk to. I have got a couple that are **. But for the most part it's alright. I never once have came up on to a problem with my coverage or them not covering my ass when I need it. Get most for your money with these folks. Knowing my luck they prolly don't even cover the people in Arkansas.

This is very long but worth reading. FIVE months of issues with them. Starting in January 2018. I received a letter saying I was insured. Clearly in black and white. I went to the designated pharmacy and was told I did not have coverage. The pharmacy gave me a print out of WellCare's denial. I spent well over an hour on the phone with their call center. The person I spoke to made no sense & kept raising his voice as if I were deaf.

I spoke to him again when I got home. He said in spite of what the letter said, I was not covered. I spent another hour + the next day with two other reps at their company. No one was able to help me figure out what was going on and how it could be remedied. Next day I spoke to Medicare & was told everything looked good on their end and that they would be filing a case with WellCare's escalation Dept.

Once I had this information, I spoke to a woman in that Dept & she assured me everything would be taken care of by her. Next, I get a bill saying I'm behind in January's payment. I called her again & suggested she do whatever was necessary to actually correct this. She said she would but obviously did not. A few days ago I received a letter from WellCare telling me that they are missing a payment from me for April 28th.

I signed into my online banking and every payment I made for February, March and April had cleared. I know this is actually happening because they did not get a payment from me in January. Because I WAS NOT COVERED that month and no one ever fixed the issue. This is a dreadful way to be treated by any company. They are clueless from the top down. They do not merit even 1 star.

I called WellCare to get a psychiatrist within their network, they gave me numbers that were no longer good. They then tried to send me to Jencare who stated that I needed to take a class before I could be assigned to a Doctor. Every Doctor they gave me were Interns. I stated to them the severity of my problem, but to no avail, these people are not trying to help the sick. It's been two weeks and I'm still trying to get a Doctor who will take their insurance, they use neighborhood health clinics, and Interns. What a waste of money they should be put out of business.

Everyone who has Wellcare needs to leave now while there is time. This is the penultimate WORST CS I have experienced in my life-as a customer and as a Nurse Practitioner. The reps cannot speak OR understand English; they are clueless, inept, incompetent and dumb as rocks. They are unable to answer even simple questions so they just hang up--this has happened to me repeatedly. I cannot express how disgusted I am. I'm leaving this company. I called Medicare and filed a complaint and the rep said she has heard several complaints about this "company".

As long as I have had insurance with this company. I have always had to pay out of pocket for prescriptions. They should be free. For 2 years they have been saying I have private insurance(that I don't have) so they don't have to pay for the prescriptions. The pharmacy customer service is horrible. They are rude and can't tell you anything about what's going on and I could die without this medication. It's so sad how companies do when you have Medicaid. They need to do away with this company.

I agree with everyone who has said that the customer service is very poor. The representatives are very hard to understand and they have a problem understanding you. I was transferred three times and still did not have a resolution. So far my husband and I have received our medications. I hope we have no major issues before the next Open Enrollment. Inexpensive premiums are not always worth it.

Very friendly staff. When I had a problem was taken care of quickly, never had to wait long, and always got a callback. Just a great all around company. They care about their people. Amazing customer service. Highly recommend this company to anyone. Very helpful staff, never rude always happy. Has one of the excellent service representatives I have ever dealt with. Excellent coverage. Covers all my family's needs at low and affordable cost. I will stick with this company forever. Always good quality service. The overall value of the company is phenomenal. I would definitely highly recommend it to my close family and friends. Never had any problems with this company.

As many other reviewers have stated, there is no way to communicate with these people! I have tried for weeks to register online, but the registration page will not take my information. I tried calling, but as others have said, I reached someone who barely spoke English and was no help at all. I am having to MAIL my monthly premium in. There is no way to pay online. Totally unacceptable!!! Like many others, I switched to WellCare this year for the cost savings, but this is the worst service I have ever experienced.

I started with this company when it was Windsor in 2014. Then WellCare bought it out. I recently found out I have no coverage because they said my Medicaid was dropped. So I call Medicaid and found out that in fact it was WellCare that was the problem. So I call WellCare and they confirmed that I still had Medicaid. WellCare said they got notice on Dec. 1st... they didn't send a letter me until 12/27/17 to notify me of the problem. I got it on 1/6/18 11 days after it was supposedly mailed. In the past 2 years no problems. Now this. Reading the reviews I can see why they have a low rating. No one likes to be scammed.

If you are thinking of signing up for WellCare Part D... stop and run away FAST!! Their customer service is the WORST I have ever experienced with any organization. The owners of the company should be totally ashamed of their outsourcing their most important customer service call center to the far east. You simply cannot understand anyone you talk to and I had a problem with double paying my premium with social security deduction and separate payments to WellCare since they told me it could take months for the premium to come out of my check. I did not realize it was already coming out of check and was still paying them.

After hours and hours of talking with these people overseas and being lied to over and over, they told me they could not process any refund and it was up to me to deal with social security. If you want your blood pressure to go thru the roof and be totally and completely frustrated go and sign up. I CANNOT wait until open enrollment in October next year to get the hell out of this excuse of a company!!!

WellCare Medicare Part D - Poor coverage; for example, cough syrup was excluded. WellCare claimed Medicare didn’t cover cough syrup. Premium was low but prescription prices were high. Although insurance rolled over from year to year without my reapplying, last year, after several years on the plan, WellCare continued my coverage but didn’t continue the auto deduct payments from an account I don’t use for day to day business. I was surprised when I realized they canceled my insurance for non-payment. They would not work with me at all; it was like talking to a stone wall.

I went to Buckner vision to take my RX for my glasses, the personnel was very rude and unprofessional. I called your office to complain and Georgia, Angel, Alecia, all hung up and though they had my number no called me back, I spoke to Bria she was very knowledgeable and said she would call the office and let them know I would be returning the glasses cause when I got the RX was off and they needed to fix it. I called 9/10/18 to check on my glasses and the person was so rude said they were not ready and hung up.

I HAD TO GO TODAY AND PAY OUT OF POCKET $168.95, Because my insurance people are too rude to take care of me. I told Aisa that I would not go back for those glasses because they give me a lot of grief. I filed a grievance and will be getting my $29.00 and you WellCare will get your insurance money back. It is not fair to me or anyone in position to have to through this when we are paying our premium. I can not afford that amount but I can not afford to be without glasses. This is an injustice. I hope to hear from you. Thank you.

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